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  1. Good mate.....Lets have a hit sometime. I will PM you.
  2. Gday Jeff...How are you mate.
  3. Still available. Held on to these for a few months longer. Just cant play the blade anymore, as much as I love blades......CBs for me now. $600 Inc Post
  4. Are those the SUS you had from me Nobs.....Mate if you are ever offloading please let me know, if indeed you still have them.
  5. The CBF font is a shocker....Not sure these are on the Modart Website yet though. Are they a new model or a Proto? Maybe Chris can shed some light on this.
  6. Thanks....I wouldn't say that, nothing wrong with being a lefty mate.
  7. Unused Fujimoto Forged + Annealed S20C Milled Steel putter head. Just never got round to using this one. Weight : 350g STD Loft : 4* STD Lie : 70* Comes with head-cover and Fujimoto ferrule. $450 delivered.
  8. For someone like myself...They all do pretty much the same thing if you pick like for like in any good quality brand in the same set up....Which i think is probably more important in way of performance. Like most things in life, I believe in good quality product with great design and finish, that is not about performance, its about the way it makes you feel when you use it. Its this feeling alone that is the defining factor in what gear I will go for.
  9. Congrats nobs...Must have been a fun round. Nice set up, 5.5s are a good shaft. Maybe the colder weather held you to play within yourself, then just take that extra club like you said.
  10. The 75th anniversary releases were about as good as innovative as a cucumber sandwich in an English tea shop. I know lets just paint the current releases a different colour to showcase 75 years of Epon mastery...bahaha Unquestionable designs with the best feel you can get. Simple but intricate and elegant. Practically perfect in every way......Thefullquid. I would have been happy with any of these in a different finish/modern twist instead of the mindless garbage that was just served showcasing 75 years in the business....
  11. Always mate. Bit of tongue in cheek. 😉 Any topic has merit.
  12. Simple. If you dont like the add or trust the description dont buy the item. If you like the add and need more info just ask the question...Nothn wrong with a bit of communication back and forth before the sale. With Ian on this one...but it was another one of your entertaining rants Stew 😃....with maybe 1 point that had merit...
  13. Stick with the lessons. Different brands in the forgiving stakes won't make Much difference. But if you need to....Look at the Ryoma F3 F5 for FW... Very easy to hit and auto launch if you strike the ball well enough.
  14. Not sure what the point is here by epon you can have the best feeling club in the world, but if the design and desire ability has jumped out of the window!!!! Feel and reliability will only last so long.. ..Like the Toyota Camry, great car, but boring as a s**t unless your a cab driver. Epon need to pay a new master as in the past. Or find an open window.
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