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Recommend some wedges

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I see this thread every couple of years and figured I would kick it off for 2020.

I currently game the Yururi Raw Gekku in 49, 53 and 57. I love the spin and feel, but I'm tired of having to replace a ball everytime I take a full or 3/4 swing. Those things eat golf ball.

So, I am in the market for some new wedges and was wondering if any of the new stuff is any good? I am looking for a versatile set since I swap out my irons pretty often.

Currently rotating Yamaha 12 tour, Yamaha 14 mb, srixon 965, and the prgr nabla tours.

I know a bunch of the older models are great, but I'm having a hard time finding anything in good condition.

Any thoughts on the new Yamahas, prgr, Honma, fourteen anything in the last few years even worth looking at? 


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I think there are plenty of good wedges on the JDM market now especially with the boutique brands.   KYOEI, Seven, CGS Orion, Sky Dream Jump, Crazy etc...    

I used Miura S-01 wedges a couple of seasons ago til the plating wore off 🙂   I guess I liked those wedges a lot.  

Haven't tried the R-01 yet but pretty sure they perform well too. 

I currently bag a pair of JDM Cleveland RTX4 Forged raw.  It's very orthodox and spins well.  

Not Gekku level spin but enough to stop on most greens and don't need to switch balls every 3 holes. 


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I love my SDJ 115 Proto's. Beautiful shape, great grind, small form-factor and lovely soft touch. I have 50/56 and would love to complete the set with a 58 low bounce to bend to 60. 

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wrong.question to ask me but...

bridgestone  looked good.as usual.


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Crazy CRZ-Tour wedge

SDJ 115 Proto

Seven ST (1st or 2nd gen) 

CGS Orion SPY-1 ProSpec

PRGR iD nabla Tour wedge

Kyoei Tour wedge 

If you’re interested in a wedge that spins like the Raw Gekku but doesn’t chew up the ball, then the S-Yard Bold is one of the closest. The Gekku is non-conforming though, and the Bold is conforming, so it won’t be AS much spin but close 

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Plenty of nice wedges on the market as mentioned.

Onoff have always made a nice wedge.

Titleist forged Japan model.

Personally I like the Crazy Toyo and current gamer.

Loved the Three Lucky wedges.

Had a set of Seven 587 wedges that were very nice.

Always liked the look of these.

Akira Golf Prototype Wedge

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I like those  I have  a lot of  sets of aged prgr wedges  back to the early 2000s, prgr as as rule suit my eye.feel is terrific, they are never too big or too small... the nablas  are thick chunky and compact. black plating that wears prett ywell. my gamer set is still as good as u cud get.

they are EXTREMELY workable as the bottom line is very thin and the top line very thick

they are  NOT great from close quarters  from inside 50m to 10m I thiny the SW  falls away  so  u will need a lob wedge of some description or  flared flat low bounce sole with them. the best match for the shape is the toursatge x wedge from 2015 ish.  closest pear shape to the nablas..

they are especially good for mthich rougt due t othe fatness of them they punch the ball out with ease and are super on firm hard pan, I use these a ton on links where the idn dries out the ground.. but when ur inside 50 and the close u get to the green  the SW fails  more  until ur right on the green edge and u need  to pitch,  the sw becomes the ebst there si again.

over all if u like a small, extremely workable wedge , these are fabulous




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Seems like everyone is loving the boutique wedges.

If I'm being honest would prefer to stay more main stream like PRGR or Bridgestone that were mentioned. 

I am not ready to invest in building out a set of boutique wedges, with raw components (and shipping from Japan) yet, unless I find a awesome deal (which probably won't happen). Is TSG the only reputable place to get those heads in the US? 

supo, what year nablas are you talking about?

Anybody game the Bridgestoe that were mentioned? 


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theres 2 , the RS  nabla in black 9 the ones I have and were speaking about ) and the RS tour in satin which cost the earth. but are scalpels, totally different wedges.

love both actually. but for very different conditions.

theres a thread I did in here some where  im sure..

 nabla rs wedges.  don't think it was tht long ago actually...,

  here u go some mad ramblings...

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Yamaha black are best all-round wedges ever made imho. Made at a time ~2008 where everything they made was perfect.

I have tried just about everything and I just wish they (or someone?) would make these again. They rust. They are soft, but they are also very durable. Have no idea how they did that.

*****Q? What's the closest thing on the market to these today?******


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Darren ,, the s yard bolds are as close to these as there are,  REDICULOULSY  similar .. without the crazy spin the yams get bec they are conforming, if u like the shape of the yams then the bolds will be as close as you can see.

I do agree the yams are  in my top 2 or three..

I think about it and the fourteen protos, these yams and the tourstage  x wedge are PROBABLY  my  faves depending on conditions.


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1 hour ago, John sears said:

Stew is amazing his jdm knowledge is amazing..between him and chris tsg...tons of info

Lol...How much did Stew pay you??? Or are you his brother from another mother.

But yes Stew has been around the traps and had just about everything.....thrice. At least

You will get plenty knowledge and good info around here John....... :tsg_smiley_japan:

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