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  1. Drivers (Epon) 1.) Epon AF 105 9.5* Driver Head Only + Head Cover PayPal Gift $300 2.) Ryoma Maxima D1 Special Tuning Hi-Cor 9.5* Driver Head Only PayPal Gift $175 3.) Ryoma Maxima D1 Special Tuning Hi-Cor 9.5* with Crazy Ly-01 Nero 7.4 45.5” PayPal Gift $300 Fairways 4.) Epon AF 205 (15*) Fairway 3-Wood Basileus Z Fwy 75S + Head Cover PayPal Gift $300; $175 Head Only No Trades at this time
  2. Torben

    Jbeam Glorious Driver

    I sell my Jbeam Glorious Driver, 10.5 loft SR flex standard shaft - 45.5" - Iomic X-Evolution Black Grip Price 400 US Dollars
  3. Selling new released 2017 model Bridgestone Tour B XD-5 driver hit few balls only with plastic wrap on head. Head and head cover still in plastic as in the last picture Every spec same as manufacturer's standard Loft 9.5 Shaft: 2017 model TourAD TP 6S Beautiful head and new TP shaft improved a lot in feel and distance $650 $560 Shipped to conUS
  4. shacco


    Really feel like trying the new Maxima. Might have been one of the few that actually liked the old Maxima. So the JBeam needs to go. I hope I won't regret it because I couldn't find anything better including its successor ZY-7. Specs: White head, 10* loft, square face angle, bought it with 200 gr head weight but installed heavier weight screws, but I can't really remember how much. I believe it is currently around 203gr. But I do have some lighter weights somewhere that I could include if I find them. Very good condition. Some minor brush marks on the sole from normal play and some minor marks on the face. I'll let the pics do the talking. Currently still shafted with a Fujikura Speeder Evolution II 661 stiff. 45" at D2 SW. Was thinking about keeping the shaft but if I get a decent offer for the whole club, I would think about selling it as a whole. Sold
  5. Just recently got this but it didn't work out the way I wanted. I think I am not even gonna start tinkering with this. My ZY-11 is so reliable and I really should stop looking any further. Here are the specs: 10* loft, square FA, D2ish SW at just under 45" with the Crazy Regenesis CB80 LS in stiff with a new red Elite TD50S grip. Should be a bomber in the proper hands. Prefer not to break it up. There is a small scratch on the sole in the back on the toe side. SOLD
  6. Srixon Z745 Driver Head Selling this very nice driver incl. original headcover, shaft adapter, weight kit, booklet and wrench. One of the best feeling heads I have ever played. Very soft of the face with a high ball speed. Quite easy to hit for a 440cc head. Very good club head speed (due to smaller footprint. Mid launch with low spin for me (obviously dependent on shaft and swing). Loft: 9,5 deg (adjustable +/- 1 deg) Head weight: 200g with 7g weight installed (adjustable 196 to 204g) Face angle: neutral (adjustable +/- 2 deg) Lie angle: adjustable +2 deg Condition: Good condition with only slight marks of use (see pics) Price: sold locally
  7. Can’t play anymore, so these beloved bombers need new homes. A little about my game: I am a 46 year old mid capper with average swing speed (or so I’m told). I play most shafts in Regular, with the occasional SR. I had struggled to keep my drives and long fairway shots in play, but the clubs up for sale have cured that for me. As a result of assembling these clubs from fellow TSGers, my scores had dropped from embarrassing to respectable levels. Prices are in USD and pp gifted, shipped anywhere in CONUS via USPS. Shipping rates outside of the US can be negotiated. PM with questions or pic requests. No trades please ! Ryoma Type D 11.5* Driver with Muso XDB55R shaft - $SOLD - Ryoma F3 15* Fairway Wood with Crazy FW80 6.4 shaft - $SOLD Ryoma UT3 21* Utility with Crazy UT-R shaft - $SOLD PRGR Egg Spoon 15* Fairway Wood with Crazy Royal Deco R shaft - $SOLD Ryoma Type D 11.5* Driver shafted with Muso XDB 55R. Plays to 46 inch length. Iomic Grips Terrific arching howitzer for players with human swing speeds. After the ball lands, lots of roll for a looong drive. Still the most forgiving driver head out there for me. Barely visible small cosmetic paint scratch from previous owner at back of head. Muso XDB shaft gives this stick a lot of kick. Condition 8/10. Original headcover included. Ryoma F3 15* Fairway Wood shafted with Crazy FW80 6.4. Plays to 43 inch length. Iomic Grips Ultra stable mid high flight with lots of roll. The Crazy shaft gives this FW a stout, controlled feel. Has a small rock ding towards the back of the sole from previous owner. Small paint chip at back of head, . Does NOT affect play at all. Still the most forgiving 3W head out there for me. Condition 7/10. Original headcover included. Ryoma UT3 21* Utility shafted with Crazy UT shaft R. Ryoma grip. Length: 40 inches. Ryoma grip. Ultra stable, solid feeling utility. Very forgiving larger head, easy to hit. Gives a mid high trajectory, gets the ball from most lies. The Crazy shaft gives this stick a firm stout feel. Condition 8/10. Original headcover included. PRGR Egg Spoon 15* Gen II FW head shafted with Crazy Royal Deco R Flex. Crazy Grip. 42 inch length A go-to Fairway driver when the fairways are tight. At 42 inches, this FW provides a mid-height trajectory with decent of roll once the ball comes down. Plays like a 4W for me. Condition 7.5/10. No headcover.
