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supo's bag--- 2011/12/13/14/15/16/17/18/19......,

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ahhh Nice to see., they perform better than they look .

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How the fresh new season mate?


I am still gaming the ryoma D1 and it's still great since I bough from you.

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not hit a ball yet.  only been to the range a cpl of times only since novemeber.

lost my mojo for golf.  im desperately  trying to find  it!!!

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allllllllllllllrighty  JDM bag fans.

2017 just (finally) got under way. 225 balls at the range last night meant  my heads back where it  feels most comfy,


hitting JDM good ness.

remembering JDM means


japan DOMESTIC market..


MIJ that's a huge  difference that most seem to simply misunderstand.


took all my 6 irons out for a russle , and well theres a lot of them.but the standout consistency set was the Prgr IDBL WITH NS 105 protos.

lighter than I like but early days its a no brianer, the 4  iron on these goes like a 6 on other sets , cant deny I need the help early days. ive been  doing a 2 months intense  stretch/flexability  program which seems to have cleared up my tight back issue,  this AM  I woke without the slightest hint of discomfort. NICE CHANGE!!!!

driver wise it was a tougher  choice but to start the EPON 101 with diamana  stinger 70s + frehight  diaman X 70s the got the nod over a host of more , how shall we say   more suited to  mid season strength  drivers .. egg / tataki, kamui pro tataki, jbeam 435 diamana x.... ill wait  for some more strength till they get back In the rotation...  the freighit is just a fantastic placement tool where as the ep[on I can get pretty funky with, bot h not ubber bombers but to  start I don't need bombs that go into birds nests!

fairway woods , well there is a new one im not that horribly eeekd by  the new(er)  srixon /tourstage offerings  but one  again the older   ryoma d1 and MODART won out (pretty easly actually)  that ryoma  thing is so dam neasy to  hit and its huge long and the modart is just money to hit,  I  absolutely love it!

driving iron , im starting with the honma d1 NS950s but the saqra NS 125s  certainly gave it a russle , just bit heavy at this stage .n eed the extra height to start.

wedges--- all over the  place  on these but  to keep constancy with the  irons I went for a set of PRGR   nabla tours  with NS stx shafts ,a  bit bigger face , less room for error sublime feel and well  they are just easy to hit. with great grooves and nice controlled spin.


putter ive  FINALLY gone   full mallet based, out go the ansers, blades, u name it ,  bec. some stage  in life if u  don't realize  that by  repeating the same fkkn experiment the same way  and expecting a different result  , some fkkrs,  gonna lock u up and throw way the fkey !


btw u will  notice a DISTINCT lack of  new  brand newest is beautest  stuff here.


wonder why!


happy 17ing all

and what a  great great win by Sergio. no longer the greatest ever, never to have won,  it brought a small  tear im not afraid to admit!





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Totally agree on the Sergio win. I too had to wipe them tears. Collin retakes the spot as the best ever to never have won a major (Champions Tour does not count here).

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What about Westwood?

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He's there too but has not won the OoM 8 times. 

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westy a favourite, always .  but I think serigo has him pipped.


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these are in the bag this weekend.

been a while..,






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Gorgeous irons. One of the softest too.

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 going totally JDM  again  and getting some SP blues put in them ,I've  still got the   m226v shafts that  were  originals in these ..  made by NS, pw is lighter than the 3 iron, this is1/1



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wet weaqther bag

anyone had a specific bag for the rain. ??

for a start.. gripmaster  leather  grips   on EVERYTHING..

driver = proceeed  justick 10*  with diamana ali islei 73s. high all carry  slightly workable. so so easy to hit and get good carry without it ballooning.

2w = kasco  fd 12.5*   with diamana stinger 70x. never  use a 3 wood  off the deck in the wet for fear of diggage  so this gets the  alt wood spot.

5w=prgr egg 18*  with diamana stinger  70xx

(driving iron and ute usless in the wet. not enough carry)

irons= grindworks MB  protos with NS dps ( NS 120xs)  thicker all over, top line with  some  flesh, sole just a bit thiker and a small  compact  head size. not overly great for moving about the place which is prob a good thing as rain ususlly equates to a bit of moving air.

the extra thickness of the  leather grips also make it much harder to get cute with and make me hit the ball on a straighter path to begin with.

wedges= 52  Yamaha black raw     ..........56* syard bold

 both with shimada smoke . thew 52 rips the bejesus out of the bakkl and the 56  just kinda stays put, can go straight at target and know I wont move all over the place.

ball= prgr egg distance. ... this thing is a  marshmallow that goes  miles nad don't ned extra spin bec the greens hold!





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New season bag  done dusted   slowly accumulatied few very rare and limited pieces That shud be the staple to the  retst of my golfing days as it's  painfully  sparse playing time now I've culled A ton of  underused gear over the winter  and will continue to eek out the balance bec I have  now what I think will take some usurping and my ho days are at an end, there's no point anymore  everyone now plays those POS callaway green spam and TM mwhatevers. Drivers   zzzzzzzzzzzz

 what a waste of time.

fridays trip thru the shop to inspire me depressed the shoot outta me, 45green drivers on sale forty ffkn five of them!!!!! Cudnt  the give the pieces of crap away,just made me angry that the bastion of all things special unique and supportive of the technician and specialised  craftsman had stooped   and is offloading a fistful of uber shiiite. now.

so heres some PROPER JDM.


