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Buy, Sell, & Trade

Free B/S/T listings for those who wish to sell their personal golf equipment or advertise their ebay auctions.
This service is NOT for those selling retail goods for profit under no circumstances.

Buy/Sell/Trade RULES!


Please post in the appropriate forum. We are getting tired of constantly moving people's posts and will delete from now on instead.

The main area of the BST is for Used Japanese Golf Clubs Only

There are two sub forums USDM Gear For Sale and Want To Buy.

** Each For Sale listing MUST have an asking price and a specific description of the products condition and specifications. **

** All posts are required to have images of the actual product being listed for sale and these images must be attached at the time of first posting otherwise the listing will be removed without warning. No excuses or posts saying I will add pics later. **

** All posts must include a photo with a piece of paper with your forum member name and date of sale. **

-No profit sellers or shops allowed to post their items.
-No component clubs, clones, or fake golf clubs.
-No listing of new unused products - this is for buy and sell of used products
-No bumping allowed in any form.
-No e-bay links or links to other websites in the B/S/T.
-All items must have a sale price.

As a courtesy to others, please edit the topic line to sold or found so a moderator can delete the thread. Please note, this area exists as a service to members.

TSG is in no way responsible for the transactions in the BST. We ask you use your own judgement when making deals with other members and pay in a safe way like Paypal only.


  1. TSG INVENTORY B/S/T   (23143 visits to this link)


    Sell all US Market Gear in here. If it's not sold in the Japanese Market, or available in the US it goes in here.

  3. Want To Buy

    Looking for a club? JDM and USDM want to buy posts go in here...