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  1. Hey, gang. I have some older things (not TOO old, I hope) for your consideration. My pics sorta suck, but I did my best to take them at angles with the least glare possible, but still have sufficient light to show the condition. All prices are net to me, and please feel free to shoot me an offer, especially if you're interested in more than one item. Thanks, TSG! Seven Golf Wedges (52/56*). I believe these are the 2nd run or year these were released. Non-conforming grooves. Obviously, new heads, as they are still in the original packaging. They have some sort of black finish (black oxide?). I completely forget what these costed new. Let's start with $150 each. Titleist Cold Forged Wedges (54*). I think these are the 2nd release of this particular wedge as well. I don't exactly remember, but I know most of you will. It's brand new, never struck a ball, not even a practice swing. S200 shaft. $150. 2013 OnOff Forged Iron Set (4-pw). Remarkable condition. The UST Mamiya Shafts are certainly not top of the line graphite iron shafts, but with my "average, middle-aged" swing speed, they certainly perform sufficiently well. I think $600 stands as a pretty decent deal if this head/shaft combo suits you. I also have the Gap or "A" wedge for this set for an extra $120. It's so pretty, I wouldn't mind keeping it. TRPX S-013 Driver w/ TRPX 1st Messenger shaft. The head is in excellent condition. The shaft has a rub mark and a couple of scratches down by the ferrule. If I remember correctly, the specs the head are 11*/58.5 lie/0.5 open/199g. It measures 45.5" overall. $550. Romaro CH.2 Hybrids. Excellent condition. $100 each.
  2. Got this in a trade. My camera kinda sucks, and my photography even worse. But trust me, it's beautiful....and in MINT condition. I'm throwing up an arbitrary price, because I don't know what these are going for new. But I do know that you'll probably have to wait in the ballpark of 4-6 months with a new order. 34" w/ a new, red Super Stroke 1.0. No trades, please. $OLD net.
  3. My faves from 14 were the ones Stew posted above and the v3. Just worked best for me, especially out of greenside rough.
  4. Cool, thanks for a very relatable analogy.
  5. Thanks for your feedback, R. How do feel the a-grind stacks up to the iBrid 2?
  6. I'm not familiar with all the stuff you refer to in your post, but I'm glad to see everyone humbly embrace you with gracious and open arms. Welcome back.
  7. Ya, maybe everywhere except the "Honma" logo. I like the angular muscle over the rounded ones we've seen over and over again.
  8. Nice review of the 577 wedge, NMG. Can't wait for mine to arrive.
  9. Man, all your stuffis legit quality. With these prices, I'm just sorry I don't swing 10 mph faster.
  10. So I've got Recoil 95s in my irons, 4-pw, in regular flex (f3). I know many of you don't like the recoils, but I think they're fantastic. Anyway, I ended up hardstepping my shafts, so I was short a wedge shaft for my gap wedge. I went to my fitter to finish up that last club, but thought it might be a good idea to install the 110 version for extra stability only to find that f3 flex isn't offered in the 110 weight. So, I'm thinking I have these options: just install the 95 in f3, the 110 in f4, or another graphite/composite shaft in comparable weight that is offered in a regular flex. When building a gap wedge, is flex (consistency with rest of set) or weight (added stability) the priority. FYI, I use my gap wedge for full shots at around 100 to 110 yards. I hardly use it for any green side work. some guys pull off really cool shots with the gap wedge around the greens; I'm not one of them.
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