  8. Hey guys, Making space for a new driver coming in so I am letting go of this setup, 2014 Onoff 10* Driver with Rombax 6X07 Stiff. Comes with a headcover as per pics Asking USD250 PP gifted nett of shipping. If it's just the head, USD175. Open to slight negotiations. I went outside to take some pictures as that when they both shine best.
  9. Sold. Thanks.
  10. Bought this JBeam 535 as head only from a very respected member on the forum a few months ago. Have not shafted it as I have now enough drivers to try. 10 degrees, square face, 197 gms, faint marks on face only otherwise is very good condition. Priced to sell - no trades. Thank you. $320 including shipping anywhere in the world. PP gifted please.
  11. Unsold items withdrawn from Sale.. 1. TRPX D-013 Driver (9.5* Loft) + Fujikura Tour Platform Series 26.3 (S) w/ Original Headcover Asking:- WITHDRAWN Condition:- 8/10 Usage:- 3 Range Sessions + 1 Round Comments:- Usual minor scuff marks on sole. Very clean crown and face. 2. TRPX S-013 Driver (10.5* Loft) + Fujikura Tour Platform Series 26.3 (S) w/ Original Headcover Asking:- WITHDRAWN Condition:- 6.5/10 Usage:- 2 Range Sessions + 1 Round Comments:- Usual scuff marks on sole (Slightly more than the D-013). Crown in very good condition. Paint Fill in one of the grooves came off a bit. 3. Yamaha 2014 RMX 01 Driver (9.5*) Head Only + Weight Kits/Adapter (No original Headcover but Onoff Headcover included) Asking:- WITHDRAWN Condition:- 9/10 Usage:- I bought it as used condition but have not even shafted it myself Comments:- Very Clean Sole and Crown. Faint ballmark on Face but barely noticeable. Got a lot of drivers to try in a bid to rebuild the bag but decided to go with T.388 and Honma TW717 for rotation. 4. TaylorMade 2014 Gloire Driver (10.5) + T.M GL2200 Shaft w/ Original Headcover & wrench Asking:- $$OLD Condition:- 8/10 Usage:- 3 Range Sessions (2 Grass, 1 Mat) Comments:- Usual scuff marks on Sole. Faint ballmarks on Face. Very Clean crown but tiny paint chip where the Face meets the Crown near the toe end. * All shafts are standard/default lengths as purchased from TSG/Dealer, no cutting done. The TRPX Drivers were installed by professional clubfitter with the same exact shafts for a clearer comparison. * TRPX Drivers does not come with the wrench or weight kits. * Shipping cost is conservatively estimated but actual shipping depends on your actual location. * Buyer shall be responsible for all import taxes, duties, and any other misc charges. Having said that, I have not encountered any thus far. Have already shipped several times to USA/Europe in the past. * Heads only can be considered on the TRPX Drivers but the rest should be as is.
  12. I have tried this head several times, but I just don't make center contact consistently enough to take full advantage of this club. Selling head only. Left handed. 9.5 degree head. I probably played 5 rounds in total with it, and several range sessions. It is in very good condition and the pictures show scratches on the face well. Crown is clean and sole is fairly clean as well. Marks on the face are near the top of the face, with a very small light scratch that goes up onto the paint for 3 mm's or so; not visible at address. Asking $350 $299 including shipping in the U.S.; will split shipping cost outside the U.S. Head cover and weights included. We all know what a low spin, low launch bomber this club head is. Paypal only, no refunds.
