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  1. Thanks for that pic Steven
  2. Speaking about always having the best stuff 😄 Cool clubs - I've never seen them before. Can you show a pic from address? They seem to have a fair bit of offset.
  3. Looking for a mint 115 proto wedge in 58/9. LMK gents
  4. Life aint fair 😎
  5. These look awesome from the back. I have had a large number of irons the last 7 years but nothing has kicked the 2009 tour models out of the bag. Still firmly there.
  6. I too like them. Would make the leading edge a bit straighter and the number on the sole less pronounced. But ither than that - perdy!
  7. I've played a number including: - Tour AD-ut. Dead in 95-x as I don't swing hard enough anymore. Straight and low launch. -Oban Kyioshi 100-s is smooth. Mid launch. Great feel. -Basileus UT in 80-s also anamazing shaft. Not as smooth as the Oban but a bit tighter. -Matrix ozik 8h Tour in strong is like the Oban very smooth. Not nearly as tight though and frankly not an option anymore.
  8. Pure s-x. Gorgeous. I wish I had something you wanted so that we could trade.
  9. Crazy sold to a Swede in Thailand!
  10. PM sent. I disagree.
  11. I. Want. To. Go. Too. Ian, next year..
  12. Geo Galaxy just sold to the UAE. Thanks Boon!
  13. PRGR, Yonex and Geo all pending
  14. I have also gamed KBS Tour wedge shafts for yomears. They are a bit counter balanced and the feel is veery good. I also have some Modus 130 and they feel really good too. Softer than one could imagine.