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  1. What I found best about my fitting was the correct length and lie angles. Swing weight was D2.5 but I can play heavier or lighter than that as long as the length and lie are good for me.
  2. Oh wowzers. Would love to tests those out nob. Loving the older Diamana's too. Kaili is one of my all time favourite shafts. Difference is that it says RS on the sole but RSf on the face.
  3. I disagree. When you have no access to see/touch/demo this gear, the next best thing is a vlog. Can't beat a comparison video in this scenario. I certainly can't afford to buy all the latest and greatest.
  4. For those of us that don't do lot's of instagram/twitter/facebook then I think forums are the best place for reviews and opinions. There would be nothing better than a youtube comparison or blog between Yamaha irons and Miura, or PRGR and Epon ect.
  5. Chris, more gear testing is needed. We all love reviews. I assume most of us watch youtube reviews of the latest and greatest of usdm but there needs to be an English language video or reviews of all the new JDM gear.
  6. There's lots of peeps that have a load of iron sets. Maybe they don't want to get rid......? Surprised though.
  7. Free shipping (except Australia/New Zealand area) until the weekend.
  8. All three heads only posted for £350. Pictures tell the condition.
  9. Ian-500


  10. Just sold one, and I'm in the UK too. Arrgghhhh
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