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  1. wow those irons look like they're in great shape. what's your asking price for those? would you be willing to sell them heads only? also, while you're taking pics, I'd also love to see what that Epon stand bag is all about
  2. I'm at least interested to see those PRGR iD nabla Tour's
  3. are you only interested in new irons or are you also considering older models? some newer model player's CBs are: Honma TR20V, Fourteen TC920, Miura TC-201, Yamaha RMX 020, Baldo Competizione 568 T2, OnOff '17 Kuro, CGS Orion Closer CB, Kyoei KK CB or Protoype CB, Epon AF-305,Seven CB and SC some older models I can think of off the top of my head are: Yonex Ezone CB301, OnOff '15 Kuro (I think somebody is selling a set on the BST), PRGR iD Nabla Tour, PRGR iDBL, Yamaha RMX 118, RomaRo Ray CX, Fourteen FH900, Epon AF-Tour CB, Mizuno MP-66
  4. Ah yes I have hit the SiM driver, but not the 3w, and the driver definitely would not ever knock the AF-103 out of my bag or any of my other drivers. I highly doubt the SiM 3w would come remotely close to any of my current 3w’s. But the issue with the adapter for me isn’t being able to pull it because I could do that, but that the length without the adapter would then be too short to use in one of my 3w’s.
  5. I want that p9003 but I don’t use woods with adapters! I haven’t been able to find any available p9003’s in ever Just out of curiosity, how come you’re getting rid of the SiM already?
  6. It looks like Honma has changed the name of its TW (Tour World) lineup of clubs to the TR lineup, for "Tour Release". First up for the TR lineup are a pair of new driver models and a pair of iron models. For the drivers they have the TR20 460 and 440. At first glance both drivers seem very aesthetically pleasing. According to Honma these are their most technologically advanced drivers to date, with nearly-total carbon body and a new titanium frame. I particularly like how they describe the adjustable hosel: Honma’s unique Non-Rotating Hosel system allows the club head to be adjusted +/- 1.5 degrees in face angle, +/- 1 degree in loft, and +/- 1 degree in lie angle without changing the orientation of the perfectly spine aligned Honma VIZARD shaft for more consistent performance and impact delivery. The new irons are the TR20V and TR20P. TR20V is a player’s iron for player’s distance. Forged from S20C carbon steel with a modern cavity back design for easy-to-launch performance and shot control. TR20P is also a player’s distance iron but with game-improvement features as well. It has a forged S35C steel body with L-cup face for improved ball speeds, a tungsten-weighted pocket cavity for speed-enhancing forgiveness, and a low center of gravity for higher launch and longer carry distance. I'll be excited to hear what everyone thinks about these new TR clubs, especially since Honma has already set the bar pretty high with most of their previous TW models.
  7. they are all forged by Endo, Epon is Endo's house brand, but Endo has multiple locations so some are forged at Endo Japan and others could be Endo Thailand, etc.
  8. the only 5w I have is an OnOff '17 Kuro 18* wood. I like it even though I don't typically use a 5w, the face is nice and rounded off at the bottom which makes it a piece of cake to scoop the ball off the fairway or a tight lie. it's not the most shallow faced 5w in the world either, which is typically the opposite of what I like especially for a compact wood that I'll be hitting off the deck, but the face has a nice clever shape that appeals to my eye anyway. I find it to be a very easy 5w to hit
  9. I agree, Nob. I’m not a big fan of the deep faced FWs. The exceptions to this rule are the AF-203 and the Nakashima NP-1
  10. Ahhhh then I stand corrected.. yes, I do know those wedges.
  11. I have a brand new Exotics 3w from a couple years ago that has an SP700 face, so it’s quality beta titanium like a JDM wood. The face isn’t too shallow so I think it’s good for off the deck and the tee.
  12. I'm not sure what wedges are the CBX and CBX2. If your PW is 46* or 45* then it would probably be a little much to remove another club just to add something like a 48*, so if that's the case then I would go to the range and practice hitting your 50* a bit further back in your stance and your PW further up in your stance to try and cover that 130yds. I'm sure one or both of those would work. Another option you'd have would be to bend your PW to 44*, and buy a 48* blade wedge and bend it to 47*. Then you'll have 44*-PW, 47*-blade wedge, 50*-blade wedge.
  13. Welcome to the forum! There’s plenty of people on here who are happy to answer any questions you have, so don’t be shy
  14. I saw a picture of this Waoww driver before and was not a fan of the name or the aesthetics at all
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