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  1. Hi, my name is Rob Harrand. I’m a long time member of the TSG community and an avoid club-ho. I just wanted to introduce you to a brand new swing-speed and distance program I developed called Drive 400 - https://www.puredistancegolf.com/drive400/ Here is a promotional video showcasing some of the drills and exercises in the Drive 400 program. Who Am I and Why Should You Give Me The Time of Day? This part is never easy without sounding full of yourself but the internet is full of highly skeptical (fair enough), very judgmental, and occasionally violent individuals, so I don’t have much of a choice. All joking aside, I’m a former long drive competitor with personal best swing-speed of 147mph (Trackman). I’m a former 2 x MLB draft pick. I used to pitch for the Philadelphia Phillies organization. My fastball was clocked as high as 96 mph. I played Div. 1 college Baseball and college Basketball. I’ve won six international slam dunk championships and my vertical jump was measured as high as 44 inches. I’ve spent significant time with some of the most accomplished strength coaches and trainers in the world and far too many hours researching, analyzing and testing the body and mechanics in sport. I'm well versed in developing explosive power and that’s exactly why I developed Drive 400. Today I own a Golf performance company called Pure Distance Golf, that, as the name suggests, focuses primarily on maximizing golfer’s club-head speed and distance with every club in the bag. Below you can read more details about Drive 400 and answers to some of the more common questions I receive: What Exactly Is Drive 400? Drive 400 is culmination of everything I know about developing maximum club-head speed and the exact program I used to go from swinging 112 mph to 147 mph in 12 weeks. I’m really excited about it and I think you guys will really enjoy it and the swing-speed gains you’ll get with it. It’s a highly specialized program but it requires no special equipment, no weighted clubs, no gadgets or gimmicks. It only requires a driver. Drive 400 comes with three, fully integrated programs comprised of conventional and unconventional mental and physical training techniques: The Drive 400 Swing-Speed Drills and Video Library. The Strength & Power Training Program and Video Library. The Nutrition and Sleep Guide. Everything you need to swing faster than you ever thought possible is included in Drive 400. I’ve obsessively and meticulously designed it. Whether you’re just looking to outdrive your buddies, lower your handicap or make the PGA Tour, distance does matter and with Drive 400, I promise you, you’re going to gain serious distance. How Much Faster Can I Expect to Swing? I’ll never develop a program where you’re going to have to wait weeks or months to see improvement. It doesn’t have to be, nor should it be that way. I only consider information useful if you see improvement right away and that’s exactly how I’ve designed Drive 400 to work. If you follow the program exactly and you aren’t already swinging 135+ MPH, you can expect to gain approximately 5+ MPH in 30 min using “Swing-Prep” (explain later), 10+ MPH in 8 weeks, 15+ MPH In 12 weeks. I kid you not. Who’s It For? Drive 400 is for anyone of any age and any skill level looking to add club-head speed and distance to their game. Man, woman, young, old, black, white, brown, green. As long as you can generally move around without pain, expect to see really very impressive results with Drive 400! How Much Does It Cost? I had two objectives starting out: Deliver a program that really does work and make it affordable to hopefully everyone. I’m happy to say that I believe I’ve accomplished both of these objectives. Drive 400 is $19.95. It’s a one time purchase. There are no hidden fees or crap like that, no memberships, nothing. It’s a one and done program. The checkout takes literally 3 min and everything is processed with Shopify. As soon as you purchase the program, it’ll be waiting in your inbox and you’ll get instant access to the Drive 400 Program Manuals and 4K training videos, for life. I opted to keep it a digital only program, so there’s no mail, no physical books and no wait time. There’s as much quality content included in Drive 400 as programs I’ve seen and used costing literally ten times that price. Drive 400 is a $200 value for only $19.95. How Much Time Does It Take? I designed Drive 400 with flexibility in mind. I realize everyone’s needs, schedule and desires are different and that’s why you can tailor Drive 400 to fit yours. For those of you who want to lift weights, there’s a program for you and your strength and experience level. You can choose a 3 or 4 day/week option and you can even customize which days. Each workout takes approximately 45 min. However, if you hate lifting weights or don’t have the time, the good news is that you don’t have to! Obviously, the more you put in the more you’ll get out but If you choose to only follow the swing-speed portion of Drive 400, you’re still going to see huge gains in club-head speed. The choice is yours. The Swing-Speed Drills take about 30 min, 3 days of your choice, per week and can be performed anywhere with adequate space, be it at home or on the range. Will It Screw Up My Swing? Absolutely not. Quite the opposite in fact. By strengthening your body and improving your athletic ability, coordination and proprioception, expect your swing and ball striking to actually improve. Is It Safe? Yes. In fact, with Swing-Prep (more info below) in combination with the Strength Training Program, I’m willing to bet your back or shoulder pain dissipates, if not totally goes away. A lot of people think back and shoulder pain are incurable and that strength training is the devil. This actually couldn’t be further from the truth. A lot of time, back and shoulder pain are the result of weakness and instability. Both of these issues are addressed in Drive 400. I used to have pretty significant back pain and since using “Swing-Prep” and actually strengthening my back, the pain has almost completely disappeared. