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  1. cuistot

    Wedge shaft preferences

    WV115 for lob and wv125 for 52-56. Can anyone comment on the CRAZY STP Wedge shafts either the 120 or 130?
  2. cuistot

    Putting Aids

    Hottest golf coach right now..... Search YouTube "George Gankas IMPROVE YOUR PUTTING STROKE"
  3. cuistot

    For the love of mallets....,

    Wow, lots to sort out having different shafts and all. Should keep you occupied for some time. Cant wait for more installmen ts
  4. cuistot

    User Review - Seven ST Wedge

    Couple pix found here.. http://blog.tourspecgolf.com/2018-seven-st-wedges/
  5. cuistot

    User Review - Seven ST Wedge

    ST wedges are back on sale again! Does anyone have experience hitting both the Arakenma on satin and the black? Is there a difference in feel? As the product description mentions a copper underlay on the satin but no mention on the black. Thing is I found the ST are back in stock and only noticed the discrepancy after ordering the Blk in a 51-57 to match my current 61 which is sublime.
  6. cuistot

    Is Tiger back?

    I think his new swing is brilliant. Just a matter of time.
  7. cuistot

    TSG Tagset v1.4 Issue

    Haaa! First of all you want to check your setup. Keep armpits , knees, in line with your weight centerd over the balls of your feet. Grip the club inline with the waistline and maintain 3-4 degrees of right lateral torso bend. Take the club grip straight back to the middle of the right leg then make a slight fold of the right hand complete the backswing having the right arm matching youir spine angle, and at this point having left lateral torso bend, pause then just turn to shallow the club head, squat then pushup like your throwing an uppercut to smash the ball. This is your solution.
  8. What is your price and details on the ST wedges please.


    1. bngolfer


      ST wedges? Do you mean SDJ?

    2. cuistot


      No, the Seven ST wedges where modeled after the SDJ. Ill nhave to reread your post.

  9. Time to stock up Japanese whiskey 🥃
  10. Yes and it is outstanding. To cook I would do nothing more than salt and pepper and grill over mesquite or other hardwood coals. BTW “Mutual Fish” in S Seattle is the place some of the best chefs shop for fish. Fresh Halibut is another wonderful treat.
  11. cuistot

    White Satin KK MB's look Goood!

    Wondering how these would look-feel with copper underlay.
  12. cuistot

    KYOEI Blade Pics!

    I would love to give these a whirl....
  13. "Kingdom of Golf" Bandon Dunes in Oregon is just down the coast......
  14. Talked to a Chambers Bay Caddie that works as a grounds keeper at my home course this morning. Rates are quite reasonable and all greens have been replanted from fescue to poa anna grass. Thinking is trying to get USOpen back again. Caddie rates are $80 usd + tip.
  15. cuistot


    Fancy putter!