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  1. Good mate.....Yes lucky to get a game anywhere ATM. Stay safe mate.
  2. Lots of opportunity....Just knowing when to dip your toe in....Airlines that are too big to fall.
  3. Hey Darren. How are you mate. Hope you are well..... Is Indro still open? Stll getting a few rounds in.
  4. Feel almost guilty leaving this one out...... First full custom driver I had made here at Tourspecgolf. Kamui Works Ray 10* Thunder god driver, Metallic Green.......Matrix Ozik F7 in Lime Green. Best feeling driver I have personally had the pleasure of using.
  5. Great point Nobs.....We will all probably have a favorite or five we have moved on with regret or maybe not at the time, and will probably go back to at least one at some point, yes when we look back with rose tinted glasses thinking why did I do that. I am pretty sure I have even purchased the same item back. Not unlike the proverbial dog chasing its tail.....Crazy. Anyway... My 3 all timers: Modart MA01D+R 9.5*.....Quadra RB 6S Not much to say, I am sure you all know about this one...Current gamer. Great all round club, head is stunning at address with very pleasing sound and feel, easy distance combo that loves a smooth neutral swing. Yamaha V202 9*........Quadra Max WBQ 65S This is the windy stick. Love the distance this old boy combo puts out, penetrating accuracy with a low to mid flight......This combo is second to non when I want to step on it and keep it low. One of my favorite all time shafts in this one. Crazy CRZ-450 9.5*.........Crazy LY-02 7.2 No longer own this one. Just an out right bomber. Owned a couple of these over the years with a few different combos. This combo (LY-02) was early on in my JDM journey, this is the combo that showed me what JDM was all about. At the time (for me) this was a full on JDM Boutique product that put a smile on my face when I pulled it out of the bag on the first T. So many more to choose from over the years..... So the following 3 I wish I had loved to use, as much as I loved the looks and pedigree. First release S-Yard T388.....Seven Dreamers JBeam ZY-7 Mat Black.....Basileus b60S Mat Black and Red. Epon AF 152.....Crazy TJ 46 6.9.............This was my first combo purchase from Tario.
  6. Yes mate the look at address is what catches me here also. looks like they have a bit of everything. Not really a weights ports lover in irons, but seems to be on trend ATM. Overall nice looking with quality finish.
  7. Gravy all the way if this is your brand of choice.
  8. Really like these grinds....Pricing Chris? Australian $$$ is nowhere atm
  9. That is stunning...I like it!
  10. Loving this...Thinking its the one for me.
  11. Blades look great....Best I have seen from onoff for a while.
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