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Which is easiest and more forgevines #4 iron?

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I will be pleased to know which are the more easiest& more forgiving with more forgiveness #4 iron , LOFT 24-25 º,  if posible FORGED, in the following categories:

1.-Game improvement irons

2.-Players irons hdcp:  8-12

Thanks for your answers

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Heres a start

OnnOff Kuro 2015

epon 302/303

miura 301

onoff kuro

fourteen fh900


modart cnb

Titleist vg3

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Baldo 8C Craft Forged S20C


It is a 24 degree, but it is a 5I not a 4I. 

They are strong lofted, so maybe not what you might want.  One big advantage of strong lofts is if you want to use graphite shafts.  

A 24 degree 5I will be heavier than a 24 degree 4I and thus easier to get a proper swing weight, which is a constant issue with graphite.

I have a 6I head which I've been trying.  Very pleased with how it plays, if you like a little larger than normal head.


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very few people play 4 irons any more - hybrids are easier to handle for most.  The PXG SGI version is a very good option in you insist on irons.

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Recently put together a forgiving half set (AGAIN)  4,6,8,P    6-P are Scratch EZ-1 V2 irons. Pretty forgivng and feel is nice.  4 iron is a TW737P ...   this was actully the biggest surprise for me.   The "P"  stands for pocket cavity and the TW717, TW727 and TW747 as well as the current TR20P  are all multi material with a more springy face. 

The 737P on the other hand were one piece cast carbon steel.   It was surprisingly easy to hit and feels nice off the face.    

However, it is 21 deg loft.   Mid size blade with very small offset.   I would totally play a full set of these any day.  


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