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  1. sorry this one; https://www.instagram.com/p/Bcd_fI6HZzh/?taken-by=tourspecgolf
  2. Chris, todays instagram pic looks perfect, what head is that?
  3. These new Baldo's are the TTX series correct? they are touting a power plate on the sole, for weight and to lower CG as well as to push the ball harder and farther away at the moment of impact...
  4. supo, have been thinking about a GAlpha, if you get a chance to test, please share your thoughts.
  5. the cameron 009 really is not his (scotty cameron) own shape either, it goes back to the ping days, and the dale style putters... for me i want a classic putter head shape with the premium materials, the funky designs/shapes do not fit my eye
  6. I think the SUS316L is the more premium of materials...but am not certain of the difference in characteristics *and on a side not, i will definitely be ordering one of these over the holidays..... Chris is say a cameron 009 head shape possible? basically a tri-sole (newport 2 style sole) but with a flat top and rounded edges....
  7. nob, did you hit the original 435cc modart ma01d? just wondering your thoughts on it...
  8. those look like perfection! the black shimada wedge shafts would be a nice compliment to these as well!
  9. that is really nice looking, minus the sightline of course!
  10. Modart T55
  11. Chris, can you get some info on this as well...
  12. how similar is the 435 black out and this galpha?
  13. Chris, Are you able to post the face milling options with quick descriptions? I think there are 10 different ones, some help get the ball rolling better, correct?
  14. there is no way to order one of these without going to japan, correct?