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    Kamui Pro TP-07 Nitro Foam - Ratis Touale S-Yard T388 TRPX Air Tourstage X-FW Type T 12.5* - Diamana b70s PRGR Egg HD 14.5 Crazy fw80 7.4 Yamaha IFF 17* - Crazy FW80 7.4 La Bomba Legacy Black Ut 18 Speed Metalix Miura Hb3 Tour ad ut85s Yururi Flatbacks 3-P, gekku 52-56 Recoil Prototype 110 F4 Srixon z745 4-P 51/57 Recoil Prototype 110 F4 Miura KM-350 / Lajosi Bayzie SB Experimental

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  1. Miuraism sb 01

    Im sure supo67 had one for sale mate. Pm him Cheers E
  2. Any Z-Star Players ?

    I loved the z -star a while back & tried to go back to it last year. That spin skin is way too much spin for me & went XV route. Is the new line different?
  3. jBEAM ZY-11.......my review

    Hey J, Yea remember the kamui magic during the Vic Champs a couple of years ago? Finally a driver that matches it! & i tried a few. Always worried, i break it & i have to grab an oem until i can rebuild lol. I thought you had one with 7dreamers?
  4. jBEAM ZY-11.......my review

    Nice write up Ian. Ever since getting my hands on kamui tp07, i just cannot find a worthy rotation until the zy11. I got a recommendation from a top chap here to try fujikura evo2 661 & it is low spin bomber but can also be used for controlled drives. Not a muted as the foamed tp07 but i really like the sound. Beautiful flat launch. Now i can pick any of these two as they are both performers.
  5. Shaft fitting for my zy-11

    Awesome post Ian. Has the trackman numbers translate to outdoors? Mine is with Fujikura evo2 66* as per recommendation from a great member here. I have no data but 1st time have a worthy rotation to my kamui.
  6. Jbeam 435 with Seven Dreamers Shaft

    Hey Jeremy. Nice combo Loft? & head weight? Playing length? Swingweight? So this came from a Zy-7 (1 time pull?) Cheers E
  7. F**k Cancer - an update on TourSpecGolfer

    I can only imagine what you're going thru.. all the best Chris.
  8. Hi you still got the Epons for sale

    1. Eca


      Yes Thomas.

      I sent you a PM.


  9. Sold

    US $975 with covers posted! Covers used 2x.. mint!
  10. Sold

    Cheers D22. Oops forgot name & date. Also standard loft & lie.
  11. Sold

    Hi all Pretty minty heads used about 1/2 a dozen times with covers. Reason owner wants to sell?? He hit them so good & wanted the P2s! :) true story.. tried to convince him to keep both.. -Sold locally - No trade interest at this point.
  12. All Sold thanks TSG

    Thank goodness it sold.. love mine too!
  13. Xxccc

    That is absolutely gorgeous! Glws!
  14. Maybe 70% Comps 20% social group comps on weekends.. still a comp though. Lots of social players during the week especially during daylight savings. Most avid golfers have some form of membership & playing in a comp here is way cheaper than playing socially. Definitely hit whatever you like in a casual play :) Go the reverse & try some real wood wood for giggles :)
  15. kamui pro 07 users ...

    You know mine Stew-san ex iDrive special. 9° foamed with trpx touale sx Flat trajectory mid to high. Jeff was hitting them mid to low. Still haven't found anything yet to that unseats it