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  1. .

    😄 if you added ”for 250” I would have laughed my head off.
  2. I think that is really hard to say. A driver and an FW are very different in terms of how you swing.
  3. .

    There is no c/s though in the proshop, just the heel shafted mallet if I’m not mistaken. As far as I’m concerned, one may ask whatever price one wants (within the rules of the forum). These days, getting what you want and what you consider fair is not the same as what you will end up getting. When it comes to this listing, shipping is a big factor - shafted or head only. I believe that the price of a new putter with shaft will end up adding 40 bucks or so to the price.
  4. I’ve changed a lot of clubs over the years. Not as many as Stew, but a lot. With over 100 putters, half of them collectors things that never touched a ball though, I’ve never felt as much as home as with my GF. I changed the shaft out to a Nippon heavy and did nothing else until a year ago when I had it refinished by TSG and a Teramoto added. That shaft will probably be pulled and the Nippon goes back. It is just right that way. I hope the Benock is your ”happy place”. All the other clubs in the bag are for changing constantly though 😊
  5. I don’t love the name but who cares right? I want one. Trade for a set of PRGR idbl or a Grandista LS1, or an Epon 460zr, or a Jbeam zy7, or a TRPX D or an Agrind Classic or, worst case, a combination of stuff? 10*+ Looking forwards!
  6. I’m happy for you! Feeling at home with a putter one of the best feelings ever. My PS2 is doing that for me and has now for 6 years. More than 40 Scottys have been in and out of my door. A Benock may be invited in though..
  7. I have a 6150 56* bent to 55*. Shafted with a KBS Tour black nickel shaft.
  8. What is the difference between this shaft and the white/blue Bangvoo Premium?
  9. What a beauty!
  10. Yupp - now we’re talking! I need me one of those, or three.
  11. .

    Oozes Bettinardi of it.
  12. What about Grandista?
  13. Hutch! Where have you been? We’ve missed you 😊
  14. I have tried a bunch of JDM drivers and currently have 9 to my name. I’ll never go back to USDM tbh. I started out with persommon Honmas back in the day, then alloy (I think) Honmas, then titanium Honmas. Now the best looking ones are Epon 460zr in my opinion. Super soft, not the longest and quite frankly, who cares? I have a 9.5 and a 10.5 on its way. In terms of forgiveness I think the Grandista LS-001 is the easiest driver I’ve ever hit. I have two and will keep one for days when I can’t swing..