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  1. A Grind 4 Hybrid, Crazy STP Utility Shaft. #4 24 degrees. Top notch head, shaft and grip. Face shows some signs of wear. Crown clean. Shaft immaculate. Grip as new - Iomic. Very high end shaft see https://www.tourspecgolf.com/crazy-stp-utility-shaft.html Very high end head see http://blog.tourspecgolf.com/a-grind-dst-utility-wood/ Looking for 200USD excluding delivery charges. OPEN TO OFFERS. Can quote on delivery from Australia
  2. Hi guys, looking to unload some nice gear. Everything is in really nice condition. I take good care of my equipment. Not interested in trades, sorry. I’ve listed pricing for continental US. Feel free to message me for international and overseas inquiries. Rare Ryoma Maxima Type V in 8.5 Degree Loft. This is easily the longest driver I’ve ever hit. Absolute bullets and Super forgiving. Excellent condition. Unique feel. If you’re looking for more distance, there is none better than this. Comes with original head cover and optional heavy tungsten weight. $549.95 Free Shipping. Scotty Cameron Xperimental Prototype 1998 Longneck Newport LN Teryllium Tiger Woods Putter. Cameron Crown shaft band. Comes with head cover and divot tool. Super soft, buttery feel. 34.75 inch. Asking $549.95 Free Shipping Crazy Sigma Fairway 50 Full Length 50T Carbon 80g 2.7 Torque Super Low spin and launch. Extremely accurate shaft with a unique feel. MSRP - $400 Asking $175 $15 shipping Continental US Quadra Fire Express Prototype Hybrid Shaft 100x Full Length 50T Carbon Fiber. Best hybrid shaft I've ever used. Extremely tight dispersion, smooth and stable with a mid, penetrating ball flight. Quadra were the first brand to create the quad axis weave used in many shafts from many different brands today including Axiv, Honma and Graphite Design. 2 sections of 4 axis weave using high elastic carbon. Nano Technology that helps create a tight dispersion with low spin. They produce such high quality carbon that they actually supply carbon sheets to some of the top brands including Honma's ARMRQ which also feature the 4 axis weave in their shafts. The Quadra Fire Express Utility Shaft is quality shaft that that have become known for great performance and feel. 40 inch 105g 2.3 Torque X-flex. MSRP - $225 Asking $84.95 $15 Shipping Continental US A-Grind CMB Hybrid Driving Iron 18 Degree. Outstanding soft feel, made in Japan. Beautiful simple looks and very forgiving. This head is actually hollow which is required when producing a metal club this size and keeping it at the proper weight it's a 2 piece stainless steel SUS-431 body and head designed all around accuracy and straightness. Asking - $95 Free Shipping - Continental US Royal Collection BBD 505V 18* Really great head. Great sound and feel and great out of any lie. Definitely one of the best utilities I've ever hit. New this head went for $350 Asking - $49.95 Free Shipping - Continental US Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks guys.
  3. Can someone fill me in to what the differences are between the Crazy Nero Longest Yard 01 and the Crazy REGENESIS Longest Yard 01? Is one the newer replacement of the other or do they have different shaft bend profiles?
