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  1. Sorry bud, you lost me...???
  2. Crazy TJ-80 La Bomba 8.2 flex uncut 9/10
  3. One of the few blades that’s ever tempted me away from the Flatbacks! Beautiful set and good luck.
  4. I haven’t even thought about a putter since the Zen but this looks absolutely stunning!!!
  5. Are you saying that I’m going to have to “bite the bullet”?
  6. Sorry spoon, Quadra was sold. My bad for not updating.
  7. Any more info or player reviews on this?
  8. I don’t know anything about that shafts. What are the specs? This is for a friend but he needs something low launch.
  9. That makes sense to me but the flat Kamui I had was an absolute pleasure to look at sitting properly flat at address and certainly harder to pull/hook/draw.
  10. Kamui Works is the only one I know of.
  11. I've been told you can bend forged irons up to 4* and I have done that with a set but I don't know if there's a set answer.
  12. Can I try please!!!! Are there any irons that truly have a center or even toe biased cg?
  13. I wish I was playing to my ability right now so I could reward myself with these!
  14. As always, these look fantastic. I've always drooled over Yamaha's MBs yet somehow never owned a set...
  15. Yes, I don't know if they still do but Gripmasters used to offer a small jar of jelly like conditioner that brings back the tackiness on their putter grips. Once the grip is several years old you may find you'll have to apply it every few rounds but it works. It's almost like a grease so apply a very small amount the night before you play and it will last a few weeks, maybe longer in a non desert climate such as mine.