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  1. I was curious about what the spread of ages would be like if a bunch of golfers were to list their top 3 drivers of all time. Along those same lines, I'm even more curious as to what the spread of ages might look like if a bunch of golfers list their top 3 putters of all time. I feel like putter designs stay relevant for longer than other types of clubs, and when a golfer finds a putter they like then they're more likely to keep it for longer as well. So, more than any other type of club I feel like putters are the most likely to have the widest range of ages. Also, there are so many different and unique putter designs I feel like the variety will also be very interesting. This post is to list your top 3 favorite putters of all time. They can be any type of putters: blade, mallet, steel, wooden, etc. Feel free to include a description of why it's your favorite and/or some pics. My top 3 putters: Epon I-33 (2nd Gen) Seven Type-SH (1st run blank sole version) SeeMore - Nashville Studio Series - Tour FGPss Epon I-33 (2nd Gen) - love everything about this putter: the shape, the balance @ 33 1/4", the look of the mirror blank sole, the face milling, the sweet feel of milled S20C, etc. I bought this putter from one of the many great forum members on here and it hasn't left my bag since I got it. Seven Type-SH - this is a great putter. The SM490A material that it's made from has a super unique feel to it, and combined with the super deep face mill pattern it feels very nice. It's solid but not harsh and soft but not mushy. The lines and angles of the head frame the ball very nicely and make it very easy to aim. I'm also a big fan of its shorter heel to toe length, I don't like big putter heads. SeeMore Nashville Studio Tour FGPss - if I could get this putter head to be heavy enough to reach an ideal swing weight at 33" then this would definitely be my ultimate go-to putter. I've always been a big fan of the SeeMore "hide the red dot" concept, I'm not going to claim that it's some revolutionary design feature but I just know that it works very well for me and allows me to be very comfortable over putts of any length. When I use this putter I tend to hit my intended line very consistently. The only issue for me is that it's I think only around a 235-240g head because it's designed to be used at 35", so since I use it at 33" I have a more difficult time controlling distance because the putter head is still a bit too light despite all the lead tape I've applied. I need to add lead into the tip I just haven't gotten around to it yet. Honorable mentions: Piretti Cortino 2 Rev2.0 Yamada Milled Borzov Piretti Cortino 2 Rev2.0 - this is a great putter. It's milled from a very nice feeling 11L17 carbon steel with a moderately deep milled face. It's a hair longer heel to toe than what I typically prefer, but the overall shape is so nice it truly doesn't faze me. I also very much like it's only 1/2-3/4 shaft offset as opposed to a whole shaft offset. Yamada Milled Borzov - this is a very interesting putter design. The shape is different for me because I usually prefer blade style putters since I don't aim mallets well. I really like this though because 1. the carbon steel that Yamada uses to make his putter heads feels phenomenal; 2. the head weight creates perfect balance with a 33" putter; 3. the way the weight is distributed facilitates a very smooth straight back and straight through stroke.
  2. I know DOCUS has made high quality products for a while, but for whatever reason the aesthetics of their clubs never really appealed to me. This has changed as of the release of the new Limited Edition MB, CB and wedge. These clubs look awesome. Here we have the Haraken Docus Japan Forged Limited Edition series featuring forged MB irons, forged CB irons and forged wedges. Docus Japan Forged MB Iron – Limited Edition – The MB iron is a muscle back made of S15C carbon steel. Contrary to its compact and sharp looks, it pursues both distance and forgiveness at a very high level. By taking off some weight from the top section of the back, it is designed to lower the CG location for easier launch of the ball. These beauties are made In Japan. Docus Japan Forged CB Iron – Limited Edition – The CB iron is a forged cavity back designed for easy distance. It is a mid-size cavity back design made of SS400 forged carbon steel. In spite of the slightly larger head size, the overall profile appears to be sharp thanks to the unique neck shape. Docus Japan Forged Wedge – Limited Edition – The wedge is made of S15C carbon steel and designed to keep the ball on the face a fraction longer, which helps generate excellent spin performance. It directly inherits the shape and design of one of its most popular predecessors, the DOCUS 701 wedge. The semi-straight hosel with minimum offset should allow for very high consistency on approach shots from around the greens. I really really like the looks of all three of these new clubs. I like that they don't use any paintfill, I like that the materials are s15c and SS400 just like my Seven x Shinagawa irons and ST wedges, and I absolutely LOVE the very compact look of the MB. At first glance these look like special clubs.
  3. Wow that is impressive, WD40 who woulda thought. We use naphtha at the shop to clean our grips, that also works well.
  4. The MP20’s are definitely not a small MB, they’re probably a little bigger than your FH900’s. There are lots of models you can find with a size that’s between a baby blade and an MP20
  5. Welcome! If you’re looking for recommendations for other irons you could try similar to the FH900’s I think you came to the right place, lots of members on here who’ve tried tons of JDM gear and are happy to give recommendations. If you’re looking for irons similar to the baby blades/mini blade i think that might be tough to find tho, at least from more modern models. Not many still produce those super small and super pure style heads anymore. Love to have a whole set of those Fuji mini blades tho, that’d be sweet
  6. Yonex Ti Hybrid MB iron is supposedly a very playable muscle back (says TC Forged on the head)
  7. Stumbled across this interesting looking driver. Astro Tour V-IV, the fourth version of this very popular model. I haven't been able to find much information on it, but it seems to still have an SP700 face and 6-4Ti body like the previous version; however, I think I remember hearing that the last manufacturer of real SP700 closed its doors a while back, so I'm unsure about that. The overall shape and general idea of this head also don't seem like they've change much from the previous iteration. Would love to find some more info to see what improvements there might be over the previous model.
