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  1. they look phenomenal in the black boron finish, is this a plated finish? will it wear and eventually rust?
  2. granted those maur's and ai miyazato '05 x-wedges where hands down the best feeling wedges, still to this day.
  3. pure 99.3 not to be a total d**k, but that is sooooo tourstage circa 2003/2004/2005 and their mr-23 spec maru wedges!!!
  4. toyoshima? the guy who did the crazy ccb-104 wedges? i will throw in one more guess of Mr. Zodia....
  5. anyone have or can find me a brand new or as mint as possible issue of Golf Style Vol. 85 http://golfstyle.co.jp/products/detail.php?product_id=429 thanks
  6. Crazy CRZ-435 limited, anyone have any playing time with this? i know it is limited to 200 pieces and have just started getting out there, looking for some thoughts?
  7. any updates and thoughts from those that have gamed the new crz-435 limited?
  8. i think the motore speeder tourspec 7.2 and 8.2 and 9.2 started the resurrection a couple years ago...
  9. these look like utter perfection!
  10. Chris, Do not mean to jack your thread, but with regards to Teramoto, I checked out the website and they show some iron shafts from a company called Samurai Shaft, so I checked out the link, but do you have any/all info about them? they are steel I assume, made to exact tolerances? http://www.samurai-golf.jp/ under the iron tab, they have a tour shaft...
  11. what exactly does the foam do playability wise and feel wise, or is it simply an audible thing?
  12. sigh, would be perfect sans sight line and just the site dot.
  13. thanks for the response gents! i need something around the 400cc to maybe 430/440cc max, semi deep to deep face, pear shape(this is a must)
  14. damn I want one of these! wonder what a good head option for one of these would be.....
  15. wow talk about quality! Chris anything in the mid 70's gram weight wise for a driver?