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  1. smstef

    Ryoma D1 maxima 10,5 Type G

    Hello where are you in switzerland ? Just to share and maybe play , I’m close to Geneva
  2. smstef

    Epon bag

    Hello do you have a pic from above ? To see the club space thanks
  3. smstef

    Ryoma F3

    You know where 😉
  4. smstef

    Ryoma sales

    New ryoma driver is sold still one wood and one driver to go can do both for 300 $
  5. smstef

    Ryoma sales

    New prices to make them go
  6. smstef

    Fairway woods

    Exactly what I’m looking for , seems the best is the roddio baffy
  7. smstef

    Sold , thanks

    Hello selling my epon set , really good condition with a great shaft 5 to AW , will give extra shaft for GW asking for 800 $ the 5 is missing on the pics , forgot it at the club but it’s in even better condition stephane
  8. smstef

    Ryoma sales

    New ryoma f3 sold , open to offers or trade for the others - wood in 16 or 16,5 - putter : 370 g. Face balanced. And full offset plumber neck
  9. smstef

    Ryoma sales

    Hello as it’s winter here and we’re spending our weekends skiing , I decided to empty my closet a bit , here is 4 ryoma clubs to sell , price always include shipping worldwide - classic D1 F3 with stock SR shaft shorted a bit like a 4 wood , good condition : 140 dollars SOLD. - new ryoma FW F3 black, beyond power shaft - ryoma maxima 10,5 shafted with crazy prototype S-513 SR : 250 dollars SOLD NEW Maxima 10,5 with beyond power shaft : Thanks for looking stephane
  10. smstef


    Epon 703 ? If so i would send you details 🙂
  11. smstef


    Hello which agrind head is on ?
  12. smstef

    52/58 wedges and Hybrid and unicorn irons

    Hello would you sell heads only ?
  13. Hello did you use the quadra on a driver ? Or wood ? Stephane
  14. smstef


    Love it , what is the head weight ?
  15. smstef

    Longest 3 wood

    After trying many , the best combo for me is the new ryoma shafted with the beyond power long , straight , forgiving and an average of 220 yards on and off the deck