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Whats your favourite JDM club ........?

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Not the best, your favourite...

DRIVER:  epon 101 9.5*

Love how this looks, its a rounded midlarge head  in black , no fancy  cuts or grooves out of it near the face to promote  "trampoline effect " or what ever those cos.  say it does.............. apart from the slightly  gaudy gold  rim  on he sole, which I  like to blacken out its a pretty ordinary, nondescript  head.  face is  slightly  more  oblate  than many others at address , feel is  sensational.... the sound with any shaft is sensational, its extremely workable, more so than any other  epon driver ive tried and distance is fine, ive never broken a PB distance wise with it and prob never will but it certainly isn't brining up the rear. I  get this out there plenty well enough  to use in any game involving money, and will do on courses where a short cut big draw or cut over  trees brings huge reward, especially in Nassau games of old!

Ive 2  of these still one with a diamana stinger and one with a roddio labospec tataki. the stinger is the  one I t ake out the most as it gets me the most variety, the labo is a straight shooting higher kick point shoot  shaft . its errrily straight and truth be  told prob feels better of the two nd is tighter at  impact. prob bec its higher kick.

I prefer the diamana  tho   bec its so versatile.

the runners  up were  the so so similar callaway ERC3, ryoma d1 and jbeam 435.






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ok this is hard.. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many of these have passed my bags but i can prob limit them to a fews and come up with a winner, and it wont be a set itll  be  a  13*  15*  and 18 /19 ish ...

ok heres  the  list;

low loft ; 

buchi 12* fairwary driver

kasco 12.8* fairway driver

royal collection   TRC 13*  fd. 

prgr egg spoon 13*

ryoma d1  13*

science gear proto 13*  fd.

All of these have earned their stripes and more over the years  but its a split  between the buchi and kasco for top spot as both these are still running amok in my bags. proof for me of a heads quality is the shaft I put in them and both of the above have stingers and diamana X  shafts in them, those shafts don't go into POS TM,  or the like, spam

distance  wise these are identical I hit them side by side one match in Okinawa a cpl of yrs ago,  10 balls  each , ( toursstage x01z white  for the kasco and yellow  for the buchi )  to a 300 yard dead  flat dead straight fariway  and there was no difference. the furthest  of each were a meter apart.  the dispersion of both were inseperable. they are TOTALLY opposite  shapes  one is a rectangle box  and the other is a  semi rounded oval. feel is opposite as well ,a high pitch  ting , low low deep oomph. but performance was  amazingly similar.

 in the end   IF there cud be only one and heaven help me if that day arrives... it wud be the...............oh god imstruggling here...ok PROB the kasco   ONLY beceasue its more of a driver alt. off the tees with this it can be used TO MY EYE as a batter driver but the buchi is the better off the deck.

14/15/16* 3 woods:

royal collection bbd type s  tour 14* OR 15*

Yamaha   inpress x iff tour 14*

s-yard 15*

modart 14*

prgr egg spoon 15*

prgr MFD 16.5*

callaway erc fusion carbon 15*

toue edge exotics maraging face  15*

ryoma d1  15*


gawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwd where to start here.

from a tee the callaway ERC and Tour edge exotics are  the top dogs just over the syard  and Yamaha tour.

from the fairway  the 15* egg spoon sows that up  JUST over the ryoma d1 and modart

as a one horse fairway   wood the prgr MFD 16.5 in a canter.

and as an allrounder the royal collection bbd 15*

again its only one  and its gotta be ( considering ive got the kasaco as a driver alt) id need a better wood from a fairway....................................

phoooooar...the prgr egg 158 spoon , the original and best. JUST pips the ryoma fromn the turf IMO.


now 5 wood  17/18/19 *

therres only 3 that need considering here and I came them all without prejudice.

prgr egg 18*

prgr tour 18*

royal collection bbd type h 17*

I cant  split these  theres no way so  as I have to  itll be the one that I like  to look at th most and that the royal collection bbd.

That was harder tha nall the others.


12.8*  kasco fd

15* prgr egg spoon

17*royal collection bbd type h

yep happy with that set up  ad infinitum as my favourites  fariway wood selection but that was TUFf!!!!!!










