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  1. chiromikey

    Nob's End of Summer yard sale!

    Finally I’m first to see one of your big sales and for the first time there’s nothing on my must try list. Great gear though so glws!!
  2. Golf is over? You mean for the season...right???
  3. chiromikey

    Egg 3woods 15*+13*

    Don’t have the swing for x anymore. How does the b70x feel in the 13*?
  4. chiromikey

    New Mizuno Proto Driver

    Any specs you can share yet?
  5. chiromikey

    New Mizuno Proto Driver

    This is the first time I’ve felt an interest towards a Mizuno driver. Jelous of how well she fires her hips to start her downswing!
  6. chiromikey

    Seven putter.....sm490A

    Nice, thanks Stew
  7. chiromikey

    The Jbeam bullet driver - finally!

    Btw, if anyone is worried about having a hosel reamed, don’t. It’s not noticeable with a proper instal.
  8. chiromikey

    The Jbeam bullet driver - finally!

    Had a few rounds and my general opinion so far is that it’s not a far enough departure from the 435 to say it’s better. I have mine stuffed with cotton so sound and feel are awesome, resembling many of the composit crowned heads. It’s slightly improved compared to the original 435 but it could be a wash when comparing Black to Black. Even with the flatter lie and open face it’s still a draw biased head and without a true toe positioned weight there really isn’t any help even if you wanted to attempt to compensate. Distance off the toe is slightly more rewarded and that is an appreciable attribute. The 435 is still the best driver ever for me and with time this should prove to be just as good. But my quest moves forward to find a truly flat lie and open faced driver.
  9. chiromikey

    Anyone play with putter lofts?

    I definitely couldn’t game one of those but it might work to screw around with. I fully plan to get a Benock fitting when I get back to Japan but I honestly don’t know when that will be.
  10. For a long time I’ve been pondering this aspect of putters and wondering why we really don’t (can’t) consider any loft options. We’re stuck with 99% of everything at 3-4*. I understand the concept of needing to ever so slightly lift the ball before you get it rolling but not everyone has the same golf swing or putter stroke, so why do putter companies think everyone needs one and only one loft option? I’ve watched countless good to professional golfers add a forward press to their stroke, essentially delofting their putter (probably anywhere from 2-5*). Why not just make a putter that’s already at the delofted spec? I get that forward press may be something that helps certain swing types but not my old school wristy style. I didn’t know the loft of my Epon Zen for most of it’s life, just that it worked and rolls better than any other putter I had owned previous to it. Recently I found out the specs and discovered it was only 2* loft and I realized that loft wasn’t just a fleeting thought and is something I need to consider. So I took an old Beti and started tweaking. I actually hate the feel of this putter but as I got to -3* this thing started rolling the ball like some of the mini tour guys I’ve played with. No skipping, no jumping, no hopping, no sound of the ball skidding, sliding, or bouncing after it’s contact with the putter head...just a pure roll that starts immediately. My stroke adds loft as I prefer to contact the ball on the start of the upswing so even at -3* my dynamic loft is probably still just on the positive side but why is there not a single off the shelf company that offers loft options? Sure I can start tweaking everything but when you remove 7* (from 4 to -3) the putter head isn’t going to sit properly at address. Not to mention I’m actually quite afraid to throw a putter that costs me more than I’m comfortable admitting on my Mitchell Machine. With so many style options, size options, weight options, length options, toe hang options...it should be obvious that there are different styles and strokes to putting. So why zero loft options???
  11. chiromikey

    Wedge shaft preferences

    I tend to build wedges that go with a set of irons and have come to prefer cut 8iron shafts that match the shafts in the set. The feel, trajectory, and weight make a perfect transition from the irons and I get just the right amount of spin. Well, except the MCIs...they’re deadly accurate but those damn things will spin a ball 30ft if I’m not careful!
  12. chiromikey

    The Jbeam bullet driver - finally!

    I hear you nob. I know modern technology and engineering are meant to help the problems that the vast majority of golfers face but it wreaks havoc for the idiots like me that don’t like to do anything “by the book”. The sound/feel of my 435 was amazing while stuffed with cotton but left empty and it was every bit as obnoxious and unpleasant as a gen 1 Taylormade RBZ. I’ll hit a few with the Bullet empty just to get an idea but I ordered this one light so I could stuff it like a Thanksgiving Day turkey. It’s getting shafted as we speak so I should have some more thoughts to ramble on about soon.
  13. chiromikey

    The Jbeam bullet driver - finally!

    We need to plan another golf week and I’ll bring it with me! Get Craig and the baron ready!
  14. chiromikey

    The Jbeam bullet driver - finally!

    Bullet arrived today. Thanks Chris! I’m very surprised at how similar it actually is to the 435. That’s a good thing since the 435 is my favorite looking and performing driver of all time. So far pictures have made the Bullet’s face look strikingly different from the 435 with its high toe and without a side by side comparison it does look quite different. But as pictures will show, take away the scoring lines and you can see they’re definitely from the same mother, almost fraternal twins. The Bullet appears to be only a tiny bit more compact to go with an only slightly higher toe, again a good thing in my book. It's definitely a draw biased driver as the weight ports are not at the corners like the 435. The rear weight is further back and toe weight is now almost in the center. If I hadn’t requested custom specs I don’t think I’d get along with it very well as I fight the left side as a miss. Since it’s so close to the 435 I won’t have any reservations about moving my 7D over. This way I can get a true comparison to how it performs and feels relative to it’s brother. The only drawback is that I can’t compare them side by side. Stay tuned for an on course review....
  15. chiromikey

    The Jbeam bullet driver - finally!

    I asked for 56* but the best they could get to was 57*.