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  1. Gold's - Epon Putters

    Agree! They are sweet. I would not mind another..
  2. Think I have enough...
  3. That 3-wood is great looking
  4. Gold's - Epon Putters

    Which one is your dream?
  5. They do, but LOL
  6. Well, my one longest drive was hit with a Tad Moore, green ti-driver, about 320 cc I’d say. I had sanded the face which originally was painted too. It was 8 degrees and shafted with a matte black Grafalloy prototype shaft first. Then I had a gripless AJ Tech shaft in it when I hit the one.. I drove a 385 yard par 4 to the front of the green. Yes, the wind was in my back. I still have the driver and this was in 1998 or possibly 1999. As of late, when I’ve played JDM drivers (started with Honma Hi-Powered and Tour Model persimmons back in the early 1990’s) and my body is not as responsive as before, I think the Yamaha V201 Tourmodel with Oban Kiyoshi Purple gave me some long ones, but the white Grand Prix with black face and Diamana X 70 was consistently long for me. I regret selling it.
  7. Trading is arguably more fun
  8. It’s getting a bit sad for sellers and a bit like Christmas for buyers. BST has lost its balance. Or maybe it is just taking a break..
  9. Putting Aids

    Gents, I wonder what putting aids you are using indoors and why you like them. I’m looking to outfit my new house with a Trackman and a putting area but not just for fun - I want to get better at the game within the game. If I go back to my college days, 20 years ago, I had two coaches who claimed I was the worst putter in the game. For averaging 73.7 with 13.5 GIR in my junior year, they were quite right. 12 years later I found a teacher in my native Sweden that tought me to keep my left upper arm tight to my body. I practiced with a towel between my arm and side to make sure there was always contact. I’m a much better putter these days but unfortunately not as good a ball striker. Anyway, I want a good tool to work on alignment and line primarily. What are your suggestions? Happy New Year
  10. Putting Aids

    Thanks mate - that makes a lot of sense. The only non JDM putters I have these days are SeeMore and Tad Moore. It is something with always wanting more..
  11. Gold factory putter

    One can only hope! Wife: Hm, what else could you possibly need? Me: ”Need? A fix. And Tae is the fixer.”
  12. Gold factory putter

    That was finally a quick sale on here! Good to see you back T.
  13. Callaway Legacy Black 2013 irons

    Pretty! I have a set of idbl you may want 😄
  14. SOLD

    I love these drivers. I have two of the slightly newer 460zr with the red on the soles. Have to love the face on them, not only the perfect shape, but the soft feel too.
  15. Longest 3 wood

    Great! I played it, invited by Betfair, 7-8 years ago and it is pretty good. I’m at Orresta Golf between Enköping and Västerås.
  16. Longest 3 wood

    Well then - I should get one in ”Heavenly blue” as I’m an MFF guy but support LFC in PL. I’d love to try it out one day Leffe!
  17. Longest 3 wood

