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  1. Ginsu knives are made in Arkansas though according to Wiki. But hey - if they are great they are great.
  2. Head only or shafted. Mint preferably.
  3. I’d game the 5-9 any day. Then just put the Seven ST to cover the wedges. So good looking!
  4. Awesome golf Nob! I installed the Atmos Black TS that I got from you in the Mizuno head - great feeling combo. I really like the shaft. It will still be tough to kick the Zodia, that I aldo got from you, out of the bag. The AAA in it is perfect in every way.
  5. I’ll either let you know tomorrow that I’ll have the mcb’s - or I’ll be in jail for getting caught robbing the bank.
  6. Maybe this should be under another topic - as I don’t have JDM irons in my bag for the first time in forever.. Main bag: Driver: Zodia CC921 / 2015 AAA 60S 3 wood: Honma TW 727 / Tour AD TP 8S 3 hy: RC BBD 505v / Oban Kiyoshi Purple 100g O4 4-p: Titleist T-MB / Modus 120 X 50/56: SDJ Proto 115 / Modus 130 S 60: Yonex Ezone / Modus 130 S Putter: Gold’s Factory Private Stock 2 / Nippon heavy Back-ups: Drivers: Agrind 440 / FEX WBQ 65S Grand Prix Platinum / Loop CL Proto S Yamaha 203 Tour Model / Speeder Evo 569 Mizuno MP / Atmos Black TS 7s 3-woods: RC proto / Diamana X 60S Zodia OZ Ti / Tataki SX etc
  7. bngolfer

    Lob wedge

    Found one in my own collection. Had forgotten all about it 😄
  8. Yupp - those fit the ”mint” moniker. Looks awesome!
  9. Gorgeous! The cb247 are still on my list of irons I want
  10. bngolfer

    Lob wedge

    I'm looking for a new lob wedge. Great to mint condition only. Let me know what you have!
  11. For me it started when I was 7 in my native town of Malmö, Sweden. Back in the spring of 1984 I got a brassie and a small spoon (2 and 4) of gorgeous 1970's red Mizuno woods. My first Japanese golf clubs. And I still have them - looked at them in my mother's garage on Saturday. They need a good refinish. Obviously I didn't know much back then, but they stayed in my bag for a good few years. My first men's set of irons were Slazengers pos clubs. Replaced the next season with Cleveland Classics Tour Edition (not Tour Action that most people think of) 485. 2-p. Wow - they were smaller than the average butter knife. They were cast (I assume) and in a nice satin finish and were accompanied by a 56° copper Cleveland Classics 485 sand wedge. That was soft. A guy at my club was sponsored by CC and he had the irons in copper. Well, after two years with the 485's I got Mizuno TP-9's. They felt so much better. The soft forged irons were just lovely. Next set was the TP-11. Pure. Then when I was 15 I got my first Honma. It was a Hi-Powered persimmon driver with a boron/ti shaft. 43" I believe. I hit that thing so good. Then I got a Tour Model Honma driver. And a 4 wood (still have it - refinished). Then I got a steel head LB-300 driver. It was all of 44" long. Loved it. Then followed numerous sets. I got to college in the US, played Nicklaus irons, Callaway X12 Pro, then Titleist DCI-b (not the hideous 962-b, but the real ones), then back to blades - Honma PP717. Not forged, but they were awesome. Everyone I played with looked at the clubs in my bag. At Sherwood CC in Orange County I played in a tournament in 1996 with a Japanese guy who had PRGR in his bag. We spoke equipment the whole round. He had 8 Scotty Camerons, pre Titleist 🙂 I spent a lot of time at Fairway Golf in San Diego that year. Hide and his boss - forgot his name - were really nice. Hide moved to Mountain View to open a second store. I was completely sold on JDM and Scotty Camerons. Ended up owning over 100 - none standard production Scottys and lots of JDM stuff. Now I have had quite a few JDM iron sets, drivers, 3-woods, shafts, putters and you name it. Then, a few weeks ago at the start of the season, I said to myself that I need something that is easier to hit and launch. With about 7-10 round per year, blades or players cb's are not the smartest moves when you have my temper.. I got a set of Honma 727V. The offset in these killed my inspiration. Sold them the next day. Then I put my Yonex mb's in the bag and nope - I'm not good enough. So, I bought a set of Titleist T-MB's with Modus 120X. They look pretty good with moderate offset, thinnish top-line and good overall size. The feel though? Tin can. God I'm so disappointed. I'm actually thinking about foaming the heads to be able to keep them. Then there is the thing with the weighting in these irons. I'm used to hitting push draws. With the T-MB's though, the ball starts to draw but then the last 50 yards or so, with a 7-iron as an example, they just straighten out. Where is my curve? It must be that they are so toe-heel weighted that they just don't give me the curve I'm used to. Thoughts? Anyway, in the feel department, these are so far behind the Yamaha's, PRGR's, Epon's and Yonex's that I've grown accustomed to playing. I know I shouldn't have bought them but I'm unsure as to what to get that is small, helps with elevation, little offset etc. Lesson learnt - don't fix what aint broke - translates to "stay with JDM". Björn
  12. When I came to my club yesterday the first bag I saw had these wedges in it. Glanced at them and they looked really good. I tend to favor a more straight leading edge, but other than that - really nice.
  13. Still for sale - as pretty as ever. PM sent.
  14. Hey Franz - welcome to a place full of nerds and knowledge.
  15. The Crazy Boron is one of the best feeling shafts I’ve ever played. And the Tataki is in my 3-wood now - have one more waiting for a 5-wood. That is an absolute steal! Great guy to deal with!
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