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What's the most forgiving one piece forged irons?

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I've owned and played a few forgiving one piece forged irons in the past. 

While I am not particularly long with my irons and I can play blades all day long, but I actually prefer to play irons with a lot of forgiveness without sacrificing feel and sound.     I'm okay with sub standard (weird) looks.   They just need to be really easy to hit. 

To name a few that I have tried previously: 

- Mystery WNC710

- Fourteen TC-340

- 2012 Tourstage X Blade GR Forged  (current gamers) 

What others are out there?   Maybe the original Egg Forged? 



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well nobs , if u dont mind a blast from the past....

i mean the reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal past.


as far as ive  ever hit  or ever will  hit 

prgr  data 801.   full soft forged by endo japan   no less.

 if u want a slightly  more conventional , slightly  more modern set the yamaha 2010  inpres x are a wonderfull set, those are the ones i came back from injury with  this season, with the NSv90 reg  i was  going to sell them , or change he shafts but they just worked so well i cant think  now why i  wud, they will also be a set hard  to beat  come mid winter  with that shaft combo. 


the data  801s are with the prgr made for by  NS. cant fault those.

the head may look like a bucket from a  30ton  front end loader on a mining site in the kimberleys , but they hit the ball just fine!  

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thanks!!   I had tried the Data 601 before and really liked how it felt.  Believe they were Miura forged.   I'll need to look for some 801s now... 

how about the old Super Tourney M205R or M305R from Macgregor?   another classic that look forgiving. 

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What about the Seven MCB? 

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I've bought dozens of expensive iron sets in the past decade and have to say the Miura PI-401 irons that are currently in play are as good as anything I've tried....  But is a 2-piece construction so doesn't qualify under the thread's question.

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I still play a set of Mizunp MP55s. Long irons are crazy easy to hit with the cut out channel in back and short irons are dart throwers.The new pro series sort of mimics this concept though they hide the channel with some badging.

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