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  1. 604_skyline

    My 2019 Golf Resolutions

    my resolution is going to be on the equipment side of things, i would like to get down to one set bag for say the next "X" amount of time.... one driver (up for suggestions) 3 wood (i will decide on my own) irons (have made up my mind and will finally order a set of the new Kyoei Prototype MB Irons) wedges (i am set with and have multiple new sets to break out) putter (again will finally decide on what exactly i want and go with a custom Benock)
  2. 604_skyline

    KYOEI Blade Pics!

    the kyoei prototype mb will be mine this year....hopefully in time for the spring.
  3. 604_skyline

    A 260cc Bridgestone Prototype

    I will say hands down, the Tourstage X500 was the greatest driver ever made.....
  4. 604_skyline

    MAGO by Benock!

    This is basically what would be referred to as a "slant" neck correct?
  5. 604_skyline

    My SP700 Tee box heros!

    Sounds good, I am eagerly anticipating when you get to wedges ;)
  6. 604_skyline

    New KYOEI Website

    Chris, would you be able to share some more insight/info on the new for 2019 Kyoei Prototype MB irons, they look absolutely perfect, might need to pick this up over the fall/winter.
  7. 604_skyline

    Epon SUS316 & Miura CB 1008 LTD comparos

    I still can not believe it took this long to do the irons in fe 99.3, it has been over 15 years since bridgestone/tourstage did the mr-23 us spec wedges 2004 version and the maru x-wedge 2005 version in fe 99.3.
  8. 604_skyline

    KYOEI Blade Pics!

    Chris, can you update the changes coming to the blades? is the 5 cut sole leaving? is the small kk logo changing?
  9. 604_skyline

    Benock Questions Thread

    Chris, in the pic of the face options, the row on the right, 2nd one down...care to elaborate? god i need one of these putters!
  10. 604_skyline

    The Jbeam bullet driver - finally!

    do you have the g-fw as well, the latest fairway wood?
  11. 604_skyline

    Benock Questions Thread

    Chris, can you talk about the different face options, I have seen various milling options on the face, can you shed some light on the differences? secondly, can you talk about the difference in the "anser" style head shapes; chirico, anila, andra,easpade type B finally you mentioned the 009M (masterful above) would it be possible to get the original 009 head shape, which is quite a bit different from the 009M, which scotty will only make now, you can not get an original 009, which many of the tour cameron freaks prefer. anyway i will send you an email, as i would like to order one sooner rather than later...leaning towards either a chirico or anila....could they do a chirico but with a tri sole like the anila? this is an anila, correct? https://www.instagram.com/p/BXkSsCeDbNk/?taken-by=benockputter
  12. 604_skyline

    White Satin KK MB's look Goood!

    very nice, however i think they would look even better without the "grain" effect, just smooth, but that is my opinion
  13. 604_skyline

    driver face material

    i thought jbeam has never actually said what materials are used? just proprietary or something along those lines...
  14. 604_skyline

    SP700 face drivers

    its been out for a couple months.
  15. just how bad does the hosel position make these heads appear closed?i know you can get them up to -2 open, but how much does it help?