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  1. Now that I'm officially on Corona-cation there's not much else to do except browse the internet for sweet golf gear. Stumbled across these beauties today that I'd never heard of.. Apparently these are a collaboration wedge from Modart and GeoGalaxy. I am a huge fan of the minimalist look, and the mill lines on the face remind me of the SDJ 115 Proto's milled face. I also loooove the shapes of the ground leading and trailing edges and top line
  2. SOLD US$450 the pair, including shipping with tracking and insurance SOMETHING SPECIAL A pair of Modart Proto wedges, 52 and 58, complete with Fujikura MCI 105 mild shafts and Iomic grips. $450 the pair + shipping anywhere in the world. Please NB: these are one of the 3 pairs that Chris sold before the Proto was released so they were set up by Tourspecgolf. Item is now sold out and not known when Modart will offer more. I will ship anywhere in the world, as you wish.
  3. Regular flex shaft or heads only is fine. Please PM with pics if you are interested in parting with one. Thanks !
  4. Hello - looking to offload some extra gears, got most of these from TSG (except for the S-yard putter, which is from an authorized dealer in HK). Price includes shipping in Asia, international add $20. Not looking for any trades at the moment, but I'm open to offers. Thanks for looking guys! 1. ONOFF CB358 Driver, 9.5* head, Labospec tataki:60 shaft in stiff with headcover. A couple of driving range sessions and 1 round. Face is clean, light scratches on the sole. 9/10. $450 2. Modart MA01F FW, 14* head, Modart SP6.0F shaft in stiff with headcover. Just 1 range session, clean face and sole, 9.5/10 $375 3. Titleist Japan VG3 FW, 15* head, graphite design MT-6 in stiff, with headcover. A couple of range sessions, clean face/sole. 9/10 $225 4. S-Yard SP-32 putter. This is an limited release (77/200) by S-Yard and has amazing face millings. Check out pics below. 9/10 condition. $400 5. Kamui Works KM-200 Hi-cor 10*, with headcover. Has a couple of scratches on the crown, check out the pic below for condition (8/10). $250
  5. Up for sale is an excellent condition Modart D 10.5 with a Quadra Fire Express F3 LD 60 stiff, driver plays 45" comes with proper cover also in excellent conditon. This is an awesome driver, great feel, crazy good looks, NDMC black white grip. I also have the stock Fuji 6.0 stiff shaft, Only trade I'm looking for is a TRPX D head in 10 or 10.5, thanks Modart with Quadra $740 shipped in the conus. One time price drop $715 gifted Modart with stock shaft $640 shipped in the conus. Price drop $625 gifted International PM for a shipping qoute, OZ not going to happen unless you just want the head. Sorry for the crappy pics I dropped my camera and these are Iphone pics.
  6. I've been addicted to Toyoshima's for a very long time and no matter what comes my way the Toyo's eventually make it's way back into the bag, up until now that is... Tabuchi-san's wedges I thought were the pinnacle of performance & feel, while they still rank I think another has edged them out. Suda-san has got my vote for making the #1 Wedge in JDM land. For now... For me... But I know many of you are going to go bonkers over these. Just hit them, that's all i can say. I ordered a 52/58 combo, they arrived last week, no lofts on them so how can I tell them apart? Easy they both look uniquely different in grind. Grind, this man's got it down totally. For those who don't know who Suda-san is he is the apprentice of grind studio master Tomaru-san and now president of Modart. Notice the different grind on the two although they are part of one matching set. I love this grind theory because it works for me. It's far easier to get near the pin with the AW than it is the SW and these suckers spin like mad. If you find yourself a gap wedge out often these could help lower your score. I went with the Modus 3 130g version and they feel excellent. Funny thing about Modus3, everyone wanted it until it became a standard Japanese offering and now it's like meh... I'm a neck transition geek, I look at wedges differently than most, how the neck and leading edge blend into both sides of the neck is so important It's the first thing I look at to see if the grinder has talent. To me Suda-san is the most talented in this regard. Don't get me wrong I love the 58* but the 52 is my favorite and perhaps of all time. If a Toyo wedge had a baby with a Buchi wedge you would get a Suda wedge. Think about that and after you hit one of these tell me if I had it right.
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