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    Dorset, United Kingdom
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    My wife and our 2 boys.
    Trying to perfect the golf swing...........may take some time!

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    What we do in life echoes in eternity
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    Driver: Cobra F9 7.5° + Fujiura Speeder XLR8 63tx. HY: Mizuno CLK 14/18 + Fuji h86x. Irons: Titleist VG3 Forged 4i - GW + Modus 105. Wedges: Callaway PM19 54°/58° + KBS Hi-Rev. Putter: SeeMore SB1 + Accra FX 300

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  1. Ian-500


    Do these have a click off the face?
  2. Blades blades blades blades....
  3. Funny how you have mainly usdm in your bag in Japan, but JDM in your bags at home 😀
  4. Loving the combo of JDM and usdm.
  5. Dean, just in case peeps want to see the back of the head......there's no pics.
  6. What lengths are you guys please playing these lighter shafts at?
  7. Can't lie, these are beauties. GLWS Dean.
  8. S-Yard GT Type-S. Maybe more Epon 302 in size and shape. Groundworks CB1 too.
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