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  1. Thanks for feedback. What is the difference between the Galpha and Galpha Platina on the JBeam website?
  2. Guys any update on distance between Galpha and 435 blackout if anyone has any info. Can find info on feel but not much on distance regarding Galpha.
  3. Hi any update regarding Cadero grips and availability in pro shop. Thanks, Eddie
  4. Still got the 425 Stew and love it. Last week I did shaft the CB50 I got off u late last year and fitted it with the Syard head. Took it out on Saturday and was hit with strong winds and torrential rain. This is one long combo and it was very wet. The head and shaft seemed like the perfect fit. Will be carrying the two drivers in the bag depending on the hole.
  5. Does anyone know when we could expect new irons to go with the new wedge and driver???
  6. Just put a crazy CB50 8.2 into my S Yard and had a quick hit after work. Feels great and excited about the distance. Good flight and as a lot of people have said big time roll
  7. Cheers Stew. Perfect especially for chipping around the green, 10 to 15 out. I have become more aggressive now since I am getting more check around the green. I used to use a lob wedge around the green but now use the 52 unless I have to play a flop.I am sure my technique is better but these have definitely helped. Getting a few up and downs when u have missed the green really help the score which is something I rarely did before I got these. I did have to adjust the lie (flatter) when I got these as I kept hitting it left.
  8. I have had the crazy wedges for 2 months now and they are fantastic. I have become more consistent and confident on my approach shots. It took me a while to get used to as these had more bounce then my previous combo but after two weeks of practice could not be happier. My chipping has really improved and I have dropped seven shots in the last six weeks. Its helped that I have been on holidays but could not recommend these wedges more.
  9. Hi, just wondering if anyone has any feedback on the Kyoei Zestaim grind II or the Aloha version. Looking for a 52 and 58 head and like the look of these. Any info would be appreciated cheers Ed
  10. Anyone know when the crazy version of this is coming out. Thanks, ed
  11. Could anyone give me information on the gold factory cavity back irons in terms of performance. How would they compare to my current set of irons which are the 901 Beres. I just feel that the Beres are very solid and the softness which should accompany an iron at this price range is lacking. Any info would be much appreciated
  12. what ball park are we looking at for this option
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