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  1. I agree with Sup, find a head you like and maybe a shaft that works, try some newer stuff and you’ll eventually realise there is nothing that’s going to make you a better player. I’m still playing an Epon AF102 head with an original crazy longest heard shaft, can’t find anything better, maybe it’s just familiarity. but I keep looking…….
  2. Also the DB proto wedges were a long term mainstay of the bag……doubt these will be re offered but there’s hope
  3. Over the years I’ve always relied on RC fairways, indeed still have a rescue in the bag, so it was always with sadness that i viewed the co.s decline, but now they’re back……. they’re sporting every bell and whistle modern technology can offer…..carbon crowns, adjustability and ti bodies and it all looks fab but…… I still hanker and love maraging steel faced fairways.. maybe I should just get one to see if they still have the magic…..
  4. Whilst I didn’t attend the fair I gotta say that the new PRGR irons gave me a little bit of ‘tenting’. also the Miura CB302 caused a little stiff flexing….. my Epon 302s are getting pretty long in the tooth and 2023 will be the year of new irons pour moi. what about you?,….what’s on your horizon before the season really gets going.?
  5. Always good to see new Epon offerings…….the driver looks worthy of closer examination too
  6. Ps sorry about the creepy emoti……
  7. No experience of graphite shafts in irons but am a big fan of graphite design shafts in general. happy Christmas to you too ☃️❄️🍷🌲
  8. Couple of years ago now….. co. Closed the DC office and I didn’t want to move to Houston and a few family issues brought me back.
  9. Yeah, I was talking about Fourteen specifically, that they don’t have a European distributor…..tried the US who supposedly can supply Europe but their online store doesn’t work for me. So yes can use Buyee etc. but the resultant delays in shipping plus the ridiculous import fees make it hard to swallow. so is difficult but not impossible.👍
  10. Thanks for filling in the gaps……. The RM-W will be tricky to obtain here in The UK but I’ll do my best to track them down.
  11. I’ve always had a soft spot(centre of the face😀)….for Fourteen wedges, looks and feel always offer me what I want in a wedge, maybe different grinds are somewhat less compared to other brands but they are enough for me. also seem to offer good value compared to some…… and now they seem to be releasing 2 new models according to the JP website, the RM-W that I think maybe a raw offering?, not sure and my Japanese is not good enough to understand and and the other looks like it could be a replacement for the RM-4, called the RM-alpha. If anyone can expand this inf
  12. I think LAGOLF were supposed to be producing an over-the-hosel version of their shaft. That would surely look better than an adaptor.
  13. Still have those RC 52/58 dent back wedges……they’re still great. Although not currently in the bag. I too regret selling a golds ‘…….tiger tribute’ selling regrets …same as purchasing regrets although harder to rectify….
  14. For many years my go to 3 wood was a Sonartec SS something or other. The A grind replaced this and I’m really happy with looks and feel just not totally sure about Matt finish crown but all in all it’s a very solid. Performer.
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