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    Driver: Still looking...... 4 Wood: Kamui Pro TP-XF 17.5° + Fujikura Speeder Evolution VI FW70x @ 42 1/2". 7 Wood: Kamui Pro TP-XF 22.5° + Fujikura Speeder Evolution VI FW80x @ 41 3/4". Irons: Kamui Pro KP-102 4i-PW + KBS TGI 110. Wedges: Callaway Jaws Forged 50°/55°/60° + C-Taper Putter: SeeMore SB1 + Accra FX300.

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  1. Is this a record for the oldest thread to have been revived?
  2. I like the sound of that. Will have try one out.
  3. 'Miles different'. Come on Byorn, you can't say that without explaining.....give us the info we crave 🙂
  4. It may be a revolution in golf, but it needs a price reduction of 75%.
  5. That was fantastic. What an art form. My only issue was at the end, a standard black ferrule was used. Sacrilege..........
  6. I really like the design of the wedges more so than the irons. You need matching ferrules on the wedges though Shame on you. Driver combo looks great.
  7. I don't think there's going to be many shafts in that weight range that'll be low kick point.
  8. Do you a great deal on a 535 black...
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