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  1. gregoire56, i will see if i can find a pic, but i sold it ages ago, but i had a fujikura prototype made for tiger, was all black, had a yellow label at the butt end, TGW02-SPD, so tiger woods i assume prototype 02 speeder, i do not remember how many grams it was but well north of 110
  2. i know they are brand specific, but Kyoei just recently released some awesome looking ones....
  3. How come the latter "mizuno pro" irons from the last couple years were never available via the yoro program? It appears you can get a different finish on the mizuno pro 120, but not the ability to change stamping or grinds. .I am talking the mizuno pro 118 and the mizuno pro 120 with regards to them never being made available via yoro....seems like this was a foreshadow and once the remaining stock of the mp series was depleted that was the end of the yoro program.....
  4. grips are one of those things though...i do not have the biggest hands and prefer a "thinner grip" i always have the thinnest layer of grip tape possible installed, and always have it stretched when on to make it just a fraction thinner... to me a .580 or m58 grip on a .600 shaft does not really equate to "bigger"i think it makes the grip feel thicker if that makes any sense....
  5. FE chemical symbol ferrum or iron Gives the club a softer feel, there are less impurities, less carbon content, hence the 99.3% pure iron and much softer feeling. Bridgestone Japan and their Tourstage line many years ago, used 99.3% pure FE in the limited edition maru wedges, i think for two years i maybe wrong, 2004 and the 2005 x-wedge maru. Miura now does some of their wedges in 99.3%, and they also did a limited version of the cb-1008 in 99.3%
  6. So Miura Giken is once again bringing back 99.3% pure Fe in their irons. The last time was the CB-1008 from a couple years ago. These TB-Zero 99.3% will come in two finishes; Double Nickel Chrome Satin Mirror and a new finish called SQP Black, the SQP is said to be as soft as copper under nickel. Specs are the same as the regular TB-Zero and no MCW options on these. I know with the CB-1008 99.3% they were different than the regular CB-1008 but that is not the case with these. Apparently these are available for pre-order till the end of the month (April, 30) with delivery in the fall, October/November or something along those lines. I do not want to speak for him, but I am sure Chris would be able to get you a set should you so be inclined. On to the pics.....(sorry went a little pic crazy) *I think the irons are all #7 so if you see address pics that is what a #7 looks like **the last picture shows a comparison between the new SQP black and MCW finish option D52 Matte Black Boron
  7. Those Buchi VS200 look so good, are they still available to purchase brand new?
  8. geoglaxy also has a very nice putter just out as well, JSS, smooth flat face it looks awesome!
  9. care to share any insight on what stocks would be good to buy now, with the chance to cash in when the markets rebound?
  10. supo, saw you gave a shout-out to the kasco dna 340, reminds me of another "340" the also legendary tourstage j340, so simple looking, yet just pure awesomeness.
  11. How many pay $3k+ for Scotty Cameron "tour" putters that have never even hit the tour bags at a tour event?
  12. Chris, I have to hand it to you. While all of the Kyoei products so far have been very traditional, the ingenuity and technology behind these are very intriguing. It cool that they still maintain a nice clean compact look, but are then packed with all the latest tech!
  13. The crazy dead series looks pretty cool, its a full line up, driver, fw, irons, wedges and the first ever crazy putter shaft!
  14. Crime of Angel - Highway Angel for iron shafts, was just reading about them on the ameblo blogs.....
  15. Nob, I know this will probably apply to the driver only for now, but look at how many top PGA pros are playing driver shafts in the 60gram range, Dustin Johnson played the 661 2.0 tour spec, and is now in a ventus black 6-x, Tiger is in a 60 gram D+, I think its a lot more common now... For your iron shafts are you looking at strictly graphite? what about a modus 105? or the 950 either GH or GH HT(high trajectory) Would be curious to see what you are leaning on irons wise as well...seeing as how we are both in the market for something very similar.
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