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  1. I have the means to compare these type of things with some very low cappers and the newest clubs and a Trackman, I’m a club tech for one of the big USDM dealers. I’m going to do some comparisons of the new USDM gear and my JDM gear for my own knowledge, could take some pics and make a post afterward if there’s interest.
  2. That is a beauty.. do you find the head to be a little light for a 33.5”? Also I’d love to hear your opinion about the smooth face vs a milled one. I’m not sure how much you spent but would you be considering any offers <$500?
  3. I second that.. since there are never any comparisons of the new USDM gear vs any JDM gear, I’m going to start comparing them myself in our launch monitor with my own clubs vs the new demo USDM gear at my shop
  4. I’ve never played the 125s but I have a set of Shinagawa’s with the K’s Tour X’s and I love them. They are definitely one of the most stout shafts you can find, a lot of people will describe them as boardy and people who’ve hit mine have commented on the stiffness. Although, in my experience and the people who’ve hit my irons, if you put a good firm swing on your irons then you’ll still get excellent launch and dead straight ball flight despite how stiff if feels. I have a reeeally high ball flight especially with my irons so I’ve been searching for the lowest launching shaft possible, and this is so far one of my favorites
  5. We appreciate it Nob, it’s not your fault it’s just how those trolls do things on the internet these days. I don’t even understand it because they might thinks it’s free marketing or something but it’s actually just extremely annoying, I’m less likely to buy anything they’re peddling if I see something like that on here. I hope it’s possible to revoke those accounts
  6. seriously this is getting old fast, almost the entire first page of this is filled with that crap
  7. I have a brand new 20* AF-903 with a tour issue Matrix Ozik hM3 105-X shaft if you're interested. let me know and I'll send pics
  8. Excellent info, thanks for the reply. I probably should have paid closer attention to the 101 info and realized it’s not actually out yet. The 301 and 501 both sound like really nice clubs, very good additions to the Miura lineup. I like when there are practical and noticeable differences with new models and not just subtle changes to traditional blade or CB designs, it definitely makes for a more complete lineup that caters to all different types of players. Sounds like these new Miura designs are definitely on par with traditional Miura quality, love it. For the 301.. what does it’s size and shape look like? I had a hard time determining just based on its pics. Is it compact with minimal offset, or more of a mid sized CB with moderate offset? I am definitely into the very forgiving forged head (could be a wonderful 3 and 4 iron in a combo set), and if it’s size and shape are compatible with more compact CBs with minimal offset then it seems like that model in particular is a home run for the Miura boys.
  9. gregoire56

    CHEAP nike heads

    Wow I’ve never even heard of that Xenon brand, it looks like a sweet putter though so I’ve gotta check that out
  10. gregoire56

    CHEAP nike heads

    Whooa what putter head did you put that shaft on?? That looks sweet
  11. Who’s got the skinny on the new Miura iron models? 101, 301, 501.. I haven’t had the opportunity to personally try any of these, and have heard bits and pieces of opinions and info here and there, but they all look nice (love the minimal stamping) so I’m wondering who’s tried them and how they perform? As good as previous generation Miura designs??
  12. gregoire56

    CHEAP nike heads

    What kind of shafts did they have? Just curious
  13. Agreed, they are great. Which face is the 61, what kinda shape is it in?
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