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  1. Nobody wants the big boy shaft? ;)
  2. Obviously these clubs aren't for the average guy around here but if it helps an aging golfer get some distance back and enjoy the game more then they've done their job. And that one on the right looks pretty damned good for a gi iron!
  3. Were these built by your guru?
  4. Congrats! Can you elaborate on the fitting process please?
  5. Lol, call me a glass half empty kind of guy but I only gave you a 30% chance of not changing your mind by the weekend! Hahaha! ;)
  6. When I demo'd these, I was able to work the ball as needed so players with that ability don't need to worry. nob, I've noticed that I also tend to hit GI irons straighter than expected with their amount of offset. I've attributed it to the fact that the ones I've tried tend to have weak shafts that just can't catch up to my swing at impact. Just guessing though...
  7. I might end up doing that... I will add that I have my own loft/lie machine so these can be set to any specs their new owner wants! ;)
  8. Medium sized, little offset, long, and forgiving, PrGr iD-BL. If you want a tad more compact, the Sevens no question. R9 TP for sure except for the offset.
  9. I did get the Kyoeis! But you're right, I still can't believe I'm trying to sell these either. They've won me so much cash as well as the Phoenix Amateur Championship when I just wanted to see what playing in a real tournament felt like. I should be mounting these on my wall!!!!
  10. Can I see an address pic to see the offset/onset?
  11. I rarely get rid of stuff so hurry up before I change my mind!! :) My hallowed Yururi 2010 Flatbacks on KBS C-Taper RS shafts 4-pw. My favorite irons of all time! Yes, they look brand new and are in very good shape but they are well played. That's the best thing about raw black irons, any time you want them to look brand new you can simply dip them in black oxide. $650 Nearly brand new set of Nippon Modus 3 120s in X flex. My favorite steel shaft. 4-pw. $140 Quadra FEX Max WBQ 65 S used but uncut. My favorite shaft until I went SD. $225 Crazy LaBomba TJ-80 8.2 flex used but uncut. Great shaft for the big hitters! $225 All prices net to me including domestic shipping. Will consider splitting international shipping.
  12. Looking for an R flex low trajectory driver shaft, preferable to play 46" in a Ryoma Special Tuning.
  13. Got these on eBay. They had standard and shorties...