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  1. These look good. Are these Honma's version of TM's P790?
  2. http://www.jbeam.co.jp/product-details/details-driver/details-driver-19.html
  3. Do it anyway.....and really fast 😁😆😄😅
  4. Really? The 903 looks great. I've tried the 901 and loved the feel. Have you tried any of the Srixons Dean?
  5. After looking at these pics again I really want to try them with my AF-Tours. They're just soooo damn expensive, even on the used market!!!
  6. An adjustable jBEAM.....???!!?!?!
  7. Also, what questions can you answer when you only hit it "for a second" and gave it back. As Bjorn said, you're probably one of very few people on this forum to hit it......and you were only interested in the shaft!!
  8. I looks like an adjustable jBEAM 435.
  9. Love the champagne finish.
  10. What can be adjusted using that adapter?
  11. Well done Nob. Looks like you'd better stick with this PRGR's.
  12. I had all 3 of these, 1i/3i/5i and whilst I hit some great shots with them, particularly the 3i and 5i, I didn't like the feel.
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