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  1. cuistot

    My 2019 Golf Resolutions

    I’ve been playing 3-4 rounds per week this winter. Thing is I’ve gotten into the bad habit of playing 2-3 balls every shot thinking this is just practice. I’m thinking there are better ways to practice. Going to try playing only wedges on each hole. Start at 100 80 60 40 and 20yds then pace out balls distance on the green to get avg. This part of my game is weakest
  2. You win. Looks better That watch band makes a difference.
  3. cuistot

    My 2019 Golf Resolutions

    Saw this on the internet “No mind” See your shot, commit then say to yourself you’re ok with any outcome. Then get out of your mind by looking up and out at the horizon or distant. Step in and make the shot. Putting.... I’m lost.... but it always helps to buy another putter. For me I’m working towards shooting my age so far I’ve got to 78 and I’m only 67 so there’s hope yet.
  4. cuistot

    Odyssey Japan Stroke Lab i putter!

    It’s on Inventory clearance now.
  5. cuistot

    Swing weight for wedges

    Adding shaft length is another way to increase swingweight.
  6. cuistot

    KYOEI Blade Pics!

    Sword oil works wonderfully on my carbon kitchen knives and over time a patina is formed that works really well. I too use it on raw agrind, epon, and Yamaha wedges. Good choice Mikie.
  7. cuistot

    Odyssey Japan Stroke Lab i putter!

    Oh dang. Now I got this in my head. Thanks for your review Nobs
  8. cuistot

    Hiro matsumoto semi LN

    NICE PUTTER at a very good deal! I have one , not as nice as here, or this would be mine. GLWS
  9. cuistot

    Seven ST

    The ST wedges make me want to be a better golfer. Honestly I get so happy every opportunity I get to hit them. This day was the first time breaking 80 since a 25 year hiatus.
  10. cuistot

    Check out the New BB4 Driver!

    It looks like an adjustable hosel not an adapter. Nobs did you happen to install a shaft?
  11. cuistot

    52/58 wedges and Hybrid and unicorn irons

    Onoff Shingo wedges
  12. I got a new hybrid so I need the MCH but how does the Attas play?

    1. nobmontana


      I sent you a personal message 

  13. cuistot

    Seven ST

    Nice wedges... all I can say is GL