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  1. I too like the build. But that worktable is the best!
  2. Nice. You going to pair w/ Maru wedges?
  3. So I put the PRGR iDBL in play and as Stu and Nobs said I want for nothing else. At least for now. I like the iron se well I’m adding some bling.
  4. Have you abandoned the Yamaha blacks? EPON 208KGX is a spinner. Think it has 10* bounce.
  5. https://www.translatetheweb.com/?from=ja&to=en&ref=SERP&refd=www.bing.com&dl=en&rr=UC&a=https%3a%2f%2fwww.y-yokohama.com%2frelease%2f%3fid%3d1623
  6. Ive been using sswiiishgolf iron covers I bought several years ago. Im getting tired of switching them between iron sets but now I cannot find Swiiish on the web to get more.. So what are your goto covers?
  7. I've been thinking of these as well.
  8. Great post I like to learn more. Just picked up another set of irons. It costs a good deal of time travel and money for my club builder to lengthen, adjust lie, swing weight and grip size. I’d like to learn to do myself. But I’m a 🐔
  9. They are! previously asked and answered. What was interesting to me is I tried to arrange these by head size from the face view where the SEVEN proto appeared the smallest... But flipped to back the Buchi or Kyoei look smaller 🙂
  10. Yeah R9 TP are keepers in my book. Someday I'll have TSG works refinish w copper underlay and satin finish.
  11. The Seven CD are the best feeling of the bunch. The Kyoei are a close second But ... I have not had any time with the iDBl other than in the backyard and chipping in thehouse.. We are quarantined with no golf in WA state..
  12. Only four our mine. I like the shape of the Buchi, IdBL cuz the PW matches better than the TR500, the Kyoei and the Seven because of feel shape and size. The RS are a surprise. Distance is longer, easy to launch but feel and sound not my cup of tea, they would be the set for a hacker like me just not willing to spend my coins.
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