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***** MY new driver builds THREAD ******

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I’d agree with that selection so far...but no Egg7 in your hof?

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I like all the eggs but the  egg 7 is my fave.,

the one i use back home is faultlesss. So that gets the top gong, diamana aliislei 80s @ 44. smalls inchs.

  its my pick even tho the others are longer i dont really miss with that, its purpose built  so if its a HOF not everyone gets in.



pete rose????

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THE latest  of Thors hammers. 

 ****ASTRO TOUR  vIII  10* head/quadra fire express  65x prototype (2016)  cadero grip  45 inch 323g sp700 face****

I thought , ok it  looks pretty  hot , the graphics on the  shaft are great, and the astro tour  head I know  goes monster long as the v2 is prob my longest single shot driver  and the new shape head is more my  style,  its a  compact full body  with a hint of a an elongated rounded oval face (square face angle ) . A VERY  good head shape for  ME to look at to draw the ball  which Isnt my natural swing so that helps me .

yea,ok......., ill give  it a whirl

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm , first game up  I wasn't that taken by it at all , I  missed a few right! 

contrary to what I thought this wud do and that is a catastrophic  miss for me..... and ............it felt a bit ,well , not loose, a but flippy.... its not as tight as im used to  or prefer.. but it was, I was confused ! 

The ball seems to sit on the face longer than Im used to , it  feels like a trampoline  driver,  so I benched ot for a cpl of weeks abut took it back out  yesterday with the big dogs  (In all honesty ithought id move it along bec I didn't thinik it wud cust the mustard vs the JBEAMS.) 

Well Yesterday it did , and its a keeper!

6/7 fairways, mid high flight that  seems very tough to hook or draw more than a cpl of yards  ( this has always been the case for me  with quadra shafts) , but the best thing was  the straight to slight fade shot, , its a bazooka, I leant into a cpl on open fairways and launched some  all effort shots that I middled  and it was huge. proper  huge.. I have  been driving the ball superbly last few weeks with all different driver combos , ryoma stinger70s, jbeam 435 diamana X, roddio s tuning diamana X   and this vs these  didn't miss a beat it handles  all power with aplomb and really thumps the ball.

At address is hides it 460cc size nicely and you can see just enough of the face to make it look like the shot uwant to hit, unlike say the v2 which is just point shoot.

iprefer this  to the v2 bec the shape is sounder, fuller like the jbeam.

its a head that guys that like a fuller shape shud really gravitate to.

THE SHAFT  ,well its good, is it as good as my diamanas ??????

prob not. but tis not far behind nad theres a heck of a differnce in price  for those.

im actually really thinking of putting a stinger In  an 11* version   head  bec I think that might take the mantle of all carry driver.
















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Nice review!!   Astro Tour VIII has been on my list to try.... just have not gotten to finding a used head with the right specs. 

I believe they have a 8 deg head .... might be a good head to play around with a Long Drive spec build  at 48 or something : )  

BTW,  the ball sticking on the face a tad longer is likely due to the SP700 face.  


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cheers nobs.thats  not my prefered feel. i like instant gratifcation, the best example being the freheit  G. driver.  not sure what they use on that but with the diamana x in it the ball feels like its an oppsoite magnet. hardly touches the face and its gone. extremely rigid feel that  gives a false impression of  not being long.  but straight and direct.  this one feels like its gone miles bec u feel the shaft bend and flick.. it takes some getting used to.

maybe itll grow.on me.

illplay both the G amd this one day soon and see whats best suited. 

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Great review! Can you share some pics on the Astro Stu?

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took both the astro tours out on the weekend.

the version 2 is an absiolute beast. Tbh  a  harder  or rather faster swinger than I  shud have this set up, I can activate it but JUST,  theres so much more in the tank that my methodical swing doesn't utilize to the full  , its a howler of a club , truly.

by comapirson the verion 3 is a like a placement  driver, I can  shape that nicely  . not a lot  but  more tan th V2.

im really really liking playing this  last cpl of weeks. last wekeeend  I was on song with it big time. so much confidence with it now.


head shape suits a  course with twists and trnrs from the tee box. I wudnt take it out on a 7300 yard behemouth , bec theres better suited to that.

but for a week I n out driver I like this as much as the ryoma d1 








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Pretty! Is one of them a little shorted face-to-back? It looks like it and it looks good! That is how I like my drivers. Conventional shape - deep face - easily manoeuvrable.  

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give it a whirl  fella  I really doubt ul be disappointed.

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2021 got under way with a cpl of new builds  i thought up and Mr wizard  did his thing with  and made sing like a soprano.

2009 ONOFF type  D 10 */  diamana X 70s @ 45inch for workability and an easy relaxed winter build

2013 ONOFF MP-513D /graphite design p9003x  @ 43.5inch  for control and placement

 Ive had both these heads sitting around for ages and cudnt think what to do with them, the 2009 is THE ........ THE   best beginners driver head ive ever hit and was thinking to keep for my son  and is the head  ive reccommended  to so many guys here , most  of which are still playing   bec it cant be bettered  so i figuered ,why not try  this with  my best shaft as an ok, im playing for sheep stations , i need to hit all 14 today. It didnt dissapoint   !

 My driving as a rule is the strong point of my game so  i dont really need more length, i  cud  always play around with a bit more versatility. I dont miss  fairways s  much  any more and  yesterday i hit  13  of them with   the one i missed   in better shape  rough than the fairway was ! 

Decided to play  the new  drivers the whole round yesterday as  it was windy and   temps were around 20 *  so was a good test for them , i knew id got a good un immediatly , when on  hole 1,  i hit a baby fade 260yards  dead centre in a significant cross wind.

Straight from the restaurant to the tee and kabang! ..

Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooook.... i think this is going  to be a good  driver !

Wasnt  let down. i play multiple drivers when im practice rounds and  decided to just pay the 2 new boys   when on hole 2 i hit the other one (43.5inch)  and almost drove  the  damn green  on the short par4.  was like an exorcet missile, i was speechelss............................ THIS was supposed  to be a control driver  for awful  tricky Pete Dye monstrosities i " have " to play  from time to time and  i just hit it a country mile.

THATs staying in the bag!!!

 Mr wizards builds are good , i dont heave to tell him anything anymore as hes been building my club for on 20 yrs  but i have  NOT  been  more impressed and surprised by a driver as much as this, EVER.

I already  own a decent array of short ( sub 44.5 inch) drivers  but never one at  3w length and never one that hits the ball without lateral movement  like this........

 My   Taylor made tp09 with bimatrix  at44.125 inch has been my best build to date but i gotta say this might have taken its  spot.

 i wil say one thing , ill build another one of these and send it back home  to play on my links bec the accuracy of it is unmatchable..........

the  key i  believe  is its swing weighted    to B9   at 320g !

ill post photos when i get my bag back. these , epsecially the short one are quite inspiring.


once again, it doesnt  have  to be spakly new  with TM m1000000000 written on it to be  great.


Pls dont ask about my iron play.. sigh........................... LOTS of work to do!






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