THE .....,bags.


jbeam435 ' 9.5*/ 7dreamers 67sx ..  jbeam435  9*/ diamana stinger70x.,epon101 9.5* /labospec tataki75xs,prgr egg7 7*/ diamana aliislei83s, kamui pro tp07 11*/diamanaX 60x/ prgr  super egg/diamana X 60x,astor tour v11 9*/diamana stinger ,70xs ,ryoma d1 10.5*/diamana stinger 70s


kasco fd12.8*/diamana stinger70 x ,solid contacts 13* 2w/ diamana X 70x,prgr egg16.5*/ quadra fex75xs,ryoma d1 f3 13*/diamana alisslei 83s


honma di4i/ns125s ,prgr speed iron3i/ns125, modart ut/crazy ut black,Saqra18* ns 125s, fourteen tw1i 16*


honma pp737/nsstxproto,epon af tour cu matrixv11.1 125 proto, prgrtr500cu/ns2g18xss protos,callawaytour authentic/ns sp blue s,Masda mb cu ns2g18x ss protos,prgr idbl /ns2g18s proto,tourstage maru mb 2004 masters/shimada 3001  hs,miuraism sb01/NS125s


prgr tr /nswv125s, fourteen proto/ns wv125 s,tourstage Maru cu /TT Monaco x ,syard boldshimada smoke,prgr led/nswv125s


golds factory /benock/Yamada/Hiro Matsumoto/buchi/kasco



Tourstage x-01z + bridgestone bb330 tour,srixon Z star.


roddio tour bee/onoff carry,kinoshohanpu,NSpro tour caddy.




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END of another season of JDM and not 1  POS sepo spam went anywhere NEAR one of my bags.

 not a chance of that putrid TM mseries  whaterver number where up o this month or callies new super spam theory of distribution.  Nope only PURE  JDM for moi.

Nothing new was of any interest  driver wise, saw tried a few of them, the new prgr very disappointing...

Yamaha is  a disgrace nowadays....tourstage doesn't exist....ryomas laterst don't hold a candle to the original D1.....srixon,  I mean why??????....... so as it always seems  to be, the bespoke makers grab my attention  MILES more than the OEMS.

roddio did a nice new s-tuning  model, jbeam had some ' interesting ideas" but really none can surpass the 435 IMO.

freheit did a very nice players 415 cc model.. that's worth a peek.. astro tour  v3  is  ripper  that's prob  my head of the year  even tho  it wasn't from this year... I mean recent  years....and the kamui pro tp model is still in the bag as my all carry driver, finding that head hard to compete with let along beat!

the  astro tour is  the only " new" head I kept, none of the others I tired beat out what ive already got.

the BIG addition this season was the newer DIAMANA X shaft. its not too unlike the original model from 2013, but its a bit tighter  and a lighter feel I find, I spoke to the head techy guy at  bishi chem and  he said here are subtle differences in the materials  *( wudnt expand on that ) and there is a slight perfomramnce improvenment, but none that is easliy quantifiable  on course , I tend to  agree, the new one  feel a bit livelier , the older ones feel a bit more dense and more controlled, the new ones SEEM to give the hitter a sense of added distance , although that wasn't proven in my rounds what so ever  but I def fell like im hitting  the ball longer with the new model   and more controlled with the original model.. if any of that makes sense  , its a thing for sure .......... ie if its noice weather id take out the new one, if its windy id take out  the old one...its purely placebo im sure... ohg and BTW theyse shafts are MILES better  than  any other  bishi model , tensie  etc..... out there material wise... (str8 from the horses mouth!!) X is there top dog  and wont be replicated again for cost reasons so bear that in mind .

irons...................phooooarrrrr.......... not for me.

none of the OEMS even remotely looked  good,  HONMA disssapointed, prgr was filthy!!!!,  I don't even look at bridgestone anymore since they let go of tourstage. Yamaha,see above....

so, MASDA did a lovely set of MB that ill be getting next season, took me a while to like the new modle but I did a siede by side with the lastest MIURA models (yuk!!!!!!!!!!)  recently and the masdas blew em  all away for looks. The  closest was the fujumoto MB but that's a hollow  head and a very different  beast . So ill be sticking to the old stuff unless something stunning copmes up , but I don't think they will beat in the masdas. that fella does some good things.

driving irons/utes ,  fourteen did a lovely ut716 model ,that literally  took over my bag, they wont be for most folk, but they are irreplaceable in my bags now. 17*/21*  shafted one with a modus 105 and  the other with a  diamana  stinger

saqra ute/ di was a very nice cpl of pieces as well but I  prefer the look of the fourteen so they go  benched.

fairways. nothing to see here  at all. nothing beat out  the ryoma and prgr egg.

wedges..... hmmm nothing here at all as well.


putters.. ridiculous, benock was of course the flavour of the year and yes there is a hype abut also the  performance to back it. was a beees nudger awy form ordering an ubershlokken  early this year only for injury to curtail the order, that will be rectified next year for sure. go get another fitting done to make sure nothing has changed..and hey presto all m y bettis,scottys, can say sayonara.   !


so the bags ended up something like this..

 perfect day bag :

jbeam 435 9.5*/7dreamers

kasco FD 12.8*/ diamanan stinger.

prgr egg  16.5*/ quadra fire express 75xs  or  21* fourteen 716ut/stinger

masda (cu) 3/pw    / NS 2g18x  soft stepped, they have become my fave set.

