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    Jean baptiste putter.... gautier

    Have you bought it? For being from that brand, it does not look that bad. The no-paintfill certainly helps that cause.
  2. bngolfer

    My 2019 Golf Resolutions

    Putting? That’s not prt of the game I play. It is an entirely stand alone game.
  3. I'm thinking the Daytona might increase swing speed - and it probably will tell you what it is too. See the bezel 🙂 But with the 250 gram added weight through the swing - I recon at least 1 or 2 mph. Then again, physics was not my thing. I think your wifey deserves a night out with the girls Chris.
  4. To all TSG’ers. Happy the forum is somewhat revived. Next year we’ll step it up a little more.
  5. Ok, I’ve seen some ugly putters in my day. And some lovely ones. The Axis1 ends up in categoey number one. But, the idea is more than interesting. Seeing Justin Rose bag one next to all the beautiful Honma clubs adds to the interesting theme more than a little. 400 bucks for a putter is nothing for us JDM fanatics, that is more the cost of a good putter shaft. Who has tried the this? What are your thoughts? I might get one just because. Not sure I could ever bag one - my Gold’s is so beautiful. But making more putts may justify it..
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    I have had a few too. Honma Di as pictured by Stew stayed in the longest. But too shallow and too much offset. Might get a T-MB as it looks the best by a country mile. Or just stick my Callaway BB 1-iron in the bag again. It is so long. Aweful looks, aweful sound but so long and so easy to hit off a tee or off the deck. Cuts and draws are also easy to hit. But a 2 T-MB would look better.
  7. bngolfer

    My 2019 Golf Resolutions

    B nice brother. I’m drwaing my new house now though and I’m making room for a Trackman. You can come visit in the pre-season of 2021 😄
  8. bngolfer

    My 2019 Golf Resolutions

    Sounds awesome!
  9. bngolfer

    My 2019 Golf Resolutions

    Sounds like you are on track Nobs! I hope you play well today.
  10. bngolfer

    Taylor Made drivers

    I hate these ”designs”. Clean, pure shape, bonded hosel. So happy that JDM exist. Who can argue with the Yamaha V201 Tourmodel? That is a driver! Or, to bling it a little, the Epon 460ZR.
  11. bngolfer

    My 2019 Golf Resolutions

    I’m backing you!
  12. Mallet! https://www.pgatour.com/equipmentreport/2017/09/05/equipment-roundup-dell-technologies-justin-rose.html
  13. I know. I have not found that one - only the ones on their site. No mallets there but the ”offset” takes significant room. The only one I’m contemplating is the Tour-B. (Of the ones I’ve seen that is.)
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  15. Pretty! Is one of them a little shorted face-to-back? It looks like it and it looks good! That is how I like my drivers. Conventional shape - deep face - easily manoeuvrable.
  16. bngolfer

    New shaft from Real Sports (Grandista)

    That’s pretty cool!
  17. bngolfer

    New shaft from Real Sports (Grandista)

    I like people that try nwe things like this - it is the only way to innovate. For me, and the type of golfer I am, I don’t think it will work though. I always have a hard time with shafts that have an overly active tip. I hit draws as my standard ball, and that will likely work well with this shaft. I also want to hit cuts from time to time and to hit high balls in some conditions and low balls in other. I want to do that without changing clubs/shafts and that is quite easy with tip-stiff shafts. I imagine that it will be very tough to hit a low cut at will with this shaft but will love to hear the review (if there will be one).
  18. He's the mac daddy!
  19. bngolfer

    The New Miura CB-301 Irons

    Have you seen miuragolf.com?
  20. bngolfer

    Seven ST

    I'd like to buy Seven ST wedges. Let me know what you have and what you are asking. Thanks!
  21. bngolfer

    Seven ST

    Thank you 😄
  22. bngolfer

    HNY to all

  23. bngolfer

    GOLDS FaCtOry... !

    Had one for a long time. The softest feel ever. Awesome putter!
  24. bngolfer

    For Sale: Mint Seven CB (Sold)

    Stunning! I may go robb a bank. I’ll let you know if I succeed 🙂