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  1. Honma TW727/TW737 much difference?

    I'd probably actually consider the 737s a slight downgrade, considering the faces of most 727 drivers were Endo forged. However, I do like the 737c wood in comparison to the 727 wood, but I'd take a 717 wood over either of them any day in my opinion
  2. WTB S-Yard Bold 56*

    looking for an S-Yard Bold 56* wedge, with the caveat that it's in really good condition. it can be head only or full wedge. I'm looking for one to replace the one I already have since the other two in that set are still basically brand new, but the 56* got more use for a while and isn't in as good shape, but is still very playable. so I'm only looking for one in better condition than the one I have which I'd say is still prob like an 8ish/10
  3. Bulk stuff pics up more gear

    that Epon bag is gorgeous.. I do not think I'll ever have the disposable funds to purchase it but I very much wish I could or I would in a heartbeat hah GLWS
  4. Quietly waiting for the release of this!

    Looks pretty cool, although I like the look of the regular LS-001 more.. but I'll always bow to the knowledge of the Grandista guys because I absolutely love their gear. The RS-001 and RS-F are both a couple of my favorites in each of their categories, love every single thing about them including distance and control
  5. Putting Aids

    ya i actually game my SeeMore TourFGP a lot, especially when I'm having putting problems. that's one club i'll never ever let go of
  6. Putting Aids

    I don't want to advertise for other companies on here.. but SeeMore has a great putter aid for alignment (which is their specialty) and getting the ball rolling along your desired line: http://www.seemore.com/accessories/triangulator.html I have one, and if you take the time to go to the green and practice it's a fantastic accessory to have, and for only $10
  7. Tyson Lamb

    +1.. I prefer Chris' bias for the most part since it makes for more interesting and informative reading. Must be nice to have such great 20/20 hindsight to bash him for something like Itobori; I've read some similarly revealing things about Honma but they seem to retain a pretty good relationship. This site is like 20 years old, how many fly-by brands has he probably seen during that time? Sorry to hear you went and bought a set of itobori irons right after the original marketing blog post then found out later they weren't as great as was originally claimed, but that makes you salty not Chris a liar. I'm actually pretty appreciative of being able to come on here and find info i most likely won't get anywhere else, and can sympathize that some of this info most likely took some time to determine since I also do not learn by osmosis. With regard to hyping Benock and SEVEN, I have found zero information anywhere that leads me to doubt any of what he's said about these brands and i've done my homework, totally different than itobori, and I wasn't around on here during the Scratch/Epon days but both of those companies have obviously undergone serious changes over time, so what was once said about them may no longer be true after such changes and for someone to hold him accountable NOW for what was written/said BEFORE those changes.. it's hard for me to comprehend that kind of illogical thinking
  8. Miura MC-501 / IC-601 / MG-S01 Tour

    ...also CB57, even tho that wasn't a Miura Giken model

    ugh I want a set so badly.. only irons I would swap my current ones for
  10. Miura MC-501 / IC-601 / MG-S01 Tour

    the wedge looks great so for the MC-501 it sounds like they'll be pretty much like a version of the 5005 that's a little easier to hit because of the 21g of extra weight in the sole due to its width? if so then despite their goofy look they could turn out to be a performer. will love to see if these make it into any of the iron comparison articles from like GolfWRX since Miura was bought or rebranded or whatever also, is the IC-601 supposed to be like a T-MB or something?
  11. Vega RAD-04 head only

    any offers for driver head?
  12. SOLD

    wow that's a tough choice.. AF-Tour CB's with Monacos or 1008's with Shimada Tours? I tend to prefer one-piece heads so I'd keep AF-Tour, but the 1008 is obviously a top-notch iron. Good luck with that decision hah
  13. Benock Patnaleone putter $300 + shipping

    I'd love to see what this putter looks like at address
  14. SOLD

    beauties.. just gorgeous