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  1. smstef

    Lowered : Seven Dreamers 3 wood shaft

    Hello which agrind head is on ?
  2. smstef

    52/58 wedges and Hybrid and unicorn irons

    Hello would you sell heads only ?
  3. Hello did you use the quadra on a driver ? Or wood ? Stephane
  4. smstef


    Love it , what is the head weight ?
  5. smstef

    Longest 3 wood

    After trying many , the best combo for me is the new ryoma shafted with the beyond power long , straight , forgiving and an average of 220 yards on and off the deck
  6. smstef

    New KYOEI Website

    Just hope they’ll be a bit forgiving to replace my 703s
  7. smstef

    New KYOEI Website

    Love the CB !!!!
  8. smstef

    Yamaha 2012 V Forged Tour Edition

    Hello Would you sell heads only ? Thanks
  9. smstef

    Ryoma’s New Irons

    Is there a new write up ? Or still the august one ? Thanks
  10. smstef

    Ryoma Irons

    Also waiti,g for some reviews, playing a lot of ryoma stuff and it’s maybe time to change my 703s
  11. smstef

    Ryoma Maxima V-Type 10.5

    Hello are you looking for the last one 2016 or the one before ?
  12. The extra yardage not really but the consistency yes !
  13. Aside the distance , what I love with the ryomas is the forgiveness , and don’t forget their really great beyond power shaft
  14. smstef

    Great 3 and 5 wood combo

    new ryoma 2017 shafted with beyond power shaft , long and forgiving
  15. smstef

    2017 JDM Utility Shaft Thread!

    being a huge fan of quadra shaft, I really tried a lot on my UTs and ended with the same shaft as my irons , with same lenght as my irons . but lately I discovered the beyond power shaft and this is my revolution , so easy , this is the shaft for me