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  1. TSG Clubworks props

    I just got 12 Rules for Life on Audible the other day. Haven't started it yet but VERY excited about it.
  2. Quietly waiting for the release of this!

    Is that a "Draw" model. Just noticing the blue weight.
  3. Longest drive was 321 yards with a Ryoma D1 original shafted with an Accra at 44.5 inch. Never hit non conforming before.
  4. Epon AF 303 4-PW - PURED Nippon Pro Modus 120 S Flex!!!

    You've got this posted under American gear. FYI
  5. Epon 502 tip size

  6. Epon 502 OnOff Forged 2013 Ryoma Maruman Egg

    Still a few more items to go. Reasonable offers considered.
  7. Ryoma Maxima V-Type 10.5

    Yup. That's what I want. Head only preferred or Stiff flex shaft. Cheers, jeff
  8. Miura (global) MC-501 Introduction

    I love how minimal the stamping is. I can't stand it when a poem is stamped onto the club.
  9. Epon 502 tip size

    Hello. Does anybody know what the tip size for Epon 502's are? Don't have them near me right now and trying to answer a question. I assume standard? Cheers
  10. Longest 3 wood

    Maruman Shuttle - Titanium body and Tungsten sole. Big club lots of volume Or PRGR Egg Spoon HD. The opposite of big volume. Both just happen to be for sale here http://www.profloatinc.com/6-reasons-why-you-should-float/ Joking aside. Both are beasts.
  11. TSG Club Works - New Finish / Matte Black Boron

    Daaaaaaaaaamn! Club and finish are so sexy-oh, or as the Japanese would spell it XXIO ;)
  12. SOLD ----- Epon 502 Never Hit

    sale fell through for the 502's so they're back on the market. $500 USD plus shipping. Heads only. Nob. I'm down for traveling. Do you every play closer to the boarder?
  13. Hey everyone. Put up a video earlier to sell my 502's on all 3 forums and got good response. So, I thought I would take my day off to post all my gear in one long video. All prices are in USD and you pay the shipping. I live in Vancouver Canada so if you're in the US i'll do you a favour and ship it out from Point Roberts WA. These prices are NOT firm. Make me an offer. All prices are USD and you have to cover the shipping. Maruman Shuttle Titanium with Tungston Sole 5W and 3W $200 each or both for $300 OnOff Forged 2013 4-GW $750 - May be tempted to sell heads only but not really. Egg Spoon HD $100 Epon 502's 4-PW Mint $500---------SOLD Miura K grind 56 $50----------SOLD Egg 3+ ibrid $50------------SOLD Ryoma 3U 21degree -------------SOLD Potential trades: S-Yard T.388 Driver at 10.5 or Ryoma Maxima at 10.5 Good luck