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    Trying to perfect the golf swing...........may take some time!

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    Driver: Mizuno MP650 9.5* + UST Mamiya Elements Prototype PT6F5. FW: M1 3HL 17* + Attas 6 Star 7x. HY: Mizuno MP650 19* & 22* + UST Elements Earth 80x Irons: Mizuno Yoro MP4/54 + Fex DGL 120x Wedges: Mizuno T7 52/58 + Fex DGL 120x Putter: Rife Barbados.

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  1. I assume a 'Dymo' was the older Nike Dymo. The 380cc version was 'tour only' I think.
  2. I really like the look of these. Nice sticks. GLWS.
  3. Sorry to thread jack but those Yamaha's look stunning.......
  4. Good used condition. A few dings on the soles and the usual bag chatter but there's plenty of life left in these. I had the irons built but the wedges a factory install. All items are located in the UK Looking for $400 shipped worldwide. Plenty more piccies if required. Pm me. I can add an MP650 9.5 driver with a UST Elements Proto PT6F5 for an extra 100...
  5. Close to mint condition. Playing at 42.5 $200 plus fees and shipping. Pics on the way.
  6. Check the bst. Wedda is selling a Doggati shaft......
  7. These look stunning...
  8. Oh man that sounds like great fun. Score low chaps.
  9. RMX was a killer....... Nob you have to try some vintage Yamaha. Awesome clubs.
  10. Name and shame
  11. Love the address pic.
  12. This will be the first time that I've ever owned 2 sets of irons and wedges at the same time and keeping them, so I thought I'd make them weather specific. Thinner sole for summer and wider soles for winter is my reasoning behind this experiment, as well as lighter shafts for more carry in the winter. Hopefully it works. Summer: MP4/54 Yoro and T7 all shafted with Quadra Fire Express DGL 120 and Iomics grips. Winter: MP64 and S5 all shafted with Orochi Tour Spec 90g and Pure grips. Anyone else do this?
  13. Can anyone get hold of some spare weights from Abroad/Proceed Justick? Ideally 6g or 8g please. Thanks, Ian.