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  1. Thanks Nobs....Very good info mate, looks like a good UT shaft. Any ideas where you can buy these?
  2. Gday all.... Just chasing a bit of info on the new Fire express UT shaft. Flex ratings, pricing, etc? Cant see them in the proshop yet. Thanks
  3. Best Yamaha Iron ever made....
  4. Name and date would help lead by example mate....
  5. Nice head....Name and date will help this add.
  6. I think the advertised price is amazing given what this set cost.
  7. Everyone to their own I say...They look real mate. If your happy, play away.
  8. I think the winner comes from the top 9. Any further back is a big stretch unless Matsuyama has a shocker.
  9. Yes an amazing round....I hope his contract with Srixon and Lexus was up for renewal....
  10. What would you choose and why?
  11. Never write Mr steady off Ian. Rose can definitely do it. It just depend who else can around him. He had a consolidation round today I would say. Apart from the obvious in the top 10....My outside chances are Hatton and Stenson.
  12. New and unused in plastic. Surplus to requirements. $300 + post SEVEN has also produced a set matching gap wedge (see below) This is important as many golfers have a slight distance gap between the PW and a traditional blade AW. This is a big deal and we highly suggest adding it to your order. SEVEN has produced the base set as 5-PW with optional #4 and AW. Below the specs, notice the lofts are pretty traditional unlike most irons on the market today the F.P (offset) is extremely little and the head weights ideal to produce the recommended swing weigh
  13. I like a lot of the earlier stuff. P1. 301 and SUS are probably top of the list RF 551 were a great design but the feel was a bit clicky on the pocket cavity longer irons. Nice shape. I think a lot of Cavity back hand finished clubs will look a bit ordinary these days if you are tuned in to full CNC forgings. But the beauty of a hand finished forging is in its self the essence of JDM forged irons. CNC mastery is on a completely different level in design and the realisation of it. Is one better than the other, probably....But it depends on how you look at it. Its like compa
  14. Yes I can sell. still have sitting around. As per original add. The whole lot for $1300 post included.
  15. Nice selection.....Makes for a good day.
  16. I recommend Compo Techno Max WBQ in SX Dave. Superb shaft. Happy hunting on one of these. Well worth the search.
  17. COG Increasing and decreasing the back weight may also change the properties and performance. The following article is a good read on how that all works mate. Before we dig deeper into the specifics of how CG location impacts both performance and feel, there are a few things we need to make sure everybody understands. 1. It’s Called Center Of Gravity For A Reason. As you might expect given its label, the center of gravity is always located very near the center of the clubhead. The CG of every driver measured for this series of articles is located within a box that’s
  18. Crazy Noir are a good series of shafts. Good pick up David.
  19. Thats great write up Dave.....I find your enthusiasm infectious mate. I especially liked your range video. I think your description catches exactly how that head plays/sounds/feels....I wish we could see more of this kind of review with new gear. It looks like you have progressed in 18 months, it seems like you make good contact/ball striking. I think a Velcore black in 60s J speck would work very well with that head, weight of the shaft is closer to 70g which you like. So many to try. Looking forward to how this goes in play.
  20. Bahaha...Its called the fugly tree mate. Often planted when no one has any fresh ideas.
  21. They must have came off of the same ugly tree as the 506
  22. Yes I get you....I think the tolerances of the Nippon & Shimada are way better suited for top quality forgings. The Nippon Wrap Tech I have will be kept for a lightweight option when I find the right heads.
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