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  1. I have 3 full sets of clubs that play great and I can't do this one, but watching this one makes me cry. Please someone do yself a favour on these. They are gorgeous and lotsa guys here could play these.
  2. .....340 yards into the creek unfortunately for Ricky......
  3. Yup. Have watched him play with this thing up close a couple of times. The smallest wear spot on the face of a driver I have ever seen. The guy does not miss the sweet spot very often....
  4. daamartin


    Get em. There great!
  5. Oooh yeah I had a chip around with those Mr Lam. Very nice!
  6. ....water doped with autologous stem cells which reverse the aging process....
  7. Just building a new set. These look great!
  8. DG S200 no issues apart from (very) occasional too much spin. Have tried others but these suit me. New wedge builds have Tourstage Tour Design TDI-03 carbon. 80t carbon 104g beasts made in same era as the legendary Tour Design (Graphite Design) P9003. Very hard to find these days. I get more height and less spin (see above), so with same wedge heads this is a fun experiment.
  9. The blades do look nice. Lofts not too jacked up either and plenty of meat behind the "happy place"
  10. I am also having a set of irons built right now, combination of (best of) new and old. Have hit the 4 iron already and.....wow! Will post when ready but think GD P9003 and irons....
  11. And you hit them very well too KL. HCP coming down fast!
  12. Yeah hit this Kamui tonight. Very very solid but nothing different in flight and distance to my Jbeam 425 10.5*/ Roddio combo. I like the feel and face profile of the Jbeam better and it's a bit tighter shaft (soft X), but could happily play the Kamui. For ref I swing at about 105 mph these days. Kamui would be a great head on a wide open course if you wanted to go apesh*t though!!!! That setup should suit a lot of punters too. Should sell fast at this silly price. Also hit the Yamaha/ Quadra Proto F4 against them. That is definitely my "soul driver" and that shaft is ME! If anyone has one i
  13. Thx H, and I got to see and hit the unicornerous coppery personals and modarts. Someone got some nice wedges for late Xmas....mmmmmm
  14. daamartin


    PS Yamaha MUST make a new version of these, preferably raw again.....
  15. daamartin


    Hmmmm ur right. Plenty time to work it all out. Thx D
  16. daamartin


    Stu I'll take the 60*. Will be in Tokyo in early May and could even collect then. Might bring my clubs!!! Easily my favorite wedges ever. If you have not tried then do yself a favour.
  17. For mine, PRGR TR500 Are you after blades or cavities?
  18. Onoff Type S 21* with the right shaft. I find this thing very versatile and easy from lots of lies. Pick a shaft around 10g lighter than your 5 iron. If you go too light it's harder to choke down and improvise.
  19. Peas or carrots? Both please.....and where's the potato by the way?
  20. daamartin


    Oh man. So much nice gear around, including THESE! Glws Stu
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