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  1. I was only able to find a single SP ORA that I put into Fourteen raw Lob wedge and absolutely love it.. I tried the Project X with good result but found it harsh. This season I put into play the IDBL from Nobs and I find the DG S200 surprisingly good. I have the SP Blue in TR500 NS 125 in the TM R9tp and the Attas 10 in Buchi. If time and $ allows Im looking to track a set of ORA S and soft step 5-SW. So far In my experience Steel Shafts feel best. Id like to demo the new NEO and some of the other lightweight NS line for seniors.
  2. -No listing of new unused products - this is for buy and sell of used products
  3. Yap, been following GGSwingTips for some time.. This guy is the best. Over the years Ihave read Toski, Nicholus, Miller, Ledbetter, Snead, Hogan and countless others. Gankas Is Da Man. Bought the GBox but my local range has been closed all summer. Stew, I like your thoughts on tee height. Ive been teeing driver 1/2 ball above head.. Gona experiment with the Kamui, Egg1, ERC III, PRGR and that Epon Tech
  4. Didn’t Endo move foundry to Vietnam 🇻🇳?
  5. I’ve had good results with PRGR. You might consider http://blog.tourspecgolf.com/new-prgr-egg-5500-driver-and-egg-5500-driver-impact/
  6. I'm interested in the Crazy 7 Wood Head only and do you have the cover as well.

    Also Do you have any interest partial trade ?

  7. https://johnanderson.net.au/direct-victor-davis-hanson/
  8. cuistot


    Check with Weda
  9. I too like the build. But that worktable is the best!
  10. Nice. You going to pair w/ Maru wedges?
  11. So I put the PRGR iDBL in play and as Stu and Nobs said I want for nothing else. At least for now. I like the iron se well I’m adding some bling.
  12. Have you abandoned the Yamaha blacks? EPON 208KGX is a spinner. Think it has 10* bounce.
  13. https://www.translatetheweb.com/?from=ja&to=en&ref=SERP&refd=www.bing.com&dl=en&rr=UC&a=https%3a%2f%2fwww.y-yokohama.com%2frelease%2f%3fid%3d1623
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