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  1. From my understanding, if you go to SD for a fitting, yes they take comprehensive swing data and than the shaft for you is designed for you and built from scratch. it is not off the shelf. So if you want another identical one, you have to wait for them to make it. if you are unhappy with it, they will remake it i have one of these, haute couture or something they call it.
  2. Craig


    Hutchy, you make some valid points there. Perhaps you are right that my comments were too personal, although they are true. it is true that I have been an inactive member of the forums. That is mainly because I have just not been playing any golf for the last 12 months. My course has been in the process of being redeveloped and the result is one that I dont enjoy playing. Hence I have boight nothing because I just would not use it. As a result I have no reviews or anything to share. Stew and I are mates. No we are very good friends. Our kids talk on the phone. Your needling of him is unnecessary and uncalled for. for those of you who dont know, playing golf with him is an experience. He builds clubs to play. No other reason. In a round you will not hit 70 or 80 shots. You will probably hit that many drives, and usually with at least 2 different drivers. So his comparisons are real. It would not be uncommon for us to hit in excess of 300 balls in a round you just need to pull your head in and once again be a valued member of the forum. And I am more than happy to live in the now and concentrate on the future. I am hoping to be down your way soon, PM me if you want the dates. we can kiss and make up........ Or not
  3. Craig


    I take the kids to swimming and rugby and miss all the fun. Its a nice putter D22 and a shame that this degenerated to this. itsgot nothing to do with me, but Hutchy you have dragged me in to this and when a mongrel dog barks at m, I tend to hit it in the head with a piece of pipe. profiteering well you just confirmed what many have thought about the BST and the bulk seller, you. Read the BST rules. If you cant understand it, ask someone. casting aspersions on peoples character, well I would have thought you would be the last person to do so. It takes a long time to rebuild a reputation. You seem to think it is just like reshafting a Driver certain members profiting from the yen USD, well currency speculation is, I thought, fraught with danger. I must defer to you there though, given your distinguished and successful business career. I know little about it. That garbage about the first stone, honestly mate, you have a hide thicker than a rhinoceros. I really dont have the words to answer that one. Chris, is it possible to beg for a ban so I dont have to read the garbage that comes from his mouth anymore
  4. Have you guys heard of his new thing. its called email
  5. Gee Stew Didnt think you were dumb enough to take that bait I wish you were a big Barra
  6. Might be something to that. my 388 with SD shaft is low launching, and runs like a Kenyan marathoner. my best results are with higher spinning balls. Never really wondered why, but this has got me thinking. But it is a fairly big difference. interested if anyone else has the same results and for Mjrd's question, I too would think more loft with low spin, low launch shaft would be better suited for him.
  7. Very informative stuff. i have been thinking for ages that the technology in heads and such is maxed out, probably due largely to the rules and regulations. shaft technology is where the future will lie, and that is where big advancements will be made
  8. Yes, the old bears probably do. That is why they know where all the s**t is in the woods, and hence know how to avoid it. Sadly, the new bears do not, and often step in it.
  9. Good point Hutchy probably best for you not to dwell on the past. all us old timers, back in the old days would say , "a leopard never changes its spots"
  10. Craig


    Ha Ha It is a bit like that these days. Thats why I dont but anymore
  11. I agree totally, rules are rules and should be followed. What bothers me is the incessant whining about the same thing from somebody who has never posted any reviews, or anything constructive. That same person will wonder why noone writes reviews anymore and why most of the old timers have disappeared
  12. Good choices Dont think you will be disappointed in any of these I personally love the Eggs as a FW, and still use the original as a 3W. But am unsure if it is for you with your s/s. Have yiu hit an Egg FW before Probably a good reason why there is no love for Romaro
  13. Craig


    Sometimes you make me laugh I assume you will cover shipping and insurance
  14. I too think this is a great driver So good that I suggested to a mate to buy it as I thought it would suit him I think it is very forgiving, though for me there are more forgiving heads out there I certainly don't think you would get rid of it because of its unforgiveness Hope that makes sense By the way Hutchy, it would be nice for you to post all the relative specs, as you have asked of others
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