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  1. Jbeam G-801 9.75deg / 1 deg open FA / 206g + weight kit + unused head cover Condition is 9/10. Bought and tried earlier this spring , but I am doing better with USDM drivers at the moment and this head needs to go. $350 OBO + actual shipping Epon AF-505 #4 and #5 head only Condition is 9/10 Used it with the SUS316 iron since I could not hit the 4&5 out of the set very well. 🙂 As a bonus, I will include Epon Iron covers 4-PW (faux carbon fiber) and a visor ($100+ just for these) $300 OBO + actual shipping
  2. I sell my Jbeam Glorious Driver, 10.5 loft SR flex standard shaft - 45.5" - Iomic X-Evolution Black Grip Price 400 US Dollars
  3. A Jbeam titanium 3-wood in great shape. If you want to hit high draws this may very well be the answer to your calling. I like hitting the ball both ways and this 3-wood is a bit too draw biased for my taste. Long and high launching. The Kuro Kage Proto TiNi is an exceptional shaft with great feel and control and yet the highest ball speeds I've seen. This shaft is 5-wood length for added control. An $800 combo in excellent condition for sale at $280 $199!
  4. shacco


    Really feel like trying the new Maxima. Might have been one of the few that actually liked the old Maxima. So the JBeam needs to go. I hope I won't regret it because I couldn't find anything better including its successor ZY-7. Specs: White head, 10* loft, square face angle, bought it with 200 gr head weight but installed heavier weight screws, but I can't really remember how much. I believe it is currently around 203gr. But I do have some lighter weights somewhere that I could include if I find them. Very good condition. Some minor brush marks on the sole from normal play and some minor marks on the face. I'll let the pics do the talking. Currently still shafted with a Fujikura Speeder Evolution II 661 stiff. 45" at D2 SW. Was thinking about keeping the shaft but if I get a decent offer for the whole club, I would think about selling it as a whole. Sold
  5. Just recently got this but it didn't work out the way I wanted. I think I am not even gonna start tinkering with this. My ZY-11 is so reliable and I really should stop looking any further. Here are the specs: 10* loft, square FA, D2ish SW at just under 45" with the Crazy Regenesis CB80 LS in stiff with a new red Elite TD50S grip. Should be a bomber in the proper hands. Prefer not to break it up. There is a small scratch on the sole in the back on the toe side. SOLD
  6. Selling an extremely good condition JBeam Yamazaki ZY-11 white head. Here are the specs: 198gm 10deg, Square face Original head cover Selling for SOLD PP gitfted shipped anywhere Interested please do drop me a text Cheers RS
  7. Have a Crazy CRZ-435 Limited Edition head. Beautiful head just didn't work for me. Absolutely mint condition with the head cover included. I believe these are sold out. 10* loft, square face angle. As nothing sells at the moment, I am not even gonna try. Looking to trade this. I would be interested in: - new Ryoma Maxima (preferably type V) - JBeam ZY-7 - new PRGR RS driver
  8. I had a fairly long range session earlier today. Below are my experiences. 1. Yururi Tataki wedges ​Among the wedges I've used (not many, just Mizuno MP-T4, Fourteen RM-21 and Yururi Tataki), Tataki is simply the very best. When I middle it, the feeling is unique, sensational and hard to describe but in my head it's like an egg heated to extremely high temperature and exploding. It's super soft and hot. The spin is ridiculous for conforming wedges. All balls stop dead after one or two hops. This set is just deadly within 100 yards. The raw black finish looks special. I made enough choji oil (pure mineral oil + 1% clove oil) to last a few years.. I routinely clean the Tatakis with it and they look gorgeous. 2. JBeam BM535 The shaft I use is Graphite Design AD-MJ 5s, 46-inch. BM535 head looks a bit narrower at address (top to bottom) than other drivers and definitely looks deep. For some reason, the shape just gives me immediate confidence. I hit it at the start of the session and every one was a high draw dead straight. The sound is solid but not loud. The launch is super easy and mid-high. I cannot be happier with it. 3. Romaro 455LX The shaft is stock RJ-TB stiff 46-inch. 455LX head looks wider than BM535 and clearly shallower. It launches the ball very high, not too high, but definitely higher than BM535. What really shocked me was the forgiveness for toe hit. I hit two shots clearly on the toes and to my astonishment, the balls went dead straight both times, just a tad lower and suffered negligible distance. This is the first time I've experienced this in a driver.
  9. Bought this JBeam 535 as head only from a very respected member on the forum a few months ago. Have not shafted it as I have now enough drivers to try. 10 degrees, square face, 197 gms, faint marks on face only otherwise is very good condition. Priced to sell - no trades. Thank you. $320 including shipping anywhere in the world. PP gifted please.