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WHAT YOU GET: Drive 400 Swing-Speed Program You get a complete swing-speed training program with an online library full of several unique swing-speed drills. Everything is recorded in Ultra HD 4K video for crystal clear resolution. You can access the library, anytime, anywhere, forever. The swing-speed drills have been designed to increase your range of motion via the stretch-shortening cycle (SSC), improve force absorption and stability, improve rate of force development (RFD) and reactive ability and improve your natural sequencing overall athletic ability. Drive 400 Strength & Power Training Program You get a Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced total body strength and power training program. You choose the appropriate program based on your experience and current fitness level. Each program is designed to get you stronger, fast. The strength training program will also help get rid of any nagging back and shoulder injuries. Just like the swing-speed drills, you get access to an entire online library full of strength training exercises. Everything is recorded in Ultra HD 4K video for crystal clear resolution. You can access the library, anytime, anywhere, forever. Nutrition & Sleep Guide You can do all the work in the world but if you’re not paying attention to your nutrition and sleep, you’re never going to get back what you should. Nutrition and sleep matter… a lot. This general guide will help your improve your nutrition intake and better you sleep habits with some very easy to follow tips and methods. The Mental Side of Swinging Fast The body will never do what the mind won’t let it. Without the proper mental concept or intent, it’s physically impossible to generate maximum club-head speed. A simple adjustment to how you conceptualize swinging a club has the power to completely change your outcome, instantly. There are a ton of golfers that have hidden club-head speed sitting dormant inside their body, they just don’t have the right mental concept to unleash it. This is exactly what Drive 400 will help you with and one of the reasons I went from swinging 112 mph to 147 mph in 12 weeks and why it’s absolutely possible to gain 5 mph/15 yards in 30 minutes, 10 mph/30 yards in 8 weeks and 15 mph/45 yards in 12 weeks. Best of all, the majority of this concept simply involves shutting off the mind. One of the most overlooked secrets to being an explosive athlete is simply, not thinking. Athletes think way too much today. Sport-Science is fun and interesting and and it does have its place but it’s sure as hell not during an explosive movement. Engaging the mind or “conscious thought”, is one of the biggest killers of explosive output that nobody talks about. High velocity swinging does not consist of forcing robotic like movements and consciously getting into positions. Not in golf, not in any sport. It’s simply impossible to maximize club-head speed when you have 5 different mechanical thoughts going through your head. The human body moves its fastest when it subconsciously reacts to a situation. Conscious thought or thinking inhibits speed of movement and instinctual, explosive athleticism. Drive 400 trains you to shut off your mind and swing instinctively and reactively, so your body can work as naturally, free and explosively as possible. I use this exact type of training with my baseball players and the results are stunning. Golf is no different. Be an athlete, not a robot. Swing-Prep Swing Prep is the ultimate warmup tool to prepare your body to lift weights or swing a club as fast as possible. It’s a total body dynamic warmup routine comprised of soft tissue, mobility and muscle activation work. It will prepare you for the swing-speed drills, the strength training program or just playing a round of golf. It takes about 15 min and will make you feel like a million bucks. It will increase your range of motion, improve your swing-speed instantly and reduce your risk of injury. Several clients have gained 5+ mph/15+ yards in 30 min using Swing-Prep. Explosive Med-Ball Program Drive 400 comes with an integrated med-ball training program that focuses on developing pure explosive power. Not only are you going to get stronger, you’re going to get faster. A lot faster. Grip Strengthening Program Grip strength is very important for all sports and Golf is no exception. A stronger grip will increase your ability to unhinge the club much faster. Drive 400 comes with an integrated Grip Strengthening Program that will increase your power and speed through impact. Self Assessments You’re provided three different self-assessment tests to insure you have adequate and healthy range of motion. Or in other words, to ensure you’re moving properly and safely. These tests can also help identify the cause of back problems and combined with Swing-Prep, can alleviate your pain in a fairly short period of time. Swing and Ball Speed Optimization Guide From optimizing your stance, grip, ball position, angle of attack, shaft length, weight, footwear, etc, I give you my tips to optimize both swing-speed and ball speed. Best of all you can apply all of this instantly as it requires no training. Free Lifetime Updates Anytime I come out with an update to the program, it will be emailed to you for free. Any Device, Anywhere, Any Time. Mac or PC Drive 400 is accessible on any device, anywhere, anytime, Mac or PC. The 4K videos are hosted on Vimeo. The Programs themselves are PDFs. Everything is integrated, very simple and well laid out. The program totally guides you. There is no guesswork involved. Unlimited Online Support I try to make a point to be readily available to all my clients so If you have any questions or concerns, by all means, feel totally free to contact me - www.puredistancegolf.com/contact and I’ll get back to you ASAP. I’m here to help. 60 Day Money Back No Risk Guarantee Put Drive 400 to the test! If after following the program for 60 days, you’re not happy with the results you’ve made, I’ll give you your $19.95 back. It’s a no risk, no brainer purchase. Get started today and see for yourself! Thanks! If you’ve gotten this far, thanks for your time, I really do appreciate it. I don't want to sound like a repeating salesman but seriously guys, if you want to maximize your club-head speed and improve your distance significantly, with every club in the bag, I can say with absolute certainty there is nothing like Drive 400 in Golf today. I’m very excited about and proud of it and I know you’re going to really enjoy it and benefit from it! Enjoy 5+ mph/15 yards in 30 min. 10+ mph/30 yards in 8 weeks and 15+ mph/45 yards in 12 weeks. All the best! Rob. You can get your copy of Drive 400 here: www.puredistancegolf.com/drive400 P.S. YouTube Golf Equipment Review Show If you’re interested, I’m starting up a YouTube show right away, where I’m going to be testing/reviewing all kinds of equipment, both US and Japanese. Kind of an East vs West thing. My channel is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2iU09J4dUcm3ZxJ8Pc-k5A I think you’ll enjoy it. If you’re interested please subscribe. Thanks! Again, thanks!
  2. potuna

