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    new LOOP shaft

    I love my Loop Prototype CL, but I do want pitch and bread materials in my shaft. I love rustic sourdough.
  2. bngolfer

    TT Monaco .. prototypes stiff flex..3/pw+dg x100

    Pretty awesome steel shafts though
  3. I like the TEE. Had the CB2 as the only non-JDM club in my bag for the longest time. I miss it too - had a perfect shape. They are about 25 bucks on eBay though. Might get one.
  4. I’ve had Teramoto, Gold’s original, NS Pro Heavy and Fire Express 130 in Gold’s Factory putters. For me, the NS Heavy is the only one to create a feeling of the putter being an extension of my arms. Obviously head and grip will be a factor. Teramoto - nothing special to me Fire Express - created a clicky feel that I really disliked Gold’s original - too soft NS Pro - going back in my gamer Gold’s and the Teramoto will be set aside
  5. Because we all want JDM and we refrain on USDM? 🙂
  6. Nooo. These guys are super athletic, have bodies that were bound for swimmers and the likes 20 years ago. They have hip and shoulder turns that are out of this world. I mean, look at an average guy like Tiger, his shoulders turn more than 90 degrees, and he has some fused discs in his lower back. Also, nearly 8000 ft up in the air, the ball does carry 15-20 % longer than at sea level. 457 is still silly. I'm happy to hit my drives 300 with the wind in my back and moms spaghetti on the stove.
  7. I have the Crazy Tour Target 120 X in a set of Yonex MB. I used to play X shafts back in the day. Even 7.0 Brunswick Rifle (in Honma PP-717 blades). However, that is 20 some years ago. Now I’ve played KBS Tour 120 in a hard stepped S for years and years. The Crazy shafts feel softer, smoother and well - better overall. I would never have guessed they were X flex shafts had the label not been there. That said, I would think that your TT Lights in S will feel rather soft to flex, but probably perform very well. I’ve het to hit a carbon iron shaft that feels better that steel. The ones I’ve tried, if stiff enough, simply lack feel. I’ve not tried them all though and there may be some good ones out there. I would still go with the TT’s as they are just awesome. Happy hunting!
  8. bngolfer

    SHAFTS: driver, fw.

    Don’t you know it by heart? I think I do.
  9. bngolfer

    Issue resolved

    Issue resolved
  10. bngolfer

    Issue resolved

    Issue is completely resolved. Thanks for the attention everyone. Happy it turned out well and ready to ho some more. Have a good weekend everyone!
  11. No Ian. Don’t even think it.
  12. bngolfer

    Issue resolved

    This time I think it is as good as resolved. I promised to remove my post and did and he promised to have my money back tomorrow. Sorry I had to post here to get the attention but it also means that members care about their reputation. I really like our community and spend a lot of time here and want to keep hoing. Again, this is the only time I have had an issue and, hopefully resolved. Will update tomorrow.
  13. bngolfer

    Issue resolved

    I just heard back from the member who claims to refund by this time tomorrow. If he does, I’ll remove this post. I’m sure the behavior will change going forwards.
  14. I will not pm, but Zodia Ti OZ 15 is a great option. I do have one if you are keen.
  15. bngolfer

    Honma TW747 & J Rose!!

    Can someone confirm it is a 445 and not a 460 Rose plays? Looking at the hand written numbers I’m thinking Honma wants to sell 460’s cause they are easier to hit, bit Rose actually holds a 445 in his hands.
  16. bngolfer

    Honma Tour World TW747P Irons

    No. He plays ”Rose Proto”. Forged muscle backs.
  17. bngolfer

    My 2019 Golf Resolutions

    Congratulations Nobsan and thanks for letting us follow this quest! It is an awesome feeling to break par for the first time. It will feel quite good next time too though 😄 Well played!
  18. bngolfer

    Thinking about wedges

    Nobsan, how different are the ST leading edges from the 115’s? I have 50/56 in the 115 and they are beautiful and the feel is awesome. I think I want the ST’s though as they make me think of my all time favorite wedges - the RC 6150. But I really don’t like the rounded leading edge (camber?) of some wedges. Based on this - do you think the ST’s will be right up my alley? Oh, they need to be small too, like the 115’s.
  19. bngolfer

    Honma TW747 & J Rose!!

    Obviously awesom start for Honma! The bottom of Rose’s driver had 445 hand written.
  20. bngolfer

    My 2019 Golf Resolutions

    You’re really getting there Nobs! Awesome numbers you are posting. Once you get over the mental block of ”under par” you’ll start shooting in the red on a regular basis.
  21. bngolfer


    They look fairly mint!