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  1. I cannot get rid of my Ryoma UT, still there after years
  2. Never heard about it , and I’m working in Switzerland , will ask my CM as he’s on their dealer list
  3. Hello i have the UT 18/21/24 , heads only but can give you some quadra sr shaft with stephane
  4. For me it will be the new a-grind lilwood and a classic DI 903 epon
  5. for me it will be difficult to do a top 5 as i was always not sure about my wedges but I could give a top 3 , and I could play those 3 without thinking 1 : Seven original 2 : A-grind black 3 : miura K-Grind
  6. smstef


    hello would you sell head only ? thanks
  7. Thank you for the details , that’s what I needed as an information , I can remove them from my list as I have no issues with my hybrids
  8. Hello Looking for my new hybrids, I found this on their website https://www.a-designgolf.com/a-grind-lilwood/ Concept seems not bad If someone could resume a bit this video , I looked at it and they seem happy with the club https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YGmU5_Qv504 Stephane
  9. What’s the head weight ? Face balanced ? Je croyais que tu en étais content ? Tu pars sur quoi ?
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