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How to spot fake Epons on Ebay?

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Recently ordered some Epons that have not arrived yet. How do I tell if they are real or not once they arrive?





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moved this post out from the BST section to Japanese Golf Clubs section. 


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your bought these

in that condiition ???????????????????? 

and from  bay.!!!!!!!!!


oh m y god there are SO many other buzillion times better options than thee for the same cash u cud have gone.

 look at these ,the  shafts are all wrong, the  grips dont even slightly  match. the sticker positioning is  wrong  and what hthsi shiiit about 

  upgraded shafts????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

 upgradeed form what   pieces of  straw???????


 NO ONE wud buy  these  irons new   with " down grade " what ever  the that means .. shafts


dood send these back this is the worst example of a buy i have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!


look at the  7 iorn the plaating   has fallen off.......




mate pls.........................

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I actually paid $351 plus $30 for shipping for the 7 clubs which made them $55 per club. I just wanted some super game improvement irons and also some Epons. I believe the Shimada shafts are not cheap also. And yes, the plating is falling off the 7 iron which gives me some concerns that they are fake but I posted in many golf facebook groups and people have seen that happen on other name brand clubs. I appreciate your feedback and thanks for your input. The 5 and 6 are 703's and the 7-AW are 705's. Looks like the 5 and 6 (703's) have DG Pro shafts and their own grips and the 7-AW have the Shimada shafts and all the same grips except the AW. Are you saying you think these are fake?

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put it this way.

   if u were to  pop them up here  for sale  u wud have to pay someone to take them.

thats the worst quality ive ever seen any club  " for sale " in ..

and no plating on cubs doesnt  just  fall off................ ever.......... ever.......... nad not on epon .

lost for words , each to ttheir own tho. 

 just shocked ,  for that price u cud have done atrillion times better than those.  thats all im sayen.


fake schmake, no idea, i   never ever use the bay nad i  never ever will 


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Sorry i'm with Supo on this one. I have the 702, which I bought brand new and I couldn't imagine treating them the way those were treated. Also, why would you want a set of 703 and 705s? That does't make sense. It seems as if someone pieced together a random set of left over clubs and figured since it said Epon someone would buy it.

If you could return them that would be great if not good luck. 

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Everyone to their own I say...They look real mate. If your happy, play away.

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I have to agree with both of my colleagues.

  • I would never buy those clubs in that condition.  Pre-owned Epons is like buying a Mercedes - you know the person who had them took great care for them as they are $$$.  Obviously, this person did not care about his ownership.  For close to $400 you can buy some great sets here on TSG Buy, Sell & Trade.
  • However, if you are happy with them, then more power to you.  Enjoy them and have fun every time you're out on the course. 

Nothing really matters except if you're happy.



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