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  1. the best shaft for that head is whichever one best fits your swing, find the shaft that'll produce your ideal launch trajectory when matched with your swing characteristics
  2. i'm drooling over both of these... can you post the link to this 18 driver comparison? i need to find more info on these and this ZA008 material
  3. this chart is great thanks for posting it, most of my shafts are TourAD so this is a huge help
  4. According to that chart then the GP is lower launching than the BB? I own both in 6X and that doesn't jive with my experience at all
  5. I have a brand new uncut Diamana 'ahina 70 stiff $100 shipped and I also have another one that's a one time pull in perfect condition plays to 45" $75 shipped
  6. cool post. my current bag took me a long time to get just the way I like it so I think it's now perfect for me. Driver: jBEAM ZY-11 11* with TourAD BB-6X 3 wood: Grandista RS-F 15* with Rogue Silver 125msi 70 Tour X Hybrid: Modart MA01H 19* with TourAD DI Hybrid 85X Irons: KZG Forged Blades (by Kyoei) 3-pw with KBS Tour 130X Wedge: Crazy Tour Wedge 52* & 58* with Shimada K's HW120 Putter: SEVEN Limited Edition SH Series Putter: Yamada Borzov with Nippon stepless i'll also sometimes swap in my Epon/Endo clubs depending on my mood or the course i'm playing 3 wood: Epon AF-203 15* with TourAD P9003x Wedge: PRGR iD nabla Tour 52* & 58* with PRGR Spec Steel III Wedge: S-Yard Bold 52* 56* 60* with Shimada K's HW120 Putter: Epon I-33 i'm also considering getting an Epon AF-903 20* hybrid or utility iron as well
  7. very true, might you have any answers for those questions or is this relatively unknown?
  8. The iD nabla tour's CG is actually designed to be a little higher and closer to the middle of the face, that's the function of V shaped muscle above the sole on the back of the head
  9. 10.5* still available? I'll surely be buying soon if it is
  10. Hah that's so funny I was going to make a post asking the same thing. It doesn't sound like there's any differences at all except for the name so I'm likewise quite curious
  11. It clearly says Hi-COR on the face too so it's obviously non conforming, plus if it were available for purchase you'd think that they'd be marketing it or at least listing on their JP or US websites
  12. Wow I wouldn't have realized how compact the head is if you hadn't posted those comparison pics. Much more appealing in my opinion now, definitely looks more like a players iron than a GI, which is what I originally thought it was supposed to be.
  13. Hahah woops, thanks for correcting me. How embarrassing
  14. ya we must load the shaft extremely similarly because those were they exact same shafts and flexes/weights that I was recommended by my fitter. I figured out the Modus3 120x and Shimada Tour X are also just as good if not better than those for my swing. let me know what you think of the DGL's vs the Recoils after you've gotten the chance to use them a bit. i'm anxious to hear what you think