  4. *** Hi guys, With Spring right around the corner, it is time to clean up the stuff acquired over the winter and get ready for playing season!! ( well.. for us here in the Northern hemisphere that is. ) Unfortunately not interested in trades... I think these are priced fairly considering the condition they are in! Please feel free to ask me any questions or request additional pics if you need. I will try to respond as soon as I can in the order received. Thanks and here we go!!! ***** Irons: 1. A Grind R1CB / MCI Black 100 S 4-PW Spec: 4-PW Standard Loft and Lie 5i measures 38.25" Cond: 9/10 Some marks on the sole from and face play. Head cover used since day 1 Shaft still looks new. Golf Pride MCC plus 4 wth 2 layers of tape ( good for someone with +1/32" from std ) Note: Best looking cavity back irons from address. Shaft feels great and plays awesome. Price: SOLD!!! 2. A Grind MB / Nippon SP Blue 4-PW + brand new CB 4 iron head Spec: 4-PW Standard Loft and Lie 5i measures 38" Cond: 8/10 Some marks on the sole and face from play. minor bag chatter , 6i has drop mark Shafts are in excellent condition. Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips in excellent condition. Note: These are the first generation MB irons from A Grind. not the R1 muscle backs. Very pure feel .. no nonsense design! SP Blue provides for a smooth feel! WIll add a brand new A Grind CB 4 iron head to the buyer. SOLD Heads: 3. Grandista LS-001 9.5 deg (Insulated Version for quieter sound) Spec: 9.5 deg / Square Face / 200g / headcover Cond: 9/10 only about 3 rounds and 5 or so range sessions on mat w/rubber tees Note: Very forgiving head.. Shallower profile with beautiful shape at address. Trajectory is mid-high trajectory with low spin. Sound can be somewhat adjusted by loosening the 9 weight screws. You can also adjust trajectory and weight bias by arranging the heavier weights to different locations on the sole. Withdrawn! 4. A Grind FW Type-D 15 deg Spec: 15 deg / 212g / headcover Cond: 9/10 only about 3 range sessions on mat. No course time There is a small white spot on the sole where the Black IP is chipped. Note: Other than the small issue on the sole, Looks like new. Price: SOLD!! 5. A Grind UT Type-D 21 deg Spec: 21 deg / 238g / headcover Cond: 9/10 only about 3 rounds and 5 or so range sessions on mat. Note: Looks new .. no marks My loss is your gain! Price: SOLD!! 6. P--Tune PG 516 10 deg w/extra weight screw. Spec: 10 deg / Square face / 203g / headcover / optional weight to decrease weight to 200g Cond: 8/10 I am the second owner. I have had it for about 4 months, Note: Remember the PG 313? that was a good head! PG414 was loud as heck! This latest one has refined soft feel with ultra low spin. Low spin like Jbeam heads .. but with a refined soft feel of Epon. One of the most under rated brands in my opinion. Price: $250 $175 $150 shipped PP gifted within CONUS; will ship internationally for extra Odd balls: 7. Sonartec SS502 UT 21 deg w/ Crazy Black UT "Stiff" Spec: 21 deg / Crazy Black UT Stiff - built to 40" / headcover Cond: 7/10 Head is a bit rough around the leading edge of the crown / shaft has a section with paint rubbed off from rub against the club separator in the bag. Note: Looks and feels like a Royal Collection UT ( or A Grind for that matter ) has a nice softer feel off the face like RC hybrids. Shaft has some cosmetic issues but still performs like a champ! Price: $100 $75 shipped within CONUS will ship internationally for extra 8. Mizuno Y0903 "MP Craft" Mallet putter w/headcover Spec: 34" long with Golf Pride Tour SNSR Taperless Jumbo grip Cond: 8/10 Head looks very clean .. no dings or scuffs. Note: Very rare find. They only made a smaller batch in 2009. A mallet putter fully milled from S25C!!! Feels great off the face and easy to align. !! SOLD!!
  5. Just recently got this but it didn't work out the way I wanted. I think I am not even gonna start tinkering with this. My ZY-11 is so reliable and I really should stop looking any further. Here are the specs: 10* loft, square FA, D2ish SW at just under 45" with the Crazy Regenesis CB80 LS in stiff with a new red Elite TD50S grip. Should be a bomber in the proper hands. Prefer not to break it up. There is a small scratch on the sole in the back on the toe side. SOLD
  6. hi guys, crazy UT 18 head only, in very good condition, some minor scratches on the front of the head and sole but other than that, no chips, dents whatsoever... head only, no head cover 230 usd inclusive of shipping anywhere & paypal
  7. Have a Crazy CRZ-435 Limited Edition head. Beautiful head just didn't work for me. Absolutely mint condition with the head cover included. I believe these are sold out. 10* loft, square face angle. As nothing sells at the moment, I am not even gonna try. Looking to trade this. I would be interested in: - new Ryoma Maxima (preferably type V) - JBeam ZY-7 - new PRGR RS driver
  8. A pair of lightly used S Yard bold wedges 52/58 for sale at USD200 Sold net to me, head only. Shipping included to most countries, please PM to confirm. Thanks.
