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  1. smstef

    Ryoma Maxima V-Type 10.5

    Hello are you looking for the last one 2016 or the one before ?
  2. The extra yardage not really but the consistency yes !
  3. Aside the distance , what I love with the ryomas is the forgiveness , and don’t forget their really great beyond power shaft
  4. smstef

    Great 3 and 5 wood combo

    new ryoma 2017 shafted with beyond power shaft , long and forgiving
  5. smstef

    2017 JDM Utility Shaft Thread!

    being a huge fan of quadra shaft, I really tried a lot on my UTs and ended with the same shaft as my irons , with same lenght as my irons . but lately I discovered the beyond power shaft and this is my revolution , so easy , this is the shaft for me
  6. smstef

    JDM wedges

    Seven !!!!! , they changed my game and kicked out of the bags Miura K-Grind, A-Grind black and Epon 213
  7. smstef


    Hello I have a AGRIND 10,5 , shafted with quadra fex R , but can unshafte it : 250 € for the combo and also ryoma maxima type D on crazy proto 513 SR : 350 € for the combo I'm based in France so cheap transport I would say to sweden ;)
  8. New buddy , arrived yesterday at home , Mr Fynn
  9. smstef

    Ryoma U w/ Beyond Power shaft

    did not try this combo yet , but I'm playing the ryoma UT , they're great , I'm also playing the new F3 and F5 with beyond power shaft and I can just tell you it's an amazing combo . I'm actually thinking of changing my quadra shaft on my UTs for beyond power shaft
  10. Hi all Played today for the first time my new ryoma F3 and F5 2017 with the beyond power shaft , and I compared as much as I could with my former ryoma D1-F3 on SR stockshaft . The look : took them in black , really nice looking head you have the feeling they're bit smaller than the former one Distance : that's my problem, is it coming from the shaft or from the head but my newF5 is doing the same distance as my old f3, and the new F3 is even longer The shaft : one of the best shaft I've ever had , the beyond power is definitely a top shaft Forgiveness :definitely an easy club , even miss it went straight , this club is giving you so much confidence . The sound : and for the end , the sound at the impact , like a gun shot , you just love to hear it ! At the beginning i had a really high launch , but gripping one inch shorter , i went back to a normal flight. So yes , this is the best FWs I've tried and they definitely will stay in the bag . Stéphane
  11. Tried all of them thanks to my clubmaker , finally keeping my epon irons , but their drone putter kicked my combo ryomap3/dogatti out of the bag
  12. smstef

    agrind 10,5 on quadra fex RB 5 R

    Hello , it's more a 55g shaft and I don't want to seperate as it's a mess for me to have a club maker closeby now
  13. smstef

    Fairways of (Ryoma) Heaven

    hello It's a really nice read and some really interresting questions . I'm currently thinking of replacing my 5 iron with an UT , but most of it , I played today and I really took care about the difference between my wood and my driver . at the end we're talking about 10 - 15 of difference vs reaching the fairway almost everytime . I'm seriously thinking about going in your direction . could you give an average distance you're doing with your driver/2w/5w/6i ? not to do any contest but really to compare with what I have . thanks stephane
  14. smstef

    agrind 10,5 on quadra fex RB 5 R

    Just the driver left looking for the new ryoma FW and/or beyond power shaft thanks
  15. smstef

    agrind 10,5 on quadra fex RB 5 R

    Pricing update , need to move