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  1. Shot an 80 at an old PGA tour stop course.....from the whites. 😉
  2. Will be heading out in a few minutes with this set up. Shot my personal record best (78) two days ago with this set up. Hope to keep it under a hundred today.
  3. My business is only ten minutes from the boarder. Depending on the day, assuming you will all have me, I’d like to make the trip. Currently getting a brand new set of Stenson Legacy Blacks shafted.
  4. I would recommend Maruman Shuttle fairways. They are huge!....in a good way. I have found Ryoma to make a forgiving driver.
  5. It’s big. It’s black. It will kick your ass. It also matches my newly refurbished and shafted flatbacks.
  6. I’ve always wanted to do a hickory set. Looks good!
  7. marmaduk


    What do you have in your stash for a 7w?
  8. I’ve had the type v and currently game the maxima. Absolutely love their drivers but am much more impressed by their fairway woods. I own the 3w and 5w. I’m not biased because I own them though. I owned their hybrid as well and got rid of it as soon as possible. It was crap
  9. This is my gamer 3w. Nothing better and the distance is bananas.
  10. I thought my 11 putters was an extensive collection.
  11. Thanks Chris. Even though it is not raw can I still refinish the wedge with black oxide? I thought the black oxide was for a raw finish only.
  12. Here’s a photo of the wedge. The photo doesn’t do it justice it looks a lot more gray than it is. It was dark black when I got it new
  13. I just got a set of raw Yururi Flatback's that I plan on refinishing with a black oxide https://www.tourspecgolf.com/yururi-flat-back-blade-iron-3-pw.html I also have a set of Yururi Tour wedges. https://www.tourspecgolf.com/hottest-golf-products/yururi-keigekiku-tour-wedge-head.html My question is: am I able to refinish the wedges the same way as the irons? I'm not 100% sure if the wedges are "raw". They were originally dark black but have turned a more regular steel colour where I make contact on the clubface..and also where I make contact on the hozzel. There is a tiny amount of rust on the sole but not what I would imagine an actual raw wedge would get. I think you can only use a black oxide on raw steel but I just don't know and don't want to mess up my wedges. Cheers, Jeff
  14. I just bought a set of the flat backs from the wrx bst. Chiromikey did I see somewhere you describing how to refinish them?
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