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  1. It’s definitely a fair deal but I just asked and he’s not into those shafts.
  2. You still have the idbls for sale. A friend hit my set but they’re not for sale.
  3. chiromikey

    Yururi Tour Wedge

    It’s a coating, not a plating so black oxide will still react with the metal as if it were raw.
  4. Played Bay and Plantation. Plantation was fun but definitely above my pay grade anymore! The only flat lie I had on an approach was 17 and the only shot I stuck.
  5. chiromikey

    The Jbeam bullet driver - finally!

    I’m reluctant to do that. If it just doesn’t work for me I’d have an awful time trying to sell it.
  6. chiromikey

    Benock Questions Thread

    I’d like to have you set up a fitting during my next trip like we did with Seven Dreamers.
  7. chiromikey

    Benock Questions Thread

    Can you describe the fitting process? I prefer older blade putters like the Zen and wouldn’t give it up even if one of the new bricks on a stick made more putts for me. Can Benock fitting still improve my putting if I’m stubborn about what I want?
  8. chiromikey

    The Jbeam bullet driver - finally!

    Finally is right! Lol Thank you for the review. If you come across a flat open head set it aside for me!
  9. chiromikey

    Looking for a raw finish blade

    Wiping them down with oil keeps them looking pretty good but dipping them in black oxide makes them look brand new whenever you want.
  10. chiromikey

    Looking for a raw finish blade

    The Yururi PDGs are not raw and don’t feel anywhere near as good as their raw Flatbacks.
  11. chiromikey

    Epon Zen with black shaft

    Beautiful. Mine is still my gamer and I doubt anything will ever move it out of the bag...at least until I can get custom fitted for a Benock. GLWS!
  12. chiromikey

    ***** MY new driver builds THREAD ******

    I’d agree with that selection so far...but no Egg7 in your hof?
  13. chiromikey


    Hope you find some, they’re worth it!