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Hey guys!


Been lurking on this website and forum  now for a few months and just wanted to share some reviews and thank everyone for all their help with my journey down the JDM rabbithole.  Ive been on WRX for a long time and I found this forum and immediately wanted to try everything that you guys talk about.  Stew has been extremely helpful with recommending clubs and I've bought a few sets off him and have a special set on the way that I'm very excited about.  

The first set that I started with was the Kyeoi MB's as recommended by Chris.  They are beautiful irons with little offset which was what I was looking for.  I really enjoyed them for the soft Kyeoi feel but ultimately I was looking for a smaller head and the low lofts in the long irons were not something that I was able to fall in love with.  With that purchase I also picked up a set of seven wedges (51,57,61).  Now these things are sick.  I love the milled grooves and the font and everything about them.  They are in a battle with a set of prgr and fourteen wedges (53,60) that I got from stew.  Ive been switching back and forth depending on whether I want to play 2 or 3 wedges.



Next I got a couple sets from Stew.  A set of masda mbs and a set of honma 717m both 3-p.  The masdas were love at first sight.  The longer hosels and the kyoei feel.  The lower number irons are absolutely stunning in that they are a bit thicker and give confidence that your going to pound it.  Ive been using mmt 125x shafts of which I acquired a few sets.  I first hardstepped these and the ball flight was perfect.  I did some tinkering and now have a set of the same shafts put straight in.  I do all my own club work and have a golf mechanix loft lie machine as well as lie gauge so I'm constantly tinkering with my lie angles as I find that the accuracy of my lie angles to my specs is the biggest determinant in my ball striking.  I havent put the honmas in play yet and I'm not sure I'm going to as the masdas are just that good and the fact that they are so rare makes me happy.  Stew turned me on to these muziik grips and they are the bees knees.  I have a tendency to fiddle around with my grip before swing but not with these.  its easy to feel where your grip is on the club and not get the urge to move your hands around. 





Ok you guys will like this last review of the night.  I couldnt help myself and splurged on the seven mbs.  Waited a couple months for them to come and got the modus 120tx shafts.  I built them with these shafts and the romaro grips that also come with the set.  The shafts are great but I'm leaning towards sticking with graphite. I like the weight of steel but if i have a bad ball striking round with steel I can really feel it later physically.  Love the romaro grips they are nice and firm and I like how the end of the grip sticks out that reminds you not to let your hands get too far down (up?) as that can be another bad tendency of mine.  Ok these irons.  They certainly are beautiful.  I'm not sure they're a true blade or 100 percent a players club.  They have slightly stronger lofts.  But they stand out as a wow in the bag.  With these and the wedges together it could become a beautiful marriage but being a club ho one can not be sure.   They are definitely in the rotation for now.  One thing I've found a little strange with the seven stuff is that the hosels seem to not be a tight fit for any of the taper shafts that I've put in them.  Maybe that's by design to leave room for epoxy but I somewhat prefer a nice snug fit. 

Alright thats it for tonight.  I have a lot more stuff to review including a jbeam zy8 (with a seven dreamers shaft :)) and a grind fairways which are currently in the bag.  I also have a s yard t 388 on the way and a proceed and gtd drivers on the way.  Oh ya and a couple blade putters of which I have an obsession with.  Sorry guys I'm not the best writer or reviewer but I felt like I owed it to the board to throw some stuff up here as you all have been such a big help.  Hopefully I can keep the momentum going and keep coming with content and pics. 





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Welcome review. Thx 🙏 

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Great write up!!  


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