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  1. Selling this for a friend. Here's some info he's asked me to include; Seven ST 61* lob wedge, custom ordered from TSG with Fujikura MCI 125 Wedge “Mild” shaft. Amazing feel, not quite enough bounce for me. $OLD shipped usps priority. Here’s a link to the product description. https://www.tourspecgolf.com/seven-st-wedge-black-b
  2. Great info. Ironically the sf9's I'm interested in are also in a hybrid. Thanks.
  3. Has anyone played these? I know that they are discontinued but would be interested to know how they play. Blueboard profile I'm guessing. The SF was designed for fairways and the GT had a full line of driver/fairway and ut. Thinking of the SF9 and/or GT UT 95/105.
  4. These look good, and the bonus being that both my kids names begin with 'K'.
  5. I can't wait to try my P9003tx in my Rogue SZ. I've tried a Tensei Pro Blue 80tx and Tour AD DI 8x both in a TM Original One mini driver. Tensei was my favourite. Ball flight was similar but I was more accurate with the tense and it felt smoother. These were played at 43 1/2" and 43 3/4" respectively. I might try some cheaper Attas when COVID-19 has passed.
  6. Hey Nob, how is the RS-F 9.5/Speeder 661 combo that you're selling compared to the 10.5/Ahina combo in this thread?
  7. I love and hate the fact that the UK isn't restricted. Borders are still open. Come on in.......untested.
  8. This: http://blog.tourspecgolf.com/prgr-golf-super-egg-driver-2015/ Anyone have issues with the face cracking at swing speeds over 100mph? Would the same issues happen to the 3 wood too?
  9. So were my favourites the PRGR pair or the Seven pair?
  10. First or maybe the second in the foreground.........are they toes in the photo? 😞
  11. Still prefer the look of the MB5005. My Favourite Miura design.
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