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  1. you mean the one you post on? using the same username...is there something wrong with you?
  2. Crazy has released a couple shafts in the past month or so, dubbed the "shooter" TRPX also just came out with the "afterburner" which is going to be in the 50gram range, and of course quadra/fire express has the new "hotrod" which is there entry into the 50gram range, but there is also a 60 available... and the newest released the prototype v (5) "full throttle" I am curious where you saw the elite cord grips, any info or pics or where I can see some info on them?
  3. So I am finally going to get a set of the kyoei prototype mb's through Chris and the online store here, just wondering what everyone would do with regards to a 3 iron? I am actually pretty happy with the way the kyoei's are lofted with the constant 4* between the 4iron through PW, but I still need a 3 iron...I would prefer a players/athlete style cb, but need it in the 18*/19* range to fit the lofts.... anyone have any ideas? something from miura perhaps? i am open to ideas here.... maybe the 3 iron from either the new tour b x-bl combo's from bridgestone or the 3 iron from the new honma tw747v might work they are both 20* but could be bent 1* strong for sure, mabye 2 to get me to 18*
  4. nob if you want 460, why not the new baldo which is named after the one from a couple years ago, talk about confusing....but the new competizione 568 strong luck, seems to be right near the top in all the blogs....i know its dat55g as opposed to the SP face that you prefer but still....
  5. Nob, Do not want to clutter your thread, but I see in the post you made selling the drivers in the b/s/t you mentioned wanting to try some new heads, care to share what those are? and what is on your radar in terms of drivers you have in mind of wanting to try? new Jbeam J3 tour perhaps?
  6. That makes two of us, always an official kick-off to the season for me....
  7. The holy grail of Titleist Irons; 2-PW DG-S400 D4 swingweight, tour velvet full cord grips $3000 OBO
  8. Chikara V1 Prototype Wedges;Handground by Carl; Heads by Kyoei52 bent to 53 and 60 bent to 59DGS400 Smoke Black Shafts with Nowon No.1 GripsI can not remember the exact length it is either 35.50 or 35.25 both are D4$1000 OBO for the pair.
  9. I think the MR70 was developed for the Tensei line, although I maybe incorrect? it might go back to the Diamana BF (4th gen blue profile diamana)
  10. I came across this the other day on one of the ameblo blogs; while it is about 10grams lighter than my preferred weight (I like something in the mid 70's) Add me to the list as well for wanting to give it a go. I know mitsubishi seems to be the tops for most on the PGA, but I always keep gravitating back to Fujikura for some reason (the new ventus is supposed to be very nice as well, just a little too stiff in the tip for me I think)
  11. Just wondering those who have experience what is everyones favourite high end putter shafts, diamana pt, dogatti, teramoto, etc please if there are others let me know.
  12. JBeam J3 Tour driver (the true successor to the legendary original BM- 435) Looks mighty good, perhaps Nobs or Chris can shed some more info? http://www.jbeam.co.jp/product-sub-01.data_/driver.data_/product-01-driver-30.html
  13. my resolution is going to be on the equipment side of things, i would like to get down to one set bag for say the next "X" amount of time.... one driver (up for suggestions) 3 wood (i will decide on my own) irons (have made up my mind and will finally order a set of the new Kyoei Prototype MB Irons) wedges (i am set with and have multiple new sets to break out) putter (again will finally decide on what exactly i want and go with a custom Benock)
  14. the kyoei prototype mb will be mine this year....hopefully in time for the spring.
  15. I will say hands down, the Tourstage X500 was the greatest driver ever made.....
  16. This is basically what would be referred to as a "slant" neck correct?
  17. Sounds good, I am eagerly anticipating when you get to wedges ;)
  18. Chris, would you be able to share some more insight/info on the new for 2019 Kyoei Prototype MB irons, they look absolutely perfect, might need to pick this up over the fall/winter.
  19. I still can not believe it took this long to do the irons in fe 99.3, it has been over 15 years since bridgestone/tourstage did the mr-23 us spec wedges 2004 version and the maru x-wedge 2005 version in fe 99.3.
  20. Chris, can you update the changes coming to the blades? is the 5 cut sole leaving? is the small kk logo changing?
  21. Chris, in the pic of the face options, the row on the right, 2nd one down...care to elaborate? god i need one of these putters!
  22. do you have the g-fw as well, the latest fairway wood?
  23. Chris, can you talk about the different face options, I have seen various milling options on the face, can you shed some light on the differences? secondly, can you talk about the difference in the "anser" style head shapes; chirico, anila, andra,easpade type B finally you mentioned the 009M (masterful above) would it be possible to get the original 009 head shape, which is quite a bit different from the 009M, which scotty will only make now, you can not get an original 009, which many of the tour cameron freaks prefer. anyway i will send you an email, as i would like to order one sooner rather than later...leaning towards either a chirico or anila....could they do a chirico but with a tri sole like the anila? this is an anila, correct? https://www.instagram.com/p/BXkSsCeDbNk/?taken-by=benockputter
  24. very nice, however i think they would look even better without the "grain" effect, just smooth, but that is my opinion
  25. i thought jbeam has never actually said what materials are used? just proprietary or something along those lines...
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