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  1. Did someone say 'soccer'? Nooo couldn't have....... 😄
  2. I bought mine used and had them installed in a combo set of Yoro Craft MP4/MP54. Spec wise they came out a little short regarding shaft length, thus swing weight was light at C9, but they were super accurate and soft feeling. For me they are one of the best iron shafts. Had the wedge specific shaft too. One of (many) iron/wedge combo's I would have liked to have kept. They looked stunning too. Go to the end of page 2. Beauties.....
  3. You guys are the test bed of the world. Human iron byrons.
  4. Great scoring nob. Isn't it just a case of we do all our gear testing in the spring and summer, therefor everything is pretty much dialled in when the colder weather hits. Similar to me (pretty much) the only JDM gear in your bag are the irons/wedges.
  5. I bet they combo really well. Here you go:
  6. Have you guys seen the TXG duo testing these shafts on Youtube?
  7. You need to add a photo showing your username and date alongside some of your clubs 🙂
  8. Great shaft too. I assume this would be a bomber in the right hands.......
  9. Regarding clubs info/specs, I have to disagree with the above posters. If you're interested in a club for sale then I think the onus is on the buyer to ask the questions if the answers aren't already within the for sale advert. As a seller, we don't always have the info to hand, certainly if it was a used club that you'd bought from someone or somewhere else, but yes you have to provide as much info as you know/are aware of. Yes some of the gear is fairly expensive, but it's not a car or a house, so let's not get toooooo anal about it.
  10. What a set these would make. Beautiful. GLWS.
  11. Info on the Ryoma please; length/swing weight/total weight?
  12. Really good wedges. Had mine with Accra i125. Plenty of spin. GLWS.
  13. The title says one thing, but the photos show another.......568 or TTX? Always loved 7 woods. I'd love to try this.
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