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  1. Congrats Nobs! Great playing 👊 We have a foot of snow and -17C here so no golf..
  2. Yes. I mean, we are what 10-15 people on here that are inventories. Then on occasion new people come along. Sadly, the place will never be what it was under T’s supervison, but I still have plenty love for the JDM stuff and I hope we can keep some way of preserving what we have.
  3. Nice one. I think it does. Even if the forum is on the brink, there are some newer members that don’t know us oldies. Leading by example may be the only way to keep it going.
  4. Same here. Monacos are usually bronze and TC’s satin. But I’d be keen to see the labels too. Thanks Eddie!
  5. Hey, It doesn’t look like the Callaway’s have the Monaco’s in them on the pics. Can you add a couple of recent snaps and add a piece of paper with your handle/date?
  6. Ian, I noticed this driver on eBay as well - same pictures. There is another one on there too - both shipping from Downpatrick. To eliminate fraud, you need to add a piece of paper with your pics stating your handle on here and the date. I’ve asked you a couple of questions via PM but not received any response: -Close-up of blemmish on crown -Head weight -Swing weight -Length
  7. Ian, I’ve sent you a PM.
  8. Haha! I brought out two of them too Stew. Black, xy, like new. Beautiful. More like the SDJ’s that I play normally.
  9. I remembered that I have a set as well. Went to the store room today and brought them out. They are pretty much brand new. I guess I've had a few other good wedges over the years, or the fact that I play 50/55/60 is probably why. They may end up in my bag in the spring though. Beautiful in every aspect! Whoever picks these up (if anybody is still here) will be in for a treat.
  10. Hey, please put a picture with a piece of paper with your name and date in with the clubs. As per the rules. Good luck with the sale!
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