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    Driver: Srixon Z785 10.5°(9.5°) + Tensei CK Pro blue 70tx @ 44 3/4". 4 Wood: Kamui Pro TP-XF 17.5° + Fujikura Speeder Evolution VI FW70x @ 42 1/2". 7 Wood: Kamui Pro TP-XF 22.5° + Fujikura Speeder Evolution VI FW80x @ 41 3/4". Irons: Kamui Pro KP-102 5i-PW + Quadra 100i Pro x. Wedges: Callaway Jaws Forged 50°/55°/60° + C-Taper Putter: SeeMore SB1 + Accra FX300.

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  1. Just checked them out. Look good, and specs are ok for me. Seem to be sold out on TSG so someone must be able to reply with some experience of these.
  2. Hahahahaha, no that IS creepy.....
  3. Yeah I know what you mean about feeling like a 3rd world country. A lot of the big cities are run down. For such a 'rich' country, I wonder where all the money goes..... England definitely had more possession than France, and played well for most of the game, just something lacking in attack. Bring on 2026! Merry Christmas my friend.
  4. Hi everyone. Has anyone had the chance to try these out yet? Happy Christmas. Ian.
  5. CK Pro white? I've seen the Tensei AV and AM(2) irons shafts, but never seen the Pro's.......what weight are they?
  6. I think that you can verify the serial number with Honma.
  7. We (England) have a great chance. We sometimes can come across as cocky, but try not being cocky when you've invented 50% of everything (England/Britain/UK!) We're the only team that hasn't lost a game going in to the knockout rounds, so yes I've every confidence we can win. Beat Japan in the Final 🙂
  8. When did you move to the UK?
  9. I was impressed when Japn beat Germany, but they'll need a result in their last match to qualify. England-USA game was one of the worst games EVER!
  10. Standard length as in 38" in a 5i? Hmmm soft stepped once giving me 38 1/2" 5i to GW....... Too close to Christmas 😞
  11. A few people have used the Bangvoo iron shaft, but they are either banned or just don't comment on this site anymore. I've only used the Bangvoo 757 in a driver and fairway. One of my all time favourites.
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