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  1. I want a Sandvik. Being a Swedish JDM fan-boy, I should. Let me know if anyone has a spare one. I’ve owned over 100 Scotty Cameron putters - almost all were special editions/ltd’s/one-offs etc. None on my top 3 and I don’t have a single one left. My favorites were the Studio Design #6, the beached cs NP2 and the Platinum (not pro platinum) 1/8 1996 Coronado. My top 3 putters: -Well, I used a Gold’s Private Stock #2 for 8-9 years. Love it with a heavy Nippon shaft and a standard size Iomic grip on it. Nothing fancy. Just a pure PS#2. Bought another one (or actually 2) that just sit idle. -Now game a Kronos Metronome 360g #05/50. So easy to putt with and it has a lovely feel to it. -The third putter on my list is the Tad Moore prototype long neck copperuski from 1997. Lovely putter.
  2. It’s all subjective but yes, I like it. Completely understand that your designs have to follow the majority opinion though. These irons are on my wanted list. Along with the Seven CB and the Orion Closed combo.
  3. Sorry, no, the boxier, sharper toe edge like the Zodia or 2017 Kuro's. This is pretty good the way it is though. Far from a Yonex Cyberstar roundness that I really don't like.
  4. There she is! Beautiful. I have a new one now. Black though. It is a great driver!
  5. Stu, where can I find the Muziik grip?
  6. I use the classic Iomic in standard size on most of my putters. On the Kronos I used last season it is a mid-size Iomic and I like that. Typically tend to like pistol grips though and will try the Muziik Pistolero as Stu wrote about above. Tried the SS Slim 3.0. God I hated it.
  7. One of the perks with living 100 km from Stockholm and having 300 meters to the nearest neighbor is that you can stay reasonably safe in corona times.. Running a digital business is also great - except for the fact that we make 0 money when there are no sports to bet on. So, hopefully we’ll make it through the tough times and come out stronger on the other end. I naturally hope that you and all other great friends on this forum stay safe and strong!
  8. I wish I had room for more! As always Nob - your prices are phenomenal.
  9. I've always been a good ball striker and shotmaker. Played blades for many years, then player's cb's (PRGR idbl + Yamaha Tourmodel since 2010) and last year the 718 T-MB. These however, look really nice! If I would do anything to the design, I would have a more snub nose - like the 2017 Kuro's. Great effort with these!
  10. I’ve never liked drivers with graphics on the crown. But I quite like this. The whole driver looks awesome. The shaft is sweet as candy! Hope it finds a good home.
  11. What about refinished older irons? TSG do mighty fine work. Or the TC-101 before the Kyoei in my book.
  12. Wow! This is so me. Too bad I’m broke..
  13. Great guy to deal with though! Put all the putters in one pic, all the drivers in another etc. Then do individual snaps when someone shows interest. /B
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