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    Driver: jBEAM Glorious 10.5* + Motore VT 7.0x, 45.5", MCC Plus 4. FW: jBEAM Glorious 15.5* + Kuro Kage Proto 70x, 42", MCC Plus 4. HY: Ping G20 20*/23*/27* + Accra FX200h M5/FX300h M4, 39", MCC Plus 4. Irons: OnOff Forged 6i - gw + Accra Tour Ti Mesh, Superstroke. Wedges: Miura WMF-06 53*/58*, Black Gold x, Superstroke. Putter: Rife Barbados island.

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  1. All. Quick sale needed. OnOff Type-S 2012 driver with House of Forged Platinum Edition 60g x flex and mcc+4 grip in blue. Plays at 45 1/2" and D2 (I think). Slightly open face angle. All in great condition and comes with original headcover. Similar construction to Epon drivers of the same age, and also made by Endo. Usual playing marks on the sole and face. Lovely feeling head. One of my favourites. I must be mad to sell this... $150 shipped anywhere in the world. jBEAM Glorious 3 wood 15.5* with Kuro Kage Proto 70x and mcc+4 grip in grey. D1.5 I think. Square face angle. All in great condition and comes with original headcover. Usual playing marks on the sole and face. The shaft is un tipped and plays just shy of 43", so a little soft to flex but also a rocket launcher. $150 shipped anywhere in the world. These would go well with my OnOff Prospec hybrid in my other sale....
  2. Ian-500

    Srixon Z585 and Z785 drivers

    AND the ZR30 looks cool too 🙂
  3. Ian-500

    Ian-500 WITB for 2019 hahahahaha

    Yes mate. Approx 105 driver swing speed.
  4. Ian-500

    Ian-500 WITB for 2019 hahahahaha

    I had a LM session last week on GC2. Here is my data; Carry Total Height Back spin SW: 93 98 24 8567 GW: 111 119 29 6533 PW: 127 134 35 7193 9i: 143 151 38 6109 8i 157 168 36 4744 7i: 169 182 37 4496 6i: 178 191 36 4182 5i: 188 202 40 4020 3i: 211 227 42 3373 1i: 232 252 36 2700 Driver: 250 272 32 2485 The fourteen 1i was soooo consistent with carry. 232/226/237/229/233/233.
  5. Ian-500

    Ian-500 WITB for 2019 hahahahaha

    So as you can all see, the idea behind my current set-up is forgiving heads married to some stout shafts. Driver: The Glorious is 11* but does not launch as high as I thought it would at first. Face looks Very forgiving and pretty low spinning. Not much talk about these on here or other forums compared to their more 'plateresque' brethren, but I feel that it's right up there with the best of them. It reminds me of the 535 in so many ways, and this combo with the Motore VT is soooo close to the 535 10*/Bangvoo 787s I had in every way. I loved that combo 😞 SW is D4.5 Hybrids: The Fourteen UT716's are awesome. I was intrigued after reading what Stew(supo) had to say about them so jumped on these when I saw them as I felt they could be 'close' to my specs........I didn't feel the love when I first tried them but after a few range sessions and a few 9 holes they are performing brilliantly. The shafts; the Thumps do need to be stepped on before you feel the 'thump'! The Tour AD is also fairly stout, but I might change it for a Thump 105 in the new year, just so it matches. Hahahaha. They are used primarily off the tee, but I expect to use the 5i from the fairway/rough at some point. Absolute rocket launchers. The 5i got me to 3ft on a 232yd par 3. I missed the birdie putt 👎I'm testing some different grips with these 3 at the moment. Larkin UTx/MCC+4/Superstroke Cross Control. SW is D3 Irons: OnOff 2011 Forged. Most of you either know of these legends or have gamed them in your ho'ing merry go round. Beautiful to look at and equally beautiful to feel/hear when hit. The Accra shafts are the unsung heroes in this combo. They stand up to whatever I throw at them. I think they laugh at me and say "is that all you've got". Great iron shafts. I put them up there with Roddio i-10sx and DGl 120x. They feel as smooth as the Roddio and as stout as the DGl. Surely I won't be tempted to change them for some Thumps....SW is D2.5 Wedges: Miura WMF-06. I hadn't seen any reviews (in English) of these before I bought them. I think they look stunning. They also feel fantastic, but, and this could be the first change in the new year, I don't think they're forgiving enough for my game. I play off 16 for a reason, and it's my short game that lets me down. I found a unicorn in the 49*. As far as I'm aware, Miura-san only made these in 53*/58*, so did someone have this 49* specially made for them? Anyone shed some light? The shafts are a combo, same one in the 49* as the irons as I hit full shots with it, and the olden but golden TT Black Gold x in the 53*/58*. SW is D3 Putter: Rife Barbados belly cut to 34". This has been with me for at least 2 years, probably 3. Weighs over 600g and my pro said the swing weight was OFF THE CHARTS! This is a pendulum. I get comments about it from other golfers as it looks 'exotic' compared to the usual Odyssey/Ping/Scotty etc. I like it anyway so it's not going anywhere soon. If there's one club that I don't change very often it's the putter. Maybe I need a putter fitting because I 3 putt waaaay too often. So there we go, hopefully this'll get me through the winter here in the UK. We'll see 👀
  6. Ian-500

    Ian-500 WITB for 2019 hahahahaha

    Er....I can resist from buying new gear........ 😂
  7. Latest bag to take me into 2019.....
  8. Love the head shape and overall look of this little beauty.
  9. Ian-500

    My SP700 Tee box heros!

    Should that be Z785? D4 sw at 45". Fantastic. How did you achieve that wit a 60g shaft?
  10. Ian-500

    So you think you can Grind? - Blade Edition

    As they are they look great, I'd probably just add stamping....
  11. Ian-500

    Srixon Z585 and Z785 drivers

    Hhhhmmmmmm, need to find a shop to test one out.
  12. Ian-500

    The New Miura CB-301 Irons

    I kinda like the look, but why name the PW a GW when the loft is quite clearly a PW?!?