    Onoff Kuro 4-pw

    Onoff kuros 4-PW with C Taper stiff soft stepped once that plays to a true stiff to me. They are plus 1/2" to US standard, 38.5" 5 iron, New Decade multi compound midsize all in very good condition. Small rock ding on 9 and pw, great set of irons, great feel and very forgiving. $650 shipped in the US others pm. Price drop $575.00 drop $550.00 US
  3. Selling my beloved irons. 2011 Onoff forged 5-PW with NS Pro GH950 stiff shafts. Standard Onoff specs. I don't think I need to say much about these. These have been gamed. So they are not anywhere near new. But the condition is still good. I'll let the pics do the talk. PW has some ball cover still on the face. Can send more pics if requested. SOLD
  4. Hi I absolutely love my OnOff Labospec RB-247G irons and want to try also their driver and woods. What are the best OnOff driver and woods to get currently? I am 52 years, mid handicapper (index 16), play regular flex and have a high (too high) ball flight. Carry distance with a Taylormade M2 in 10.5 and stock shaft around 220 yards with almost no roll. Thanks for any hints! Best regards, Mike
  5. octo87

    Onoff iron trial

    Hi guys, For the past weeks, I've been trying to build my bag. Currently, I'm comparing the two onoff forged irons with the same exact shaft spec. Both are nice but I felt that the older version seems to have more "solid" feel. Now, I'm debating which one i should bag. I'm curious if someone other also found the same stuffs as I did. looking forward for your comments. cheers, O
  6. Hi All, I am looking for: onoff forged kuro 3iron head ns pro modus 3 tour 120 s-flex for 3 iron (i will need 2). Please DM me if you are selling yours. Thank you Cheers, octo
  7. octo87

