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  1. SOLD! many thanks TSG
  2. ...and also jBEAM, Romaro?
  3. Matrix Ozik hm3 black tie 105x hybrid shaft with laser etched tour serial number, cpm 285, raw uncut
  4. When I odered mine from TSG I just chose the shaft upgrade option for TouAD DI hybrid shaft, requested the 85X model at normal length and D4-D5.. my home clubmaker measured it to exactly D4.5. Point being there was no upcharge or custom balancing fee or anything so if you order thru TSG and provide as much relevant club build info as you can then they'll make exactly what you need every time and do a beautiful job
  5. if you like the Crazy Full Titan and Modart MA01F, then (if it's still available) I cast my vote for a Grandista RS-F 3w + 5w combo. Same material and very similar design as the Full Titan, but its a tad more compact and very hittable off the turf like MA01F. I use a 15* RS-F wood and 19* MA01H hybrid combo instead of a 5w, and for me that pairing is the definition of perfection. But I've also given serious consideration to an 18* RS-F wood though, and the only real reason I can identify that I haven't tried it is the loft gapping of 15* & 19* that I have is spot-on perfect for my set, it's perfect 4* loft gaps for almost every club in my bag from driver thru LW
  6. agreed very nice, also pretty cool you were able to get a set so long before they come out. GLWS
  7. no interest? are prices too high?
  8. I think the wedges JP is making for Titleist are 100% milled, but they're also not a one-piece design I don't think
  9. I think the forged looks WAY better at address
  10. I've never seen these before either, very cool indeed. prob really easy to hit. Roddio does seem to go very high quality when they decide to produce a certain club (not to say that their shafts aren't, because I've heard they're also great), it's like you can't go wrong when buying heads with their name on it. I've seen a few really cool mb's made by Zodia and Miura for them which look amazing, and their woods and hybrids are cool looking too. never tried anything by this brand though so no personal experience whatsoever, opinion simply based on looks alone
  11. never owned a set or epon iron (unfortunately) but would love a poll for best feeling endo wedges as I can actually contribute to that and would be interested to see the results
  12. beautiful, I thought there are other fully milled wedges out there though
  13. ...also accepting offers
  14. beauties! iron head looks great, i'm assuming minimal offset, would love a size comparison. did they go back to forging the wedges? if so those are primo
  15. Selling a few JDM classic wedges: -Brand new PRGR iD nabla Tour 56* wedge: Type-H "Tanihara model", 8* bounce; std l/l/l; shafted with DG S200; PRGR Tour Velvet grip; slip of authenticity with serial num. this head is penultimate example of premium Endo forging and design. $145 shipped anywhere w/in US SOLD -PRGR iD nabla Tour 60* wedge: Type-H "Tanihara model", 8* bounce; std l/l/l; shafted with DG S200; PRGR Tour Velvet grip *This head was professionally bent from 58/6 to 60/8* $120 shipped w/in US SOLD -VEGA V-Wedge VW-102 52* - one of the best wedges ever to come out of Kyoei, in my opinion. from back before Vega sold and was still Kyoei's premium brand.. originally 51* professional bend to 52* professional custom grind to reduce bounce and create smoother turf interaction; std l/l/l; shafted with DG S300; red Elite grip. mint condition, almost new. $110 shipped w/in US SOLD