  10. Now for a real rocket launcher! The JBeam RX-FW 15.5* 3 Wood is a HOT head And when it is paired with the TRPX "X-Line/ Concept 75" Stiff shaft stand back and watch them fly! This is also in very good shape (see pics) and comes with the original headcover Cost over $675, just looking to get back some of what I paid $399 shipped in the U.S. SOLD 3 Premium Items for Sale Tonight! First up is an amazing set of Epon AF-503 irons This set goes from a 4 iron to the PW (7irons) This set is shafted with Recoil 110's in stiff These also have a new Iomic Sticky 2.3's The 4 iron was never used in a round, just a couple of times in my net at home The 4 iron has the original Iomic Grey Camo grip that is still new The 5 iron is 38" and the lofts and lies are all standard Headcovers were always used there is very little to no bag chatter SOLD!! Next is a JBeam BM-535 10* driver head This is in very good shape with a couple of light scratches on the crown that can be seen in the right light There is light normal wear on the sole Comes with the original headcover SOLD
  11. Drivers for sale. Shipping via EMS tracking. 1) 10* Crazy 435 with white La Bomba TJ46 6.9 (SR Flex) - 45.25". Includes Crazy headcover. $SOLDnett 2) 10* Kamui Nitro with TRPX 1st Messenger SR Flex - 45". Includes Unused white Kamui headcover. $SOLD nett 3) 10* Jbeam 435r with or without Stiff Matrix Ozik 5. Includes unused white Jbeam headcover. $SOLD nett Will split shipping cost with buyer. PM me with questions. Will try to post up more pictures later.
  12. -First up is a Jbeam 435 head only... 10.5* ... full disclosure ... there is a small scratch on the back of the crown... tried to capture in picture but its very faint .... COMES WITH THE WEIGHT KIT and Head Cover PICTURED SOLDD -Next up is ON OFF 2012? 3 iron with tour issued KBS tour stiff shaft and No1 Grip... ASKING $125 Shipped ConUS
  13. Selling my jBeam FX BM-FW HG 5W (18* loft) shafted with a Quadra Fire Express 55 SR. Playing length is 42,5 inch And SW is D2, I believe. Sole has usual brush marks and face has some markings. Crown is clean. No sky marks. Original head cover not included. However I will include a universal head cover. Shaft sold. Head only left. 80 Euro plus shipping.
  14. Sold jbeam, thanks L! SYard bold wedges 50&56, 50 is shafted with recoil 110 proto f4 8i shaft and was my gamer for 2/3 of a season, still in great shape, grooves good. 56 has an nsp950 stiff w muzik grip and only used for a little practice, mintyish...can reshaft w recoil proto for you for &50 extra. $270 for the pair. All prices net to me & shipped conus. Will ship intl for $40 extra as long as there's tracking. Thanks for looking!
  15. Just got this in from nobmontana this weekend. http://www.tourspecg...721#entry216721 .... JBeam FX Tour 425 10* head w/headcoversquare to slightly closed 206g used but not abused. normal marks from usage.... Crazy TJ46 8.1 43.25" looks like this set up is to stiff for me. looking to trade for a jbeam 435 with crazy shaft in something around or lower than a 7.7 or so ....ILL JUST KEEP FOR NOW ... Maybe my ss will get faster... haha looks like its about 44.5" or a little over... pictures are on nobmontana's thread but i can also post pictures too if anyone would like.
  16. Gents found two 4g weights in working condition, would love to trade for 1g or 2g weights. Cheers. Vincent
  17. Help me buy a Gold's Factory Putter Sale! 1) RYOMA MAXIMA TYPE V 10.5* with CRAZY BLACK 50 7.4 LS 45" LENGTH D2.3 SW 268 CPM SQUARE FACE ANGLE MUZIK DRY COMPOUND GRIP Purchased from member YOURPRESSED. Super carry. Good feel. Easy to hit. Just tad too high. Mint condition, some scuffing on sole but overall face, crown great condition. $775 SHIPPED $700 SHIPPED 2) MARUMAN CONDUCTOR 9.5* with GD BB7S 45" LENGTH SQUARE FACE ANGLE GOLF PRIDE PINK NIION GRIP Purchased this from Stu. You can read more about it in this thread. Has not been gamed on the course since purchasing, few range sessions (at most 50 balls hit). Same mint condition as was purchased. Goes straight and nothing else. Just did not like the feel at impact. http://www.tourspecg...