  13. Alex S. Pranata

    Best Driver Material?

    Hi guys. new to this forum. Im curious about driver material, Which one is the best and by what term it will differentiate it? Sound, feel, or distance? So far from what i know driver material are, titanium 6-4rolled,pressed,etc....titanium ks100....titanium ELF-Ti...pure titanium...stainless steel...anybody know which is the best? and what makes it the best ? for example onoff XP use 6-4Ti face...and onoff 2011 type-S using ELF-Ti face...what is the different? what makes driver sound hollow?and loud? is it the material? THankyou Guys...
  14. ukantwin


  15. RomaRo 435 LX with OBAN Tour Limited Shaft Very soft feeling combo, nice muted sound! I hit my longest drives with this setup. Unfortunately I cant control it enough to use is permanently :( This it a great driver especially if you are looking for an anti left setup (my problem is more on the right side...) The shaft is the top of the line product of OBAN. For detailed information, please check obanshafts.com. It is a great mid launch / low spin shaft with a smooth feeling. Details: · Driver Head: RomaRo 435 LX · Loft: 10 degree · Shaft: OBAN KIYOSHI Tour LTD 60 - 68 gr · Flex: S (O4 in OBAN lingo) · Length: 45,5 Inch · Grip: Pure Black · Headcover: original RomaRo Condition: The head is used. The shaft is new and has never been pulled. The head is in good used condition with normal brush marks on the bottom (black IP sole) and a minimal skymark (hardly visible when in use). The shaft is new and only used one driving range session and one round. Price: 550 EURO 450 EUR incl. shipping within Germany. Shipping to ROW will be shared, please inquire. (For reference: The MRSP of the head is 850 US$ and the shaft has 490 US$) In case of any questions please don't hesitate to contact me. I would prefer to sell this in a complete setup. Sorry no trades at the moment.
  16. I have for sale a Yamaha V201 Tour model 9 degree driver head. It has been blasted of all it's paint...so now it's basically "naked" bare as you can see. Asking $150 net shipping to North America obo. Elsewhere please enquire about rates. Last picture is what it looked liked before.
  17. Looking for ($250) now $200 out of it but preferably a trade for a 460 cc tour issue or JDM driver head only. The scratches on top of the head look way worse than they actually are because of the way the light is hitting it.
  18. Hi folks, Have a couple of driver heads I need to clear out. I used to like low flying drives but these days I feel more comfortable hitting higher balls. ( i.e. getting old.. ) These heads go too low for me. Please PM me if you have any questions! Crazy 435 9.5* 201g no headcover Condition is 7.5/10 some scratch on the crown some minor paint chips where not visible at address. Overall pretty clean. Would make a great back up! $$ Sold $$ Masda Golf V-430 8.5* 195g no headcover Condition is 9/10 Some rub marks on the sole but no scratches no paint chips. Ready to be shafted!! Selling for $100 PP net to me, shipping included within CONUS. ( please contact for other countries )
  19. Miura Giken MD 390 Drivers - 10.5 and 9 degree loft Special offer for friends of small driver heads. Typical dense Miura feeling. Comparable performance to S-Yard T.388 but significantly easier to hit. Most of you will be aware of these models, but just in case: http://abclocal.go.com/story?section=news/sports/pro/golf&id=6619686 Driver 1: Miura Giken MD 390 driver 10.5 degree Loft: 10,5 degree Shaft: Mitsubishi Fubuki Tour Flex: Regular / Stiff (tipped 0,5 Inch, so a little stiffer than regular) Weight: 53 gr. Playing length: 44,5 Inch Profile: high launch, low spin. Grip: Winn blue Incl. original Miura headcover Condition: good used condition, minimal skymark (hardly visible when in use). Price: 140 (approx. 102 BP, 157 US$) Driver 2: Miura Giken MD 390 driver 9 degree Loft: 9 degree Shaft: Fujikura Motore F3 Flex: stiff Weight: 80 gr- Playing length: 45,5 Inch Profile: low launch, low spin. Grip: Ionic black Incl. original Miura headcover Condition: very good with only minimal signs of use. Price: 150 (approx. 109 BP, 168 US$) All prices are net to me without shipping and paypal fees. Location is Germany
