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  1. That GTD, bar the hosel, looks awesome!
  2. That's not speaking like a real club-ho 😄
  3. And your 2-iron will be 8°. That would be fun :-)
  4. Fun post! If I go through the different clubs that I have performed the best with over the years my bag would have looked like this: Driver - Epon 460ZR with Matrix f7m2 ltd in strong 3 wood - Mizuno T-zoid blue with Exar tour 105 in X. 1 iron - Callaway Big Bertha with ASD 2.5 in strong. Irons - Titleist DCI black tour (not the 962. Never saw another set like the ones I had ordered through the tour dept.) Rifle 7.0. Wedges - Snake Eyes hand made Ernie Vadersen Putter - Golds Factory Private Stock #2 with Nippon XXIP-D2 But, if I'd put a bag together today it would look like mine does this second. I think... Or add a Honma MA driving iron. Zy7 with Sanki Planaria s63 Proceed Ti 15° hybrid with Basara RC 505v 21° hybrid with Oban Kiyoshi Purple 100g Yamaha Tourmodel 2009 with KBS tour 120 s hardstepped SDJ proto 115 50/55 with Nippon 130 Yururi Tataka 60.5 The same Golds putter
  5. That is probably hitting the sweetspot. Get the look and feel desired in the heads and pairing it with high launching graphite shafts. The feel of the idbl or mcb (have not hit) with smooth low kick graphites would be super soft.
  6. Agree with nob on the feel part. 2-piece or undercut both mess up the feel. The idbl has the feel and the offset boxes ticked but launch and distance may not be as good as in Epon 503 or something clicky. However, gaining a few yards in an iron is not that important as it is all about consistency. And a full, solid forged iron will in my opinion beat an undercut or multi material any day as they seem to have "hot-spots".
  7. I really like the SDJ 115 protos that I have as well as the Buchi MT-201. Both sets are beautiful and they are soft and versatile.
  8. And hang them up 👍
  9. Still at the builder's. Have not bothered to pick it up as I have not been playing. Next week however I'll grab it and even take a swing or two 😄 And a pic or two.
  10. Hi, I took my new Sanki Planaria x-curving S63 (thanks Chris!!) to the builder last week to have it installed in my 205 gram Zy-7 head. In the Sanki booklet the S63 is for people swinging 41-50 m/s = 90-111 mph. A huge difference! So, I guess that should have to do with some tipping then and off course, preferences. My ss is about 105 so I would think I needed some tipping. But with a head as heavy as 205 grams the shaft had a cpm of 277, un-tipped! So I will try it with no tipping at all. Will be good fun to see how it performs in the ZY-7. Has anyone tested these shafts? What are your thoughts?
  11. Hahahaha 😄
  12. You can count on the Swedes 😄 We have another 2 months of golf to look forwards to before winter starts to creep up on us so we're stacking up on the good stuff.
  13. I wish you could teach me. I'm 40 and a 3 handicap (used to be a scratch collegiate player who turned pro but never practiced) but where I think I should be able to hit it to within 6 ft every time from 50 yards I'm struggling with hitting the green. I'd take a 6 iron over half a wedge any day.. I wish I was fit enough to play now. Maybe I could motivate myself to a little bit of practice.
  14. That is awesome Casa! I wish I could have a revelation too. It would probably entail something different than the irons I decide to play. Perhaps someone could help me hit a green from 50 yards? From 200 yards out - not a problem - but from 50 - yikeeeees! Has to be the hardest shot in the world. I'd take a fried egg in a steep bunker any day compared to the fairway dead center and 50 out.
  15. Fantastic driver! I had one for years and recently bought another one. Missed it too much. GLWS!
  16. I always wanted to try it. Now I have a Diamana X 60, the AAA and a Sanki. No 7D but a pretty good stable of "second bests (beasts)". Hope to be able to take a swing some time this year..
  17. How exciting!
  18. I sorted it Carlo 😄
  19. It was too good to be true but it said "both 225". Could easily be interpreted that way. 225 each is still a good deal!
  20. Welcome Bob! I hope you will enjoy things around here. Some of the guys here are wells of knowledge.
  21. PM sent for the Geo Nob-san.
  22. It sucks to sum things up.. for both of us.
  23. Great head, shaft and price!
  24. It looks like it in the pictures. Close. And I will probably get the bew TW-U when I can play golf again. First 4-5 years of shoulder pain, then surgery and the shoulder is all good. Now thump pain. Have not hit a ball since August. MR, CT and standard x-ray show nothing. Boring.
  25. I don't understand why most di's are so chunky. Makes them look ugly and uninspiring. I want the Honma MA. I again offer a reward for anyone who "borrows" it from Tanihara's bag and ships it off to me. 😊