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  1. There was something fun around the corner? The only clubs I’ve kept for more than a season or two are the Yamaha Inpres X Tourmodel 2009. I had them for 6 seasons or so.
  2. I played the cb for a season. Very nice, tight head. Mine had a raw face and it made them look awesome. And yes - very playable.
  3. How could I have missed this one Ian? Love it! The ”invented 50 % of everything” is phenomenal. Still, every time I go to visit (mainly London though 30+ times) I feel like I’m in a 3rd world country. I used to bug my sister who lived there for 8 years about that. Anyway - you guys were better than France for about 84 minutes of that game. Better luck in 2026, but if Southgate is still manager and keeps Foden and Trent on the bench then you’ll be SOL again. Merry Christmas brother!
  4. Merry Christmas my fellow golf nerds 🎅 Hope you’re all well and preparing for a new season. Well, you OZ lads have it nice and warm as is, but up here where it is -20 - we have 6 months to go. Anyways - as always, looking at new stuff. Although I really like the Oban CT-115 shafts I play in my Epon P3’s, I’ve started to take an interest in graphite iron shafts. I have played the Steelfiber AMI 99 Player’s Spec before. Horrible feel, great numbers. But what about the GD Raune? How do they feel and play? Thinking 105 in S or X. They sure look the part. Thoughts and insights?
  5. As always - the English are cocky thinking that "the cup will come home". When was it in its "home" last? The Premier League is by far the best league in the world, but not due to all the magnificent English players. My main bet this cup is for England not to reach the semi finals 🙂 But it has been a crazy cup thus far. Nothing goes according to plan so England might win it.. But my favourites to win is Brazil although they have 9 attacking players. Odds-wise I would put my money on France. The Netherlands is another team that looks good but never wins. I will probably have a little flutt
  6. Well, this is a bit difficult, as you know. If I start with what I've played my best golf with. Ever, then the bag would look like this: -Tad Moore titanium driver, green head, size of a persimmon wood. Grafalloy prototype shaft in matte black with no info on it. Felt and performed well. -Mizuno T-Zoid 3-wood with a Super Exar Gold 100-s shaft -Callaway Big Bertha 1-iron with ASD X shaft -Titleist DCI-b 3-p (not the DCI 962-b, but the first version) - Rifle 6.5 -Snake Eyes hand made 54 + 60 -Tad Moore Pro 1X custom Average tournament score of a tad over par f
  7. Hi Joe, Welcome to the forum! Georgeous sticks. Please take another pic of the clubs with your screen name and date written on a piece of paper. Just so that we all know they are innyour possession. GLWS!
  8. I'm looking at this shaft in a 50x. Interesting specs for me but I can't seem to find any info on it, apart from the Design Tuning website. Anyone have any thoughts on this shaft? Have you hit their driver shafts before? I thought they only spiced shafts up, but if I understand things right, this is an in-house shaft.
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