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  1. V nice Vic. Great pricing. GLWS
  2. Still prep stage at this point. Very busy at work But hopefully done for the weekend.
  3. Time to let these go. They were Gona get TSG finish one day but got some other projects on the go....so here we have them. Golds Factory MB 4-PW in Black Oxide with nice patina. No dings,no chatter. Very nice and very rare. $800 Delivered.
  4. Hi Vic. Thanks for the info buddy. Outside chance I know. Maybe one of the 75th will be irons.
  5. Hi All Just putting this out to see if anyone has a set they are willing to offload. Heads only or shafted. Newish or used but must be good condition. I noticed Epon Korea is selling them new so if any one has a contact in Korea happy to go that way. PM me with whats available please.
  6. I picked these up last month, Rare condition and 3-PW....Just waiting for Japan post to restart. Would say 8 out of 10 Superb Iron, probably the best Yamaha made for a Cavity.
  7. Long awaited Covid purchase Love the look of these. The hollow internal cavity with the slightly wider sole is interesting and somethings I had too try. Love my blades so something that can give that blade look and feel but with a hair more forgiving could be best of both. Lots of mass low down in the back with a slightly larger/longer profile in the 3,4,5 than with usual sets of blades. Sort of makes sense and how I imagined a set of blades in the long irons should be. Very pleasing to look at from the top across the whole set. These will be shafted with Crazy STP 3-pw with Xroz black silver grips. Something different....Very much looking forward to using. Putter doesn't look too shabby either.
  8. Are you refinishing driver heads through clubworks now Chris?
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