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Best clubs for high capper, any brand

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Mate is looking to go long a  new set of   clubs , don't matter the brand 

he shoots 100-110

  wants ARROW straight performance


I thought  on off  46d driver

xxxio irons.

 syard  bold wedges

prgr mfd  fairways

ute NO idea  I need helkp here


MAXIMUM  FORGIVNESS the  only thing that matter


thinking caps on swingers.  need this in a hurry!!





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good call.   wil look into this.

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honma beres series, yamaha ud+2 or the new titleist type d (i think) series. Recently got the ud+2 for my friend who was a beginner. Driver go with  Ping. Its hard to beat ping for forgiveness, fairway as well. The XXIO hybrids are excellent. 

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Wedges  :  Cleveland CBX


Driver:  Ping G400   SFT  or G400 MAX

Fw : Ping g400 SFT




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I have a couple of thoughts on this. 

1.   If the person who is wanting these sets is over 55 or 60 years old,   I suggest finding some high end Honma .. perhaps even the BeZeal series.   It would satisfy the forgiveness piece as well as the sense of satisfaction for owning a good expensive set of clubs where his playing buddies would talk in envy. 

2. If this person is someone still pretty young and healthy, I'd say go with a middle of the ground GI set and spend thee rest of the money on lessons.    I say this not because I did it that way... I actually took the wrong path in trying to do everything on my own and struggled greatly with it.    Each 30 min occasional lesson I take now is worth every penny because I get analytical feedback which are useful in making adjustments in my swing.    Should have done that years ago. 

For 2,  so many options available.   But for a set that could last for a long time to come, I suggest the following: 

  • Romaro Type R 2017 woods - Driver, 3W, 5W 4U
  • Miura CB-2008 5-PW   
  • Labospec CB-247 W II  50 / 56
  • Odyssey 7 or Two Balls 
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I fit the mold of what your mate is looking for.  XXIO driver and fairways are really easy and forgiving.  Hybrids are good. I would put XXIO above Ping or any other club for forgiveness.  Not the longest but really easy to hit.  Their shafts are like noodles so go up a flex or two  

Maruman Shuttle is very easy for fairways and hybrids.  

I have the XXiO X irons which are very good but they are very big. I have the Yamaha UD+2 irons which are very good.  And I had the Titleist Type D irons which I did not like. They are oversized but I didn’t think they were easy to hit.  I’m 45 with a driver swing speed of 90 and a handicap of 5.  I’ve not hit the Honma irons so I can not comment. 

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Great feedback gents , taking it all in

he uses ping equip now and the fwds are are way to sleek  they shud not be an option for high cappers at all. 

The driver is ok but its got the convex fave which is horrendous for a high guy,  slight misses off centre and the ball goes miles the wrong way.


been suggesting xxioirons as  i  saw the entire range  of ping irons and they do fi t the bill nicely but they just look cheap and nasty!

xxio are enormous but they at least look classy.

miura cb3001 are another  im strongly suggesting, masive off set  but a thinner  base and a dent sole for really good turf  interaction and limited slip off the deck.

they are high on the pecking order.

Faiirwoods i cant think of an easier set than the mfd prgrs  they are like throwing darts.


Driver im  still in the dark. Ill go have  good look tomorrow and check em all out.

no idea at all yet.. zero .

what about  those fkkn horrendous pos tm things with sliding weights  m1/2:3:45/6/7/8/9 28976574625274837 model on the base  or the 900000000000 green callaways things , not for me but if they are ok for high cap ill go in, itll kill me to do so but if they are good then.....






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prgr mfd 3 and 5  woods 

XXIO  / ping  irons , final choice

driver still looking..

onoff 2009 type d  is  high on list, ryoma d1  10.5*, prgr egg 1.    all in final selection.

wedges wil be a continuation of irons to make it easier on the  eye


ute still looking but the fourteen  ut 716  3i is firm favourite.

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Stu, I play the PRGR 2016 Red Driver in 11.5 loft with stock SR shaft with good results. So well that I picked up the 3w and at 200yd out I am chomping to hit every time.  PS..... found a stock SR Cally ERC 10.5 and everyting tiu say about it is gospel.  



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I can attest to how well Cuistot has been hitting his drivers.   Both the PRGR Red and the Cally ERC.   

He just walks up to the tee and just stripes it every time!!   

For a high capper I do think the PRGR Red is a more forgiving driver overall.     Cally ERC head is smaller and deep as you well know but possibly slightly better sound and feel.  

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Easy choice.

Yamaha UD+2 and PRGR Super Egg

The 2 longest and most forgiving irons on the market JDM or USDM.

Only consideration is it's look and size.

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