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  1. Got a 435 Blackout head here if you want to go that route :)
  2. Got a 5 wood head if you want to complete the set :)
  3. Oban Kiyoshi Purple.. 100g mid launch and spin. Fantastic feeling shaft.
  4. hardboiled


    Nice... I just recently went back to the ZY-11 with a Crazy Boron shaft. Really good head.
  5. The Evnroll ER5 is unbelievably good
  6. Can't really tell from those pics. My SPB and SPO's don't have any shaft labels on them though.
  7. I think its more about catering to ego than anything else.
  8. I am wondering what this average guy will use to hit a 50 yard pitch shot :)
  9. Recoil 110 Prototype or Paderson 100 Kinetixx? 0.370 but can be shaved to 0.355
  10. Would love to put these up against my PXG's. Next in line please.
  11. Just get the ER2 mate ;)
  12. Try to find a Oban Kiyoshi Purple.. my favorite hybrid shaft. 100g and lovely feel, very stable. Or the Nunchuk as well. Not as nice feeling but shoots low spin rockets.
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