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  1. Hi, This is not the R7 TP Forged that we typically talk about on here. Sorry to say that it is definitely not a tour issue set you have found as no pro would play them. That R7 Ti is to my understanding a cast game improvement iron for mid-/high handicappers with a titanium insert. Completely different club. Anyway, hope you do get along with them.
  2. If they could only do away with the graphics on the crown. Mental blocker for me. Maybe I’m the one who has to go to the shrink and get over it?
  3. It's only been 3 years since this thread was updated so I think it is about time. I just made an upgrade and thus far it is working out nicely. BMW iX 50. Stupid fast for being a 2700kg (5900lbs) SUV, but runs oh so nice on the air suspension. The only negative, apart from the fact that it is ugly from the side, is that the seats are too short. I'm only 5'11 but still annoying. I wish they would offer it with the same amazing seats as in the X5M or if they want to go all comfort, the 7.
  4. Pretty cool that. I gamed the Honma PP-717 blades with the same idea back in college during the 90’s. They were a tad smaller though. I wouldn’t have hit the ball with them these days..
  5. Wow! I just bought a set with shafts I need to replace (as I would these ones). They are in good shape but not quite as good as these. Spectacular to find these new 7 years after they were made. I hope they find a loving home.
  6. A good friend of mine that I've played with regularly for 30 years (damn I'm old!) has always hit the ball at least a club and a half longer than me. He has a really smooth tempo but a big turn. Plays at a +3.7 hcp and shot - 60 - last summer. When I picked up his clubs that day he had just received a new set from Ping. The irons had XP 95 in stiff. To me they felt way too light, but for him they are spot on. I would estimate his driver speed to 110-115 but it all looks so slow and smooth. Distans says something different. Telling this as I would have put him in Modus 130x, not XP95s.
  7. The wealth of knowledge from Nobs. Love it!
  8. The 950GH are a bit different though. To me they are very loose. Make sure you don't end up with C8 or something like that in swing weight. Try to keep them at D3 with a lighter shaft.
  9. Hey, Well, with 66 mph swing speed in a 4-iron, I can totally see the benefit of a lighter weight shaft for you. Even if the launch monitor you are using is off by 10 mph, that would likely be the case. And as Dean mentioned above, the nine is smooth AND stable. And the stable part seems to be something you need. So, worth a shot I'd say. I'm going down in weight too, to get somewhere close to where I once was. Still think that I hit my 7-iron 175 yds but I tend to come up short very often.. It is tricky to get the brain to understand that the speed is not there anymore. In the past,
  10. Love these! Had the 5 with a Diamana Thump. Super feel and easy to launch. GLWS
  11. Thanks mate, I love the SP 301 but now looking for hybrids. Yours were probably spot on for me but economics not working in my favor just now.
  12. They do Hutch. Thinking about them.
  13. Hi, Don’t really have a lot of knowledge of USDM drivers so can’t comment on the ones you mention but can try to give an advice on JDM drivers. What are you looking for in a driver except for distance and forgivenes (looks, feel, launch etc? What’s your skill level, swing speed, trajectory and typical miss?
  14. Ok. I’m thinking meatier could be good. I still love long irons but looking for a 20-21 to replace a 2-iron really.
  15. Thanks Nobs, I will try to demo a few as the snow is slowly letting go of us here. The Cobra King Tec will surely be on the list. Mavrik Pro too.
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