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  1. My 16 Club Bag - Updated pics at bottom

    This is a factory finish from back in the day. I would not hesitate to get TSG to refinish my clubs though. I've got a set of 2013 ONOFF forged i'd like to see in a dark finish.
  2. How long is this driver?

    Oooooh. Thank you. The drivwr is just no Bueno for me right now and was contemplating a short driver construction. Thanks Mike
  3. This is probably a silly question but what length does this driver play at? I'm not sure where to take the measurement from. Is it right where the green ends or is it at some point on the hozel?
  4. My 16 Club Bag - Updated pics at bottom

    If you're ever in the area I live 2min from Langara. Send me a message and we can golf a round together.
  5. My 16 Club Bag - Updated pics at bottom

    I definitely am not left without option. At the moment I'm struggling with set up for my Threewood but the Fivewood carries the length of a normal Threewood. The eagle was on the 13th hole of Morgan Creek in Surrey.
  6. New Ryoma FW vs Old one

    I would say that the sound of the new fairway woods are much better than the old ones. The old " shotgun " sound was very loud and would literally turn heads on the driving range. My instructor, when I first used it in front of him thought I had broken my club. The sound of the new clubs is definitely still that shotgun sound but more refined. It doesn't quite turn as many heads but is a much nicer and more addicting sound.
  7. My 16 Club Bag - Updated pics at bottom

    I currently have a 16 club bag. Ryoma D1, brand new Ryoma F3 and F5, Maruman Shuttle 7Wood, A-grind 4hybrid, 4-pw Epon 302s, Yururi Tour 50,55,60, and a Tm Ghost Manta. The patina on the Copper 302's is looking fantastic. Aging quite nicely. Those Yururi's are ninjas around the green too. Sneaky good. I'm experimenting with switching out between a 23° 4 iron, a 22° 4 hybrid, and a 21° 7 Wood. Depending on the course and my game the Driver and Sand wedge can be swapped out too. The 4 iron to be honest is next to useless for me so the question is 4 hybrid or 7 wood. Although in a perfect world I could use all clubs. 4 iron carrying around 200 yards, 4 hybrid caring around 210 yards, and the 7 wood caring around 220 yards. I am absolutely in love with the 7 wood. I played the best golf hole of my life with it. Downhill dogleg to the right Par5. I smashed my driver 270 yards over bunkers to land on the fairway that had to be no wider than 20 yards. I then had 210 yard carry to the green that was surrounded by a creek. From the creek to the Green was only a couple yards of rough so it was 210 yards full carry. Perfect contact landed it 10 yards short of the pin to roll out to 10 feet. Nailed the putt for eagle. Modify message
  8. Ryoma D1 F5

  9. Ryoma D1 F5

    Selling my Ryoma D1 F5 http://blog.tourspecgolf.com/ryoma-fairway-wood-long-term-update/ $200USD Free Shipping to Canada and USA. I have purchased the newer model and it's time to pass along the love. Playing condition is 10/10 with that unique Ryoma *ShotGun* sound. Professionally pulled. Aesthetics are 7/10 You are buying a used club. The pictures should show you everything but know that the crown has a small paint chip and smudge marks. I personally don't think these marks are visible from address but they are there. Cheers, Jeff
  10. Calling Seattle area TSGers..

    I'm also in Vancouver (Canada) and would love to join you guys. I currently am two employees down though and need about a month until I can hire and train so I can leave for the day lol. Also, I have the brand new Ryoma F3 and F5 being shafted up can't play until they're ready.
  11. 2017 Japan Golf Fair - Fourteen Golf

    Not sure what I think about the paint on those hybrids. Close my left eye look at it love it. Close my right eye look at it hate it. what's going on with the wedge?
  12. I snorted when I read this. Funny.
  13. 3 wood

    Oooooh. I'm really looking forward to shafting these up and taking them out. I have the F3 and F5 on the way. Thanks for the review RLL33
  14. Maruman Shuttle vs New Ryoma

    Sooooo I got both the Ryomas and the Marumans. I have a problem.
  15. Maruman Shuttle vs New Ryoma

    Hahaha. Jesus I laughed inappropriately too long at that. May have just sold me.