  9. Next are 2 very nice JDM Fairway woods These are "CRAZY Black" F14 3 Wood and F19 5 wood The F14 is 43" long with a Fujikura Motore F3 Stiff shaf The F19 is 42" long and has an 83 gr Diamana Blueboard in Stiff $139 $124 for the F14 F19 Sold Now for a 60* DEEP MILLED- RAW Lob Wedge This has been called a "Mystery" Wedge and all I know that it spins like crazy! I put a Recoil 125 F4 8 iron shaft in it (per Bobby from UST) to get even more spin and amazing control and an Iomic Grip I don't mind keeping this one but it is my backup right now If you want to know more about this wedge just contact Spoon or Stu, they swear by this one! $99 $85 plus shipping I have a Crazy Wedge shaft and the original pull form the Lob wedge above The Crazy wedge shaft has some metal in the tip that does not affect play SOLD
  10. hey recently, i picked up a crazy fw 01 evo 6.9 flex but at a length of 41.35inch, is that tipped too much that affects the overall performance of the club? also any suggestions for a suitable head to go with this shaft? jbeam? crazy? taylor-made haha?
  11. hi does anyone have any experience with the basileus biz 90 graphite shafts? in tsg's product description, it mentions its for the faster swinger without stating ss....is it for ss above 100mph? also how does this compare to the crazy graphites or mitsubishi OTs? thks
  12. hey guys, i'm currently using a ryoma maxima type g w/ a TJ-46 6.7 flex, 1/2 inch tipped. i'm looking to upgrade and not sure whether to change the shaft or driver head or both. my ss is 95-100mph and distance avg 240-260yds....so i'm debating between getting a LY02 or AAA 2015.....any advice on the differences? much appreciated....
  13. Listing 2 Crazy shafts. 1) Crazy Nero CB-50W 7.4 flex, 43.75" from end to end Used and in good condition $320 plus $12 shipping (total $332 pp gifted) US continental only 2) Crazy Noir Longest Yard-02 (LY-02) 6.7 flex, 43" from end to end Used and in good condition $320 plus $12 shipping (total $332 pp gifted) US continental only
  14. As many of the forum members know, I spent the last year buying and trying. I think I have settled on a couple of sets that suit me. Therefore all the rest is now on sale. I am open to any interesting trades (even with cash contribution) .....particularly Honma Beres, Grandista or ZY-11. And a high-end set of graphite shafts for a set of 5-PW irons. All prices are PP gifted plus shipping. Here are the items available: 1. A-Grind 23 degrees utility head. Signs of use and scratches on face and sole. Condition 7/10. Comes with original head cover. SOLD 2. Crazy La Bomba white FW-80 shaft. Flex 7.4 (stiff). Length 39.5" with excellent red and white multi-compound grip. $140 $130 $125 3. Honma TW 727 model 455S driver - 10.5* - with Vizard YZ65 shaft in SR Flex. Standard specs. Face and sole in good condition 9/10. One blacked out spot on crown which is very hard to photograph or see. Photograph below: SOLD.... 4. Nud Ghibli just bought a week ago from an esteemed forum member. In excellent shape 9/10. Crown has a faux wood paint job. Very beautiful. Too high launching for me. Head only with original headcover. 10.5*. 198 gms and conforming. Quick shipping. $350 $325 $300 $280 $250 $195 $185 $175 !! 5. Tour Edge Exotics (TEE) 21 degree utility wood. Model XCG7. I know this is USDM and I will also list it there. In very good condition 8/10 with faint use marks. Matrix Black Tie 7M3.1 shaft in stiff flex. $125 $100 $95 $75 ...bargain !! Anyone interested will be sent additional photographs if requested. Once again hit me with your trades. Thanks for looking.
  15. Crazy Royal Decoration line has been known to be light weight and built of the average swing speed golfers, the new athlete model is built with the aggressive & faster swingers in mind. The new RD athelte model is slightly heavier than the original RD shafts to accomodate aggresive swingers. The shaft offers a very strong trajectory along with consistent feel & forgiveness for the average player with an aggresive swing. The shaft is in excellent condition and comes with a brand new lightweight (25gms) golf pride tour 25 for lightweight traction & control. I tripled wrapped it so it feels like a midweight grip. 50gms, SR flex i took off the adapter to try on my ryoma head and extended it by about an inch. Currently the length is 44 inches. I will throw in the adapter too. Asking 299 usd, Retails at around 600usd
  16. One of the three weight screw on the heel of the club went missing but I think you can simply replace it by using any crazy screw weight. It has some scratch on the bottom of the club. It also has some scratch on the shaft but nothing to affect the performance. It comes with original head cover and iomic grip Length: 45.25 SW: D1 I am selling for 490$ > 440$> 380$ includes shipping to US resident only.
