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  1. bngolfer

    Wedge lofts and use cases...

    Nobs, For what it is worth, here are my thoughts. I was a scratch player for 15 years or so playing collegiate and mini-tours. There were three reasons why I never got any better: 1) I had a lot of heart and used in a bad way - I could not channel my emotions; 2) I didn’t like to practice (still made every trip for 4 years in college); 3) I had a terrible short game... So again, for what it is worth.. Funny enough though, my short game is better now (relatively) when I play 5-15 rounds a year but my ball striking is so much worse. Anyways. I use pretty much the same set-up that you do: 50/55/60. With close to full shots I hit them 115/105/90. As for when to use what wedge in a sub-full shot range it comes down to so many things such as pin placement, how firm/fast the greens are, lie etc. As a general rule when chipping and pitching - the ball is easier to control on the surface than in the air. Thus, if the greens are not super ondulated, roll the ball for as long as possible. The 50 will be great for most chip shots. The 54 would be perfect for pitching and for chipping when you need the ball to check a bit on the second bounce. The 58 from bunkers, rough, flops and when you really need stopping power. That is how I see it.
  2. Great review! Can you share some pics on the Astro Stu?
  3. bngolfer

    Srixon Z585 and Z785 drivers

    What is Ti51AF cup face? Never heard of that - something new/proprietary Srixon?
  4. bngolfer

    Ian-500 WITB for 2019 hahahahaha

    The chance of that is slim.
  5. bngolfer

    Ian-500 WITB for 2019 hahahahaha

    Looks good mate! Not only the sweet spot hit revealed on the face of the driver😉
  6. bngolfer

    and now... my flatsticks!

    Great! It was more of a general comment to soft/firm/buttery etc. I think there are very different SS. The one I have is clicky/harsh compared to all the carbons I have.
  7. bngolfer

    and now... my flatsticks!

    I have a limited edition Tad Moore in SS. That particular putter sounds and feels harsh and I could only use it with really soft balls. That, btw, is something we rarely talk about - the interaction between ball and head material. There is off course a huge difference in feel between different ball materials/compression/layers etc. Take the oldish Taylor Made Penta for instance - any putter would feel soft with it. Compare with the ball I play - the Titleist Pro V1x and I need a softer putter to appreciate the feel. Then the grip is also quite important. A bil ol’ Super Stroke vs a Pingman rubber grip and the difference is huge.
  8. bngolfer

    and now... my flatsticks!

    The Geo you are referring to, was that the silver with green you had? Newport 2 style? Looked awesome!
  9. bngolfer

    CONTEST: Win a Set of Pre-Release KYOEI KK Blades!

    I’m on Tinder though 😄 (Not a hint to my fellow TSG’ers, just sayin’ I’m not completely off the grid)
  10. bngolfer

    CONTEST: Win a Set of Pre-Release KYOEI KK Blades!

    If I used Instagram and/or Facebook I would have entered. Now I just route for all my friends here 😄
  11. bngolfer

    The New Miura MG-R01 Wedges

    Mm, they should go in your ”school” re keeping the back neat and tidy.
  12. Did you ever get one of them Chris? Otherwise, the new Geländewagen from Mercedes is 5 inches wider and a bit longer than the old version. It can come in handy in rural Washington if you have to get past a mudslide or two.
  13. bngolfer

    TAD MOORE.. la grange pro 1 x bend neck

    I have a few of these. Used to hang out in Tad's shop in LaGrange when I played collegiate golf there. Fun bloke, called Scotty Cameron (who used to be Tad's protege) Scotty Xerox as he copied many of Tad's original designs. Or so he says. This model, the Pro 1X, has really good feel. Hope it finds a nice new home!
  14. bngolfer

    Check out the New BB4 Driver!

    Awesome - can’t wait for Nob’s review! Chris, by ”higher than Grandista” I assume trajectory? Can’t be higher than LS-001 though right? That is the highest launching head I’ve ever tried.