    I completely disagree. It is clubs like this that we need to take to the course and play with. It would have been beautiful had it not had AIK’s colors (Leffe will know what I’m talking about). It is a stunner and I bet a stinger!
  18. I always get interested when some of the best in the game change to something new. The Swiss and the Japanese are rather similar too as they are the only ones (bar a couple) that manufacture watch movements and apologise when a train arrives 10 seconds late. I hope we can learn more about the shafts in due time.
  19. Hey, I'm a strong follower and believer in JDM's excellence in tech, materials, finish and performance. I've been a member here for almost 11 years (and I don't have a badge to prove it!), I currently have 3 JDM iron sets, 9 JDM drivers, a gazillion JDM shafts, wedges, woods, hybrids, putters, grips etc. Just wanted to prove where I'm coming from. Now, I noticed Jason Day has put a new shaft in play. As he is one of my favorites and he has an amazing swing speed, I'm pretty sure he would not oust something as great as the Mitsubishi shafts he's been playing for years, just to get some more money from a new shaft company. I would think that the performance that he is getting out of the TPT shafts are as good, or likely better, that what he got from his Mitsubishi shafts. I've also seen some of the measurements that the TPT shafts are delivering and they seem to have very tight tolerance and thus also tight dispersion. TPT shafts are by no means cheap at 500 - 800 USD, but they are not JDM. They are made in Switzerland, another country well known for attention to detail, but from mostly Japanese materials if I understand things correctly. What is your thinking of TPT shafts? How do they stack up to AAA, Sanki Planaria, Diamana X, Bangvoo, 7D etc? Who's tried them? I'd like some nuanced comments based on their tech and others. Looking forwards!
  20. I want to trade idbl and a driver for a set of Onoff 2015 or 2017 or Honma 737 or ideas? The idbl’s are great, I just want to try something new. For sale or trade: PRGR idbl 5-P Some of the best players irons money can buy, paired with the shafts that measure better than anything according to my builder. As many of us know, these are some of the finest irons ever made by Endo. They have the least amount of offset in any cb I have ever seen. Condition is reasonably good, some chatter and a dark spot on pw. Shafted with Aerotech Steelfiber Player's Spec in stiff. $350 (that is what we call a steal, don't lowball me on these please) Yonex ezone MB - 3-p + 60° where 4-p are shafted with smoke colored Crazy Target Tour in very smooth feeling X (performs like S imo). Just gripped with Masda Slick Fit in red, with backline. A very expensive build in 9+/10 condition. I can take pictures if there is serious interest. These are the Chiba (Zodia) grinds and they are just awesome. No paint fill. $700 SDJ Proto 115, 50° + 55° shafted with Modus 3 130 stiff, Perfect Pro grips. Condition is awesome, a scratch on the back of the 55 but perfect other than that. $275 Agrind Classic 9.5* with Aldila RIP 80s 44" Like new. Probably seen 15 balls. A must have for mb players. Awesome. Comes with the black and white pom-pom headcover. Traded Yonex ezone 15* with Tour Ad GT 7s Head is great and in great condition. Shaft has a spot from being in a bag with no sock. Nice Perfect Pro grip to match the shaft. Original headcover. $75 Diamana X 60s, tipped 1", 3-wood length $175 TRPX D - head only 10° $old Grandista LS-001 (new muted version) 10°, 203 grams Excellent condition. The easiest driver to launch and hit straight that I've ever tried. Headcover like new - very cool. I have 2 of these drivers and one needs to go. $275 Epon 460zr 9.5° shafted with Diamana Blue Japan Limited 1/1000 in stiff flex and new Gripmaster Well used, but no dings, chips or pop-ups. Clean crown. Shaft and grip are just installed. Head cover a bit rough. $235 3 smoke colored Ns Pro 850 wedge shafts. New, uncut. $50 I have loads more stuff but we need to start somewhere. Now to my trade interests: 1 - Epon 105 - mint 2 - Jbeam Galpha - mint (white would be awesome but will not deny a black either) 3 - Seven VS-R 4 - Seven ST wedges 5 - Seven CB 6 - Onoff Kuro 2017 7 - Modart MA01+R - mint
  21. Added a trade idea. My PRGR idbl + a driver of choice such as Grandista LS-001 muted version ir Agrind Classic or Epon 460zr or something else I may have, for a set of Onoff 2017 (or perhaps 2015). Other ideas cound work too such as Honma 737 (not mb), Miura cb’s or give me some ideas? Stu, what sbout your RS for the idbl and a little somethin’ somethin’?
  22. Longest 3 wood

    The Tour Edge Exotics CB2 with titanium cup face was in my bag for 7 years. I’ve yet to hit a longer 3-wood and I have/have had a mumber of JDM ones. For instance, the Jbeam BM-TI was probably 30 yards shorter than the CB2.. For me, I like deep faces, it was great from a tee and from the deck. I had it shafted with a Matrix Ozik f7m2 Low Tip Deflection and the thing was a canon. Low launch but if I hit down on it I could get some more spin and height. Beautiful head too. 50 bucks will probably get you a newish head on eBay 😄