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  1. Duffer19

    SP700 face drivers

    Came across a thread about 8 -1-1 Ti but not sure it’s face or crown. Non San, do you know whether 8 1 1 is any good?
  2. Duffer19

    Made in Japan woods

    Isn’t Epon drivers Andy fairway still made in Japan? It is truly less and less woods are now made in Japan. I bought a 2015 Katana driver and a Ti 13* 2w that were still made in Japan. Anything after 2015 are all made in China with a 25% reduction in their msrp. Perhaps high price wood like Roddio or Maruman Majesty line is still made in Japan.
  3. Duffer19

    blaSTS FROM THE paSTS....

    I have definitely seen this iron before but just could not remember when and what. Could it be an earlier model of S Yard or Jumbo Ozaki? I remember this crescent moon design.
  4. Duffer19

    The Very First SEVEN Fake Golf Clubs from China!

    If that’s the case, you could not buy 90% of the USDM and 50% JDM golf gear on the market.
  5. Duffer19

    The Very First SEVEN Fake Golf Clubs from China!

    I could not see the logo or the word SEVEN on the photo of the club head. Yes the shape and back milling does look like Seven so it’s more a bad copy rather than a fake.
  6. Duffer19

    EASY and long 7w, XXIO, PRGR, other?

    I am sure the Xxio clubs, any loft, would be easy to hit but if you are looking for long 7w, try to find a use Ryoma 7w. The club is long and lots of roll out with the stock shaft. New one is expensive so look for a use one.
  7. Duffer19

    Driver shaft for 80-85mph, and easy 7Fw

    I have both Regio and Evo 1 and 2, the Evo is much better feel for the seniors and slower swing speed player. While Regio is cheaper but you just can’t go wrong with Evo. I play Evo 2 474 R flex but the 50s g would be similar but lower torque. I am also older than you. Somehow it seems that the Evo run out more than other shafts.
  8. Duffer19

    Recommend some JDM Drivers

    For my game, the most important club in my bag is the driver. If it works, everything would fall into place. I can basically putt with Any putter given some practice. I need all the help I can get with the driver so 460 cc forgiving head would be the ticket. Like everyone else, tried the S Yard T388 and it was a dismal failure. I personally don’t care where it is made or how it looks as long as it gets me out there in the short stuff.
  9. Duffer19

    Recommend some JDM Drivers

    What is a Dymo? Sounds like the name tag maker. What is your handicap would likely dictate the club or makes. I have many JDM drivers including eh 2016 Egg and so far the best one and most consistent has been the 2016 and 2017 M1 with EVO 2 shaft. On a good day, I can shoot in the mid to high 80s but normally low 90s. A good driver is a must and would makes the game much easier. A good shaft would help since I am a senior player. Fortunately my normal shot is a draw so it helps with the distance. A block is normally a swing issue and not a club issue.
  10. Duffer19

    ONOFF 5-PW RODDIO I-8 irons

    Heck, people should just buy this much To buy the shafts and junk the heads. I am still using the I-6 from a used set of onoff red from Donkey's years ago. One of the best graphite shafts ever made.
  11. Duffer19

    Crazy LS shaft for driver

    I have a LY 02 6.2 fitted with a brand new TM M1 tip. Let me know if you are interested in the flex.
  12. Duffer19

    Brief Intro on the new Egg 2017 Series

    I am no longer an aging golfer since I am already past that but still don't understand the need for super super super strong loft on irons. If i need distance, I just change to a UT to hit that distance that I can no longer hit with a mid irons. I don't carry a 5 irons but have 4 ut in my bag and could very well adding a 30* UT if I can no longer hit a 6 iron properly. Changing the # on an iron so you could call the 6 a 9 makes no sense to me yet.
  13. Duffer19

    Brief Intro on the new Egg 2017 Series

    With 37 and 38* for PW, how do you fill in the gap? My 703 is 43* PW and I have to use a 48* and a 54* GW.
  14. Duffer19

    Collectible- my last Epon ZR460 10.5*

    460ZR head sold and keeping the shaft for testing on M1. Thanks Doc.
  15. Duffer19

    Collectible- my last Epon ZR460 10.5*

    Head sold pending payment. Probably keep the shaft for some experimentation if no other offer for it.