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  1. The old Tour AD SF9x in a Royal Collection 18* head. Not as stiff as it sounds and feels and flies so true. SF series still very good shafts!
  2. Looking for good condition 10-11* Jbeam ZY-11 head in the ~200g range, squareish face. Thx D
  3. I have been playing the old solid (legendary) Yamaha 460 10* with a Quadra 2014 Proto shaft and so far, for overall performance, nothing beats it. Found another of these shafts, so let's see if this head can claim the top spot. I have high expectations!!!
  4. ZY-11 found thanks! D
  5. Anyone? Got a 2014 Fire Express Prototype F4 to go in (my favourite shaft)!
  6. Will be there on the weekend and happy to meet other TSGers. Cheers D
  7. Money sent!
  8. Great heads!!!!!!!
  9. I'll take it thanks RB. Let me know shipping to Brisbane Australia please? Otherwise I'll give you an address in Santa Barbara to ship it to, as I will be there in late Sept. Cheers Darren
  10. Yep got one. Got a 3w as well. Pretty clean for the age of it. Pm me and let me know what you'd like to do. Cheers D
  11. Yep. I think I got one or two lying around Spoon. Will have a look.
  12. I have a Deramax Carbon/Boron shaft in my Benock and it feels and rolls great. If it works and I score better - I don't care where it comes from!!!!
  13. What was the installed length of the Dogatti shaft (assume it was in an anser type head before)? Cheers Darren
  14. Would love to see a top line at address for the 5 iron in these?
  15. Wow!!!! Chris's great eye for detail shows here. Well done.
  16. Makes your effective lie angle more upright too!
  17. Cracked me up too.....SH selling Jaguars and now Maruman Shuttles........Nice work!!
  18. What's the loft of your ZY-11 Ian? Sounds like fun indeed!
  19. Hang in there Chris. Family first always. Don't worry about us!!! Sending good energy to your old man. Having met you I can bet he is a great bloke.
  20. Great day out. Bit of wind. Shot 5 over on the old course. Squared the back 9. Up there with my favourite tracks anywhere.
  21. Mine understands too!!
  22. What a wife!!!!!!!!
  23. Easy on the body I am sure Ian. What weight shaft do you play in your driver to match? Sorry to thread jack. Agree with Stu SP Blues were great in the Epon heads (when I had the strength)!
  24. What graphite do you play Ian? Just got some Srixon z925 with Matrix Program 130 (6.0) and they play heavy but have nice impact and flight......still getting used to them and it is an experiment! (Gamers still PRGR TR500/M43)