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    Trying to perfect the golf swing...........may take some time!

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    Onoff Type-S + House of Forged Platinum, 45", MCC Plus 4. FW: Callaway GBB 16* + Fire Express 75x, 42", MCC Plus 4 Align. FW: OnOff Prospec 21* + Roddio i-8, 40", MCC Plus 4. Irons: OnOff Forged 4i - PW + Accra Tour 110 TiMesh + Superstroke. Wedges: Miura WMF-06 49/53/58 + Black Gold x, Superstroke. Putter: Rife Barbados island.

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  1. Ian-500

    FS Honma Tour World 737VS 5-10 Iron Heads

    Those look really nice. GLWS.
  2. No JDM drivers. Tut tut, how dare you! Seriously though, there are plenty out there at 460 with that 'classic' shape.
  3. Nice review. Seen a few reviews on youtube so far. Looks, er...ok but nothing special. Numbers from some reviewers have been good. I assume that you've tried other drivers between your 2 Titleists? Anything JDM?
  4. Ian-500

    OnOff Prospec 24 & 27

  5. Ian-500

    OnOff Prospec 24 & 27

    Just a bit of a feeler at the moment. I know that Carlo (spoon) had these a few years ago, but does anyone else have one or both sitting around doing nothing but gathering dust? If they are shafted with Roddio i8/i9/i10 then even better......, but as I say, just a feeler. PM me.
  6. Ian-500

    new items

    Seen tons of these. I'll post when I find them.
  7. Ian-500

    2015 Onoff Kuro Driver Re-shaft

    Pics please....
  8. It must have been your love of LFC...... 😘
  9. Been there a couple of times, but only to watch the pros, never actually played. Looks great. Enjoy it 👍
  10. Hahaha we don't trust Europeans anymore..... Brexit!
  11. B, only looks like 4-pw or 3-9i? Where's the 60?
  12. Ian-500

    New Mizuno Proto Driver

    Jeez, she rips the s**t outa those balls. Great swing. Would like to see her tee the ball a little more towards her left foot though. 🙄
  13. Hi Bjorn, for those that don't know you may want to include some pics showing the back of the irons. Some great clubs as always, and a great guy to deal with. 👍