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  1. I'd love to review Japanese golf club equipment on Youtube in 2021. I'm coming out with a YouTube channel for Pure Distance Golf and it would be a great part of the channel.
  2. Good to see you're doing well with these. They're awesome.
  3. Hi guys, it's been a couple years since I've been on the forums. Nice to see them still going strong. I'm finally making a trip to Japan and figured what better place to ask for suggestions and advice than TSG forums. From the best Kobe beef, to the best Sushi, Bennock fittings, golf courses and general "must-sees"... if you can give me some recommendations it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and hope you're all doing well. Rob.
  4. The original Diamana X. Stupid straight, mid launch, low spin. Extremely smooth feeling shaft. MSRP was $900. Asking $125. Professionally pulled. 9/10 shape. XX flex - feels and plays like an X. 42 3/4" PM me. Thanks and enjoy!
  5. It's hard to say. It depends on the width of the shaft tip. You might want to use shaft beads and a little extra epoxy and all will be good. Depending on shaft width, a shim could be used. You'll notice no impact on performance whatsoever though. Hope that helps. Rob.
  6. Onoff Forged Irons - SOLD 3-PW (paid an additional $200 for the 3 iron) instead of standard 4-PW Super rare Fujikura MCI Tour only shafts - X flex. Array of exotic Japanese grips to try. All spined and pured. $775 $25 Shipping US Original Diamana X Shaft. MSRP was $900 XX Flex. Incredibly smooth and straight. Mid flight. Low spin. $275 + $15 shipping continental US Gauge Design Premium Zone Putter Comes with Nippon Heavy Putter shaft. Japanese Elite Putter grip SUS 304 super soft insert. Like super soft. Free UST Frequency Filter - 30.7
  7. It's fantastic. Long as s**t and feel is excellent. Tourstage 12.5* they came out with 4 years ago hit absolute bombs too.
  8. Pretty slick. Let's get a video up!
  9. I'm going to pickup the Eyeline Putting Mirror as soon as I get back home. I think it has everything anyone could possibly need all in one package. There's a bigger one and a smaller, more portable one. Thing I like about them is you can nail your setup perfectly every time. Will really help with consistency in the setup, which for me, is half the battle.
  10. My personal opinion is that Diamana requires more swing-speed and more aggression for their shafts to perform at their best. More so than Fuji and Graphite Design. Might be the reason... Might also be the reason Mitsubishi is my favorite shaft company. They just work for me.
  11. Ya, I've pretty much tried everything and I don't think most of us on here (myself included) would benefit spending $800 on a super exotic Crazy shaft over $400 Mitsubishi, Fuji or Graphite Design, but something tells me logic doesn't take the place of addiction on this forum. Count me in. Side note: Quadra, in my opinion is the most underrated shaft company. Fantastic shafts.
  12. Just what golf needs, more shaft offerings! TPT, the one Justin Rose is now using, says they're the best. Everyone says they're the best (eye roll).
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