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  1. Nobs played the K's 8001 I’m Shinagawa heads in the outing we had at The Home Course in DuPont. They compared to 1050gh if I remember correctly.
  2. Thanks Nobsan. Lots of homework there. Lmk on the 105R
  3. If your in the market for legit. Then. https://www.epicedge.com/shopexd.asp?id=86053 RyuSen starts with ultra-modern, limited production, SG2 PM stainless steel and forges this between two layers of SUS410L stainless steel. The resulting edge is tempered to Rc 61 - 63 (very hard!) for exceptional edge holding, but is easy to sharpen.
  4. Sorry fellas I had mohs surgery again so I’m out of it for a while. I’ve got a free round of golf @chambersbay to giveaway. But it’s only good thru the end of the month. LMK if you want
  5. They offer a thirty day Money Back guarantee so what could it hurt. Except you could piss off all the other putters in your stable being an ugly duckling haaa
  6. Nice round of golf Nobsan. Did you do the “full day” of golf with lunch dinner and sauna?
  7. Sometimes I take a big chalk stick to draw alignment and setup lines directly on range mats. Works!
  8. Nice bag. Love the coppers
  9. Suposan tell is about Kasumigaseki CC. Will the tour players be challenged in 2020?
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