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  1. great price! I would have bought this if I did not have 4 bags sitting!
  2. Overdose

    wants to buy : Ryoma Utility 24

    i have the 18* in mint condition if you want it.
  3. Overdose

    Epon AF-702 vs. PXG 0311XF

    I never tried the PXG but I have been playing the 703 shafted with Matrix Program 95s and I don't think I am going to switch to any other irons/shaft.
  4. Overdose

    Fujikura Rombax Type S Shaft

    i have a fujikura rombax 5V06 stiff currently on a PRGR driver. Inbox me if you are interested.
  5. @supo67, for your record, I bought a lot of clubs from Chris as well bought a lot from several members here in the States and Australia and I can show you records if you like. I also did one trade with another member. The reason I never bothered to show any interest in your ads, simply because you blatantly disregards the protocols with regard to postings, no matter how cheap they are! If you read the rules posted above, your ID and the date has to be with the clubs. This is to prevent, lets just say, someone pulls some pictures of clubs off the internet and post them here for sales even though they do not own the clubs. Speaking for myself only, I have access to Japanese bidding sites and I can certainly bid to buy clubs a lot cheaper and then sell back to our members for profit and before I buy them, I can post pictures here to gather interest and even strike a deal!
  6. it bothers me that some other members when they do not follow the rules in their postings, they get jumped on and one person does it all the time and no one ever mentions it. If rules are to be broken, why bothers creating them in the first place?
  7. why are there some members who never follow these protocols and still list so many clubs for sale every week? Is there a rule for some and another for the rest?
  8. Overdose

    Traded-thanks TSG

    these pix that the Doc posted here in his listing are properly done; your name/id and date should be part of the pictures of your clubs. Too bad some members here ignore the rules. Maybe they are friends to moderators or long time members they give themselves the power to do whatever they want. I heard great feedback from my friends buying from the Doc and I would never buy anything from anyone that ignore proper protocols. The rule is there for a reason.
  9. Overdose


    can anyone clarify that we can post sales ads on here without the name and dates or with name and dates on a separate picture? I am curious as I am going to sell some drivers soon.
  10. Overdose


    I know you post a lot of sales but none of your posts follow protocols when it comes to pictures. They have that policy to make sure sellers are not selling bogus clubs or clubs that they do not actually own. How much more effort do you need to put a sign next to your clubs before you take the pix? my 2cents only.
  11. Overdose


    I could be wrong but your name tag should be with the clubs and not separately.
  12. Overdose

    Putting stroke trainers..

    I bought system 52 from Japan and have been using it at home. This device has helped me so much in recent months as my weakness is missing little short putts and I used to miss 4 or 5 of them resulting in a lot of three putts per round. When this happens, it really puts a lot of pressure on my lag putts as well since in my head I kept telling myself I have to lag it close enough for tap in. Now, I am okay with 4, 5 footer putts. Last round I shot even par with 4 birdies and that is a record for myself.
  13. Overdose

    FS: JBeam ZY-11 head, 11*

    Money sent! Pls confirm you have it and thanks
  14. Using the 7i is no problem, in fact I have built a set 4-P using the 7 as my favorite club. What I was trying to advise everyone against is using the 9 iron as the starting club, simply because you would have to cut A LOT OF SHAFT of long irons (3, 4, 5) in order to match.
  15. If you cut the shaft too much in order to achieve the matching MOI, it won't play as long. If you have an existing set and want to rebuild it matching your 9 iron MOI, you will have a tough time achieving the result as you can't reduce the weight of your long irons to match without cutting shafts. You might end up with a 4 iron as long as 6 or even 7 iron. That's why I think the best "favorite club" is the 7 iron.