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  1. hutchy


    Clean up. Paint fill. Nice set of shafts. Bingo.!
  2. hutchy


    Cheap!....Nice and forgiving but still playable.
  3. Interesting that they would be advertised falsely.....Who am I to disagree if you have had them in hand. I wouldn't have a clue.
  4. Good input. Actually a good question if framed that way. But I think you are making more of a statement.…Have you had both in hand.? This means you are calling whoever made the original statement a liar? I’m fine with that if it’s a statement based on true fact. Just the same as the original review, I'm fine with that if the author has had both in hand. Trying to describe offset is difficult. Would minimal offset have been a better term? This is the problem I mentioned. There are actually full reviews on kyoei in the shop, blog and Insta. Chris is good at what he wants to promote on
  5. Purchase Epon. (Endo) ! Put Tario in as GM Its swapped hands a few times over the last few years. Great brand. Poor direction. TSG is similar. Great Brand. Average direction. If I had to write a report it would start with. Has potential, not lacking in ability. Easily distracted.!
  6. You mean the quacks. Just close your eyes mate and visualise.
  7. Thanks Nobs. It does sound good. Look good. Feel good. Isn't the old saying.....If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck...? Might have to pull the trigger.
  8. Hey Nobs. 115 are good mate. How’s that Cally 3w…First time for ages I have looked at a US brand 3w and really liked how it sits/looks at address. I have a max q fairway shaft I was thinking of sticking in one and giving a go.
  9. Nothing mate....Sounds like you have it all worked out.
  10. Sounds like fun mate. Nothing better than a good time with your kids. Yes she just picked up a trailer to go tramping around the UK. Something I did many moons ago. The UK has some great spots from honey pot lane to pirates of Penzance. I never did GC only Tenariffe and Ibiza. I lived in Spain for a while, great for my golf game. Marbella has some special courses. I’m from Hexham and played Slaley Hall a few times. Another great course.!
  11. I’m gaming the CBI 80 limited. Around 110 in X. They are based on the stiff flex at 100g…..The best graphite shaft I have used.!….These love a punch type attack of the ball. Hands forward. Give it to the ball. These are a swing my swing jam in at the ball type shaft. If you think you are a modus 125, rifle 6.5. Shimada tour. These are the graphite for you. I’m gaming the previous version of the current model in the pro shop with the 14 limited. Strong lofts but I have no problem with that. 14 heads are a unusual type soft, we usually judge everything by Epon frozen butter. My opinion of these
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