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  1. Hey everyone. I'm looking for recommendations. I would like to get a new set of raw finished irons. I am looking particularly for blades. I like the Kyoei's and the Yuryuri's (I don't really care for the PDG stamping) that TSG is selling but was wondering if there were any other recommendations out there? I couldn't find it but does Yoro Craft have this as an option? Also, I wonder if this is something TSG could do directly? Cheers, Jeff
  2. Please check your PM, thank you. Made an offer for your 2013 Forged Onoff irons.

  3. Summer bag is set

    Made 29 of them with it yesterday. That being said I already have it’s replacement en route. lol
  4. Midsize grip changes SW?

    Not sure about swing weight but I’ve switched to jumbo/oversized Lamkin grips. I will never go with a small grip again. I’m such a fan of larger grips that, even though I have over $5k worth of gear in my bag, when people ask I suggest regripping their current set with oversized grips.....or just new grips in general. I cannot understand someone who has clubs grips with five-year-old heard slick rubber.
  5. Epon 502 OnOff Forged 2013 Ryoma Maruman Egg

    The ONOFFs are still available but they are not Kuro model.
  6. Summer bag is set

    Well, it’s sunny on the roof here in Vancouver for the first time in five months and my summer bag is set. The only problem is my appendix decided to try and kill me so I had to have it escorted off the premises. No swinging a club for a month. I thought I would post the pictures of my bag anyways. We shall see how long the bullseye lasts. Driver has an Oban Kiyoshi Woods and hybrids with TourAD Irons have Modus3 Wedges have Shimada Black Lamkin Oversized grips on all with an extra two wraps under the right hand on the driver
  7. Your first set of clubs!

    Titleist 962s 3-PW Big Bertha driver 3W and 5Wood Bullseye and some form of sand wedge. good times
  8. Sold

    Daaaamn. Pretty. I love raw finish.
  9. Ryoma Maxima V-Type 10.5

    Found, bought, and shafted with an Oban Kyoshi
  10. TSG Clubworks props

    I just got 12 Rules for Life on Audible the other day. Haven't started it yet but VERY excited about it.
  11. Quietly waiting for the release of this!

    Is that a "Draw" model. Just noticing the blue weight.
  12. Longest drive was 321 yards with a Ryoma D1 original shafted with an Accra at 44.5 inch. Never hit non conforming before.
  13. Epon AF 303 4-PW - PURED Nippon Pro Modus 120 S Flex!!!

    You've got this posted under American gear. FYI
  14. Epon 502 tip size

  15. Epon 502 OnOff Forged 2013 Ryoma Maruman Egg

    Still a few more items to go. Reasonable offers considered.