    WTB: Onoff Kuro 3 iron head

    hi all, i am looking for an onoff kuro 3 iron head. regards,
  8. NDgolfer13


    Please delete.
  9. Onoff Labospec RB247 G (Current Model) 4 to PW Heads Only. Shipped to most countries (Please PM to confirm shipping location). - SOLD
  10. Updated pricing below. Open to cash and trade offers as well. 1. Onoff 46P 10° with Roddio W-6WA in X-flex. 68.5g and 3.8° torque. I've really never used this driver more than a few rounds. A shoulder injury has kept me from hitting X-flex shafts and my swing does not do justice to this driver. Mint condition. Was over 1k new. Will not separate head and shaft on this one. 275 USD 225 USD 200 USD 2. Yamaha Tour Model V201 10° with an Oban Kiyoshi Purple 65g O4-flex (stiff). I accidentally slipped and stepped on the crown... So, needs a paint job or a person not too concerned about the look of the crown (I've never met one). Awesome feeling head and the shaft is simply magnificent. Smooth as anything with a strong kick. This shaft has numerous tour wins over the last 3 years. Black Iomic grip. Shaft only 150 USD 140 USD Head & shaft SOLD 190 USD 3. Tour Edge Exotics CB2 15° with Matrix F7M2 LTD (Low Tip Deflection) in strong flex. So smooth. Shaft alone was 600 USD+. Pics upon request. 175 USD 150 USD Shipping from Sweden not included in any item.
  11. SOLD. : OnOff CB-247 iron set, 4-P in beautiful copper finish NSPro Modus-3 Tour 105-R shafts (4 & 5 irons have Fujikura MCI 70-R shafts) Tour Velvet grips standard L&L assembled, spined & flo'd by @Goodsie The legendary 247's, softest irons going, classic design CB with the look and feel of a blade. in excellent shape, grooves are fine, shafts are brand new, finish nicely patina'd $599 PayPal / US PM any questions
  12. Okay, so with Part 1, the virgin Personal-2's putting me almost down for the ho'-ing count, Part 2 steps into the picture. I picked up this wonderful set of OnOff CB247 heads earlier in the year from one of our TSG boyz down under, but I realized I had the chance of my golfing lifetime to do an experiment that I've always wondered about. I guess my partiality to the feel of copper irons is obvious by now, but since I consider these 247's the softest feel I've ever laid hands on iron-wise, I was curious -- could these be something I liked steel shafts in, which normally I don't respond to with the same love I feel for composites, the Fuji MCI's in particular...? Enter Modus-3 Tour 105's, which Chris introduced me to several weeks ago when they came available on the market. Maybe the lighter weight, which I tend to favor all through my bag, would bring me around when paired with the OnOff marshmallows. So I talked to my good friend and trusted club builder, Gary Gooden, aka here @ Goodsie, to get his opinion, and he agreed the 247's would be the babies to try this on. So I dutifully sent them off to him for his magic tuning touch, and he shot them back to me last week all spined and flo'd. Bottom line? The verdict is still out. These things also feel like light sabres. There is a little more of the vibration that puts me off of steel most times, but the Modus-3 seems to have dealt with this, at least in the lighter 105 weight, in a way that works better for me. These shafts make the 247's launch higher and, for me with my slow tempo, with very nice control and feel. The MCI shafted P2's still seem longer, but not hugely smoother as I expected. In short, I have myself a nice dilemma. And I'll be curious to see how each feels in the cold(er) winter play (albeit still in the year round climate of S.Cal...). So, kind of a dual nirvana for me at the moment... And I'm not complaining...
  13. Dear Tourspecgolfers, My name is Kristian and I am new to this forum and would like to request some help in identifying this JDM product. I purchased a Onoff 2014 Type D driver 10 loft head from B/S/T with the help of a friend, no head cover was included in this package. I noticed a missing Onoff diamond on the crown, but the seller has yet to verify and acknowledge the missing design. Aside from the missing design on the crown, the rest of the item looks perfectly legit. Could anyone suggest reasons for this possible discrepancy? Believe the forth attached picture is how it should look like. Regards, Kristian Singapore
  14. DelaHoya

    WTB: OnOff Forged 2013 Iron Set

    Looking to buy a complete set of 2013's Forged models. Head only or Regular shafted. Ugly head or bagchatting welcome Please msg me.
  15. Alex S. Pranata

    Best Driver Material?

