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  1. I played the KBS Tour for years and years. Great feeling shafts to me. Have had both $-taper and C-taper and they were really harsh. I’m using Modus 120 S now and they are ok but not better than the KBS to me. Crazy Target Tours on their way to me now. Had a set in X before but too stiff for me. Felt smooth though. Will try S now and have high hopes. Hope you find a great fit Nobs!
  2. I gifted my funds but will ask PayPal to assist next week if I don’t here anything.
  3. I've shown my support for KCS217 in the past here in the forum. Now I'm on the same side as several others. I have paid for things - August 27th - and was told the box would be shipped the following morning. However, I have not received ana tracking information and I'm not getting any replies to my messages to him although I've seen that he was on the site last Tuesday the last time. Even though I'm still confident that I will get my stuff, and I have told the seller that I'm not in a rush, I think communication is key. As a seller, take pride in what you sell and honor the buyer with timely shipping and good communication. That does not mean you have to answer in 20 mins around the clock, but I've not heard a word since my gifted money went into his Paypal account 18 days ago.
  4. Glad it’s working out for everyone! As mentioned, it’s a great seller. Sometimes things get in the way of prompt responses. Such as covid.
  5. Be nice 😉 I think that discussing the topic is in order. Both from an entertaining perspective and an informative/discussion one.
  6. In my view it would be a Nippon heavy shaft. There are several models based on your preference on weight. $30 or so.
  7. I had the club championships this past weekend. God awful putting. 78 on Sunday with - 41 putts. Great job Björn... But going through the three rounds I used the driver on 10 holes each round off the tee and 2/1/2 off the deck on long par 5's. 3-wood off the tee on 2 holes per round and off the deck just once. 5-wood off the tee on one hole each round and on the 2'nd shot of one par 5 twice (6'iron the first round after a monster drive :-)). As far as iron goes, I hit 4-iron off the tee on one par 4 on every round. Once on a par 3. 5-iron once on a second shot on a par 5. 6-iron off the tee on some par 3's and on the second shot on a par 5 as mentioned above. 7-iron off the tee on a couple of par 3's. The same with 8-iron but also on the second shot on par 4's 4 times. 9-iron 4 times on par 3's. P once on a par 3. 50°/55°/60° on most 2nd shots on par 4's and on 3rd shots on par 5's. The 50° is by far the most used club that is not flat in my bag. Unfortunately I totally suck at chipping so if I miss a green and don't end up in a bunker, it's likely that I'll use the 50° more than once..
  8. Guys, I've bought from him before. I don't think it is a scam, just a really, really slow response. I get the same thing trying to buy things from him - extremely slow response. Selling quality things here means you should have quality in correspondence too - so it is by no means OK to accept money and not ship/send shipping details in eons. Just my thoughts.
  9. Up for sale is a Ryoma Maxima V-spec in 10.5. The head weighs in at 212 grams and is built to 44.6” to be a killer fairway finder. It has a Loop JJ prototype shaft in stiff installed. So easy to hit and dead easy to hit off the deck too. With some of my other drivers working really well for me now, this is up for grabs. May entertain trade offers for irons, putters or wedges. Onoff Kuro 2017 - seems I’m the only one who likes them. Could be interesting. Seven ST or SDJ Proto 115 wedges too. Putters are always welcome but only in mint condition. 390 USD shipped from Sweden As can be seen in the above pic, there are two tiny paint chips high on the face. No pop-up marks though. Barely visible.
  10. Interested in buying the above wedges. Have 50/56 already and love them. Would be good to stock up. Mint only.
  11. Hey Eddie, Not answering on the sellers behalf but from my own experience. I have 6 drivers and loads of other things. Sometimes I just want something new and something else has to give. Or not. So no reason to sell things related to the club itself. But, for this specific driver I can offer some insights as I’ve had a ZY-7 too. It is muted, low launch/low spin and long for the right player. It is certainly not draw biaised. It is a great driver for a high swing speed player who likes deep faced drivers and need to control spin and launch.
  12. All good here Pete! Golf courses are packed as so mane are ”working” from home. Hope the same for you!
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