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  1. Grandista LS 001 10.5

    I found the other head so I have two of these if you are still interested. High launching with low spin. Dead easy to hit.
  2. gauge golds and speeder added wedges gone

    Good looking wedges!
  3. Players pick

    Money not well spent...
  4. Players pick

    Who do you think will win the Players? My money this week is on Lefty (who will do whatever it takes to beat Tiger over the first 2 days) and Stenson.
  5. .

    Think there was an ounce or irony in the question 😊
  6. Jbeam BM-Ti FW 3W

    Super easy to hit and great shape for a club I would dub GI. I hit the one I had 5-wood high and with a constant draw. If you don’t swing too hard, this is as good as they get in my book.
  7. Epon sus316 4-p CHEAP!!

    G, I’m always happy to see we have new members posting in the different boards. When posting in the BST though, do post a pic with your name and date together with the irons. That will prove that you have them in your possession. They are beautiful irons! Thanks!
  8. Epon sus316 4-p CHEAP!!

    Still no pic with name and date.
  9. Your first set of clubs!

    My first clubs were 3-5-7-9 "Swinger" (well...); red laminate Mizuno 2 and 4 woods from the 60's; SW that I can't remember and a Ben Sayers putter. It was in 1983, I was 6 years old and the only one in my family to play golf. Oh, I still have the clubs, but not my first bag. These ones are in a blue and white TaylorMade carry bag from 1986. If my son turns out to have good hand-eye coordination, I might let him start with these clubs as well when he turns 5 next summer. It will be so easy for him when he gets a set of forged player's cb when he is 7 :-)
  10. Taylormade P730/P770 heads only.

    Very nice Ian! These are the first non-JDM I’ve looked at in a while. Why are you selling?
  11. Jbeam 435 Blackout 10.5* w Atmos Red 5 S

    Hi Fred, I tried to send you a message but it said "FairwayFred can't receive messages". I'm interested in the head if you sell the shaft. Have tons of things to trade with. Best, Björn
  12. PRGR Tune

    I just noticed that Satoshi Kodaira played PRGR Tune when he won this week. Really good looking irons! A combo with the CB 01 4-7 and MB 8-P would be nice. @TourSpecGolfer, will you sell these and would a combo set be a possibillity? Has anyone here hit them?
  13. Masters pick

    Hey lads, Who’s your favorite to win the Master? Mine is Paul Casey.
  14. I’ve never had a mallet work for me.. but this one, and Chris’ Benock/Seven half moon mallet looks so easy to putt with. I’ve been a Newport 2 style/8802 since the early 80’s so a bit different to stand over the ball with a mallet.
  15. Good, cause I was close to come with an offer, and I don’t need it 😄
  16. Masters pick

    Poulter is bold Ian - I would not mind seeing him in a green jacket on Sunday. Rory - my second favorite Jordan - my third Now it is time to go to Betfair and back some of the guys that will do well early and lay them before Sunday. Looking forwards to an amazing week - as always.
  17. I’m not a mallet guy, but that NM1 looks interesting. Like something you can’t miss with from inside 6ft.
  18. Gold's - Epon Putters

    Agree! They are sweet. I would not mind another..
  19. Think I have enough...
  20. That 3-wood is great looking
  21. Gold's - Epon Putters

    Which one is your dream?
  22. .

  23. .

    They do, but LOL