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  1. Hutch! Where have you been? We’ve missed you 😊
  2. I have tried a bunch of JDM drivers and currently have 9 to my name. I’ll never go back to USDM tbh. I started out with persommon Honmas back in the day, then alloy (I think) Honmas, then titanium Honmas. Now the best looking ones are Epon 460zr in my opinion. Super soft, not the longest and quite frankly, who cares? I have a 9.5 and a 10.5 on its way. In terms of forgiveness I think the Grandista LS-001 is the easiest driver I’ve ever hit. I have two and will keep one for days when I can’t swing..
  3. I agree. It does look way better. Still ugly though. Not only the graphics - horrid - but also the shape. I don't get it. Today I gripped my old Epon 460zr and concluded that for a 460cc driver it is close to perfection.
  4. .

    That's what Tiger did to his 8-iron too in 2001... Great looking head Stew! The shaft is off-course awesome for anyone with a swing speed over 100 mph that prefers to hit the ball in the center of the fairway with low spin. It's all about control for stronger players. Loved my Diamana X 70s but sold it in a moment of weakness.
  5. Nice stuff Nobs! Someone has to get that MP Craft soon or it may end up in Sweden. And I really don't need it.
  6. No, it most certainly does not fit everyone. I've just moved into the high 60g range shafts and my preferred head weight is 205g. Control is everything for me. 44-44.5" is my preferred length.
  7. Thanks for that pic Steven
  8. Speaking about always having the best stuff 😄 Cool clubs - I've never seen them before. Can you show a pic from address? They seem to have a fair bit of offset.
  9. Looking for a mint 115 proto wedge in 58/9. LMK gents
  10. Life aint fair 😎
  11. These look awesome from the back. I have had a large number of irons the last 7 years but nothing has kicked the 2009 tour models out of the bag. Still firmly there.
  12. I too like them. Would make the leading edge a bit straighter and the number on the sole less pronounced. But ither than that - perdy!
  13. I've played a number including: - Tour AD-ut. Dead in 95-x as I don't swing hard enough anymore. Straight and low launch. -Oban Kyioshi 100-s is smooth. Mid launch. Great feel. -Basileus UT in 80-s also anamazing shaft. Not as smooth as the Oban but a bit tighter. -Matrix ozik 8h Tour in strong is like the Oban very smooth. Not nearly as tight though and frankly not an option anymore.
  14. Pure s-x. Gorgeous. I wish I had something you wanted so that we could trade.
  15. Crazy sold to a Swede in Thailand!
  16. Some of the best irons money can buy, paired with the shafts that measure better than anything according to my builder. They deserve a new home. The Crazy driver is just fab and the Classic is just that, classic. The Yonex 3-wood it no chump either, especially with the GT-7 in it. Well, dig in fellas. PRGR idbl 5-p As many of us know, these are some of the finest irons ever made by Endo. They have the least amount of offset in any cb I have ever seen. Condition is very good, some chatter and a dark spot on pw. Shafted with Aerotech Steelfiber Player's Spec in stiff. $395 Pending Crazy CRZ 450 10* with Crazy Boron Ltd sx What a beautiful driver! Head and shaft are both spotless and just assembled. Shaft is a one-time pull. New Masda Slick. Feel is soft/dense if that makes sense. I have 6 drivers and it looks like I'll only keep an Epon 460zr and a ZY-7 but this may be the keeper really. $old Agrind Classic 9.5* with Aldila RIP 80s 44" Like new. Probably seen 15 balls. A must have for mb players. Awesome. Comes with the black and white pom-pom headcover. $225 Yonex ezone 15* with Tour Ad GT 7s Head is great and in great condition. Shaft has a spot from being in a bag with no sock. Nice Perfect Pro grip to match the shaft. Original headcover. $85 pending Diamana X 60s Don't need any intro. Nice condition. Forgot to measure it but pm if you're interested and I'll let you know. Staying, I think. Give me an offer I can't resist?
  17. PM sent. I disagree.
  18. I. Want. To. Go. Too. Ian, next year..
  19. Geo Galaxy just sold to the UAE. Thanks Boon!
  20. PRGR, Yonex and Geo all pending
  21. I have also gamed KBS Tour wedge shafts for yomears. They are a bit counter balanced and the feel is veery good. I also have some Modus 130 and they feel really good too. Softer than one could imagine.
  22. Lovely!