  8. I am in on wanting to try all three of these shafts.. especially the TourAD XC. I veeeery much prefer a more stable tip and mid section so this is the type of shaft of which I'm always looking for more. I am already a big fan of GD's more stable tip models, ie. M9003 & P9003, GP, BB, and of course the DI, so I expect I will also like the XC. The Diamana white board models are a different story.. some of them I have really liked, for some I haven't had such a high opinion. I'm always excited to try out a new one and this one is no different
  9. Nob - is the MP Craft that I listed and pictured in the first post also the 2014 model that you're referring to? I do not actually know which season's model mine is
  10. You misunderstand the purpose of this thread. The concept of a forum like this is to provide an outlet for people with similar interests to have discussions and exchange information; the concept behind this thread is the same, to foster enjoyable discussion and provide info for anyone who's interested. I thought the idea of this thread was described pretty succinctly in the first post, but I can restate.. The idea here is NOT for posters to list three drivers that they recommend for everyone who is going to read this thread. When I make a club recommendation for anyone it is an individual suggestion for that specific person and is based solely on their specific golf game; I do not make blanket judgements and recommendations for all golfers based only on what I like. My idea in starting this thread was simply that I am curious to see what the age spread will be like (0-5yrs old vs. 6-10yrs vs. 11yrs +) for lots of golfers' top 3 drivers. A secondary benefit to this thread is that anyone who is interested in the opinions of people who've tried lots of different JDM gear can get info on clubs that they might possibly be interested in, but do not necessarily want to drop the money on to purchase. I can't speak for anyone else, but I researched lots of opinions on the JDM clubs that I was interested in on here before I bought them; I found those opinions very helpful. So, to be clear for anyone else who might have also had the same misconception about this thread.. in no way does the original post suggest that anybody should list any sort of club recommendations. This is not for members to make blind club suggestions for others based on their own opinions. This is simply a thread to share different peoples' opinions on their favorite drivers.
  11. The sole isn't great but I've seen worse. I do like the look at address and the shape in general, though. Somebody is going to have to try it out and let everyone know!
  12. A constant topic of conversation among gear heads is that of old gear vs. new gear.. which is better, the newest and latest/greatest technology or the older reliable design features that have withstood the test of time? Arguments can be made to support both sides, but that's not what this post is about. This idea led me to wonder.. if lots of golfers listed their top 3 drivers of all time, what would the spread of ages be like (ie. less than 5yrs old vs. 5-10yrs old vs. 11yrs old +)? This is a post to list your top 3 drivers of all time. They can be your favorites for any reason. Throw in a quick description of why they're your favorites and/or add pics if you'd like. My top 3 drivers: J-Beam ZY-11 (White) 11° with GD TourAD BB-6x Honma TW727 455 10.5° with GD TourAD M9003-6x Epon AF-105 10.5° with GD TourAD GP-6x J-Beam ZY-11 - Very unique driver. The first thing that caught my eye immediately was the way the face looks from the address position. It has a very unique upside-down triangle sort of shape, very deep. For whatever reason, this strange shape of the leading edge with its sharp angles frames the ball very well for my eye, makes me feel very comfortable over the ball. Also, the factory foamed head plus J-Beam's special titanium face material make this very pleasant feeling and sounding. I use this head in a higher loft (11°) combined with a lower launching (high kick) shaft and find that I get plenty of distance with great accuracy and control; this combo gives me ideal launch ballistic and good positive attack angle. Honma TW727 455 - Very different from the ZY-11, totally different head shape/material/feel/sound. And yet, I like this driver for all the same reasons that I like the ZY-11, despite them being so different in all those ways. The face shape is very round at the leading edge and is much more shallow, but I still find it very easy to return to the ball with consistency and accuracy. It is an Endo forged titanium face and feels and sounds very nice. Epon AF-105 - Honestly, can't say for sure exactly what it is about this driver that I like so much, aside from that it is a great performer. Obviously, Endo forged. Two types of titanium used to create its nice sized face, very solid sound and feel. Head is 460cc but without an overly large profile because of its deep face and high back. In general, there's nothing about it that I don't like. All I know is that when I address with this driver I feel like I can demolish the ball. Honorable mentions: Grandista RS-001 10° with GD TourAD GP-6x Mizuno MP-Craft 9.5° with Aldila Rogue I/O Tour 60x Grandista RS-001 - DAT55G face, one of the best. Another very appealing 460cc shape. Carbon fiber crown. As much a point-and-shoot driver as one can be. Mizuno MP Craft - Endo forged SP700 face. Yoro craft design. Excellent head.
  13. hmmmm that is a good point, I too frequently note how much more I prefer club models from previous years over newer ones.. gives me an idea for some posts that could wind up being very interesting.
  14. pictures aren't showing up.. at least not in my browser.
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