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fairway woods:

-Grandista RS-F 15°

-Epon AF-203 15°

-Modart MA01F 14°

-OnOff '17 Kuro 15°

also, if I had to pick one FW that I'd like to try most right now it'd be the Baldo TTX 14.5°


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1 hour ago, gregoire56 said:

fairway woods:

-Grandista RS-F 15°

-Epon AF-203 15°

-Modart MA01F 14°

-OnOff '17 Kuro 15°

also, if I had to pick one FW that I'd like to try most right now it'd be the Baldo TTX 14.5°


Similar but Different.

Modart 14

Epon 202 HT

Onoff 358 15

Yamaha Classic Power Spoon 15

All similar size, looks. Best feeling are the Epon and Yamaha.

Modart has a very nice flight and plenty long.

Onoff 358 is probably the favorite. Best all round.



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The 1996 JDM version (Blue) Mizuno T-zoid 3-wood with a 105 gram Super Exar Gold, two tone blue/gold shaft. Had a Lamkin Diamond grip on it and it was fantastic. Could hit it high, low, cut or draw. Have a hard time finding a club that is as versatile.


Have the Honma 727 15° (low launch, I can't hit it as high as I want to when called for), the Zodia full ti 15° (high launch, I can't hit it low at will) and will soon shaft the G from Freiheit. Maybe that will give me the versatility. I find 3-woods to be the most difficult to find great examples of. 

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9 minutes ago, bngolfer said:

"I find 3-woods to be the most difficult to find great examples of"

This is why I now play a 2 wood!

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3 hours ago, daamartin said:

This is why I now play a 2 wood!



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ULTILITY/driving iron.

The ute the leaps of the page to me is the modart 19*.

ive tried plenty of utes with so little success  igave up,this one is a combo of the head and crazy  ut shaft that i simply love , the feel is outrageous, like all modart clubs  to me modart are the new school  epon of JDM.ive not hit one i ditn simply love, but that does not mean its my best !


my best ute is the saqra18* fairway finder ,this think i just hit well but do not love it , i play it in comp bec score matters ,the modart issimply addictve to hit but i miss wayyyyyyyyyyy to many times with it to play in comps, ihook the blazes out of it on occasioans , somethingi dont do with the saqra but for any social game esp on dry grass this is a no brainer when a shoe wedge is available as a15thclub!

Driving irons is simple , the honma twu.

Ive Played so many driving irons, srixon was in play for ever,saqra is abeauty, but they all fall away to the honma  and its the 4or21*that wins it , its not long enough to get close to par 5s its too short to hit from a tee as adrive alt it balloons but as arescue club or as an alt for a 3irons its unbeatable Round the course, .i prob shud play the3i but for where i am  and play these dyas the4is the best fit, i have the2as alinks alternate ,that  thing is one of the first clubs in the bag  on holiday island golf but its both too long and too short for club golf  and i find a5wood abetter option  or the4di better,unless iwant a tee alternate then the2is the club.

honourable mentions.



prgr speed iron 22*

icant count touR edge exotics ute  bec its non jdm but the16* il put that  vs anytimg  out there,acpl l of diferent older royal collection models were good as well.

the epon ute  has to be there  but like the modart  i kept pulling the thing over left field like Jason  Giambi getting an inside high fastball on a 3/2 count with none out.its  only ever going one way .




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I also love the MA01H, that is definitely my favorite hybrid ever. I don’t think Modart makes a DI do they? 

My favorite UT ever is definitely the Epon AF-901 UT. The 19* AF-901 I hit almost just as far as the 19* MA01H, but even straighter. I have times when I will prefer one over the other and vise versa. 

One of my other favorite hybrids is the original Callaway X-Hot Pro, I absolutely love the compact egg shape of that head and it clobbers the ball. So easy to hit this club. 

Two hybrids that I have wanted to try for a while are the Baldo TTX and the Epon AF-903 Hybrid. The TTX has a forged DAT55G face, and the AF-903 has a forged SP700 face, and both of these are pretty unheard of on hybrids. The TTX is a bit larger than I prefer, I like a head size around 100cc, but I do think it has a nice shape so I’m very interested. 

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