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  1. Has anyone hit these irons? I think they look so good. Like the best I’ve ever seen. How do they feel/play? The sharp toe is really to my liking. Any reviews?
  2. Fun project Nobs! Looks like a really fub set to play too.
  3. I’m guessing your swing speed is a lot higher than mine. With a driver I’m just below 100 mph these days. Down from 112 before shoulder surgeries. I hit Rifle 7.0 in college, then 6.5. Now I’ve been fitted for LZ 6.5 but I will not go that way I think. But the C and $ requires much higher speed and power I think. Or else they feel completely dead.
  4. Funny with shafts how they measure and how they play. The Crazy Target Tour 120x measured really stiff. Stiffer than a Dynamic Gold X100. However, played softer than my Modus 120S - and we have seen where they sit on the graph. The two worst feeling shafts I have ever hit are the C-Taper S and even worse the $-Taper S. Then I quite like the KBS Tour 125. Really difficult to get my head around it.
  5. Ok, so for my golf related goals: Swing - I need to stop finishing my backswing with arms and wrists. I have completely lost my hip and shoulder turn. Needs work. Even in the gym I fear.. Irons - have always been my strenght. Not last season though. Aweful. I loved the look and feel of the Seven CB’s but the Crazy shafts were whippy and I could not get any confidence. Drew everything more than I wanted and hit them higher than anything before. Good height though according to the teacher I went to (teaches Thomas Björn, Alex Norén and a few other good golfers and then some hacks like
  6. Have a mate who plays there a bit. Let’s see what we can do this summer. Would love to go.
  7. I have a tiny house and thus small speakers. The Micro BE.
  8. Sound too is subjective. Right? I used to lean towards the lovely warm sound from my Jadis JA-80’s, JD-1 and Sonus Faber Guarneri speakers. I used to run it all with Purist Audio. I changed and today I favor a slightly more analytical approach, but not without some warmth. PS Audio DAC, GoldNote amplifier, Focal Utopia speakers and a mix of Nordost and Purist cables. I can’t quite justify the price of Ansuz cables, but I have borrowed some and they are phenomenal. Things are worth different things to different folks.
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