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  1. They offer a thirty day Money Back guarantee so what could it hurt. Except you could piss off all the other putters in your stable being an ugly duckling haaa
  2. Nice round of golf Nobsan. Did you do the “full day” of golf with lunch dinner and sauna?
  3. Sometimes I take a big chalk stick to draw alignment and setup lines directly on range mats. Works!
  4. Nice bag. Love the coppers
  5. Suposan tell is about Kasumigaseki CC. Will the tour players be challenged in 2020?
  6. Never occurred to me.... I wonder if the Kyoei Proto has a 46.. 'ive hit the 56 and looks +,feel are amazing!
  7. I got to hit the 6 iron CB in satin shafted in NSPro 125.along with the 56* wedge. I can say the satin finish is stunning. There is a touch of offset and a med topline both clubs setup nicely to the ball. Damn thing is I wad hitting the wedge middle of the face pure with great feel and spin. Made me think of changing out my Seven ST wedges to steel shafts. I showed the two demo clubs around my home course and driving range having 4-5 better golfers hit them and they all commented how fine the look feel and finish..
  8. Does anyone have experience playing an upperdeck golf event? These are held a sporting stadiums football fields converted to golf holes. Patrons hit golf shots from the upper deck nosebleed sections of a stadium to the field below. If any members here could share their experience I’d be interested in your thoughts. There is an event here in Seattle next week but I’m not sure of what to think
  9. Hmm is that a typo or you really considering adding a 46*?
  10. Hmm out of character you normally seem to improve on back nines. How’d you like the course?
  11. I’m gonna Google Earth that Everett CC and fly down the fairways haa
  12. All the best to you Nobsan! 77 glad to here you playing from the tips?
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