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  1. I am selling a mint 460 10.5* head with mint HC. Asking only $250 net PP with EMS shipping anywhere. New head is over $600 at TSG.
  2. Somehow I cannot load the photo of the sole.
  3. I am selling this for a friend. Condition is 8/10 with some abrasion on the sole but no chip . Length is 40.5” and swing weight is D2. The price is $200 ship EMS anywhere. No head cover but I would throw in a generic HC I’df we have a deal at full price. Thanks for looking.
  4. "men and women who can barely swing a club..."? If thats the case, why would you post it on the first place and there are many other clubs you can reshaft. I just gave my brother a 2017 Prime driver and his game has been renewed and gains some distant back. Used to be a low teen hdcp but age catches up. With the new driver, he is now back playing high 80s low 90 at age 80.This is the reason we, senior golfers, pay big bucks for JDM so we can extend our golfing life by a few years. The larger JDM market is never intent to target the US golfers.
  5. thanks for the new pic although you now have removed the post.
  6. Any face shot of the Epon tour wedges? What material is the Grandista 15.5 head? Is it a composite crown like the RS 001 driver? Thanks
  7. Came across a thread about 8 -1-1 Ti but not sure it’s face or crown. Non San, do you know whether 8 1 1 is any good?
  8. Isn’t Epon drivers Andy fairway still made in Japan? It is truly less and less woods are now made in Japan. I bought a 2015 Katana driver and a Ti 13* 2w that were still made in Japan. Anything after 2015 are all made in China with a 25% reduction in their msrp. Perhaps high price wood like Roddio or Maruman Majesty line is still made in Japan.
  9. I have definitely seen this iron before but just could not remember when and what. Could it be an earlier model of S Yard or Jumbo Ozaki? I remember this crescent moon design.
  10. If that’s the case, you could not buy 90% of the USDM and 50% JDM golf gear on the market.
  11. I could not see the logo or the word SEVEN on the photo of the club head. Yes the shape and back milling does look like Seven so it’s more a bad copy rather than a fake.
  12. I am sure the Xxio clubs, any loft, would be easy to hit but if you are looking for long 7w, try to find a use Ryoma 7w. The club is long and lots of roll out with the stock shaft. New one is expensive so look for a use one.
  13. I have both Regio and Evo 1 and 2, the Evo is much better feel for the seniors and slower swing speed player. While Regio is cheaper but you just can’t go wrong with Evo. I play Evo 2 474 R flex but the 50s g would be similar but lower torque. I am also older than you. Somehow it seems that the Evo run out more than other shafts.
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