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    Senen STP wedges, Buchi V200, Benock, Egg 1, Crazy Full Titan 5w, PRGR RED 11.5 and 3w

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  1. Just curious how the PRGR bag and this build build is working for you. What driver have you settled on?
  2. Found on https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/n483079467?conversionType=mypage_watch_list
  3. Well it’s about time right? Who’s your player to watch? I’m
  4. cuistot

    Pls close

    I changed my worn Benock grip with the Lamkin Deep Etched Full Cord "script logo". This hopefully will last as it cost more than Ive ever paid for a single grip.
  5. Tourspecgolf sells forged wedge blanks so you can grind yourself.
  6. Ive only hit the 7 iron BUT these feel really good.
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