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  1. My list is not all JDM but here goes: 1) Cleveland Classics 485 Tour Edition becu. Super small, spinny, soft and pretty. 2) SDJ proto 115. Also small, no frills, very dense. Easy to get along with. Look perfect over the ball. If anyone has a 58/9 for sale - lmk. 3) RC 6150. Love the straight leading edge. Rips covers off the balls (good and bad). Very versatile. 4) YuRuRi raw gekku. The 45* is so sharp. Rips through thick and wet rough better than anything else I’ve tried. 5) The hand made Ernie Vadersen Snake Eyes with the long hosel. Have one left but went through a few in college. Great designs. Honorary mention: Well, the Ping Eye 2+ 60* is the easiest wedge ever made for chipping/pitching from tight lies. Has earned a place on my list.
  2. I agree! Used to kill my TSi Tec with a 757 Speeder X. Loved the way the shaft was fitted to the head and the sharp lines.
  3. Ah, must have bought the G from someone else then. It was 15 degrees and launched high.
  4. The BBD’s are awesome. Great workability, great feel, great looks and will cut through rough nicely. Perfect shape. Not for non single digit handicappers though.
  5. Yupp. Bought one from you at one point I think. Launched way too high for me though. Then bought a Zodia Ti-OZ, also from you, that thing still look brand new btw. That too launches a bit hugh for me, even with a Tataki 70sx in it. Looks great though!
  6. Well, you’re probably the only one here to see one in the flesh. Let alone hit one. Your insights are what’s most interesting at this time I feel. Again, I like its look but can’t find any info on material/adjustability etc. So, hard for me to chime in much more 😕
  7. Beautiful! I wish I had the dough and the time to actually practice once in a while. Hope they find a loving and deserving home soon!
  8. That set looks awesome! Nicely put together Nobs 👍 Makes me want one as well..
  9. I like the looks! Don’t care much for screw in heads either though.
  10. bngolfer


    I loke the snub-nose. Boxy and beautiful!
  11. I’d try and find a set of Yonex ezone MB Chiba grind. I traded a set to John on here a little while ago. Not only are they stunning, they play really well and feel so good. I just never hit balls so mb’s make no sense anymore (if they ever did - except for the fact that they look good and make you a better ball striker).
  12. There is a WTB section. Hope you find what you are looking for.
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