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  1. I play 52/56/62, but my choice of 52/56 are really strong flighted wedges to make sure distance gaps are good. Have a good short game so the 62* (JP Vokey Forged) is for tight pins, hard bunkers and high lobs mostly. Works for me, and 50/58 combos I have tried, but are never versatile enough...
  2. Bit like the older Yamaha's. Gotta be good and fun to play. Just add 1 club with the weaker lofts!
  3. I'll take the shaft Hutch. It will go into a Yammy V202 10* Tourmodel head (yes for winter smoothness.....).
  4. Hutch does would this shaft compare to the proto F4 you sold me? You have hit both?
  5. How did you find the RB shaft? Nice club D. Good lws.
  6. Minus the screws, shape looks kinda similar to the PRGR TR Speed blades from quite a while back which had the polymer gel inside and were really forgiving for a blade. https://www.google.com.au/imgres?imgurl=http://www.golfly.com.tw/attachments/a-8/40716d1227766304-prgr-tr-speed-iron-20081127143.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.golfly.com.tw/forum8/thread27491.html&h=1024&w=768&tbnid=f6t3MWRtCo1neM:&docid=fz1d7KBYFM6XRM&ei=C4H7Vu29G8O4mAWNzqLgBg&tbm=isch&client=ms-android-optus-au&ved=0ahUKEwit78Ou8ufLAhVDHKYKHQ2nCGwQMwgjKAgwCA
  7. Yes both worked for Crazy for some time, the 2 shaft companies they were with before are big ones I've been asked not to talk about that. I will say that the last major won for this duo by a shaft they produced was in 2013. Adam Scott US Masters?
  8. I am interested in hearing about the "countless major victories"..... says she has worked for Graphite Design or Mitsubishi along the way??
  9. Totally get what you are saying. In AUS we have SO many rules. It keeps us clean and safe, but at times it is also very frustrating, particularly for visitors from other places. Nowhere is perfect, and everywhere is interesting as far as I am concerned. TSG was one of the things that introduced me to Japan and I have to thank Chris for that (I recall meeting him in person on my first of many trips). Now I go to Japan as often as I can. Next trip early May!
  10. Nice one Chris. This is the best way to show some of the "less tangible" things about JDM. No different to when you go to Japan and see the person early in the morning sweeping the gutter "doing their job job really well".
  11. I know.....stamp a cartoon of a bloated drunk sheep on them! Joking......they look really nice
  12. daamartin


    There was a 60*/graphite there I had dibs on. Stu he can take this if he wants the set. I have more wedges than I can practically use already.
  13. daamartin


    V nice putter. Actually Rhein Gibson comes from my home town (Lismore NSW). He can play a bit. GLWS Stu-san!
  14. You sure about this H????? Hit those things well....
  15. Get yself a blue/green Yonex bag to match bud - then all OK!!! I agree these look classy and serious.
  16. Congrats whoever!!! That's a nice specimen to have for sure.
  17. Bought these wedges from Chris waaaaay back. Best wedges I had ever owned. They somehow ended up back with another member and TSG refinished. Bought back from Rob (Oskar) yesterday and now with Hutchy to complete latest project. It's the circle of life!!!!! Will play them in Melbourne in a week or so....can't wait.
  18. Better. Can you do this with my "new-old" wedges H?
  19. Love how that looks at address. Makes you want to go putt. Best one so far Chris.
  20. Yeah the darker looks badass (and if you hit a bag of balls you might get nice light copper wear marks????)
  21. Everything Yamaha made around 2008-2010 seemed to be spot on.
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