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  1. bngolfer

    GP platinum GP-x3 driver head 9*

    That I’ll take Stu. If it’s not sold, please confirm and I’ll transfer. It’s silly now and I have 6 drivers - this head is too good to pass up though.
  2. What is your price and details on the ST wedges please.


    1. bngolfer


      ST wedges? Do you mean SDJ?

    2. cuistot


      No, the Seven ST wedges where modeled after the SDJ. Ill nhave to reread your post.

  3. Ok, please let me know if he wants the irons head only or shafted. He can perhaps sell the shafts? Sweden is rediculous as I have to pay 75 bucks to have them pulled..
  4. The cost for me to remove the shafts is greater that their value to me so the price would be the same for heads only. Shipping is slightly cheaper though at 35 usd for heads vs 55 for shafted. 350 + shipping seems like a fair price to me so if we split shipping, that should be more than good. Deal?
  5. Hey, they are for sale. Thought about putting my new shafts in them but I have so many iron sets so yes.
  6. What? Are you seriously offering stuff from them here or is this perhaps just a scam to get people to click the link and get viruses? Either way - f o.
  7. bngolfer

    Onoff Kuro 2017

    Nobody wants to part with their Kuros. I wonder if it has to do with the fact that they are awesome or that nobody actually has them.
  8. bngolfer

    $10 + shiping ..putter used. 2 games

    I’ll take it. Plus something else.
  9. bngolfer

    Seven ST

    Are these wedges conforming? I.e. no issues in tournament play? How compact are they in regards to SDJ Proto 115? Thanks
  10. bngolfer

    Onoff Kuro 2017

    After the longest drought here since I joined in 2007 I thought it best to start a new topic. I’m interested in the 2017 Kuro irons as I’m getting old and never practice. They look so easy to hit and I’m guessing that the thicker topline has something to do with that. It seems to inspire confidence. The Yamaha Tourmodel or Yonex ezone Chiba MB’s that I alternate between are both awesome and I do hit them well. But I think that getting a slightly bigger sweetspot will create a couple more GIR per round and thus, as I can’t chip worth of sh*t, a couple more pars/birdie opportunities. Now, who’s hit them or held them in their hands? How do they look/feel? What should I have them shafted with if I do buy them? I have KBS tour in S, hard-stepped once in my Yamaha and Crazy Target Tour in X in my blades. I would want just a little more altitude from the Onoff’s but I tend to think that the design of the heads will help me with that as it is. Driver ss is 105, 7-iron distance about 165 these days. Please give me some feedback guys.
  11. How will that impact things when I shaft it with a standard wedge shaft? If at all. Just tring to understand here.
  12. bngolfer

    Your first set of clubs!

    Great stuff! When you say ”reminder grips” do you mean like the Golf Pride Victory grips with lines on the front to give you a hint on where to put your hands, or do you mean the back line/ridge? I can’t play with round grips and here in Sweden we call the back line a reminder.