  20. In the department of "I think I have a driver for life, but tempt me anyway," I got to hit the Yamaha RMX Tour over the weekend thanks to Chris and TSG. Probably don't have to say, but my bag baby is the T.388 with Seven Dreamers d-shaft in it. And for me, that's about as good as it gets. But I have to add, and quickly, this Yammy rocks, as Chris and Michael have said before me. It sets up nicely for a guy who loves smaller head drivers. It's 440cc, but looks deceptively smaller. I prefer the stealth black of the T388 to the glossy finish of the Yammy, but with its red trim and nicely inlayed layers, this club is dangerous looking. Combined with the red Speeder shaft and a great head cover to boot, it looks like a serious weapon. And performs like one. It passed my "hit it 3 times" test with flying colors. By the third hit, the ball was flying. Off the face, you get a nice springy pop. Titanium is just different, and those who respond to its feel will love this Yammy. Pop, pop, smack! By the 5th hit, it bumped up another level to the kind of THWACK that definitely drew attentive looks on the range and is music to my ears. Great sound! Great feel! Springy but in a controllable way mixed with firm, as if to formula, which I'm sure it is. And definitely great distance. Ball was smacking well up on the screen sitting at 230. One almost flew over. Good straight ball flight, too. Nice and penetrating, and somewhat higher than the T388. I didn't get to play with any adjustments, but those are there, too, in the form of wrench and weights. On my list of everything that isn't the T.388, this driver moves to the top. (Nice to know somewhere in the back of my mind that should something ever happen to... Nah, don't want to even say it... ) Thanks, Chris, and thanks, Yamaha! Top notch driver!
  22. RYOMA MAXIMA Type V Driver 9.5 Degrees with FUBUKI Z 50 STIFF 9/10 CONDITION RYOMA MAXIMA TYPE V 9.5 DEGREE 45.5 INCHES LONG HEADCOVER-GOOD CONDITION FUBUKI Z 50 STIFF GRAPHITE SHAFT MV81090 SERIAL NUMBERAmazing conditions. Will consider trade for Irons. Asking for $. net to me. Will ship anywhere in CONUS.
  23. Hello All, I bought this driver from DC14 here on TSG and hit 4 balls with it at the range. Driver just isnt for me. Its in the same condition as i got it but i can post new pics of it tonight or you can check out the pics from Dave's previous posting. I am looking for $traded. net to me + shipping anywhere in CONUS. Driver and shaft are in amazing shape- 9/10. Link to last posting of this club. http://forum.tourspecgolf.com/topic/37350-sold-thanks/ Make: Ryoma Model: D-1 Maxima / Type D Loft - 10.5* Shaft: Mitsubishi Rayon Fubuki Alpha (50 S) Length: 45.5" Swingweight: d2 Factory cover included
  24. Got 2 things up for sale today.... First up is Ryoma Maxima Type V 8.5 with crazy LY 01 hot 7.4 flex Condition is easyyy 9/10 Asking $SOLD!!! Second is syard xv 3 wood with stock SR shaft Ok condition very faint dent along the crown... Very small might not be able to see it but full disclosure...Please see pictures for detail Asking $SOLD! Prices are set for fast sales! Thanks for looking ...
  25. So I bought a Crazy 435 with a Crazy CB80 LS Noir 7.4 shaft almost 2 years ago. I was impressed with it's length, but felt like I really had to be on to hit it well. I wasn't really consistent with it, and didn't care for the feel and sound. I finally found a knowledgeable club builder here and asked him to cut it down to 44.5 inches, maintain a D2 swing weight, and hot melt it for sound and feel adjustment. My Adams XTD gamer has been benched, so I started hitting the 435 on the range, and playing it a few rounds in a row. I have now become much more consistent with it. I am finally getting comfortable with it and not forcing it so much. The sound and feel are better with hot melt; not perfect, but better. The performance improvement has been impressive. I teed it down and a piercing bullet into the wind today right down the fairway. I then teed it high and hit a high bomb downwind on a par 4 and got a hold of it and it went to a place I have never been before on that particular hole. In fact, I have trouble finding my ball as I wasn't looking far enough down the fairway for it. The very next hole, I corked one 300 yards, which I may do once a round with the right conditions. It may have just been one of those days when my swing was on, but I don't have those very often as I am typically inconsistent off the tee. Think of Phil Mickelson with an 8 handicap and that's about my swing. I am not about to claim this is the king of all drivers, but I am seeing it in a different light for the first time. I have toyed with selling it in the past, but now it has become a keeper. The funny thing is I just bought the Ryoma Maxima here on TSG and it shipped out today. Maybe the 435 knew what was coming and decided to try and keep it's spot in the bag before the Ryoma gets here.