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  1. I just noticed these irons in the pro shop dating back to 2017. I guess these are not as new as I thought.
  2. I noticed on the Mizuno Japan Website the "Pro Series" set of irons in different varieties. Anyone can tell me about these irons? I am assuming these are a Japan only product.
  3. J. Beam offers its own shafts on its website. Can anyone tell me which shafts are designed for which clubs? (ie Shafts for Drivers, Shafts for Fairway woods, etc) or are the shaft offerings for any type of clubs it offers?
  4. If I remember correctly, years ago, Porsche had its own line of clubs as well.
  5. Anyone play these new irons from Honma? Very strong lofts. I play Titleist VG3 irons and would be interested in any comparison with head size, top line thickness, etc. I know these Honma irons are the cast but starting to look for something that may be easier to hit. Thanks.
  6. As another aside, I am interested to find a Hybrid in a 15 degree or stronger loft. Do they exist?
  7. quick question......are the head size of these irons similar to the XXIO Forged which are oversized or more similar to the Titleist VG3 irons which I consider average size?
  8. Anyone play this? I am intrigued by the 3 hybrid/fairway club at 15 degrees. Size of head appears to be between a hybrid and fairway wood. I am looking for a 15 degree hybrid and don't seem that they are made?
  9. Sorry about that. Talking about the new 2017 model. I see they added back the crown to them compared to the 2015 and previous models. Cant figure out why.
  10. The VG3 irons look similar to the last model. I know its early but are there any Japanese Magazines or Blogs out now that discuss the differences between the old and new models?
  11. Titleist JP website has been updated with all the VG3 offerings for 2018!
  12. A purley wild and crazy guess....If you look at the background on the website for the add, "What is Cheetah Technology," it shows round circles that appear to be hollow. Perhaps something to do with increased clubhead speed incorperated into the driverhead somehow.....
  13. Me too. I have had both the 2014 and 2016 iron models. Completely different feel. Wonder what they will do with the 2018 model!
  14. Wow....I am curious and excited as well. Usually, the VG3 clubs are announced right before the Japan Golf Fair in February. I think its early for them to do it in November.
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