  17. HI Everyone. Up for sale are 3 items. Shipping is USPS from New Jersey. Sorry, no international shipments. Price includes shipping. Payment via paypal. Up first. The longest of long drivers. Jbeam 435 with Crazy CB-50 7.4 shaft. Loft is 10degs and sits square. Club is in good condition, no dings or skymarks. Asking $525 $575 Next up Original Egg 13 deg 3wd with Graphite Design AD DI 5s shaft. Club is in average condition. I'd say this is .5inches longer than standard 3wd. The headcover is pretty worn out. Asking $175 $200 Last up. Ash's / Stew's Miura km350 putter. I got this in a trade with Ash and I never used it. I believe Stew is the original owner. Has a yellow Iomic grip and plays just a hair under 35in. Asking $old thanks JM3
  18. Crazy Muscle Back 3-PW Target Tour 120x Crazy Grip Condition is as new as you can get for a used set. Only been to the course for about 5 times and 2 rounds of range session off the mats ! I have 3 option :- 1. To sell the whole set at $1700 shipped 2. To sell the shaft alone 3. To trade with only Miuraism SB01 (baby blades jdm version )
  19. Comes with headcover. Looking to sell for 480 $ >>> 400$ Include shipping to you. It plays at 45.25" D1 sw. Want to trade with Ryoma D1 V spec 10.5 shafted with x flex shaft or head only. Thank you.
  20. Hi everyone, have a set of very good condition Crazy Royal Decoration iron shafts for sale Pulled just once. Shaft tips are in great condition. 5-PW Regular flex Lengths: 34" 34.5" 35" 35.5" 36" 36.5" Please see pictures for condition. Don't miss this opportunity for a quality iron shafts Selling for just USD480 PP gifted shipped anywhere Please contact me for interests Thanks RS
  21. Drivers for sale. Shipping via EMS tracking. 1) 10* Crazy 435 with white La Bomba TJ46 6.9 (SR Flex) - 45.25". Includes Crazy headcover. $SOLDnett 2) 10* Kamui Nitro with TRPX 1st Messenger SR Flex - 45". Includes Unused white Kamui headcover. $SOLD nett 3) 10* Jbeam 435r with or without Stiff Matrix Ozik 5. Includes unused white Jbeam headcover. $SOLD nett Will split shipping cost with buyer. PM me with questions. Will try to post up more pictures later.
  22. Going to stop playing golf so im going to sell my equipment for sale white out Nakashima nx5 with Matrix ozik program 130 shaft with white iomic grip (pw-3 ) $850 Kamui works driver 9 degree loft with diamana 73x5ct flex stiff with with lamkin grip $ 650 PRGR egg spoon 15* loft with Crazy longest yard shaft with purple iomic grip $ 650 Puma neon green stand bag $70 Located in seattle area for more quick respond please text me at 2062802027 thx
  23. A few really nice items. Shipping is included in the US Crazy CRZ-FW 15* 3 wood head. $OLD Nippon Super Peening Red N.S. Pro Stiff iron shafts 5-PW $OLD Nippon 1050 GH Stiff shafts 4-PW 36 3/4" 5 iron shaft and then go by 1/2" increments PRICE DROP $110 Vokey Cold Forged 50* Gap Wedge $OLD
  24. I am selling my crazy 435 fx bm-435 9.5 loft with extra weights - head only. The weights range from 1.5, 4, 6 to 8g. There is 1 8g weight that came from a trpx head. The head is in good shape and weighs approx. 201-202 with current weights in the head. I am asking $ shipped to US net to me. Any Reasonable Offers Will Be Considered. I have never shipped internationally. Please pm me if you have any questions. Thanks in advance.
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