__fromsearch__1 $350 SHIPPED $300 SHIPPED 3) JBEAM 425 TOUR 10.5* BLACK IP with CRAZY CB50 NOIR 7.4 45.25" LENGTH D2 SW SQUARE FACE ANGLE Golf Pride Multi Compound Purchased from member YOURPRESSED. Longest driver bar none. Just couldn't hit it consistently enough. Good condition. Only played 2 rounds and a few ranges sessions after purchasing. $425 SHIPPED SOLD 4) 2004 GAUGE DESIGN CB BLACK TEFLON 3-PW Project X 6.0 (These are the LEGIT PX's that Kim Braly designed not the newer ones that True Temper killed) 5 iron 37.75 Will need re-grip 3 and 4 iron never hit. 3 iron still in plastic. Purchased these to try the black teflon finish out. Rarely played, sat in storage. Nice muted feel at impact. Wear mostly on sole but face, topline, cavity all have held up great. Black teflon finish is pretty awesome. $450 SHIPPED $375 SHIPPED 5) PRGR EGG 2010 (2nd Gen) 15* PX-03D 3W Fairway Wood HEAD ONLY no HC Bought this off a forum member. Shafted it up with CRAZY FW80. Had to try it out and did not like it at all. Everyone raves about this model egg even over the 1st gen and HD. Condition is fair, has a nick on the back everything is the way I bought it. Hit about 15 balls with it. Head weighed in at about 208 grams. $175 SHIPPED $150 SHIPPED 6) GAUGE DESIGN PUTTER 1/100 PROTO MIRROR FINISH 34" with HC Don't know too much about this putter. I bought it years ago from TSG. Probably gamed once. Has a nice mirror finish only on face and sole. Really soft feel. $125 SHIPPED $100 SHIPPED Some other items if anyone is interested
  18. For sale is my Crazy 435 w/ Diamana X 60S has a leather BestGrips MicroPerf grip. Great club, just personal mental issues squaring larger heads and I have a bevy of other great drivers to play. Am asking for $800 plus actual shipping and fees, I have over $1200 sunk into it. Thought the price was fair, lets hear some offers. Club plays to 44.5" there is some lead tape on the hosel to bring SW to D2.5 but can use weight kit to adjust. Believe it is about very high C or super low D without tape. Loft is 10* Club face is 0.5* open Raw head weighs 200g
  19. Robb40


    What a beautiful club. I hoped to gain a little more launch with this combo but my Labomba with the black 435 is better for me. I really wanted to try the LaBomba with this white head But I cannot separate my current driver combo. I am afraid I will mess up a good thing. This club feels good to me and has a lower launch than my other combo. A black head cover is included with the 4 weight kit as well. Sorry but the white headcover is staying with me. Priced to move quick at $595 using Paypal gift. These heads are the longest I have ever seen. Head is almost mint as is the shaft. Club measures just over 45 inches.
  20. Bought this head from Tario couple month back. Jbeam FX-435 (White),Condition as new (1 round + 1 range session). Includes original white head cover (new, never used). 10.5" true loft with square face. Ordered the head at 196g, but have extra weights (factory) just in case if you want to make it heavier. SOLD
  21. I have for sale a Jbeam 425 Tour 10.5, square face. head weighs 197.9 mint. It's shafted with a Crazy Black CB-46 at 6.7 flex, plays a bit over 45" PM questions/offers $950 shipped in the conus Price drop $925 $665 head only shipped in the conus drop $650 $295 shaft only shipped in the conus drop $285
  22. Hi y'all, I hope I'm not making a mistake here but I'm really liking my Ryoma D1 although I still have hit my longest drives with the driver in this listing I'm thinking of selling so here goes... Selling my White Mamba JBeam 435 with Crazy Royal Decoration shaft as a FULL club OR HEAD ONLY and SHAFT ONLY. Acknowledged by several here (me included of course) to STILL be one of the longest heads out there. The specs are as follows: 1. Custom ordered the Jbeam 435 head as follows: - WHITE - 199 grams - 10.5* true loft - 0.5* open face - Comes with New and in plastic original Jbeam head cover 2. Crazy Royal Decoration : - La Bomba WHITE version to match the head and cost more for the white version - STIFF flex - Plays to 45 7/8 (a hair below 46 inches) playing length grip on in the 435 Asking Price in SGD/(USD Equivalent/AUD Equivalent as a guide) : Full club : Sold I absorb ALL paypal fees and indicative USD and AUD rates are of course subject to daily forex fluctuations. Buyer of full club will have a ferrule to match the white and red color theme of this driver and shaft (see pic of ferrule below). Royal Decoration shaft can be installed logo up or down per buyer preference. Thanks for looking.
  23. Up for sale is a mint jBEAM FX BM-445 HG head in 10* loft. weight: 199g Headcover is included. Photos speak for themselves. Forgot to mention I will include a spare set of weights which will allow for adjusting the launch, head weight, draw/fade bias, spin rate etc. Will need your own standard hex type screwdriver or allen key to change the weights. AU$500 + shipping Trades considered or Trade + cash - driver 10* loft or higher, yamaha 5 wood, or 17*, 18* JDM hybrid PM if interested.
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