    Hi guys. new to this forum. Im curious about driver material, Which one is the best and by what term it will differentiate it? Sound, feel, or distance? So far from what i know driver material are, titanium 6-4rolled,pressed,etc....titanium ks100....titanium ELF-Ti...pure titanium...stainless steel...anybody know which is the best? and what makes it the best ? for example onoff XP use 6-4Ti face...and onoff 2011 type-S using ELF-Ti face...what is the different? what makes driver sound hollow?and loud? is it the material? THankyou Guys...
  16. Hello - looking to offload some extra gears, got most of these from TSG (except for the S-yard putter, which is from an authorized dealer in HK). Price includes shipping in Asia, international add $20. Not looking for any trades at the moment, but I'm open to offers. Thanks for looking guys! 1. ONOFF CB358 Driver, 9.5* head, Labospec tataki:60 shaft in stiff with headcover. A couple of driving range sessions and 1 round. Face is clean, light scratches on the sole. 9/10. $450 2. Modart MA01F FW, 14* head, Modart SP6.0F shaft in stiff with headcover. Just 1 range session, clean face and sole, 9.5/10 $375 3. Titleist Japan VG3 FW, 15* head, graphite design MT-6 in stiff, with headcover. A couple of range sessions, clean face/sole. 9/10 $225 4. S-Yard SP-32 putter. This is an limited release (77/200) by S-Yard and has amazing face millings. Check out pics below. 9/10 condition. $400 5. Kamui Works KM-200 Hi-cor 10*, with headcover. Has a couple of scratches on the crown, check out the pic below for condition (8/10). $250
  17. Used but not abused. Selling for a financially troubled friend. Driver is with me and pictures taken by myself. Onoff Shingo Limited Driver with Diamana Japan Red Regular Flex and Orange Labospec grip. $SOLD shipped for head only. $200 shipped for shaft only.
  18. Some very nice items to move, the Kuro's have taken the top spot so 13s need a new home. All prices are shipped priority mail in the conus and paypaled, if we have done business gifted would be nice. International please pm for shipping quote. The driver can't be shipped to OZ or the far east, too long and I'm not splitting it up. Not looking for trades, thanks. 2013 Onoff forged 3-PW heads only, rock mark on the 4 iron sole towards the toe that has been buffed out and a couple pits on the 8 iron, otherwise very good to excellent. I've taken pics of those, these are awesome irons, great feel and very forgiving. Hosel are all cleaned up and ready for install. $old Miura Giken MB-5000 WC 57 degree wedge head, excellent condition. $90 now 80 Geotech RF 700 10.5 with Fujikura Modart 6.0 stiff shaft, driver plays 45" and is in great shape, cheap $125 now 100 DG S200 4-pw shafts with prgr grips, Japan standard length. Have only been hit a few times and pulled. $old
  19. potuna

    Please close

    Couple items to move, I ship fast via USPS Priority mail. Prices do not include shipping as you guys are all over the world, I'll calculate shipping based on your location. Paypal gifted unless you want to pay the fee. Onoff Type S 21 degree hybrid, very good condition, some scratches and a couple paint chips not seen at address. Cover shows more use, it has a Fubuki 415 S shaft in it, no longer made but excellent shaft and I have the Nippon 100 S steel shaft included Keeping this one Geotech RF 700 10.5 with a modart Fujikura SP 6.0 stiff, this thing is a bomber. Head looks compact and deep face at address, just too many drivers right now. I'm letting this go cheap $150 reduced $100 +shipping SYB 13 head only, the fourteen tour guys play these, excellent. $100 reduced $75 + shipping
  21. Onoff prospec 27 w roddio i8 sr Onoff fwy wings 21 w diamana b 3G japan sr Great condition, bought new from a shop on yaj and have a couple rounds. Diamana was installed by chip usher. Great feeling and performing clubs. A couple a pimped out Cadillacs....been sitting in my guest bag and one of my frequent guests decided he wants them. He's a good dude but am tierd of him low balling me so offering for what I think is a fair price. These will be up 4 2 weeks then going to burnzy... My buddy wants these for 240, will sell here, 270 shipped conus +25 intl. net.
  22. For sale an excellent condition set of Shingo 358 cbs, 5-pw. Awesome set of irons, great feel and forgiving. Please PM any questions or reasonable offers, I will ship these International, PM for actual shipping cost. $old
  23. Here is a very rare set of OnOff Forged CB247 irons in really good condition. Shafted with Fujikura MCI 100 Stiff shafts and Golf Pride Z cord grips. Included is a very hard to find Nike 2 iron which perfectly matches the set. The set is MOI matched with the swing weight gradually increasing from D2 in the 3 iron to D5 in the PW. The swing weight was achieved via lead tape which distributes the weight behind sweet spot instead of hosel weights. 5 iron length is 38.5" Lofts and lies standard. US$700 net + shipping. (buyer covers paypal fees)
  24. potuna

    Sold thanks tsg

    Nice set of Onoff forged heads, 5-pw are 2011 heads in very good condition some lite bag dings,$325 shipped and paypal in the us, International pm me and we'll split shipping cost.
  25. Selling an excellent set of ONOFF FORGED irons. These are premium ENDO forged Japanese club heads. The set consists of 3-PW, AW. That's 9 total clubs. The irons are shafted with premium UST Mamiya Recoil Prototype 95 gram F3 (regular flex) shafts. These shafts were professionally installed by a UST authorized shop. These shafts are not available retail. The shafts have been hard stepped once so they play like a firm. The grips are Winn Dri-TAC Mid size grips. This is a beautiful set of irons that cost well over $2000 dollars. Asking for $1400 plus shipping. Wii accept PAPAL ONLY.