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  1. Photos of TaylorMade irons from the last 35 years – GolfWRX
  2. Tour AD or Roddio for something more exotic.
  3. hutchy


    Yeh nice shafts Stu. Wish they were stiff. Regs play firm but just a touch soft for me.
  4. hutchy


    Design Tuning Modus Tour 105 R 5-PW New shafts, came in a set of new unused Modart CBC. Not the right shaft for me unfortunately. 9/10. Not a mark on them. 1 time pull. Tip prepared and cleaned. New Palmax Grips. 37 Inch 5i $300
  5. Aesthetically yes Nobs. But your attracted to the Dogatti based on feel ? Will be interested on how these builds turn out. Hopefully you have come across a solution.
  6. Yeh I guess that could be over kill. Hopefully your builder is very tidy.
  7. It’s ok. Bit too untidy for me. If I liked the shaft that much after all the tinkering, deciding it was the putter shaft. Heck I would just have the putter hosel changed to accommodate, If I wanted a more professional look.
  8. He was due something. Been hovering for ages. He decided to play golf this year!
  9. Apparently so Nobs. Still have my 358 which is also super long. I rate the Labo gear
  10. Sometimes you just need to move on.... Maybe the adjustable arnt that bad these days
  11. The new Labospec driver is apparently a gamechanger... This might get my TJ 46.
  12. Could they have just turned the dial up 6mph during the fit? Knowing as a staffer he will promote the s**t out of it. lol
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