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  1. Great guy to deal with though! Put all the putters in one pic, all the drivers in another etc. Then do individual snaps when someone shows interest. /B
  2. I agree totally! I think Trackman is perfect for finding your group of shafts that should work best for you. Then you bring heads with different shafts to the course and play. Preferably in different conditions (hot, cold, windy..) and make your decision on course. Or, like many of us do, buy loads of gear and see what you like best. Then you question that and buy some more... I know I feel comfortable with D3 (or just above) swing weight and 120g shafts. But like Nobs, I’m getting older and have back problems. I will try Diamana Thumps come golf season. Lower swing weight and much lower overall weight.
  3. Welcome to the forum! The 1007’s look legit to me.
  4. I’ve tried from three different browsers. I get in as I normally do when not signed in.
  5. Will do 😄 They feel a bit light. Or very light. The Modus 120’s I play now are a bit lighter than what I’m used to. But let’s see. I may like them. I hope I will.
  6. I have a set of Yamaha Tourmodel 2012 with Diamana Thump that I will give a go. In May.. I also have a Ryoma Maxima waiting for a Loop JJ. That will likely be point and shoot of the tee (and deck - I like hitting driver from the fairway). The G 3/5 woods. Still want to try a 61* Seven ST. Black arakenma.
  7. Hope you all get a great day/weekend!
  8. Gents, yesterday I seized a moment. The only store in Sweden (Europe?) that sold Yohei Fukuda ready-to-wear shoes had gone belly up. Go figure. Shopaholic as I am, I bought the three remaining pairs at half price. Half price, for those that don't know, is about $1200 per pair. The only pair I have been able to find on eBay in the past sold, used, for $1250 so it was a steal. Fukuda's bespoke shoes carry a 3 year wait list and fetch prices from $4.6 - 12k... Now, I really don't need 3 pairs of these shoes. The size on the shoes are 7E. Translated to US sizes, that should be 8D. However, these run 0.5 larger than most other brands according to the notes I find online. Thus, they should equate to an 8.5D and that is just about perfect for me in dress shoes. (I do wear 9.5D in Nike golf shoes though, and 9D in FootJoy). I want one of the pairs so I will sell two pairs: First the Teal in black: https://www.thesabot.com/products/teal And secondly the Ebony in a brown suede. Both pairs come with lasted shoe trees and the original wooden box. I was thinking about listing them for $1250 on eBay and hope for them to reach a good bit more. But, to skip the hassle of selling on the Bay when living in Sweden, I thought I'd check with you guys here. Could even consider taking a lob wedge as a, small, partial payment 😄 So, $1200/pair net to me + actual shipping from Sweden.
  9. bngolfer


    Thanks Stu! I have earmarked the G though.
  10. I had a 5 that I recently traded with a chap on here. It is great I think! Had it shafted with a Diamana Thump 105x. Great match too. Swing badabadaba. I want my driving irons to have a flat flight, not like the Honma’s. Feel is superb too. Nice catch Nobs
  11. bngolfer


    Thanks but I’m not into Callaways and that type of graphics and such that they have. The G on the other hand may be something for me. I’ll give it a think Dean!
  12. Good looking head! How is the face angle? Looks like a steal to me.
  13. I’ve played a few marathon golf events. One was 72 holes walking (Sweden, sun barely sets in the summer) in one day but most have been 54. 7 clubs, walk, carry. I shot 67 in the third round once (par 71) but that is 22 years ago 😂 If I were doing a 7-club bag today it would be: 10.5* driver or 13* 3-wood 20/21* di 6-iron 8-iron 50* 60* putter So, no, we don’t need 14 clubs. We need imagination. Playing with 3/5/7 clubs from time to time really helps in that dept.
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