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  1. I played really bad (first 18 holes in 6 months...no excuses..hahahahahahaha......) but loved it all the same 😍
  2. It's sad that companies prefer to throw stock away rather than give it away, at least to charity. Again this goes for most businesses, especially restaurants. The left over food should be given to the homeless and/or most needy.
  3. There's people out there that can't afford jack sh*t, so it's very sad if the unsold stuff DOES get thrown, but no different from any other commodity I guess. needs to change.
  4. Great info nob. Thanks. The TR500 is a stunning looking iron.
  5. I can see that the lighting isn't great, but they do look soooo sexy. Can you compare them to your Ezone MB please Nob, usual things, size,shape, feel, sole etc....
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