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  1. bngolfer


    Thanks Stu! I have earmarked the G though.
  2. I had a 5 that I recently traded with a chap on here. It is great I think! Had it shafted with a Diamana Thump 105x. Great match too. Swing badabadaba. I want my driving irons to have a flat flight, not like the Honma’s. Feel is superb too. Nice catch Nobs
  3. bngolfer


    Thanks but I’m not into Callaways and that type of graphics and such that they have. The G on the other hand may be something for me. I’ll give it a think Dean!
  4. Good looking head! How is the face angle? Looks like a steal to me.
  5. I’ve played a few marathon golf events. One was 72 holes walking (Sweden, sun barely sets in the summer) in one day but most have been 54. 7 clubs, walk, carry. I shot 67 in the third round once (par 71) but that is 22 years ago 😂 If I were doing a 7-club bag today it would be: 10.5* driver or 13* 3-wood 20/21* di 6-iron 8-iron 50* 60* putter So, no, we don’t need 14 clubs. We need imagination. Playing with 3/5/7 clubs from time to time really helps in that dept.
  6. Sweeden huh 🤔 Where’s that at? Minnesoda? That be waaaay ove yonder.
  7. bngolfer


    Found - thanks D and TSG
  8. I can’t. But if you feel that you want to move them on, let me know 😄
  9. My list is not all JDM but here goes: 1) Cleveland Classics 485 Tour Edition becu. Super small, spinny, soft and pretty. 2) SDJ proto 115. Also small, no frills, very dense. Easy to get along with. Look perfect over the ball. If anyone has a 58/9 for sale - lmk. 3) RC 6150. Love the straight leading edge. Rips covers off the balls (good and bad). Very versatile. 4) YuRuRi raw gekku. The 45* is so sharp. Rips through thick and wet rough better than anything else I’ve tried. 5) The hand made Ernie Vadersen Snake Eyes with the long hosel. Have one left but went through a few in college. Great designs. Honorary mention: Well, the Ping Eye 2+ 60* is the easiest wedge ever made for chipping/pitching from tight lies. Has earned a place on my list.
  10. I agree! Used to kill my TSi Tec with a 757 Speeder X. Loved the way the shaft was fitted to the head and the sharp lines.
  11. Ah, must have bought the G from someone else then. It was 15 degrees and launched high.
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