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  1. As mentioned, I have Modus 115 in my irons and the 125 wedge in my wedges. The 130 S is also awesome in wedges. I need a little more heft there for the touchy-feely shots around the greens. My touch is questionable regardless tbh.
  2. Great write-up Noboru. I’m going lighter with most shafts now too. Just got a 5-wood shafted with the Diamond Speeder 6x I got from you a year or so ago. I would have never thought of putting a 60-ish gram shaft in a 5-wood 3-4 years ago. Hit it great! Vanquish 5x in the driver. TiNi 6s in the brassie. Modus 115 in the irons. Wedges and putter though is where I like the heft. Modus 125 in the wedges. The new putter I’m having built by Christian Nordberg will have a black Nippon shaft in it. Not as heavy as the other Nippon shafts, but still. I’m really ”preservinh” my back,
  3. Sorry.. The Vanquish feels like a stable, albeit lighter weight, version of a Tensei White. It is realy solid, not floppy at all. To get the weight down, I assume you have to make the shaft walls thinner using very rigid weaves. And to me it feels stiff/solid and pure. The Autoflex has the wobbly feel to it, much different to the Vanquish. I get why some people like it though. I may too, one day.
  4. I’ve never hit an Autoflex other tvan on the range a few times. The Vanquish is in my bag. Miles different.
  5. Same all over the western world it seems. It hurts here too.
  6. Beautiful. That’s more or less what’s in my bag now. Baldo and Epon.
  7. This article from May 2006 talks about the RAC MB TP replacing the RAC forget TP. https://thesandtrap.com/b/clubs/taylormade_rac_mb_tp_irons_review
  8. Hey mate! It is a coated flat black whereas the green dots are shiny/sparkly.
  9. Hi and welcome to the forum. Something tells me that Benson is a brand that’s just taking off and that you are working for them to promote against this crowd here. I could ofc be wrong.. However - a quick Google search will tell you they are S20C Japanese blanks that Benson has tuned. That’s it in terms of info onntheir site. Good luck
  10. Sorry, can't help on the tip size but I had a Fire Express PT in a macked out Gold's Factory GF00A. It became clicky, even with PZ-milling, as the shaft is über stiff. I'm not getting quite the same result from the Dogatti in the Benock, but it does take it in that general direction. Not like a Frequency Filtered shaft - that's for sure.
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