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  1. I want to trade idbl and a driver for a set of Onoff 2015 or 2017 or Honma 737 or ideas? The idbl’s are great, I just want to try something new. For sale or trade: PRGR idbl 5-P Some of the best players irons money can buy, paired with the shafts that measure better than anything according to my builder. As many of us know, these are some of the finest irons ever made by Endo. They have the least amount of offset in any cb I have ever seen. Condition is reasonably good, some chatter and a dark spot on pw. Shafted with Aerotech Steelfiber Player's Spec in stiff. $350 (that is what we call a steal, don't lowball me on these please) Yonex ezone MB - 3-p + 60° where 4-p are shafted with smoke colored Crazy Target Tour in very smooth feeling X (performs like S imo). Just gripped with Masda Slick Fit in red, with backline. A very expensive build in 9+/10 condition. I can take pictures if there is serious interest. These are the Chiba (Zodia) grinds and they are just awesome. No paint fill. $700 SDJ Proto 115, 50° + 55° shafted with Modus 3 130 stiff, Perfect Pro grips. Condition is awesome, a scratch on the back of the 55 but perfect other than that. $275 Agrind Classic 9.5* with Aldila RIP 80s 44" Like new. Probably seen 15 balls. A must have for mb players. Awesome. Comes with the black and white pom-pom headcover. Traded Yonex ezone 15* with Tour Ad GT 7s Head is great and in great condition. Shaft has a spot from being in a bag with no sock. Nice Perfect Pro grip to match the shaft. Original headcover. $75 Diamana X 60s, tipped 1", 3-wood length $175 TRPX D - head only 10° $old Grandista LS-001 (new muted version) 10°, 203 grams Excellent condition. The easiest driver to launch and hit straight that I've ever tried. Headcover like new - very cool. I have 2 of these drivers and one needs to go. $275 Epon 460zr 9.5° shafted with Diamana Blue Japan Limited 1/1000 in stiff flex and new Gripmaster Well used, but no dings, chips or pop-ups. Clean crown. Shaft and grip are just installed. Head cover a bit rough. $235 3 smoke colored Ns Pro 850 wedge shafts. New, uncut. $50 I have loads more stuff but we need to start somewhere. Now to my trade interests: 1 - Epon 105 - mint 2 - Jbeam Galpha - mint (white would be awesome but will not deny a black either) 3 - Seven VS-R 4 - Seven ST wedges 5 - Seven CB 6 - Onoff Kuro 2017 7 - Modart MA01+R - mint
  2. Ok, please let me know if he wants the irons head only or shafted. He can perhaps sell the shafts? Sweden is rediculous as I have to pay 75 bucks to have them pulled..
  3. The cost for me to remove the shafts is greater that their value to me so the price would be the same for heads only. Shipping is slightly cheaper though at 35 usd for heads vs 55 for shafted. 350 + shipping seems like a fair price to me so if we split shipping, that should be more than good. Deal?
  4. Hey, they are for sale. Thought about putting my new shafts in them but I have so many iron sets so yes.
  5. What? Are you seriously offering stuff from them here or is this perhaps just a scam to get people to click the link and get viruses? Either way - f o.
  6. bngolfer

    Onoff Kuro 2017

    I'm looking to buy (or trade - have tons of bites) a set of Onoff Kuro 2017. Preferably 4-46° but can do 5-46° too. LMK. Björn
  7. bngolfer

    Onoff Kuro 2017

    Nobody wants to part with their Kuros. I wonder if it has to do with the fact that they are awesome or that nobody actually has them.
  8. bngolfer

    Seven ST

    Are these wedges conforming? I.e. no issues in tournament play? How compact are they in regards to SDJ Proto 115? Thanks
  9. bngolfer

    $10 + shiping ..putter used. 2 games

    I’ll take it. Plus something else.
  10. bngolfer

    Onoff Kuro 2017

    After the longest drought here since I joined in 2007 I thought it best to start a new topic. I’m interested in the 2017 Kuro irons as I’m getting old and never practice. They look so easy to hit and I’m guessing that the thicker topline has something to do with that. It seems to inspire confidence. The Yamaha Tourmodel or Yonex ezone Chiba MB’s that I alternate between are both awesome and I do hit them well. But I think that getting a slightly bigger sweetspot will create a couple more GIR per round and thus, as I can’t chip worth of sh*t, a couple more pars/birdie opportunities. Now, who’s hit them or held them in their hands? How do they look/feel? What should I have them shafted with if I do buy them? I have KBS tour in S, hard-stepped once in my Yamaha and Crazy Target Tour in X in my blades. I would want just a little more altitude from the Onoff’s but I tend to think that the design of the heads will help me with that as it is. Driver ss is 105, 7-iron distance about 165 these days. Please give me some feedback guys.
  11. How will that impact things when I shaft it with a standard wedge shaft? If at all. Just tring to understand here.
  12. bngolfer

    Your first set of clubs!

    Great stuff! When you say ”reminder grips” do you mean like the Golf Pride Victory grips with lines on the front to give you a hint on where to put your hands, or do you mean the back line/ridge? I can’t play with round grips and here in Sweden we call the back line a reminder.
  13. bngolfer

    US Open pick

    Back-2-back = loads of respect!
  14. bngolfer

    US Open pick

    So - time again for your picks. Dustin is looking good, but there are others too who may find Shinnecock to be a better fit. Who is your pick? Mine is Henrik Stenson. My last pick was Mickelson for the Players. I hope this turns out better..
  15. Will you ship to Sweden?
  16. bngolfer

    US Open pick

    I wonder if I would break 100 if I played well? Or actually, I'm confident I would if I had a caddie that forced me into playing every par 4 as a par 5 and never, ever, ever take any chances. Not sure I think the USO is actually a fair test of golf - it is more about psychological endurance than of shotmaking. Especially when the greens are softish.
  17. bngolfer

    US Open pick

    That is a good sub for Stenson. I like it!
  18. bngolfer

    60° wedge, head only or complete club

    Fourteen RM-22 60/10 raw is another option.
  19. I'm looking for a raw or black wedge head, straight rather than rounded leading edge, not low bounce, great to new condition. I like compact classic wedge styles like A-grind/SDJ proto/Seven ST etc. Let me know what you have. Have loads to trade with or can buy outright. Whatever you like.
  20. bngolfer

    Benock Questions Thread

    So we’re saying the same thing really Chris. That from a tech perspective - as far as we know, there is no comparison to Benock - however from a user perspective one might fancy a Gold’s; Armsgain; Gauge; Yamada or whatever. They all do great work but the precision and capabilities that Benock have a far and above the others. Again, I have a Benock that is not right for me, but the face with the 3d milling, the feel and the craftsmanship is awesome. As it is not right for me it will not move my Gold’s out of the bag. Had I had a Benock done for me I’m sure it would spend more time in the bag than any of my other putters.
  21. bngolfer

    Driving Iron - Honma 2017 TW-U

    I had the 2013 version and it was not for me. Way too fat and shallow resulted in ballooned balls. The profile of the 2017 is much nicer. However - the goose neck is rather up front and personal - not for me. I still hope someone can ”borrow” Tanihara’s Honma DI for me.. It looks so good! Might kick the Buchi out of my bag. The 2017 is made in Sakata if I’m not mistaken.
  22. bngolfer

    Benock Questions Thread

    I used to game the huge Jack aluminum MacGregor 😄 On 17 after a 3-putt I tossed the ball up and gave it a good whack. The clubhead must have flown 60 yards... nonetheless it was a bad ass putter.