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    Driver: TM Original One 13.5° + Tensei CK Pro Blue 80tx. HY: Ping G400 17° + Oban White 95x. DI:  Epon 903 20 & 23 + OTi120x Irons: Epon AF-Tour MB 5i - PW + OTi120x Wedges: Epon 208KGX 53°/59° + OTi110x. Putter: SeeMore SB1 + Accra FX300.

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  1. Looks good. Liking the choice of shaft. Did you get fitted?
  2. https://golf5-blog.alpen-group.jp/brand/golf5/shop/g5-2102/19bcac8b-c69b-4b2e-ad80-d93e139f4f45 Looks similar to the T7
  3. Hi. 4i - PW of the VG3 and Vokey forged 50 and 56. The irons and 50* have UST Recoil Prototype 125F5. 56* has a Modus3 120 stiff. All in great condition. Shafts are one time pull and were spend originally in a set of tour issue Adams XTD Forged. The shafts in the irons are TOURSPX with individual numbers. The one in the 50* was bought separately. IMPORTANT BIT: Unfortunately my pro drilled a hole in the pw shaft whilst attempting to remove the old glue. Apparently this is beyond repair and I can't get hold of an individual shaft in the UK. I've seen some listed on eBay USA but I'm not interested in shipping one over + import duties. So because of this, these need a new home. I have about $700 in these. Asking $450 delivered. Send me some offers. I'll post pics when it stops raining.
  4. So far I've had a chance to try the 20* and it's very good, especially with a Mizuno RB Tour ball. Love it. The old UST axivcore shaft holds up well and feels good. Used it on a 236yd par 3. and I hit to the left edge of the green. Awesome shot. The 23* is being shafted with an OTi Tour. Can't wait to try it.
  5. Yes the AD DI all day over the black tie, which feels dead to me.
  6. How does the OT h90 play Dean? Depending on how my OT irons shafts go I may have to get one......
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