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  1. I’ve been intrigued by the Zinger since it came up on the tsg blog. Now that I'm turning 72 the Driver is so important to my game. I went from Diamana SR to Muzik R about 235cpm in a Callaway ERC II and it’s lovely. Tee shot is 210 to a rare 240yds. I picked up two Jbeam and a Grandista heads that I need to shaft. Been searching for years for another Muzik premium in R or R2 but you just don’t see them. You still playing the naked lady driver? Love that paint job
  2. What is “R2 flex?? Is it an “A” flex I. Us?
  3. I reshafted iDBL set with NSP Zelos in R. Traditional loft 8i goes 120+. With 5 sets I’ve no urge to play the other 4. Did recently install a Shumada wedge shaft and reall like. Also hear Oban at good. Mostly try to find nsp Wave but they are harder locating now. Good luck
  4. Thanks Stew. Picked up another head and a Grandista for good measure. Hope they arrive b4 spring. I Heard u had a dinner w tsg.
  5. I’ve been wondering about my fav ERC Ⅲ CF driver. Lately reshafted with a Muzik shaft and it’s working well for me. I enjoy the soft feel but notice the face doesn’t seem so soft as remembered. Does SP700 have a lifespan over time?
  6. What was the club? Maybe I need one.. Sunnyvale CA isnt too far from Washington state.
  7. Don't know the dude but I Think he's a Dentist. https://www.bing.com/search?q=alexander+kim+dds+ms+sunnyvale
  8. I just changed out S200 S in a set of PRGR IDBL 5-PW to NSPRO Zelos 7. Broke 80 for the first time since last Summer. I play 3-4 times per week. In another set TR500 I have NSP SP Blue R2 which are very noticeably lower launch. My builder swears by Shimada and Oban shafts btw but Im quite impersed by the Zelos. Good luck! i
  9. Just curious how the PRGR bag and this build build is working for you. What driver have you settled on?
  10. Found on https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/n483079467?conversionType=mypage_watch_list
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