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  1. PRGR Egg Fairway Woods

    Sorry about that. Talking about the new 2017 model. I see they added back the crown to them compared to the 2015 and previous models. Cant figure out why.
  2. VG3 Driver

    The VG3 irons look similar to the last model. I know its early but are there any Japanese Magazines or Blogs out now that discuss the differences between the old and new models?
  3. VG3 Driver

    Titleist JP website has been updated with all the VG3 offerings for 2018!
  4. VG3 Driver

    A purley wild and crazy guess....If you look at the background on the website for the add, "What is Cheetah Technology," it shows round circles that appear to be hollow. Perhaps something to do with increased clubhead speed incorperated into the driverhead somehow.....
  5. VG3 Driver

    Me too. I have had both the 2014 and 2016 iron models. Completely different feel. Wonder what they will do with the 2018 model!
  6. VG3 Driver

    Wow....I am curious and excited as well. Usually, the VG3 clubs are announced right before the Japan Golf Fair in February. I think its early for them to do it in November.
  7. Completely agree..... you need to like the head and shape of the driver first. For me, I don't like a driver that has a high back end. I am more of a sloping down back end (ie Ping, VG3). I will always choose that first, then I try to find a shaft to match. If someone says this is the "best driver ever", if it does not meet my aesthetic requirements, I wont even consider it.
  8. With recent posts regarding the above, I am wondering if some shafts perform better with certain drivers or is it just a combination based upon your physical skills.
  9. Driver plus right fitting shaft equal performance and distance. As much as I like certain drivers, I am always seeking the perfect shaft to match. I think its an endless search but I keep looking!!!!
  10. Lighter golf shafts

    How about light steel shafts for irons. Anything lighter than NSPro750 in steel?
  11. I think for the smooth swinger whose swing speed is in the 80's and perhaps 90's, light shafts can be of benefit.
  12. Brief Intro on the new Egg 2017 Series

    Any early reviews on these?
  13. For those of you that have access to many types of Japan only irons, I am curious to know what other irons are similar to the head size of the XXIO forged irons. I have seen the XXIO irons and find the head size (which are oversized compared to my VG3 irons) to my liking. Thanks.
  14. JBeam Bullet?

    Would love to see more pictures of the Driver especially the back end of it.