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  1. Big sweetspot, super easy to launch and a breeze to hit off the deck.
  2. 20 yds variance in 7 and 8 iron is ridiculous. How is that possible? Any thoughts Nobs?
  3. One of the easiest heads I've ever hit. Kind of like the Ryoma. Point and shoot.
  4. Nice! QF’s are beautiful. Love the sound.
  5. I like it too and I’ve had it on several Alfas (33, 164, 166). Wish I had an -86 GTV6. Better than the Buchi sheep…
  6. Here is the official website: https://www.prgr-golf.com/en/ Here is info about the clubs from PRGR’s club archive. Made in 2001. https://www.prgr-golf.com/archive_clubs/I-55-speed-iron-905-905-power-iron.html
  7. bngolfer


    A virtual robbery!
  8. Hi, This is not the R7 TP Forged that we typically talk about on here. Sorry to say that it is definitely not a tour issue set you have found as no pro would play them. That R7 Ti is to my understanding a cast game improvement iron for mid-/high handicappers with a titanium insert. Completely different club. Anyway, hope you do get along with them.
  9. If they could only do away with the graphics on the crown. Mental blocker for me. Maybe I’m the one who has to go to the shrink and get over it?
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