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    KYOEI Blade Pics!

    Chris, can you update the changes coming to the blades? is the 5 cut sole leaving? is the small kk logo changing?
  2. 604_skyline

    Benock Questions Thread

    Chris, in the pic of the face options, the row on the right, 2nd one down...care to elaborate? god i need one of these putters!
  3. 604_skyline

    The Jbeam bullet driver - finally!

    do you have the g-fw as well, the latest fairway wood?
  4. 604_skyline

    Benock Questions Thread

    Chris, can you talk about the different face options, I have seen various milling options on the face, can you shed some light on the differences? secondly, can you talk about the difference in the "anser" style head shapes; chirico, anila, andra,easpade type B finally you mentioned the 009M (masterful above) would it be possible to get the original 009 head shape, which is quite a bit different from the 009M, which scotty will only make now, you can not get an original 009, which many of the tour cameron freaks prefer. anyway i will send you an email, as i would like to order one sooner rather than later...leaning towards either a chirico or anila....could they do a chirico but with a tri sole like the anila? this is an anila, correct? https://www.instagram.com/p/BXkSsCeDbNk/?taken-by=benockputter
  5. 604_skyline

    White Satin KK MB's look Goood!

    very nice, however i think they would look even better without the "grain" effect, just smooth, but that is my opinion
  6. 604_skyline

    driver face material

    i thought jbeam has never actually said what materials are used? just proprietary or something along those lines...
  7. 604_skyline

    SP700 face drivers

    its been out for a couple months.
  8. just how bad does the hosel position make these heads appear closed?i know you can get them up to -2 open, but how much does it help?
  9. 604_skyline

    SP700 face drivers

    Gorilla XXI - gorilla.co.jp
  10. hey guys is there any difference between the jbeam fx bm-435 that you are talking about here, and the crazy crz-435?
  11. awesome, was just thinking it started today.
  12. 604_skyline

    Quietly waiting for the release of this!

    hopefully not too dumb a question, but do we know how shallow/deep the face is? and if it is on the shallow-er side, any chance they release a deep face version of the same driver?
  13. 604_skyline

    Miura (global) MC-501 Introduction

    are these available for customization from miura craftsman world?
  14. 604_skyline

    Longest 3 wood

    i would say one of the new titanium fw's from either crazy or a-grind, there are more and more out there using titanium as opposed to steel for increased distance for the fw's
  15. 604_skyline

    SOLID GATE by Benock

    i have a video, but for some reason every time i try to post it i get an error
  16. 604_skyline

    Benock World has Arrived!

    sorry this one; https://www.instagram.com/p/Bcd_fI6HZzh/?taken-by=tourspecgolf
  17. 604_skyline

    Benock World has Arrived!

    Chris, todays instagram pic looks perfect, what head is that?
  18. 604_skyline

    Small Driver Heads

    These new Baldo's are the TTX series correct? they are touting a power plate on the sole, for weight and to lower CG as well as to push the ball harder and farther away at the moment of impact...
  19. 604_skyline

    j-beam driver heads......,

    supo, have been thinking about a GAlpha, if you get a chance to test, please share your thoughts.
  20. 604_skyline

    Benock World has Arrived!

    the cameron 009 really is not his (scotty cameron) own shape either, it goes back to the ping days, and the dale style putters... for me i want a classic putter head shape with the premium materials, the funky designs/shapes do not fit my eye
  21. 604_skyline

    Benock World has Arrived!

    I think the SUS316L is the more premium of materials...but am not certain of the difference in characteristics *and on a side not, i will definitely be ordering one of these over the holidays..... Chris is say a cameron 009 head shape possible? basically a tri-sole (newport 2 style sole) but with a flat top and rounded edges....
  22. 604_skyline

    My "Glowing" Review on Modarts New Driver - MA01D+R

    nob, did you hit the original 435cc modart ma01d? just wondering your thoughts on it...
  23. 604_skyline

    Modart T55 PROTO Wedges

    those look like perfection! the black shimada wedge shafts would be a nice compliment to these as well!
  24. 604_skyline

    Honma TW-PT Blade Putter

    that is really nice looking, minus the sightline of course!
  25. 604_skyline

    JDM wedges

    Modart T55