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  1. Min Offset. Shorter heel-toe. Rounded ,forgiving, workable. Good price GLWS
  2. Currently I'm using the Crazy Full Titan 3&5 w/ Crazy FW80 I also have the Modart 14* which launches lower and the 2016 PRGR Red with stock shaft.
  3. I think he really liked the look of the OnOff
  4. Ok you gotta start intermittent fasting. https://www.snakediet.com/getting-started Beginning your first Snake Diet fast Eat supper Begin your first 48hr fast- stay occupied and drink SNAKE Juice... Weigh and record your weight the same time each day. Test your urine for ketones the same time each day. Continue your usual daily activites. Feed. Do not gorge yourself. Watch Snake Diet video on feeding protocols.
  5. I’d take a look at the BST listing for MIZUNO YORO MP5 / 55 HYBRID SET Nice setup and a great seller. And welcome to TSG
  6. Dang sorry to hear about the back. I had C6-7 fused with micro surgery ten years ago then retired five years later and took up golf after laying off in ‘93. So in time I’m hopeful you get back in some form. GLWS I’m smitten over the Agrind
  7. I’m guessing there is some connection to the bots trying to hock prescription medicines. Here’s hopping it gets sorted. I’m not a robot
  8. Thanks Nobs and for all your content! Your one of the best. Here is a free range turkey bones. Then reatuffed with dark meat - mushroom port ducxelle and sewn back up. Your oook at the back side befor turning over to finish. I needed the bones to roast for stock cuz it’s all not the gravy here bru
  9. Wait! Trevino taped a Dr Pepper pop bottle to a stick and played golf with it.
  10. Nice gear. ST wedges are excellent
  11. Nippon super preening data
  12. Nobs played the K's 8001 I’m Shinagawa heads in the outing we had at The Home Course in DuPont. They compared to 1050gh if I remember correctly.
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