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Legacy Black and Gloire Forged iron sets-UPDATED ERROR CORRECTED NOT MONACO SHAFTS MEMPHIS SHAFTS!!-make offers, trades welcome!!!!

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Selling a 5-pw set of Callaway Legacy Black irons in great condition with True Temper Memphis shafts in stiff flex currently with no grips on them, these are some of the most forgiving forged players cb irons ever and they look awesome asking $450 USD


next up is a 5-pw set of Taylormade Gloire Forged irons with stock Nippon 950gh stiff shafts and stock Taylormade golf pride tour velvet grips.  Some bag chatter and light scarring to the heads mostly on the back of the cavity but faces and grooves are in great condition.  These have some offset, certainly more than the Callaways which have barely any to speak of.  These irons are butter soft and only asking $450USD

shipping from Canada so price will vary depending on where you are located 







Edited by Eddie Cupples
Type of shaft was listed as Monaco's in error actually Memphis shafts
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It doesn’t look like the Callaway’s have the Monaco’s in them on the pics. Can you add a couple of recent snaps and add a piece of paper with your handle/date?

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hey those pics are literally from a couple days ago and those are the monaco shafts, I can update the pics in a few minutes and apologies for missing the piece of paper with username and date as per the rules but the pics are days old 

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I've never seen Monaco's in that finish before. Tour Concept perhaps?

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Same here. Monacos are usually bronze and TC’s satin. But I’d be keen to see the labels too. Thanks Eddie!

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I may have made a mistake think they are "Memphis" shafts in stiff by True Temper sorry all

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You should correct the original posting too .... TT Monaco's are uber rare especially in Stiff flex and hold a certain premium value. 



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  • Eddie Cupples changed the title to Legacy Black and Gloire Forged iron sets-UPDATED ERROR CORRECTED NOT MONACO SHAFTS MEMPHIS SHAFTS!!-make offers, trades welcome!!!!

Yeah I think I must have had Monaco shafts in my head from looking at old posts on here, anyways corrected the shafts are Memphis stiff shafts and if these do not move soon I am going to have to update the ad with better pictures because these do not do either set justice at all.  First off, the legacy blacks have not even been cleaned up they are dirty and present much nicer after being washed.  Both sets have very minimal if any noticeable wear to the faces, no nicks or cuts and definitely no browning or ball mark on the sweetspot of any iron in either set.  Make me a reasonable cash offer and I am likely to accept or trade me some cool JDM gear for them I will consider any trades even for non golf items lol.  Need a five wood and maybe a putter as well.  Message with offers or questions, thanks for the help to those who corrected the Monaco error.

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sorry date was december 18 or 19 by me!!!

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That's not how it works buddy. 

You need to include a piece of paper with name and date within the picture as proof that you actually possess the items that you are trying to sell. 

Please read the below rules!!   otherwise, I will have to remove the posting. 




Buy/Sell/Trade RULES!


Please post in the appropriate forum. We are getting tired of constantly moving people's posts and will delete from now on instead.

The main area of the BST is for Used Japanese Golf Clubs Only

There are two sub forums USDM Gear For Sale and Want To Buy.

** Each For Sale listing MUST have an asking price and a specific description of the products condition and specifications. **

** All posts are required to have images of the actual product being listed for sale and these images must be attached at the time of first posting otherwise the listing will be removed without warning. No excuses or posts saying I will add pics later. **

** All posts must include a photo with a piece of paper with your forum member name and date of sale. **

-No profit sellers or shops allowed to post their items.
-No component clubs, clones, or fake golf clubs.
-No listing of new unused products - this is for buy and sell of used products
-No bumping allowed in any form.
-No e-bay links or links to other websites in the B/S/T.
-All items must have a sale price.

As a courtesy to others, please edit the topic line to sold or found so a moderator can delete the thread. Please note, this area exists as a service to members.

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