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  1. TSG Clubworks props

    THX, well I paid shipping so I don't really know.
  2. TSG Clubworks props

    Thanks guys, feels like brand new. I wouldn't hesitate using Club Works again. Yeah Nobs.. now things here are warming I'm ready. I've been studying YouTube golf instructor George Ganakas out of SoCal Westwood area. Guy is great, worked w/ Bubba while at Rivera. Coach to many of the best PGA Juniors in SoCal Warren
  3. TSG Clubworks props

    Just got this back from https://www.tourspecgolf.com/tsg-club-works/ I couldn't be more pleased with the refinish work. This is scoochy I'd even go as far as... Gucci. I love my secondhand refinished Benock. Before and after photos below.
  4. Tsg clubworks

    I hope so.. https://www.tourspecgolf.com/tsg-club-works/
  5. Attas 50SR Iron Pulls 5/P Iomic—sold

    Ok I’ll take these. Any interest in trade for Monaco stiff pullouts from supo’s old TR500

    This is photo from TSG blog. These are point and shoot no messing around. Finishes available are amazing.

  8. RE:CBI-01

    What are the shaft lengths? I play irons @2" over but would think I'd probably soft step.



  9. Hi Stew, I've got a D-1 Maxima V Spec 10.5* w/ headcover



  10. Driver shaft for 80-85mph, and easy 7Fw

    I have a similar swing speed and would recommend the PRGR Red 11.5* driver w/ stock SR or R shaft. I have never been more consistent off the tee. For the 7 FW I had the opportunity to hit the new Crazy CRZ Full Titan and found this very easy to hit. Shaft it with the Crazy FW.
  11. Nice feeling wedge... I have a 60* in the M grind same shaft comes to about D6. This appears to be an H grind. Didn't Kucher play this wedge?
  12. I dig this putter and the milled face. Is it "face balanced" and did you go in for the Fitting too? Id be interested in your impressions.
  13. Nippon Super Peening S2

    Yeah, I installed an spo in a wedge it too had no label.