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  1. Hah I’m shocked that this has not been pointed out before now, nice find
  2. Wow that 105 is in great shape and one of my favorite drivers of all time.. sell head only?
  3. Any idea of what DHL and/or UPS might cost? Does anyone have a clue when EMS might start shipping to US again??
  4. Looking for a set of steel Crazy Target Tour 120 S or X shafts.. 3-PW would be ideal, but if I can only find 4-PW or 5-PW then I’ll still be happy to find them
  5. This is a post for the “Want to Buy” thread
  6. That work table has been in use since at least 1941 and is still going strong
  7. For sale: almost mint condition limited edition Titleist 718 AP2 irons #4-PW & 50° wedge Heads have matching limited edition True Temper AMT Tour White S300 shafts Set is Titleist standard length/loft/lie Any other questions, feel free to ask - if I don’t already know the answer I will find out $old
  8. ah I sure hope EMS does start shipping to USA again soon, I haven't been able to order the clubs I want yet
  9. Hah yes just like that one! Is that an untipped 104g kai’li? 46”?? For sale????? [ Wishful thinking 😉 ]
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