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3w.. kamui pro tp xf ?

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Smallest of chances  id think, but anyone hit this in any loft under 19.5*

dat55g ( love it ! )

had a peek at one of the weekend 14.5* but im right for  low launchers , this   looks  to be the only FW id consider in the last 3 seasons.

looks like a sleeker version of the  syard XV.

17.5* is right on my radar


just thought id try the forums for any detail..............





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found 2 ,  17.5 and 14.5...  can t help  myself wil take them I think.

 looks are superb.


btw not sure if anyone has noticed  but the latest and greatest fwd out of japan are farkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen expensive man..

kamui,frehiet,our old friend George Takeis new brand  "G ",muziik,  all way over the  $450mark  for head only.

new premium materials and associated cost seems the new  IN.




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