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  1. Whole set of wizard sticks. Very nice Dean.
  2. No need for secret codes on here mate, you can supply your email if you really want. However, I would advise against anyone supplying personal contact details through the open forum, once you have advertised the item with pictures, full description and name date tag in the pic. You might get some serious answers on here. Outside of that good luck I guess....
  3. Any one used thisone?
  4. I agree. We could all do more. Change starts with the individual. But you can’t cover everything with the same blanket.
  5. That’s exactly right Ian. Covid has shown us that if you don’t meet the market on product availability you get inflation. So it’s actually more affordable for your average punter that the market over produces product. If it’s gets slung/re-cycled so be it. I would rather pay less at the front door.
  6. I get you! A touch of offset never hurt anyone in the right place…. I just found with the P1 this is a good thing. If I want to play zero offset all I have to do is play open face fade. Offset or zero offset means Zero in small margins, in small margins of quality irons if you play the club for what it is. All you lose is distance by de lifting opening the face, not accuracy. Eye fit. Comfortable, hit, confident in the shot. they are all good….if they work for you then it’s just a different result in the mechanics of your set up.
  7. I was waiting Ian. Ilk with everything matching. I’m a sucker for making a bag of gear. I refuse to start on another one so seeing Nobs PRGR bag gives me great pleasure as I can live that bag though another’s eyes lol.
  8. Nice Nobs. The TR is definitely a classic. Not sur which would make the top 10 list between these and the ID BL but it would be close. Have you tried the 00 yet?
  9. Very Tidy B GLWS.
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