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  1. Stew, there are a few places for you on the west coast.. Oregon Bandon Dunes w/ 5 courses, WA Chambers Bay, Gambel Sands, CA. Presido, Pasa Tiempo, Pebble, Spyglass.Cypress Point (Private but if staying at "The Lodge" inquire), Torey
  2. What I would say is while making the practice swing turn it into a "Feel" once your you have it "Clear the Mechanism" or get out of you head by looking up. Look out at a feature or vista in the horizon on your line. Then to clear your head say to yourself "Im good with any outcome". OR next time you play this track take a caddie like I did and just do what they say. Like you did driving the green 260yds on the back nine for birdie! Nobs I gotta say the greens where difficult to read. I looked over my putts very carefully and quite surprised when the caddie changed the line. Also two maybe three pin locations where "Illegal" on Saturday but if I recall you made those putts. I really got into this course and had great fun playing it due to the natural beauty of the targets. Hazards didn't bother me.
  3. I had a great time on the links today. The vistas of the Puget Sound the islands and the backdrop of the snow capped Olympic Mountians was almost as cosmic as Pebble or “The Glass”. Chambers was a pleasure to play with lots of great targets to go at. I can’t say the new greens are as fast as Pebble being so new but they got some great curves and I’m time they will be. Thanks Nobsan for setting this up. Really wonderful people here and a pleasure to play with. I’ve been disappointed lately with my game but today there where some quality shots made that has me buzzing.
  4. Yep I second the Shun knives. Easy to find, good edge and reasonable price. All you really need is an 8"or 10" and do get a ceramic steel or sharpener.
  5. GLWS but do you realize your post should include photos?
  6. Sir, as you say...you only live once! Help you shoot in the 70’s
  7. Don’t know the tm-01 model above. Here is the mg-05. Face has same milling sorry can’t upload other photos.
  8. Hmmm Ive been playing a 10.5 ERC III SP700 recommended by Supo and loving it. I play the stock AD shaft in SR and Hitting fairways has helped me as well. Is the AF153 also SP700?
  9. Nice breakthru Nobs. Lots of work. What was do you attribute it to? Fw hit wedges or putter? Combination?
  10. At this cost has to be a prototype right? Development costs ect. Interesting shaft adapter. Need more .....
  11. Hmmm hosel has my twisted my mind. At this price point I wouldn’t hit range rock balls. Are you considered a irons shoot out? IDBL, KP101, Tour Authentic??
  12. Yeah suposan been following your wedge preferences for some time. Got the wrong RC unfortunately and wile still scouring the net for LED the Bold and the Mauri they are too pricey still.
  13. Drew, I got a lot of wedges for you to try lets do this. To your M grind Fourteen has it and I think the PRGR nabla might too.
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