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  1. Chris, can you get some info on this as well...
  2. how similar is the 435 black out and this galpha?
  3. Chris, Are you able to post the face milling options with quick descriptions? I think there are 10 different ones, some help get the ball rolling better, correct?
  4. there is no way to order one of these without going to japan, correct?
  5. i dont know why i am having a such a hard time with this, but Kyoei's own website, kyoeigolfclubs.com lists specs for 3-PW yet these are only available 4-PW? am I missing something here,,,,,
  6. is this finish available or is it a one off custom?
  7. Chris, for finishes, i was curious if Kyoei themselves will offer different? there appears to be a raw grain satin in the pics on the website as well as a satin chrome? http://kyoeigolfclubs.com/ they list #3 right there with the full specs. did they just choose not to offer one right now? and therefore all sets are strictly 4-PW? Club Loft Lie Weight F.P. Bounce #3 19 59.5 245 5.5 0 #4 22 60.0 252 5.5 0 #5 26 60.5 259 5.5 0 #6 30 61.0 266 5.5 B1 #7 34 61.5 273 5.5 B2 #8 38 62.0 280 5.5 B3 #9 42 62.5 287 6.0 B4 PW 46 63.0 295 6.0 B5
  8. perfect! i bet with them being one piece milled the feel is probably next to nothing out there!
  9. couple things Chris, you have 4-PW listed in the pro-shop, is there an option to add a #-3-iron or no? secondly what other finishes are planned, and when might they be available...i understand these have little just gone live for purchase today, but was curious what other options could/would be available.
  10. extremely top notch looking product Chris! i am sure they play as equally as good as they look!
  11. well looks like another set of irons to add to the list to consider...these kyoei mb's could be something special, lets hope we get constant face progression and basically zero offset!
  12. perfection, minus the sightline of course!
  13. if you get a chance would love to see whats new for headcovers for drivers/fw's....is como come even making new stuff anymore? would like some nice high quality knit/pom-pom style from one of the japanese makers... and grips as well, anything new from nowon no1?
  14. im just up the road from you guys in Vancouver, BC the worst winter i remember in a long time and the cold wet start to spring is just the icing on the cake
  15. that is dead sexy!