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  1. Longest 3 wood

    SYB FC714 13 degree.
  2. Quadra fex 65s

    I have a FEX 55 S driver pull. Same price as the 65 S I sold you....
  3. Takagi and Benchmark 60s putters are described on pages 9/10/12/13 of the link I posted: http://bsg/Invision/index.php?/topic/11954-wood-bros-golf-collecti/page-9 Ben Crenshaw bought his entire shop supply of 8802 style putters.
  4. 16 pages of info about Dave Wood here: http://bsg/Invision/index.php?/topic/11954-wood-bros-golf-collecti/page-1
  5. Mizuno 2017 MP Craft Driver!

    Reading this makes you think it is. http://products.mizuno.jp/c/item/5KJTG64151/040009001
  6. Mizuno 2017 MP Craft Driver!

    The 2014 model hosel adjustment looks like its made of plastic. Does it melt if shaft removed with heat gun? Can you adjust the 2014 ,or does Mizuno have to do it?
  7. Tour AD MJ6S and MT6S. GoGo 5S.
  8. ONOFF driver Aka 2016

    Tataki 60 was just ok with me. The Tataki 40 is working great. The green paint model is great looking also. Lighter models are usually softer flex, but this one seems a tad bit stiffer than the 60.
  9. Recommendation for high bounce Gap wedge

    P-tune Y wedge V 2 http://pgn-golf.com/add/1254804348036
  10. Best mallet putter??

    Katsu Yamamoto 9706 http://putters.exblog.jp/5477310/
  11. .350 tip driver shafts?

    Tour AD shafts are made in "Tip 9" which is a .350.
  12. i have 2 hw120 wedge shafts.  $50 shipped to us for both.  very good condition with great GP CP2 black/red grips on them.

  13. You can always build up with masking tape where you choose. I use the old (not JDM) original Chamois in purple on my wedges as it seems to be a slight bit bigger at bottom which helps when choking down.
  14. there should be some other shaft type name on the shaft besides just worktec. you might email works golf, but they will need additional info other than just worktec. http://worksgolf.jp/english/inquiries.html
  15. Picked up an egg 7. didn't really fit me eye. Tried it on the range. Was about ready to put it in the forsale box....but gave it a try on the course. First 5 drives crunched down the middle, one very long [for me]. Definitely makes my Final Four.