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  1. Jbeam G-FW Full Titanium 3....Tour AD IZ 6 S Great set up. Head size is perfect. 185cc not to small and fits the 13* very well. 0.5 open 43" Shaft plays nice and firm with no loss of control if stepped on. Feel and sound are, forged titanium head so this is expected..... Distance gets out there as with most JBeams, this one is no different. Great condition as you can see. $380 Posted for Free in Australia + $20 International. ---------------------------------------------------------- Epon Dead or alive e60 Limited Irons 4-PM As everyone knows. Feel is superb
  2. Top 3 best comedies of all time. I was posed this question the other day. It took me a while to think about this one, so many to choose from. Interested to what everyone might go with... For me... Caddyshack King Pin Bad Santa Some great characters in these movies.
  3. Thanks for sharing Nobs..... Did you try the Sim 2 3W? Wondering instead of going strong in 5 a weaker 3 would work with the lie angle helping flatten if you went this way.? Or even a direct shaft Max 3W 16.5.. Interesting that US woods seem to be leading the way ATM with performance. Not sure Irons or wedges will ever be better against JDM though.
  4. GT pro was another great bike..... Along with the Haro Firebird-freestyler, Quadangle and the Diamondback. Stunt pegs were the go!!! I think everyone had a BMX in that era. Just before Nike air, Getto blasters and breakdancing lol....
  5. Thats a good point Ian, and ideally that would be great...But after so many years of tinkering Im set of 198-200g driver head @ 45 - 45.5 depending on the weight. Time to give the TM a go. Heard nothing but good things.
  6. After the gritter my BMX, coming from the UK..... was a Raleigh Ultra Burner. this was the exact same everything....great bike. I rebuilt it many times. Araya wheels & Sugino Stem. Great memory.
  7. Yeh right. Similar age as my 2, 8 and 10, I thought exactly the same Mongoose and Skyway have more of the original BMX vibe. My 2 also have the scooters but BMX is having a renaissance here in oz for kids atm + this will be there first real bike due to having scooters for so long...... I was sure the mongoose was from ET for some reason but apparently not. ET bike was this one. JDM
  8. Thanks Mate...Need to offload some. Getting silly. Want a black TM sim2.... Think it could be a game changer...
  9. Cool pic Ian...Wow....How good were those must be a similar age Ian I was also around 9 when I got a Chopper. I had it taken off me for crossing the main road on it. Then got it stolen outside the newsagents. Got a Grifter the next year for Chrissy. loved it...3 gears on the right hand grip if I remember. Was the predecessor to my BMX.
  10. Yes the heavy nice leathers are office/den bags. I agree with that...As Bjorn said only good if you have a caddy.
  11. Just about to pre order 2 bikes for my 2 kids for Christmas....... Man its a bit of a trip thinking I had one of these when I was there age. Just a cool memory, I remember how I felt when I got my first BMX and my brother got his on Christmas morning..... Full circle...... Im probably more excited than they will be. What did everyone have as there first cool bike at that age when a bike becomes freedom... Im undecided what 2 to pick out of these 3.....Thoughts? Vans PK Ripper Skyway TA Pro Mongoose Max Mayfield
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