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  1. Seven CB photos needed

    Doesn't anyone have pictures to share? C'mon guys.
  2. Monaco stiff shafts only

    Beautiful! Hope they find a home that will give them a raison d’être.
  3. Seven CB photos needed

    Thanks Chris! They look awesome for sure, just want to see the short ones too 😄
  4. Seven CB photos needed

    Hi lads, I’m contemplating replacing my 2009 Yamaha Tourmodels with the Seven CB. I’m really picky with the look of the short irons though and would love to get pics of 8-p from all angles. I’ve bot played the P in any set for many years as they are almost always too big and too ugly. I’ve played the Titleist Vokey 48 and after that the Yururi Gekku. I don’t know what I’ll use next for P but I hope the Sevens look good. The AW is not my cup of tea though, by a mile or two, but taste is so personal. Guys, please post some pics and also your feedback. How do you like them? What are their strengths? Thanks!
  5. CB-1008 with many custom grinds

    Wowzer - love these!
  6. Putting Aids

    Thanks Noboru! I bought a Wellputt mat for starters. I do have an arcand an open/shut stroke so not interested in anything that messes eith my stroke. Consistency though. So a gate would be good. Anything that focuses on sweetspot is interesting too. I do think I hit the sweetspot a lot more than most but it can aleays be improved. After I align and get the distance feel, I focus on hitting a specific dimple. It has helped me with distance a lot.
  7. Grandiose ls-001

    I have two. The muted one and the standard one although it is dampened with hotmelt by Joe Kwok. Both heads are 10* and rather high launching. Great condition and headcovers in pristine conditions. PM for more info and pics.
  8. Jbeam Galpha

    Still looking for a Galpha. Anyone?
  9. Crazy Tour Target wedge shafts

    I want to buy 3 or 4 Crazy Tour Target 120 wedge shafts.
  10. j-beam driver heads......,

    Ian please find a Galpha in 10.5 then sell it to me after a weekend. Deal?
  11. Putting Aids

    Ok, I’ll take a look at that too. Thanks Stew!
  12. Putting Aids

    Thanks mate, Set-up is my main issue too. I tend to aim to the right with all clubs in the bag and pull the ball nicely every time. Would be easier to just aim where I’m supposed to. I’ll check it out!
  13. Putting Aids

    Gents, I wonder what putting aids you are using indoors and why you like them. I’m looking to outfit my new house with a Trackman and a putting area but not just for fun - I want to get better at the game within the game. If I go back to my college days, 20 years ago, I had two coaches who claimed I was the worst putter in the game. For averaging 73.7 with 13.5 GIR in my junior year, they were quite right. 12 years later I found a teacher in my native Sweden that tought me to keep my left upper arm tight to my body. I practiced with a towel between my arm and side to make sure there was always contact. I’m a much better putter these days but unfortunately not as good a ball striker. Anyway, I want a good tool to work on alignment and line primarily. What are your suggestions? Happy New Year
  14. Some fine things here for Christmas! GLWS partner