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  1. Not here mate. Try Orkagolf.com
  2. I’ve read io shares the look of the LS with brushed chrome finish. Also IO is the same weight range as the PXi BUT has a dif EI profile. IO shaft is lighter and has a low tip to butt stiffness ratio promoting a Higher launch. Now owned by TT and made in Tennessee
  3. Welcome review. Thx 🙏
  4. Nobs and suposan posted last Feb Golds will only accept Golds putters for mods. I’m thinking you must send emails.
  5. https://www.instagram.com/p/CI42zVwliC9/?igshid=r1udirm47hcj
  6. Nobs, I have a Modart 16 head only if you want to trade for another fw5 or something.
  7. Mr Hutchy... Lately the latest TSG content Ive seen is from Instagram. Interesting too but mostly pix only
  8. I seem to recall Golds is no longer doing mods.
  9. nOBS I still have that TRPX FW shaft. Id be interested in your Looop
  10. As you may know as a volunteer marshal I play free 4-5 days per week. My one work day is not so busy so I have ample time to find lost balls. As such I try just about everything and agree with you on the Chrome Soft and I do like the B RXS. I also like the Vice Tour Soft, Titlest Tour Soft and the AVX ok but in cold weather I like some of the Lady balls too.
  11. The shaft combination here gets me giddy. I put the SP ORA in a Fourteen MT28 TS 60* and it's like fine wine or really good whiskey 🙂
  12. Heres a start OnnOff Kuro 2015 epon 302/303 miura 301 onoff kuro fourteen fh900 srixonz745 modart cnb Titleist vg3
  13. These are getting difficult to find. Took me ages. great feel and fun
  14. Well done Nobs. I like the over swing theory. BTW what ball are you playing and do you change in cold weather?
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