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  1. Tiger's accident happened Tuesday morning. It was Sunday during the LA Open that CBS had Jim Nantz interview Tiger.
  2. I now have played approximately 8 rounds of golf with the T.388 and like it very much, especially its impact sound and shot distance. Usually my bag includes 16*, 19* and 22* hybrids. For extra distance from a fairway lie I've taken to swinging the T.388 and found it produces low trajectory straight shots which carry about 205 yards but then may bounce and roll another 30 to 50 yards. My 16* hybrid from a fairway lie carries about 210 with little bounce and roll, so the T.388 off the fairway is nice to have when extra distance is useful.
  3. I purchased an S-Yard T.388 10.5* with stock stiff shaft. Now after three rounds of golf and approximately a dozen driving range shots with the driver, here are my observations: 1) impact sound-feel is excellent, especially for the shots struck solid. 2) bounce and roll after landing is excellent. 3) the stock GD shaft is good quality, similar to the other GD shafts I've had in other drivers, including GD AD Di, MJ, DJ, and MT. For me all of these GD shafts demand a smooth transition well timed swing and if that is accomplished good shots happen. Thanks to all who ma
  4. I've never seen a putter upside down lettering and numbers and wonder what is the story ? I guess maybe it's a prototype one off putter, but I don't know for sure.
  5. Do you have a recommendation for how I might find one to purchase ?
  6. Casey's irons are standard Mizuno MP 5 model, right ?
  7. Are there any Made in Japan Bullseye style putters ?
  8. When my ball is anywhere near another player's line I use the the old fashioned small plastic flat marker. This is the only one which not disrupt the roll of a player's ball.
  9. After giving it more thought, just about every driver produced during the past 20 years had a deep face. The only exceptions I can think of are the Mizuno JPX driver of a few years ago (grey finish with blue trim). This one was about 440 CC head size but with an elongated heel-to-toe and wide front-to-back shape. Some thought it looked like a pancake but to get a shallow face on a 440CC driver it will have to have an extra long and, or, wide shape to the head. The other shallow face driver seems to be the S-Yard T.388, which too is as above, elongated and wider, but since it is only 388
  10. The S-Yard T.388 seems to fit my criteria including relatively small head shape combined with a shallow face height. I will try that one. Also, thanks for your suggestion for the A-Grind Y-Proto. I checked out the link you provided and like the looks of that driver, as well as some of the other A-Grind brand clubs. Once I get the driver sorted out I will probably be in the market for a fairway wood as well.
  11. Thanks. Are any of the drivers you've listed know to a relatively shallow face height ? In the past I've swung some Bridgestone drivers and a Yonex 380, both with fairly deep faces, and I did not especially like the consistency of shot results. I seem to do better with shallow faces rather than deep.
  12. I am looking to purchase S-Yard XV fairway woods with stiff shaft in either the #3 loft, #5 loft, or both. Thanks.
  13. I remember swinging some Tourstage drivers back when 300CC to 400CC was a common size driver head within the golf industry. The Bridgestone's and, or, Tourstage models I saw were beautiful pear shaped heads with relatively deep faces.
  14. Thanks. I've looked at photos of the drivers you mention and the T.388 is the one which seems to have a relatively shallow face height. My past experience with deep face drivers is not good, so maybe the T.388 will be a good fit for me. A few years ago I had in the bag a Mizunp JPX driver (the light grey model with royal blue trim). I think Mizuno's design concept with that one was to get as shallow a face as possible, yet still offer a relatively large 440 CC head size. The result was a head that was elongated from front to back, an appearance-shape which looked o.k. to me. However the i
  15. My tee ball shots with 450 CC to 460 CC drivers produce reasonably good results, but I get more enjoyment playing with relatively small head size drivers, Recently I've rotated between a KZG SP700 model driver (355 CC) and a TM R7 (425 CC). The world of JDM is new to me and I would like to know which brands/models currently offer driver heads within the 350 CC to 420CC head size. Thanks in advance for any helpful replies.
  16. Hello , Golf is my passion ! As a youngster I learned the game at a time when equipment discussion was not as prevalent as it is today. Consequently, I seem to be "old school" by focusing mostly on technique rather than equipment. That said, while I get reasonably good shot results from 460CC drivers my preference is to swing 300CC to 400CC size drivers, and the search for same is what led me to this forum. Glad to be here :)
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