Yamaha raw black 52* gap/ Ns sp orange

tourstage x-wedge  51/56 * / NS proto 130x

fourteen mt28  60* lw//NS 950s.

bridgetsone rs-x balls



WINDY day bag :

ryoma d1  9* / diamana stinger 70x

kasco FD 12.8* / graphite design  z9000m  6x.

fourteen di 17* / modus 105s

masda MB modus 120X

Prgr nabla id  51/57 * / NS wv125s

yururi 1.618 60* ( bent ) / ns 950s

tourstage x01z balls.



WET day  bag:

kamui pro tp 07   10.5* / diamana X 60x

buchi 2w 13* / diamana X 70s

prgr egg  18* / diamana stinger  70x+

grindworks MB  / NS dp X.

syard bold 52 + 56 * / monacco X

prgr egg balls


so that's a 2018 wrap of all things JDM troops.  No ral surprises , balls  might be the biggest change. loving the yokohaha range this year, PRGR balls are worth a look into , eps the rs spin model, they really do grip  and rip.


only thing on the horizon is a benock custom and a set of masda mbs for  next season  that I can forsee.  all wrapped up  in a new  a diamana  cart bag.


bring on 2019!!!

















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New season is a toughy fighting  leg/hip  issues which insanely doesn't affect my swing  much at all ,apart form I cant laord into the front leg. so ive goe back to the old lift left leg and plant it down swing, to great success.

played about 1 doznen games this season  and driving has been insae. averaging 10.or 11 /14 fw per round  with the driver(s).

distance is obviously  down a bit from  prior but nothing that kills me.

nothing  NEW at all out now even remotely interest me ......................................

I wander thru the  shops  and its a cavalcade of TM and callway and PING  spam everywhere I look. all branf new  "  on sale ' with speeder shafts   errrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhh.. its enough to make me sick.!

ive checkeout the new jbeam range and  they don't even do it  ,  the new z11 looks interesting  and p3  is ok, but not over the 425 or 435 .

best of those is the 435 black I think, that might  get a gig one day.

woods: so its still the astro tours v2 and 3 that are getting  airtime  right now  for distance and   the kamui pro  tp07 and stuning roddio  ( that  I sold last weekend  and took back from him  on sat  )  bec I was absolutely fkkn killing it,  baby draws that are impossible not to just ogle .... soaring bombs. thigns of beauty, that  part of my  bag is a lockdown at the moment. all  drivers have cadero grips.

fairway woods :  im in a transition mode  been using the ryoma f2 13* freom the deck , its I think unbealtablke but its a bit lower than I need. shorter tracks  I need a 15* high launcher so I found the kamui  14.5*  which will get airtime soon, they make it in 14.5 and 17.5, ive got my trusty PRGR egg 16.5*  MFD  quadra fex and 18*  egg stinger that ae comp clubs ,but I have a feeling this kamui might be right alongside ...

driving irons:   I use the old honma twut   or saqra and Ive been hitting the titleist mb2i  with mixed success.   but the one I built that im gravitating to a lot is the PRG speed iron 3i NSsp orange, gives up a bit of distance but the consistency wit hit over rides the distance failures.

irons: made a pact ot myself to play only mb this year unless something completely goes askew , so far its ok, so ive been ousting my cb collection apart form my PRGR tr500 which I don't ill ever relinquish, and and im gaiming honma tw 717/727, masda mb. tourstage maru, epon aftour, Yamaha sx25, minuno tn93,  and eyes are firmly on mizuno mp5   or mizuno pro mb or the new  (secret).... seven   mb that I really do like the look of. all shafts are NS modus protos. predominatly the 2g18s   or Dp,   just like the way they  fly.

wedges:  makes it very tough to play big  easy to hit wedges when the mb are  small and compact so the go tos have been  tourstge xwedge  form mid 2000s, fourteen mt protos ,  prgr  tr, yonex ezones, Yamaha  black raw, not much else so far, the new  fourteen  bd look very tempting  as do a set of  mizuno 07s.

balls: been hitting all and sundry here, titlesit  vx yellow, prgr rs spin I  LOVE  these, srixon z-star , bridgestone tour bx.can thorw a blacket over most of them but the 2 that stand out are the BS   and   RS spin for me., over all the bridgies tend to grab the spot more often tho. I pretty much only play fluro yellow so they BS have the best .

putters: ALLO F THEM!











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