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  1. Nobody can afford Nirvana right now?
  2. Bare with me as I try and figure out getting these photo's in... ALL PUTTERS LISTED ARE 33" IN LENGTH. Pricing includes Shipping Gold's - Hand Made - Red Lettering. This is the Putter that started the PZ milling many years ago. This is the 1st Putter with PZ milling made. Was the brain child in collaboration with myself, Chris, Tario and Sasaya. I had this out for about 10 rounds before having another one made almost identical to it, just a different finish and the stampings (my initials). STILL my gamer 12 years later. Stu has putt with it and will tell you the feel and performance is off the charts if this is your style of putter. 9/10 condition $1200.00 Golds 5of5Blue Lettering. Many years ago a special run of 5 putters were made. They were all slightly different. I sent this one back to Gold's and had the beach cut and additional weights added. I have only Putt with this Putter on the carpet. Nice and heavy and feels sensational. 9.5/10 condition $1200.00 Gold's Sound Box - Red Dot. Unique putter that emits a different sound depending on where you strike it. No, not overly loud just noticeable. Feel and performance are what you would expect from a Gold's Factory Putter. (Big) IF I remember correctly is weighs 350g's Super solid putter that would make a great gamer especially for the price. Believe me when I tell you it sold for much more than my selling price. 9.5/10 condition SOLD EPON.... having a brain cramp, can't remember the name of this guy lol. Pictures tell the story. Original headcover. 9.5/10 condition $700 LMK if you have any questions via PM or in this thread. Yes, I'll regret selling any and all of them but.... time for these Putters to live the life they were made for. I'm downsizing. Many more items to follow. Thanks everyone. - now lets hope I can get Photo's to load correctly. If they don't (3 each) shoot me your email and I'll send more. Pics- group of 5 - top left putter - middle and bottom putter on right side. group of 3 - top and middle putters Last group of 5 remove bottom putters on each side. Sorry guys, never had this much of a problem loading pics before. OKAY - same folder but only about half of the pictures load.... wtf have tried everything. If you are interested you're going to have to shoot me your email so I can send you pics. Microsoft downloaded a new Photo's update that I can't figure out. Actually kind of pissed off....
  3. https://www.tourspecgolf.com/kamui-works-km-200-air-driver-head-only.html Kamui Works KM-200 Air Driver Head Only 9.5* loft - 60* lie - NON Conforming 9/10 condition $350 Shipped US - $375 outside US I have tried 3 times now to load the pic of the bottom and it keeps failing. Would be happy to send it to your email. Thanks Stay tuned... have ALOT of good stuff coming including P3's - Pro Preference blades - Gold's Putters - IDBL's etc.
  4. I have these same irons in satin. Besides being unique, these perform and feel as good as any iron out there. Obviously nobody knows that or they would be long gone. They are worth every dime of the original offer.
  5. Makes me wish I didn't already own a set. I'd scoop these up so fast they'd be in my bag already. Not sure why these are still here...
  6. The BST will be flooded with these before too long. All 10 of them that were sold. lol
  7. I could only wish. I'd be happy with 160 which is 10yards past my current 7 iron. Can't wait for the reviews to come in.
  8. Easy to see why they sold out so quickly. They seem like they are going to bring the CB and the GI player together.
  9. One "N" http://benockputter.com/about-benock-putter/
  10. I'm sorry, but I have never seen anything so horrible in my life. ... and I've seen some ugly stuff.
  11. I most certainly see a problem here..... Trying to figure out which set to play. Considered playing them as a combo set for a couple of rounds?
  12. I've tried almost every 3 FW out there and finally quit carrying a 3 FW.... until this came along. What a weapon.
  13. Their clubs along with the rest of JDM clubs should be less. The Yen is considerably weaker. IF costs to produce were the same and they sold for the same.... they should be be close to 30% less US just for this reason alone.
  14. With more buttons.... But i agree. Until the average Golfer is able to repeat his swing, which he's not, these adjustments only make it more difficult to dial a driver in. Players think they can adjust a driver to make up for their lousy non repeatable swing. Money spent on lessons would go a lot farther.
  15. Hate to admit it....I don't know why.... maybe the name?? but that is one sharp FW. Now if the lie angles just aren't too upright... (for me)
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