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Cmon... seriously  These SHUD be known by the seller. its your club.

how is possible that  that time and again  BST posts are showing up with random  "10* XXX driver with YYYshaft  s flex.   $XXX, that's  it

This  gives members all the confidence to trade  somewhat  akin to expecting and unbiased  democratic election in some  fictitious dictatorial country  out of a Louis De Bernier  novel.

Granted for sure ive been known to be lazy  on occasions , no ones perfect  and I have had to apologise  and  refund or offer to refund , simply bec  i let the   rest of the field  bring my judgement into question  and I got slack. im not 100% perfect  by any means ,  I had a  shocker with   of all people NOBS a long while ago with a set of  irons that  I simply didint check thoroughly enough  before sending out  and was embarased to learn that id overlooked  a pretty obvious chink in a 5 iron, NOBS was gracious enough to  realize it was an over look on my part  but STILL  one that shud never have occurred In the first place and to which im eternally  embarrassed  by !

Cllubs are  on sold here  that  are  simply  random  pieces    from  the "auction sites "that were either  wrongly listed , incorrectly assmed to be some  loft/lie/weight they are NOT ,or  simply  the seller has  no clue  bec it was  bought sight unseen and moving it along. bec it didn't  fit!

Ive received several pieces of the years that are simply  massively WRONG.

jbeam, heads that are 0.5* closed are listed as flat to 0.5* open.  bec they don't print the  loft on them are prime examples.

3or 4  times ive been on the receiving  end of these  driver heads and while   I fully trust and believe the seller is  innocently ignorant of the  mistake at the time  it wasted  so much time and money resending  or   on selling  the CORRECTLY  listed  item .


  its NOT  the buyers  job to check  specs  later on ,  its the sellers to make sure they don't go out  WRONG  ( note to self !)


 shafts that are not known if they have been tipped any by how much ( how that's is even possible I have no idea) but its so common its now stock acceptance  IMO .


 That's totally ......unnaccapetale ,, if you don't know STATE that in the post  and take what u get for them  

or   better still  get it cpm'd.......easy fix!

Say where  got the club... form a member here ..... from the shop direct.... from the dodgee inet site that shells out unknown specs at 1/4 the normal price!

At least then members  will prob  make a decision based on  fact and  decide is the piece is a quality piece ( and  lowball anyway) or a random thing and lowball massively.

I get 95% of my stuff  from shops IN TOKYO ive  seen and handled and chad checked  prior to buying and  from  ex- pros ,

 then I get them re HAND MADE by the best builder in japan if required  NOT IN A BACKYARD CHOP SHOP!

Then ill  list accordingly  and offer exact specs when required  when I feel like a change and on sell them.

IE    IMO   a post shud look something like this

TM pos  best ever longest distance  DRIVER

--750cc  diver.

--49 inch  x 280g 

--head weight  175g   ,  face angle (fa)  2.5* closed .

--sloppy jalopy  promodel shaft @ 55g stiff regular  flex ,  tipped 1/4 inch  from instaliation BRAND NEW  to me )   ,  with XXX grip.

$ free to good home, shipping included in price.!

 original piece to me  was  from tourspecgolf  /   yahoo acution /   ebay  (how and why  that wud ever  happen alarms  me!!! ) 

then it cant hurt to give a brief synopsis of tis playing  characterisitcs. after all its YOUR club you shud have a clue about its pros cons or why wud it be for sale!!!!!????


SHAFT :    BNTM , now a 2 time pull , has been pulled   professionally  both times   OR pulled once by me in the mancave using XXX machine etcetc

XXX  irons , stock loft lie. pw @ 46*   4* down to 4i and 3i at 3*   5i @ 37.75 inch and accordingly 1/2  down inch
stock shafts   from shop not redone.


XXX iron set RE shafted   by myself In the back yard using a iron and some chewing gum  and hard yakka , oh and  an anvil+  hammer .


REshated  from an industry professional  to exacting specs available  upon request.


this isn't hard its simple  and shud be excepted by us as the norm im sure there s a wealth of similar minded folk that are   over  being expected to give away professionally made gear bec.  some  "other guy" sold a set like it   3 weeks ago for 1/2 the price, oh but it was 6/9  not 3/pw  and different shafts and the wrong model and  left handed  but apart from that   exactly  the same , match the price!

LIST where u got the things  from and expect the  savage lowball  discount accordingly  if its  " specs unknown"  .

DONT presume  the sum of the parts  equals the whole  . I for one get mine PROFESSSIONALY  " re made".  100% of the time.  not hacked together hotchpotch!

Fess up if its a POS or not then we may get back to some active trading with confidence again on here



JOIN in this discussion so we can get back to a clean fresh TSG  and up the game , other wise this site is  dead!














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