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    Dorset, United Kingdom
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    My wife and our 2 boys.
    Trying to perfect the golf swing...........may take some time!

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    Driver: Callaway GBB 16* + Rogue Max 75x, 44", MCC Plus 4. FW: Callaway GBB 16* + Rogue Max 75x, 42", MCC Plus 4. FW: Callaway GBB 21* + Rogue Max 85x, 41", MCC Plus 4. Irons: Taylormade P730/P770 + KBS $-Taper hard stepped once, MCC Plus 4. Wedges: Taylormade Milled Grind 52/56/60 + KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 MCC Plus 4. Putter: Rife Barbados island.

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  1. Gold factory putter

    Has to be a Tae garage sale soon......
  2. Tsg clubworks

    Thank you.
  3. Callaway Legacy Black 2013 irons

    No trades.
  4. Callaway Legacy Black 2013 irons

    Hahahaha. Selling these for a friend. I wish I could have all of this gear....
  5. Tsg clubworks

    Chris, is this still up and running? A friend would like some regrooving with some copper plating.....
  6. Callaway Legacy Black Irons4-PWTT GS95 S200 Stiff flex shaftsI very much Doubt there’s a better condition Set out there of these....Easily 9 out of 10.Endo ForgedStand loft/lie and LengthNot looking to trade.£450 GBP NetPlus Postage.
  7. Miura (global) MC-501 Introduction

    it's nice, but I still prefer the 5005.
  8. Made in Japan woods

    Kamui Works.
  9. I've got a UST Mamiya Helium Prototype HE5F5 if anyones interested.....used, but no grip or adapter fitted.
  10. Longest 3 wood

    Never tried the 3 wood, because the PRGR Egg PX-03 9 wood was long enough! Felt that the generations after all looked closed and never got on with them....
  11. Benock Patnaleone putter $300 + shipping

    $300 + shipping. Come and get it.
  12. SOLD ----- Epon 502 Never Hit

    Great vid. As bngolfer says, a new standard has been set for advertising gear. And it definitely looks like the UK!
  13. Bulk stuff pics up more gear

    Looking forward to all the other items mate. Any trade interests?