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  1. The Crazy Boron is one of the best feeling shafts I’ve ever played. And the Tataki is in my 3-wood now - have one more waiting for a 5-wood. That is an absolute steal! Great guy to deal with!
  2. I wish I was a bit closer to you guys. Still remember my September round at Loomis in 1995 when it was a Japanese private club. It was awesome! Got very little play and the greens were rolling 12. Have fun guys!
  3. I must say I agree with Dean. The first thing I noticed was the structure of the finish in the cavity. Then the font of AF-Tour looks to be off. Finally the color of tour. JiuBirdie, you have a different username on your paper note; it is not in the same picture as the clubs either. I would like to see a pic with your name/date as well as the back cavity of all clubs. Maybe we can help clear any confusion here.
  4. That was good! They were not for me unfortunately.
  5. Up for sale is a beautiful set of irons. Not many rounds under their belt. They look so good with the black shafts and the new black Muziik Dry Compound grips. 38” 5-iron 1* upright Standard loft D3 4-iron shafted with a Monaco in S 5-10 shafted with black KBS $-taper in S (hard stepped once) Smal ding on the sole of the 10. See close-up. $old! shipped OR trade for smaller cb’s/combo set.
  6. Google and I are not friends obviously. I could only find the putter. So thanks Ian! Really sweet looking.
  7. bngolfer

    Seven ST

    Still want to find a Seven ST lob wedge. Anyone?
  8. It’s such a good driver. A steal!
  9. I love my Loop Prototype CL, but I do want pitch and bread materials in my shaft. I love rustic sourdough.
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