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  1. I know, some of these grips are upwards 20uusd +shipping to usa. I like the Masda . and Iomic sticky oh and the XROZ but Im getting cheap in my old age. Tried it on Iomic Putter and brought it back. Sure hope they don't discorporate.
  2. Self quarantined on a sunny day bored of TV YouTube ya da ya da. So I saw something on the internet on how many ways one can use WD40. Water and tub stains , toilet bowls, gum all kind of weird shit. Then I looked at my wedge I keep to chip with in the living room . It’s got this Iomic grip that mo manner of scrubbing w soap and water will get clean. WD40 to the rescue mates! See the pix. I did discover it is a good idea afterwards to scrub with Hot water and soap lest the grip might disintegrate. What do usens do to clean grips?
  3. Well I still keep my eye open for Kamui KP101. I have the TM R9 too which are sweet. Nod’s Buchi MCb.? And sad that I’ll never afford anything in the Seven line other than wedges. Oh yeah the Miura 1008 99pure and the New Kyoei mb.
  4. I miss the day’s of persimmon drivers. Had several from Precision golf San Diego Ca. Blonde, Red head, and brunette, beauties all.
  5. I’ve been reading the driver posts for some time and I have bought and still have the favs. Yammy 4.5, EPON, Technity, Tourstage 705, Kamui 07s ,Egg 7, Cally Eec, Royma M, but what escapes me is finding the matching shaft for my swing. I’ve had the best results w stock shafts in the PRGR line. Red 2016, RS 2018, Egg 1, and Cally erc III. Calmly and the EPON are the best feel off center strike. PRGR 2018 is the most forgiving off the face. I do like the Kamui but the Quadra TP-V and me aren’t compatible.
  6. Very handsome photo Ive had good results with PRGR drivers.
  7. Throw in a "Shield Madien" 🤣 I like the look http://www.translatetheweb.com/?ref=SERP&br=ro&mkt=en-US&dl=en&lp=JA_EN&a=http%3a%2f%2fwww.muziik-golf.com%2fjapan%2fhome.html
  8. I'm already figuring out how to spend my Stimulus check from the IRS. 🤑
  9. Sorry guys these are mine now. Should go nice with my TR500 from Stu. Hope they make me a better ball striker?
  10. Good Topic! I'm currently using the Absolute Grips from Benock. I have two that are textured and one that is slick. I also have putters with the SS Slim 3.0 and the Muzik which is a pistol grip a bit larger than the Iomic. Gotta check out the STM
  11. I have the Kyoei KK and find them more forgiving that the Seven ST. My question is how do the Kyoei Tour compare to the ST for size, shape, offset and bounce?
  12. Your going to want a backup grip or two. Mine is ready for a fresh grip but now I’ve got to find somewhere I trust to handle regrouping. Haa
  13. Watch YouTube lessons by GeorgeGankas golf.. Thanks! Jake Gilmer is an associate of George Gankas Golf. GG was recently ranked 11 in December Golf Digest coaches where Bruce Harmon also took a lesson from him.. Jake had me sorted in about fifteen minutes. So far I'm really pleased with progress. I was surprised yesterday on the front nine with drives on three holes 30 to 50 yards longer off the tee to fairway positions never found before. Its very cool walking off the teebox with your foursome being da man! haaa. Im continuing to do drill and mirror work I only wish I had found this information 40 or 50 years ago.. Ive tried golf lessons and instruction books from Snead, Hogan, Ledbetter, Nicholas, Johnny Miller, Tokshi and others I really admire. But Ive not seen this level of understanding of my swing I couldn't be more pleased. Wish I had done this sooner.
  14. Good score! Boy that came quickly right?
  15. Thought this might occur. So glad we’re going to have a mini show.
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