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  1. bngolfer

    Grandista LS-001 10.5 - Sold

  2. bngolfer

    Royal Collection 14 proto - Diamana X!

    Ok, $225 for this beauty (head) and beast (shaft).
  3. bngolfer

    Zodia OZ Ti 3-wood - Tataki 70 sx

    225 head only!
  4. bngolfer

    Grandista LS-001 10.5 - Sold

    $200 head only!
  5. bngolfer

    Onoff Kuro 2019

  6. Sold!! Impressive. Thanks D and enjoy!
  7. bngolfer

    Onoff Kuro 2019

    If I remember correctly, Onoff usually releases their new irons a few months before the model year. I.e. the 2019 Kuro irons should be released soon. Does anyone know when they are due?
  8. bngolfer

    new items

    Dying a bit over here. Hilarious!
  9. The 5-iron weighs in at 440 grams.
  10. Dunno, I’ll find out tonight!
  11. Thanks guys! We are all pretty well stocked.. MCB, Benock well, whon needs more? Stu, you’ve got an itch slightly more severe than myself. I’ve had my yamaha irons in my bag since I bought them from, Stu (go figure) in 2010. I have four other sets, but never play them. Drivers I do change. My Gold’s has been in there for 7-8 years too but I have 20-30 putters that never make it to the bag. Wedges, shafts etc gets swapped around. But again, the 5-10 ppl that are still active here we have so much top, top quality stuff that we really don’t need any more. Perhaps translate the site into Japanese? 😄
  12. That too Ian 😄 Top of the table - there to stay!
  13. I guess you are right. I’ll just sit tight and bring them to my friend in Fla in December. Going to visit and play his course Timaquana as well as a trip to Streamsong. Seems getting a divorce is not all bad..