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  1. Been struggling to find the right 5W last 2 years. 18/19 degree launch too high usually. Went to a couple of 17 degree last year (Proceed and Yamaha). Picked up a 2013 Egg 5W this year, which is 18 degree but rumored to be very long. Has been a bit erratic so far. Had a 16 degree 3W sitting on the shelf for a couple of years, a SYB W422V. Figured I would put a short stiff shaft on it, ease off the swing speed a bit, shorten the swing slightly, and try it as a 5W replacement. Working quite well so far. Square face, large 202cc, but shallow enough face not to be a problem.
  2. I would go more specific than just irons & woods.... like 1W, 3W, 5W, long irons, short irons. For example, I like to hit 3W medium launch while mostly eliminating the left, and 5W higher launch mostly eliminating push to right. Reason being that 3W is typically not into a green, but 5W usually is. Also my misses with long irons are usually hooks, but not much with other clubs.
  3. I targeted an anti-left lower ball flight setup with a slightly stiffer shaft for many years with moderate success. My misses were always push/slice, with my upright two-plane swing. Acquired a 9.5 degree 440cc Baldo 568LC (square face) and put my Attas Gen I SR flex shaft on it at 45.5 in. Immediately started hitting consistent high draw or straight shots. I now aim down the right center and try to make a slight draw swing. My misses now are a pull draw a bit into left rough (but long). This setup seems to work to improve my swing and I am playing better than ever. Hitting the fairways is main reason.
  4. Info I was given was that one inch shorter would increase 8.5 to 9 cpm stiffer. But, that will reduce swingweight by about 5 points. To get swingweight back to same as before, would need to add 5 * 1.6 = 8 grams tip weight. Adding that tip weight would decrease the shaft stiffness about 6.5 cpm. At 46 inches, I would only use that shaft on one of your lighter heads (also one with an open clubface). A lighter head would play stiffer than a heavier head.
  5. Something like D4 is normal with SW/GW as they have a heavier head weight than a pitching wedge. You have a more normal length for the LW/SW/GW instead of +0.5 like the irons have. The head weights are about normal, so the build seems to be about as expected with those lengths. Most players cannot tell the difference with a swing weight difference of 0.5 or so. Should not be a problem. Some builders will add lead powder with a small cork to make them all the same.
  6. your lengths are mostly +0.5, so that increases SW by 3 to 3.5 per iron, so you are getting a heavy iron D5. what is c/b ? center of shaft to butt? I'm used to seeing tip/butt.
  7. donnieu

    Quadra fex 65s

    I have a FEX 55 S driver pull. Same price as the 65 S I sold you....
  8. Takagi and Benchmark 60s putters are described on pages 9/10/12/13 of the link I posted: http://bsg/Invision/index.php?/topic/11954-wood-bros-golf-collecti/page-9 Ben Crenshaw bought his entire shop supply of 8802 style putters.
  9. 16 pages of info about Dave Wood here: http://bsg/Invision/index.php?/topic/11954-wood-bros-golf-collecti/page-1
  10. Reading this makes you think it is. http://products.mizuno.jp/c/item/5KJTG64151/040009001
  11. The 2014 model hosel adjustment looks like its made of plastic. Does it melt if shaft removed with heat gun? Can you adjust the 2014 ,or does Mizuno have to do it?
  12. Tataki 60 was just ok with me. The Tataki 40 is working great. The green paint model is great looking also. Lighter models are usually softer flex, but this one seems a tad bit stiffer than the 60.
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