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  1. hutchy


    Yeh right. Thanks Been a while...
  2. Sorry about that.... Not sure what you call the driver. Will have to dig it out for the real name... JBeam 7 Something.
  3. hutchy


    Faaaark thats a ripper combo.....
  4. Mate, what is your driver swing speed and transition? I saw old post S Yard XV Labospec Builds

  5. hutchy

    Epon Technica 2000 Classics

    Anyone keen at $120 plus exact receipted freight. No need for these for me.
  6. hutchy

    SOLD thanks tsg

    Rest assured this gear will be genuine. 902 worth every dollar. For me a top 5 UT. Full Titanium forged. Pair this with a thump if you like Diamana. TPRX if you like crazy style boutique. QFE if you like components that are made for each other. 18 & 21 in my bag. GLWTS Deano.
  7. Full set Project for someone. just didn't have the time. Epon Technica 2000 3-SW Good condition. Haven't cleaned. $200 plus freight Fair bit less than paid
  8. hutchy

    Zodia OZ...Sold

    Sorry man got your email, been busy with other stuff. sent 20 June Has arrived 30th June. click trach icon Your delivery has landed Arrived in Indonesia In transit CF101110495AU Sent with International Post Standard Once it’s cleared customs (if required), it’ll be on board with the local carrier. And we’ll send one more notification when the delivery has been made. Track your delivery A business of Australia Post This email was sent by Australia Post, 111 Bourke Street, MELBOURNE VIC 3000. Australia Post will never ask for your password or send you an email asking for credit card details or account information. If you have any concerns, or don't think you should have received this email, please call us on 13 13 18. Visit auspost.com.au for further information on our online security. If you do not wish to receive such information you can unsubscribe at any time. Australia Post does not represent, warrant or guarantee that the integrity of this email communication has been maintained nor that the communication is free from errors, viruses, or interference. Help & support | Terms & conditions | Privacy policy | Our tracking service
  9. hutchy

    AAA 103

    Got 10.5 and it is still a flat launch. Could be the basil b shaft though.
  10. hutchy

    Zodia OZ...Sold

    SOLD Thanks A
  11. Hi still,have the FW-3 SYard?

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    2. PADMA


      Hi , can we make it  160 ? 

    3. hutchy


      Can't mate. The post will be at least 50 from oz and it is very cheap already.

    4. PADMA


      Ok them will be 165

      can you send me your PayPal 


  12. hutchy

    AAA 103

    Today will be the true test in Wed comp. Played a few holes on Sunday but was blowing its backside out so pulled the pin, couldn't tell but the flight was definitely more direct with less spin on the 4 drives hit. Not sure if I would ever be game to go with 43 Ian, that must have been some sort of combo. I agree Chris the AAA is a great shaft and the feel is pretty handy with this combo. Next combo is the YZ 7 incoming with the basileus B, hoping this is matte black and red monster. If these both work as well as I hope/think I may be set for a month or 2 ;)
  13. hutchy

    Zodia OZ...Sold

    Last drop...$230