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  1. We did get some facts cleared up but there may not be another set of production irons that have more mystery, speculation, and discussion surrounding them than these things. The only thing I know for sure is that they’re coming with me to my next range session! I’ll hit them along side a set of tour issue Miuras and some Epons and see if I can add to the speculation as to who produced them for Taylormade. Ha!!
  2. You could very well be right about the way my search creates answers. I still believe it was the TP version that was created for Goosen and the set you and I have are the regular RAC MBs. I do recall reading that the originals were Endo forged but I fear I’ll never be able to prove that now.
  3. Digging a little deeper and it appears that the TP version may not have been released to the U.S. market until 2006 so there may be more than one correct answer as to when it came out…none of which gets you any closer to the answer to your original question. Sorry if this rabbit hole led you too far off topic.
  4. Here’s the same stock photo from another google search. The TPs are stamped with “TP” in the center of the crest on the muscle and this includes the production date.
  5. I believe the TPs were the ones specifically created for Goosen in ‘03. I’ll see if I can dig up some info.
  6. The TPs were different than the regular RAC MBs shown in your pics.
  7. I believe they are referring to the RAC MB TP version. Again, grain of salt…
  8. I still have a set of these that I bought new when I had no business playing blades simply because they were so pretty and felt amazing when center struck. They are fantastic and forced me to get on the path of becoming a better player. It’s been well over a decade since I knew much about these but I seem to recall them being Endo forged not Miura. As mentioned it’s been way too long for me to remember any definitive information so take my input with a grain of salt.
  9. When those Monaco TTs are in the right head they are some of the absolute best I’ve ever tried! I was ready to sell them after pulling them out of an MB iron and threw them in a set of chocolate 302s just because I thought the color match would look really cool. Holy crap did they perform well and feel amazing! I went on to shoot several of my lowest rounds ever and now I’ll NEVER break up that set! Whoever gets these won’t regret it if they go into the right head!
  10. Besides color and face milling instead of grooves, does the Black differ from the regular 435 in any other ways?
  11. I didn’t think there were any actual specific differences were between the black and the regular but I seem to hit the regular one better. Is the face material different? Ironically, mine are all 9.5° as well. I’ve won several long drive contests with the 435 as well as member tourneys and local events. I’ve hit some drives just as long with others like the Ryoma V-Spec but not as consistently. Maybe I should buy just another one of these for that Stinger shaft…?
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